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    shhhh are you insane ? we're supposed to be bending over backwards for everyone else, even if its at expense of our interests and our existence. go take a jhaadu and broom a maseet and do sewa like our honorable sikh brothers did for Aurangzeb's Jaama masjid in delhi and hold iftar parties in our gurdwaras
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Something needs to be done to put them in their place.They can do whatever they want with their mosques but they cannot convert temples of other Faith's to theirs.This is similar to the mughal times where they would do such atrocities.They had no right to do this in the past,they have no right to do this now and they will never get this right.They need to be stopped.
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    No one is asking Sikhs in India to take up arms and start Khalistan movement. What diaspora Sikhs want is that Sikhs in India at least acknowledge that they have 2nd class status in India and that this has to change. When diaspora tweet or post on facebook about these kind of atrocities on Sikhs, then you are guaranteed that some Sikhs from India will accuse the poster of 'hating' and being an ISI operative or a Pakistani i disguise. Another thing I can't stand is those idio.t Sikhs in India who have the Indian flag on their profiles. This is the same flag under which our people were massacred in Durbar Sahib and this is the same flag that the criminal Indian army raised on top of the compex to show that they had won in their war against the Sikhs.
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    https://www.sikhpa.com/pakistan-gurdwara-honouring-sikh-martyr-converted-into-mosque/ Shaheed Bhai Taru Singh Ji gurdwara in Pakistan is being converted into a mosque. Shows that Pakistan doesn’t hold any regard for our gurdwaras!
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    Brother Koi, it seems you have not recognized what means to be a muslim. They have been brainwashed in such a way right from their day 1 of birth, that no matter howsoever one may reason with them, they will never ever accept, for the moment they recognize how much damage and atrocities they have inflicted upon mankind, that very moment they will step back in shame for belonging to such a diabolical culture. Not that the rest of the world does not respect them for what they are, but, they themselves by harming others without any reason, they are disliked as "people".... the history is the proof, see how many absurd wars, how many killings, just in the name of such an entity, who they themselves have not seen but yet they are induced to believe, that they have to kill others....what a disgrace How can they even call themselves religious? That too, when the base of any religion is mercy, forgiveness, and tolerance towards all, irrespective of caste, color, and creed. And this is what sikhee can be proud of, we are taught that all have His Light, even in SGGS, the divine is named as Allah and Khuda, which are just names like any others, of that creative power, which we call Satnam, God, Lord, or Waheguru among so many others. What else can one want? So much respect given to the name of their divinity, yet they still thirst for blood. How can someone fall so low? For example, we all know the Sun is high in the sky, isn´t it? So what difference does it make by saying or repeating the sun is the highest in the sky? Will the sun fall down or get to a lower level by not saying so? It would be stupid, isn´t it? So if anyone says Allah hu Akbar, well that is fine, but by others not saying so, that power of Allah, God, Waheguru will not diminish, nor will ever fall down, for it is great by its own nature, and not by buttering it. Just as we see in the Bani: aapeenay aap sajeeo, apeenay racheeo Nao The sun is as it is, so is that divinity, it is great by itself , it does not make any difference to it, whether we say anything or keep quite, it will nevertheless give its Light upon all in same quantity and intensity. in a similar way, whethe we say anything or not about that supreme truth, it will not stop giving its love, forgiveness or mercy on the souls, for all souls are a part from IT, for all are as rays of that same One Sun. This is the greatness of Sikhee, it broadens one mind and makes softer our hearts, for in all is present His Noor. It is fine you are giving this guy a chance, but when Guru Sahiban themselves came on earth, and could not affect with positivity their hearts, how can any of us limited beings try to make them see their reality of evilness? They inflicted pain on THEM, so it is better to leave them alone as they are, we are not to change them in any way, except that of making them realize, that they are a part of this world, so they have to become good human beings first, and be respectful to all others, for unless one is not a good human being, one can not enter heaven. If one´s aim is to merge and become one with that Supreme truth, which is an infinite Ocean of love, mercy, and forgiveness, which means total purity, so how can we ever become one with IT, by killing and hurting others deliberately? It is utter madness. It is such a pity, how these people are madly influenced into wickedness, there has to be a deep reform and throughly cleansing in their lookout towards others. Congrats anyhow Koi for your good intentions, let us now see how does he/they respond .
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Very true veerji.Naam simran is very important, especially for the coming time.
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    If it was the other way around, if this were an islamic forum , and there were a dozen of sikhs here, we would be instantly blocked , or at most after a few kuffar posts. The fact that you are insulting sikhs here and still not blocked is the evidence of the tolerant nature and beauty of sikhism. Oh wait , will you now say like Zakir Naik "we're confident of our religion , 2+2 = 4 and not 5 , and thats why can't tolerate 2+2 = 3 "
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Bhenji,the only advice I can give you is that you should leave it to Vaheguru.Its like we are in a ship.We are not in control of it.So we should have trust in the One controlling it and have faith as He wont let us down and steer us the wrong way. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    True.We have seen this pattern multiple times.Until we don't take our kirpans out and be a fauj they don't learn
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    The islamic kalma on the top seems to be a later addition to the walls in above pic, as you can see color difference . These 3 sections on the top of entrance is a common theme in old historical gurudwaras, for instance gurudwara hazur sahib in nanded, and usually 'satnam waheguru' is written in these Also one cannot rule out that the adjacent dargah could have possibly been a later day creation .
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    Veer Ji, today’s Sikhs can’t even sit together in one gurdwara without starting a fight. This idea of movements, or Khalistan is never going to work. If Khalistan was made a few years later it would be divided into sections because everyone will be power crazy and want to be in control. My honest advice, because all I want is the best for you, is to focus on building your jeevan. Make your nitnem stronger, increase your naam abiyaas. I don’t really get involved with this type of threads, but I’ll share one thing. Khalsa raj already exists. True Khalsa is someone who’s soul becomes pure white doing simran. These people exist today and are like rajas (kings), because souls from the whole creation are constantly lining up to do their darshan, their hukam works in the entire creation. For now they live gupat. What we all refer to as Khalsa raj is a snap point, where God decides enough paap has happened and on mass people will die and go to hell. Only those worthy of being called Khalsa will be spared and they will step forth to manage the world. In their administration of the world no one will suffer. The reason ‘we’ aren’t getting raj yet is we are not worthy. Many Sikhs today look beautiful from the outside but are empty within. When you do simran you can see right through people. There was a young boy who took Amrit, he’d attend gurdwara every evening wearing chola, dumalla with shastar and chakar, big kirpan over top and even bigger kirpan in his hand. One evening it was raining so I dropped him home, only a 10min journey but he had so many questions about simran. I went home thinking about arranging a time with him to sit down and discuss simran, but a strong feeling inside me kept saying no. So I kept watching him quietly. 5 years later he cut his hair, trimmed his beard, now posts videos on Instagram every night of getting drunk with ‘the boys’. I think it’s fair to say we could all benefit by increasing our time spent on simran
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    Sometimes people have a really scary nightmare. During that time, they are living that scenario, and do not realise that it’s a dream state. In the same way, this life is a state of dream. As such, people accept it as reality. When a person wakes up from the dream, they realise that it wasn’t real. Gurbani awakens us from the deep sleep of maya (the absence of creator). Once the Atma awakens and attaches to the creator’s Jyot, then there is no narak or sawarg. There will be just pure bliss... The bottom line...we have to change our mindset, in order to change the world or dimension that we are living in at the moment...
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    My my, someone has indeed been busy! This morning I found that 25 of my posts on various threads (some from weeks ago) had been newly down voted. What I find absolutely hilarious is that someone actually took the time from their life to log in to this forum, find all my posts and systematically begin down voting them! Have I got under your skin that much that all you can do is down vote my posts?. That's absolutely fine by me, no skin off my nose! Sangat ji, this is exactly what I mean. When you cut through the crap and directly challenge their B S, they run like cowards and behave like children. They don't have a leg to stand on. So go ahead, carry on down voting. You're only showing your true colours and proving me right...
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    They will have rainbow banners and floating unicorns in the Gurdwara if they get their way.
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    yh, if this sa called gay anand karaj happens then dont be suprised to see a bunch of kusre wanting their own 'anand karaj' as well. And then in a couple of generations down god knows what other 'anand karaj' will happen.............
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    3ho...as if they follow 'Sikhi'......i bet some liberal movement is behind this to cont to destroy Sikhi giving them $$$ Vaheguru please send us an Sant Sipahi...we desperately need leadership we need a Khalsa Raj!!!
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    Tunnel discovered under Qila Alhuwalia Amritsar, they blocked it now Qila Alhuwalia amritsar, it's a residential building now and a shopping complex
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    Yeah he demolished the ramgharia qila ramrauni qila, but I'm pretty sure it wasnt the biggest, the biggest and mightiest fort in the region was/is Gobindgarh Qila. Which was initially built by the Bhangi misls and when he captured Amritsar from the Bhangis he further fortified the fort. Ramrauni qila was a inner city fort. While Gobindgarh qila was built outside the walled city of amritsar for the protection of the city, it was like the first defense a invader would of faced. Though he demolished some he did keep some and further fortified them, like gobindgarh qila. Amritsar had a wall built around it by the bhangis and he added another stronger wall around it and a moat. It's a shame we dont hear much about the sikh misls, for most sikhs sikh rule started with M.Ranjit singh, when the misls had already been ruling much of Punjab since around 1750s maybe even earlier? Tbh when the sgpc demolished the bungas around harmandir sahib they only made it more weaker, these bungas were a defense and were tightly built together, very congested. Had these bungas still been there then to tanks would of been able to enter harmandir sahib complex! It would of been impossible. These bungas also used to have many escape routes. By demolishing them and building a wide entrance they only made the defence weaker. The bungas would of also provided many spots for the singhs to shoot from, that was the whole point of the bungas People in the past were a lot more intelligent and strategic when it came to building this stuff.
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh It's not just you bhenji.Based on what I heard,when the war starts,a jathedar will rise and lead the Khalsa Panth and establish Khalsa raj over India.A evidence from this is also the fact that since the Gurus time every 100 years there is a great jathedar to lead the khalsa. 1700s was Baba Banda Singh ji 1800s was Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji 1900s was Sant Jarnail Singh ji. So undoubtedly there will be a jathedar for this century.Bhai Rama Singh ji mentioned in his book about the thousands of Singhs and Singhanis who will take birth again and establish Khalsa Raj and get justice for 1984.Those Singhs and Singhanis are already here.When Guru Gobind Singh ji gives Hukam they will gather again and establish Khalsa Raj. As for being excited.Honestly, we should be excited for Khalsa Raj.But we should not be excited for the destruction and danger coming,as the times will be extremely bad.I can't really go in detail yet.When the time is right I will open a thread to talk about it. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    True. Edit:Lol as soon as I post this theres someone who down votes.Whoever u are,you must be really bored to down vote a word true
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    Howdy neighbour! A prophet is one who prophesies, thats all. A Guru is different. Waheguru is not error-prone, but Dasam Granth tells us that the erroneous one was the Prophet. Sikhs do not beleive in Satan the way you do, ie living in your left hand, ready to jump on your prayer mat unless you fold the prayer mat after your prayer type of Satan. We beleieve that no-one has the power to stand upto Waheguru, not you, your Satan or anyone else. Well you would be in company then my neighbour. I asked you a question many days ago on the sophia mosque topic and you haven't been able to muster a response. You have been made a fool by us half-competents. Now how does that make you feel?
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Veerji dont leave because of a few trouble makers.The only thing they can do is to give useless arguments or to down vote our posts. Remember they do this because they are scared from within and they know they are wrong.You should stay here and help contribute to the rest of the sangat who needs help from Gursikhs like you. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    True.Even if they want another mosque in that area they can get land and build it.Why do they need to occupy other Faith's temples and call it their own.
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    you can see nishan sahib here on the right. One can't rule out there being once a gurudwara on this place ! The small gurudwara sahib on the right , its like a small canopied thada sahib where Bhai taru Singh ji were scalpd alive :
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    This is the site. So apparently they feel we have taken over their places . Will they admit they used to torture kaafirs here ?
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    There's a mazhaar of someone just next to the thadha sahib of Bhai Mati das , called Kaaku chishti who is said to be grandson of Baba farid ji I think sophia hagie in Turkey has triggered similar sentiments elsewhere. Nonetheless, we still have Gurudwara sahib Shaheed ganj singh singhnia just adjacent to it , where Mir Mannu (Moin ul mulk) had butchered the sikh women and children for not converting to Islam.
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    dont know what is wrong with this muslims all they want to do these days is convert everything to a mosque mate, arent there already a thousand mosques around that area? why do you need more? messed up people
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    When you manage to really concentrate in naam simran half an hour feels like 5 mins!
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    Definately a Hindu, No Sikh would have been a Hindutva activist in 1992. Looks like he went for one extreme to another even bigger extreme!
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    Just read the comments under their tweets...shows how VILE VENOM hinduvstas are! Khalsa WILL ALWAYS BE ALONE
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    Very true, sukmani sahib says in the path where you walk alone and where there is no family or friend only wahegurus name will be with you. Yet we so often forget this.
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    this is the same hindu dharam that always turns to sikhs for help...... cowards
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    just shows nothing is here forever besides from waheguru
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh I understand what you mean Bhenji,if I didn't know what I know even I would have felt that Khalsa Raj is nowhere near.Yes it is true that if the sikhs dont even remain as Khalsa how will we get Khalsa Raj.But such a time is coming where there will only be the Khalsa left.There is actually more Khalsa on earth than we know of they are actually staying gupt.Like I mentioned in another topic.They are just waiting for Guru Gobind Singh ji's Hukam.Once Maharaj gives the order ,they will reveal themselves and get justice and establish Khalsa Raj. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh We are never alone.We always have the thousands of shaheeds with us,our guru with us and Akaal Purakh with us.We dont need anyone else.Who is the British government.They are nothing compared to our Guru and Akaal Purakh.It does not matter if they dont support Khalistan.We will get it anyway.Its just a matter of time.Its just a while more.Khalsa Raj is extremely close.We just have to be prepared for it. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    Every religion wants white people in their ranks. But problem with that is they always try to push the homosexual agenda on the religion they adopt since homosexuality is mainly a white man's disease.
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    You bigots forget Guru Hargobind Sahib built a mosque for Muslims, henceforth we are obligated to undertake construction projects for the Ummah. It's hukam, you manmati savages!!!
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    It comes to the point where you can see the agenda from reading the byline that you switch it off. The BBC along with Channel 4 for decades (at least the 80s) have been pushing the agenda. I wonder why our subcontinental women love to claim oppression so much yet would strip down for some sex scene so readily for the white liberal audience. I was listening to this Indian American stand up comic called Akaash Singh (don't really find him that funny to be honest) but he came up with an interesting phrase "brown people for white people". That is what the likes of the BBC does. It is not for white people in general, it is a particular type of white person that it is generated for.
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    @MuslimNeighbour - in many threads you have been answered again and again, but you continue to derail the topics each and every time. Now, in all fairness, that's not entirely your fault, we all do it. And i agree with you, that this is a Sikh forum, and your questions about Sikhi should be answered here without you being personally berated. 100% agree with you on that. So, here's what I propose: YOU pick the question, YOU pick the topic, YOU start the thread. And, without descending in to any personal attacks, we will collectively answer them for you. You can't get much fairer than that. You've now been given this opportunity. Never again in the future say you weren't given a chance. Look forward to your response... And to the rest of the sangat ji, please try and keep it civil and stick to the point. It's such a playground debate tactic when this guy goes off point and we take the bait, then acts like he's being attacked by everyone. Intellectual points made with proof will put this "guest" to sleep
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    Guru Nanak Dev Ji's parchaar is not lost in time.It did not take 10 Gurus to come up with the 5ks.The 5ks are part of the recognition of the Khalsa Panth.The Khalsa Panth,as mentioned by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, was established on the order of God.It wasn't the case where it took 10 Gurus to simply come up with it.The truth is that the 5ks and Rehat Maryada of the Khalsa Panth was given to the Sikhs when God felt it was right.The evidence from Sikhism is Agaya Bhaiye Akaal Ki Tabhe Chalayo Panth.This translates to Upon receiving the order from God,the Khalsa Panth has been established.
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    Waheguru did not make an error.The people of earth did.They had forgotten the ways of God.Thus,God sent multiple messengers to spread the message of God the truth.But they themselves got trapped in the worldly affairs so that was THEIR error not Gods. Now about Satan,In Sikhism we acknowledge the existence of such creatures for example devils like Satan,Angels and other beings.But we do not believe them to be as powerful or more powerful than the Supreme Lord.
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    Up until the 1950s Sachkhand Sri HariMandir Sahib was open. There were many walkways and bunge around it. In the 1950s SGPC decided to wall off Sachkhand Sri HariMandir Sahib and enclose it. This most likely was what ended that particular walkway from Kaulsar to Amrit Sarovar. PS I went for darshan of Sri Atal Rai Gurdwara when we went to Darbar Sahib 2 years ago. It was only then I "discovered" where Kaulsar was, and then went there. It is really tucked away. Even my mom wasn't aware of it. For most people, its ishnaan, darshan of Sachkhand Sri HariMandir Sahib, Sri Akal Takht SAhib and then home.
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    The government of Pakistan which in reality is the army and ISI does not support what these lunatics are doing. But surprisingly the Muslims that are after this sight are not Wahhabi type Muslims who we generally associate everything bad with Islam. They are Barelvis aka Sufis. Not all Sufis are the same. These guys are Chistis. On the surface they seem very peaceful but in reality they have a very dark past. Their great leader who they venerate, Khwaja Moinudin Chisti who was located in Ajmer India hated Hindus and is the one who invited Muhammad Ghauri to invade India and destroy Chauhan Rajput rule which forever changed the course of Indian history. Then we have the Naqshbandi Sufis who are the worst of them all. It was the Naqshbandi leader Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi who instigated the Mughals to make Guru Arjun Dev ji Shaheed and start targeting the Sikhs for persecution since many Muslims were becoming Sikhs. Only the Qadiri Sufis are the good ones. They were on friendly terms with the Sikhs. Their Sheikh, Sain Mian Mir Ji was close to Guru ji and he tried to prevent the Shaheedi of Guru ji. To this day Sikhs respectfully remember this great saint.
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    Simple <banned word filter activated> for tat. Turn the abandoned mosques into gurdwaras. Disband the waqf board in Punjab. As per usual, the muslims have shown us the right way to do things. Give them a taste of their own medicine.
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    Sounds like you've taken the red pill, bro. I inadvertently skipped the red, and found myself taking the black pill. One of my greatest regrets... or perhaps a blessing.

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