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    Thats not true, I went to a funeral too, like 2 weeks ago how do you think I felt? I understand everything and I feel terrible for you but you just gotta understand. I want my nani back but what can we do?? I thank Vaheguru for all the memories I had of her and the fact that I was able to do her antim darshan. I'm really thankful and it motivates me to not waste my life with petty matters.
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    @puzzled ima have to steal some of those moves from the guy in the video, dayum
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    The question was literally this: The answer is, I would have to say, "Yes". People do use the term Upar Wala. The next question is: Is there anything wrong with that word. It's quite difficult for me to condemn someone using the term Uppar Wala, because the term has Gurbani backing. Whether any specific parcharak may have every used the term, I don't know. But now that the question has been asked, I'm sure I will notice it when someone does. Most Punjabis use the word Rabb for God.
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    The words a certain person (you?) may have grown up with may be the same or different than the words used in Gurbani. There is nothing wrong in using Gurbani-approved metaphors or words, including Allah, Khuda, Gusain, Swami, Takhur, Parvadgaar, Beethal, mountain, and even the dreaded uppar-vala. The word "uppar-vala" literally means "the one who is above" which is what the line from Gurbani I quoted references. The Guru is above us.
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    Respectfully, I do not believe I am missing the point of the pangti. The line clearly states that Guru ji stands over (uppar) us. What is the problem if someone calls God uppar-vala? The fact that "most" of Gurbani states that Guru is ang-sang does not negate this particular metaphor. In fact your statement admits that "some" of Gurbani uses some other metaphor. Sikhs can call God or Guru ji uppar-vala (borrowing a metaphor from Gurbani). Or they can call him "sabh ton vadda" (greates of all). Or parbat (mountain). Or malik (lord). And so on.
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    No, Gurbani clearly states that the Guru stands uppar (over) us: ਸਿਰ ਊਪਰਿ ਠਾਢਾ ਗੁਰੁ ਸੂਰਾ ॥ ਨਾਨਕ ਤਾ ਕੇ ਕਾਰਜ ਪੂਰਾ ॥੭॥ The Brave and Powerful Guru stands over his head. O Nanak, his efforts are fulfilled. ||7||
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    As far as I know she is doing it for the less fortunate kids so Good for her Bebe Zindabad! I remember having conversations with cousins from the pind and how they were resigned to the fact they would have no chance of experiencing many thing including travel to other countries , it seriously broke me up inside ...at least these poor kids are shown love and they can know what chocolate cake tastes like and pizza too ... It should be a matter of panthic shame that our bretheren suffer so much poverty when we have so much
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    If you want to love God, then beg them for it: Read along with the shabads, relax and let it happen when God graces it. Not sure if it will help you, but I used to listen to Birha Birha, when I went through this phase, and it helped me get through it. It made me realise the reason for why I'm in this world. You haven't said nothing wrong, you are being honest about what your soul is not feeling. But you need to stop the losing faith talk and think positive to help you progress. ?? Waheguru Bhul chuk maf karna Ji je Kuch galat keha hove
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    and there is a lot of girls gold diģging,
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    This is a real incident. In Delhi, a girl had some health issues. Something came to her mind and she asked her father if they can have Guru Granths sahib ji’s parkash and path at home. Father said why not and this was scheduled. The girl listened to the whole path with true love and faith, when it was at the end, she thought I have heard that if you listen to bani with love, your mental and physical pains are vanished, but I am still the same. At that moment, the girl got sick, suddenly started throwing up, and bunches of “keerhe” came out from her stomach and she re-covered. This is the power of Gurbani, if we are true in paying attention.
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    Okay Guys, i Found out About the Farla 1) A Farla can only be worn by a Nihang Singh that has done alot of Seva for the Khalsa Panth of their Dal e.g. Harianvela, Bidhichandye (Tarna Dal), 96 crore (Budha dal) Like 15 years of seva, or as Bhai Vadhbhag Singh Akali Does the asa di vaar paath ( Puratan 3 hours long) keertan and thats Y he got his Farla. Or Bhai Sukha Singh Akali got his Farla Because of his gyaan in Sri Dasam Granth (from my knowledge). 2) I think only Panjva Takht Budha dal can give people Farlas like theres a Farla ceremony and then i think they tell the maryada and tie it upon the Gursikh. 3) There is a Big Maryada for the farladhari Nihang Singh, as . Waking up early like 12Am . Reading all of the Tarna Dal Gutka Sahib or more Bani in the morning? . and should do alot of Seva as spreading the panth and to get people into sikhi This is all i know now Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru JI Ki Fateh! Akaaal!
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    The cloth which is coming out at the top of this dumala is the farla. (I believe I am right)
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    yes..thank you papi.. it is true that dreams can be used by the guru sahib to shower his grace and help cut our karmic balances... we can see this happening at guru gobind singh ji's time..when one raja lost faith in the guru because he heard a specific gurbani line and he thought that what use is having a guru if i have to pay up for my karma anyway... that night when he slept he went through many different lives of being born again and again... and the next morning he went to guru sahib..and guru sahib explained what had happened and he realized the power of GURPARSAD... note to pritam khalsa....we acknowledge that you have faith in sikhi and are enthusiastic...but please REFRAIN from giving such DEFINITIVE comments when you haven't read the ithaas fully to know what is and isn't possible....it's more than okay to give your thoughts on the subject...but to project them as facts is harmful for others who are reading as well as you for misguiding others....
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    bro the question was about in general talking on a day to day basis not necessarily the gurbani names of which there are so many . I have NEVER heard any parcharak, kathavachak using uparvala and they deal with ordinary folks as part of their work.
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    most of the time growing up Sikhs used Baba ji, Guru ji, Akal Purakh, Sahib, Parbraham , Param atma was most popular it's only in the last decade that people have switched to mainly using uparwala which is exactly the way media describes God... which is NOT exactly what we have been taught as far as our concept stands it is larger ,more all encompassing, deeper, multidimensional and non-judmental and non-humanising - it accepts Paramatma as an entity of mindblowing scope ..most of which is NOT the same as the abrahamic model or the Hinduism model being pushed nowadays.
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    most of Gurbani states Guru is ang sang , all around and through us , Sahib is not seperate from Us unlike the concept that the other faiths have of a particular realm in a physical location ABOVE us , so you are misusing the pangti which actually means the protection of Akal Purakh is upon the Gurmukh , as the Sir/head is the uppermost point on the person it is considered the most respected part of a person culturally also giving the status of Akal Purakh as being higher most in that person's conscience
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    not a saying but a severe sign of the dumbing down of sikhi's true concept of Akal Purakh to match the confused masses one...all because 'all religions are the same and Sikhi says so....yadda yadda yadda' ...so so thick yeah because Guru Nanak Gobind singh ji bowed down to the ideals of female treatment by the other faiths , because their concept of spirituality was predicated on racial/clan/ caste lines, because they introduced a priest class to hoodwink us ... This is exactly the pearls cast before swine scenario ...don't have any idea of sikhi but quote memes about our faith as my Mum would say 'dhur fitte muh!'
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    basically influence of bollywood dumb dialogues , Christians , muslims and the Hindu translations of their terms , nothing to do with sikhi philosophy because we don't think of Waheguru as Mr God
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    Why limit khalistan to Punjab? Why not spend money and do parchaar of sikhi and spread it to other communities? Millions of dalits from various communities want acceptance, why not teach them and give them sikhi? Our leaders have enough money and resources to create centres up and down the country and do parchaar and spread sikhi, but their just not bothered. Sikhi would actually be very easy to spread. Go to any major gurdwara outside of punjab and over 50% of the sangat will be non sikhs. But what is being done that these non sikhs come closer to sikhi even more? When they come gurdwara does anyone teach them anything further about sikhi? Nothing. Many dalits communities that have been under the fold of sikhi in punjab for centuries are leaving and being drawn to deras, they are leaving right under our noses and our leaders don't care. Even the deras are more successful in spreading their "beliefs" than sikhs are, deras actually spend money and open religious centres which draws in masses. Non Punjabi communities in India probably will appreciate sikhi more than punjabis. But nothing is being done to spread the message of sikhi when non sikhs come gurdwara then teach them further! Don't just let them do matha tek and walk off, teach them further. Gurdwareh outside of punjab can do a lot more, a lot of their sangat is non sikh, they just need someone to do parchaar and teach them further, do sikhi classes, get them involved.
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    Your history speaks for itself. I might as well try to elaborate on why the sky is blue, why the grass is green and why you're perfect embodiment of someone who's either completely moronic or out to corrupt Sikh principles. Seriously though, take your own advice and just go sit in the Ganges, guaranteed liberation, take a book, some scuba gears and maybe if you want a couple of sticks to keep your fellow Hindu brothers and sisters back a bit, for space issues
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    Hello, dont live in india. England acthally and have also attended these classes back jn the day before all the hype started. Our religion wouldnt be destroyed but your atma would have increased its joyt. Create stronger minded and loving beings rather then atick up for traditikns 24/7. Our religion is already almost destroyed as most gurdwara are a waste of time these days. Have a good day jac
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    you don't think the dastaar/dumalla makes us stand out? where is this Hukam written? sikh "dharma"? more 3HO talk?

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