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    maybe if you call it sikhi instead, we should not be promoting the term sikhism which is a colonial definition. We should use the proper term as sikhi.
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    In the last 2 weeks we have seen Hindu Terrorists put boots on the ground in Kashmir and reduce those inhabitants to living their lives within an open prison, looking at the end of barrel. We have seen the same Facist Regime destroy a 600 year old Bhagat Ravidas Mandir and lastly witnessed the deliberate flooding of Punjab via the Bhakra Dam, to punish the the only state that stood up to the oppression the Indian government has committed. I haven’t seen you start a thread about these issues which are real ones that affect the lives of Sikhs in Punjab. To me the crime that girl has committed is hardly worth mention especially on a Sikh forum!
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    Satnaam - auda Naam sach hai Karta purakh - au sab na da karta hai Nirbhau - au noo kise da darr nahi Nirvair - Au noo kise naal ver nahi Akaal Murat - au di moorat akaal hai Ajuni - au jooni vich nahi auda Saibhang - au da Prakash apne aap taw hoa hai Gurprasad - Guru di Kirpa naal jani da hai Jap - au da naam japo Aad sach - shuru taw sach saroop hai Jugaad sach - jug shuru hoye te sach see Hai bhee sach - hun bhee sach hai Nanak hosi bhee sach - (Guru) Nanak kehnde hai au bhiwik vich vee sach hove ga
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    YES! valid points. Life is a thing which can pull people into good / bad stuff. Religion, friends, fam and society can be factors. I too went down a "Make a quick buck" routine a few years back as I considered myself in a "Hard" life. Of course no one was hurt, injured or robbed in the process.
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    Hardly the crime of the century! Definitely not worth starting a debate over. Considering we have professionals, labourers, business people and all types of people representing our community, it’s hardly shocking that we are going have a few criminals amongst us. What’s the big deal?
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    It's a case of a few bad apples plus it's grown in size but still run the way it was when it started and there were only a few people, many groups suffer from this kind of thing and if you don't keep on top of it stuff can get out of control.
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    Some thoughts: It's their word against his [Herman Singh]. They are showing disrespect to Herman Singh by deliberately calling him by his first name - this speaks to sincerity. SYUK themselves have done plenty to create divisions in the 'Panthic Sikh Community'. They don't always act in accordance to Sikh princples - something which has been highlighted in incidents prior to this. They haven't explicitly denied calling the police on Herman Singh. Who are these Panj Singh - not doubting the concept of Panj Singh itself, rather how legitimate this claim is and by what procedure it took place if true. Does Deepa Singh need to be told not to get into conflict with his brothers? SYUK have violated this tenet several times already. God forbid they knew this before supposedly being told. There is no such thing as 'Sri Akal Takht Sahib Maryada' - it's SGPC Maryada which is something they (and a lot of people) speak against but then apply when it suits them. They're pointing out the fact they've done Seva - no one has denied this but as previously mentioned, it doesn't give them carte blanche in regard to behaviour. They have made many mistakes according to Gurmat and are trying to wiggle out it - they're not only answerable to SGGSJ, the Panth also has a say. They themselves just claimed Panj Singh gave Hukam but according to their line of thinking, an apology alone will suffice for their misdeeds - double standards. They're saying he nor SYUK can be held responsible for their own members. This is unaccpetable. They should have responded to this whole situation ASAP, not a couple of hours before. This doesn't matter though because of their lack of sincerity and respect. It's clear they don't take the concerns of the Sikh community seriously. Personally I think they're just trying to play the humble victim but their false piety, arrogance, and dishonest nature is obvious. It didn't take long to pick apart their nonsense 'official statement'. I urge everyone to analyse anything and everything that they churn out or support. They spread a lot of misinformation, ignorance, and promote the same under the guise of Gurmat. Soon enough, people who have been affected by their toxic, cultish ideology will start appearing, it's already happening. Gurbar Akaal!
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    Your body will NOT be scanned on any ferries. A second recommendation is to wear neck Kirpans when travelling or take it with you just in case (a few tour places may / may not do body search). Neck Kirpan is better than NO kirpan.
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    Outside Barclays wasn't it.
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    I remember watching this! It was so awkward and embarrassing! Why would he want to go out with one of those t@rts is beyond my understanding but then again it says a lot about him!
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    To the OP It seems as if you have already made up your mind. IF is this is NOT the case THEN Search youtube for Giani Sher Singh and watch his videos on this subject I don't think any of the answers here will do justice to the response you are looking for. I maybe wrong but that's my opinion.
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    Good luck and wish you two luck. Hopefully yer mentally prepared for marriage. You have to listen to yer wife, treat her with maximum respect n see her as a human being first.
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    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh i would strongly suggest you to complete the journey of Guru Granth Sahib jee. Do one at a time. Good luck and you are blessed than lot of folks here
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    The only way to get out of ghulami soch is living on our terms: not working for others who are anti-gurmat and to never sacrifice our values for a buck/pound Reintroducing our people to the deeds of our greatest warriors and the words and teachings of our sants Investing our daswand in direct action for our poorer bretheren e.g. Farmer widows, sikhligars, maazhabi sikhs including those in distant places like bihar, shillong, rajasthan Teaching and funding sikh gyms and martial arts training for all kids and women as a priority after seeing this its necessary: http://www.punjabspectrum.com/?p=12271&fbclid=IwAR3gmJZJvKC_MPkINfpReephiSlQxtRrdmM-tTL_dtMfmUshWvGcNzitwds Highlighting the lifestyle and thinking that the gurus gave us
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    Definitely. That's the idea behind "tisar mazhab" "Ih teesar mazahab Khalsa upjio pardhana" This (Khalsa) is the 3rd religion, produced as presiding. Guru Sahib did not set up Sikhism as a imitation of Hinduism or Islam, rather as a unique thing on its own.
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    Any Video with David Icke immediately sends alarm bells ringing with me, he has made an absolute fortune spreading some absurd stories (have a read of his "The Reptilian Elite" theory). Ignoring the debate about the health risks around 5G mentioned in the first video, for me, there's a simple solution, switch off from social media, it's like a disease with no cure, I see people walking around in the morning on the way to work with their eyes transfixed on their phones blissfully unaware of what's going on in the real world.
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    If you watch any 'debates' closely there you can see a pattern of accusation, flurry of arguments mostly memorised and then shouting over each other . When Bhai Jagraj Singh ji went down there he came across the badtameezi of many Abrahamics ... SIkhi does need parchaar , and education of the masses about us is necessary but it is much more efficient and less headache inducing if it's done on a local sangat /local sewa basis within the local community , building links with local schools , inviting them to join in on programs , visiting classes and showing what's under the turban , talking about our beliefs and culture , being chilled out and friendly as is our norm instead of overly aggressive/defensive .
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    Dhan Dhan Sant Baba Thakur Singh Ji a soul missed by all
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    simple question did you do this on purpose to hurt your kesh ? if no , then an Ardas is sufficient , Guru ji jaani jaan hai
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    Now your not making any sence at all. I suggest you read more knowledge and come back to me when you have reached enlightenment.

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