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    They preach wrong version of sikhism in order to build a multimillion dollar empire wherever they find easily duped unsophisticated dimwits, insecure enough to believe just about anything for the sake of attention . Simply put, they are the Original Attention Seekers, OAS, who are desperately seeking some form of attention! They thrive on it, there is no doubt about it. We have been told by some gurdwaras not to follow these individuals namely; Chandra Mohan Jain also translated the Japji, Harbajan Puri, NKVJ, Jagraj Singh, Sakander Singh, RSBD and many more, can’t think of their names. They are all MMMMs or money making machines or missionaries if you like, for personal glorification if not gratification lol. They are not spiritually advance souls at all. All they had or still have is few minutes of fame and that’s it! I have to say this, that some of these covid -19 parasites also tried their best to create their own ATS in the west, so to break all ties in Amritsar! I also heard Bibi Jasal K Attu is a missionary too here in NZ! Basically, they are power hungary mad cowards. Best ignored. Q. What did the sikh missionaries do? A. They built multi million dollar empires in a very short space of time and left all their followers lost and confused or to burn in hell, I mean, 84 lakh Junes
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    Learn to write English correctly, what does' 'gonna' mean? If anyone has a single desire to see pendu fudhu punjabis please visit Uk, Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia and wherever else the punjabis have migrated to, from India. Shockingly, their present generations are dense enough to ape the trashy indigenous natives of these societies. Instead of rising above them through good education, they have decided to stay where they belong, in the lower rungs of societies. They have simply failed to acquire any decent language skills acceptable or permissible in the more educated and elevated echelons or hierarchical sections of these societies. They are, de facto, the worst off than their trashy indigenous working classes counterparts or punjabis living in Punjab. What the heck does 'gonna' stand for. Your language is enough to tell everyone which drainpipe you spring forth from. Stop using it if your knowledge of its vocabulary and its usage is inadequate. You will not get anywhere or gain anything by deliberately misusing it. It is not your language to start with, so, show some respect. Learn to write properly, starting with your ancestral mother tongue. Bloody illiterate lot with illiterate offsprings, can't even be bothered to correct these idiots when they open their spouts to utter some meaningless rubbish at home. Can't blame them, they don't know any better themselves. With your sub-standard language skills, we are not surprised you have a problem with understanding anything 'word-for-word' forget about sikhi. Did your parents ever teach you to show some respect to your ancestral mother tongue? Stop behaving so unscrupulously. All languages are sacred, use them with respect.
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    Because they are not sikhs. They prefer to be ruled rather than ruling. Come to think of it, ruling is exceedingly challenging as it involves good deal of competent thinking with immense amounts of responsibility. It is easier to be ruled, because you don't have to think very hard to administer any sort of government through its judicial/executive/legislature components . In order to rule effectively and harmoniously, governments need their think tanks to assist them with policy making and so on. The rulers need smart individuals to effect a successful brainwashing propoganda upon its ruled masses, in order to lead or mislead them whichever way they want to. Most ruled masses don't ask any questions because they are quite or too happy to ask any questions, they are content with their lives as long as they get enough to eat and a roof on their heads. Why scratch your heads or pick your brains, when others can do it for you instead.
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    That h.aram.i ( sorry some people might find that word offensive but what else can you call someone who refuses to help his own people and takes money off Sikhs solely to spend on non-Sikhs) Ravi Singh has collected £5 Million and he is sitting on it and now asking Sikhs to make KA a £100 million charity. When you see how much our people have suffered and how many families have been destroyed then you get angry when you see him posting pictures of his charity running around setting up tents and feeding those for whom the other charities have collected millions for. Each post he puts up is like putting salt on the wounds of these Sikhs in need.
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    Your average sikh in punjab probably has hardly had much contact with a muslim tbh muslims make only around 1% of punjabs population. The Sikhs that witnessed the partition are now really old or dead. So sikhs in pubjab have no ide what it is like living with muslims when their population is large. Your average sikh in punjab has probably just spoken to kashmiri carpet sellers and gujjars and that's it. Hindus on the other hand in places like UP know what it's like living with a sizable muslim population, the hindus in Bengal know, delhi, etc same with the Buddhist in Myanmar and us sikhs in the west, basically anyone anywhere in the world where there is a large muslim population knows what it's like! Whenever sikhs in punjab see acts of violence against muslims in other states they get all defensive of the muslims because they have no idea what it is like living with a large muslim population. That's why sikhs in Malerkotla were protesting against the caa Once the population of muslims is a big minority in punjab only then will they know what it's like. Until then there really is not much you can do Other than wait for them to experience it themselves.
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    I would say forget what others are doing, do what you can do that's in your own power. If you can bring back those Sikhs fallen for the tricks of christian or muslim missionaries then go ahead go convenience the fallen sheep to come back to the Guru but i would advise those who can betray the guru once can betray the guru and his sikhi again so lets not worry about those who have chosen their path they will do what they want when they want. It is better if you can expose the evil sly tricks of the missionaries then do that it is better to bring to attention of other sikhs to beware of these people. Instead of getting frustrated about situations you can take pratical steps by exposing those people trying to fool sikhs on social media. It takes work it takes sacrifice of time and patience if you ready to sacrifice if you ready to do your duty for Sikhi go for it. As for spreading Sikhi to non-believers only after fixing our own people first then again your welcome to do that. But to me thats like chasing bubbles in your mind you will have reduced Sikhi to an ethnicity to a nationality. Whereas Sikhi is about uplifting the humanity from the social ills of society and meditating and connecting with their lord waheguru. Why did guru nanak sahib ji speak to muslims? why did he speak to buddhists? why to christians? why to hindus?why travel all around the different lands? why not stay in punjab and preach there? Questions you might wonna ponder on
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    thats great! now they just need to learn some of this
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    Glad to see there's still sikhs with ankh. It's true what you say brother, we need a serious reality check and snap out of this delusional state of mind. The more vocal we make ourselves, the better for the panth. The sooner we start handing out shittars to our deluded bunch, the sooner they'll snap out.
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    The Singh getting his leg inspected has naturally got a 6 pack and strong arms despite there being no gyms and stuff like that back then. most people back then had slim and well toned bodies. its because they ate healthy as well none of that processed stuff. In fact even today a lot of the guys in their 20s in the pinds naturally have toned bodies, 6 pack but after 30 the pot belly starts growing! most guys in punjab in their 30s have a belly! crisp, chocolate, fizzy drinks, sweets, takeaways etc should be avoided!
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    12/3/2013: The event for Seva of vulnerable and elderly Sangat was coming to the end of day at Gurdwara Singh Sabha Bradford. The Granthi singh had just finished doing katha and simran of the 11th asthpadee of sukhmani sahib, when a very upset young lady walked in. She said fateh to everyone with great humility and love. She looked very upset. The granthi singh asked, "is everything ok". She weeped slightly and said, "no my husband was suffering from bakhaar (temperature), he collapsed and got rushed in to intensive care, as he is quite serious. Can we do an ardaas she repeated in a very upset voice". The granthi singh said "dont worry bhenji you have great good fortune, as you have come to guru sahibs hazooree whilst Sangat is going on, he said I can not do anything myself the Sangat will bless you". He started the simran, there was around 13 older bibiaa in the Sangat and a couple of young singhs. The simran only lasted 5 mins but the ras (power/taste) in those 5 mins was immense. The bibi was crying whilst chanting Vaheguru. Everyone felt her pain and chanted in great vigour. The simran stopped, the granthi singh did an ardaas. In the ardaas the granthi singh said, "guru sahib ji I have no power, "I am weak but u have blessed your daughter in Sangat today and she is begging for you to listen to her prayer, birthee kadey na hoveaee jan Ki ardaas. Your servants ardaas has never failed. Nanak jor govind ka pooran gunthaas. Nanak takes the strength of the perfect lord of the universe, the treasure of excellence. Please bless bhenji with strength, please bless bhenji with gursikhi jeevan. Only you know her mind's desires guru sahib, please fulfil them". The granthi singh explained to guru sahib what was wrong with bhenjis husband and ended the ardaas. Bhenji in great humility thanked the Sangat, for chanting Vaheguru in Sangat and standing in the ardaas. She had tears running down her face and the Sangat really felt her emotions. Bhenjis love for the Sangat was visible through her eyes. The granthi singh said, "don't worry bhenji Guru ji and the Sangat will look after your husband, you came at the perfect time". Bhenji still crying tried to smile and slowly walked to her car. She asked the granthi singh to pls come to the hospital and see him. He agreed. Daas received a call around 14.30 from the granthi singh saying, "we got to the hospital and with Guru sahib and his sangat's apaar (amazing) kirpa the husband was absolutely fine before we got there". Saadsangat ji I was really touched by the love and power of guru sahibs Sangat and had to share this story. Proud to be a slave of my Guru. Guru sahib loves us and is always here for us, his love is unconditional. We only remember him when we need him. Let's all remember him always ji, without any condition. Dhan Teri Sikhee Guru Ji.
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    ^^^ I've never understood the sakhiyan of Muslims getting their prayers answered by attending Sikh Gurdwaras or visiting Sikh saints and mahapursh, yet not once has any Sikh told them to convert now that they've got their heart's desire; the very thing their "beloved" Islam failed to provide for them, that they had to enter the kaffir's domain to receive true spiritual blessings. No, our lot just send them happily on their way back into Islam's stifling embrace. Bunch of cucks we are.
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    Are you even Sikh? Do you not want Sikhi spread to non-sikhs? you do know its gurmat to spread Sikhi parchar to non-sikhs dont you? And never mind what other Sikhs do....... if they want to be fooled by abrahmic missionaries thats their choice we cant force them to convert back they will when they want to. What is in our power is to convert others to Sikhi. The missionaries will never stop trying to target punjab's Sikhs for conversion they been doing that since day dot when Sikhs were only confined mostly to punjab during Sikh empire days. So if you think if we stop trying to convert others the missionaries will stop you will be sadly mistaken
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    Rise of the easy access always on internet/social media and sheeple herd mentality bro. There's more distractions taking away our focus these days so easy to get distracted and attention span gets limited boredom sets in. The mind is like a drug addict it needs a new fix to keep it entertained. So its alot harder to go against the mainstream narrative of whatever is being pushed out by the powerful elites via their controls on mass media. Thats why in gurbani it says control the mind and you can control the world. If our own minds are not controlled by ourselves by brainwashing by years of institutional nonsense that made people think sikhi or religion in general was irrelevant in todays world. When in actual fact Sikhi is the most required in todays world of distractions, mixed messages and confusion. Sikhi is the pure and beautiful safe haven of the free and liberated minds away from the pollution and confusion of society.
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    There is alot of interesting history between Sikhs and the latin hispanic american continents. In the 1930s the anti-british imperalist gadar party rebels were based in south america. Ecuador was the first country in 1986 to formally recognise the government in exile of khalistan and invited 20 million Sikhs to settle there if they wanted to away from indian state persecution. Belize had many khalistani based supporters. Brazil has a small but growing Sikh population Argentina has a small Punjabi Sikh community which has mixed with the locals and still keeping Sikhi alive there Chile has a small growing Sikh popuation Mexico has interesting history of 19th century punjabi immigrants who married local women and had kids many of them are now scattered and forgotten their roots and linage but there is now a growing native mexican latino Sikhs who are growing steadily.
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    Well well well, will you look at that. Yet another example. This is honestly disgusting, but that's how these guys get their converts. Say a sentence, boom you're in. Not like it matters within this case, Babaji always will remain a Sikh. Where are those snowflake chamchas at though? Aren't these supposed to be your fellow brothers? Honestly, I really hope these snowflakes within our panth start waking up. Seriously a bunch of sheep. This has been evident throughout our history. The Sikh Kaum has no friends nor any allies. We have to focus on our panth. Those who need our help can come to us! Why are people chasing after others to do their seva? Do seva of the panth! Seva of the homeless and dishonored, the outcasts of society. The fact that the vast majority of the panth is filled with delusional people is insane. Those with a logical thinking brain are labeled as extremists.
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    On the one hand you have great men like Mohan Singh from the Sikh Awareness Society speaking out against muslim grooming gangs and how they are attacking our girls. Then you have effeminate fools allowing muslims to pray in our gurdwaras. These people have no common sense whatsoever. We need more of the former not latter. Muslims are aggressors and aggressors always overpower the passive unless they grow a pair and fight back.
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    Small list i've made from top of my head so far 1980s - UK: grooming of Sikh girls and sexual exploitation and conversion by mostly pakistani muslim gangs 1990s - UK: Violence on the streets attacking of sikh gurdwara's and sikh youths by hibz-ut-tahir and al-mahajaroun salafi muslim gangs in southall leading to clashes in slough and southall and birmingham. Violence probably inspired by the hinduvta attack on babri masjid so them lumped sikhs in with hindus for attack. 2000 - Kashmir India: 37 Kashmiri Sikhs massacred shot dead lined up next to wall of gurdwara sahib and pumped full of bullets by jihadis. 2003 - Kashmir India: 6 Kashmiri Sikhs were murdered some of them women attack was attributed to jihadi's. 2007 - UK: Sikh girl in Leicester was groomed and gang raped and abused in moghul darbar restaurant. Sikh youths retaliate by storming the restaurant and beat up the accused muslim rapists and get sent to jail along with the rapists. 2010 - UK: Muslim groomer and rapist attacked a Sikh girl leading her to request help from Sikhs when police failed to charge the muslim guy with rape the Sikhs descended on luton roads and blocked them in peaceful protest. EDL founder tommy robinson also came down to lend support to the inaction of the police. Eventually muslim guy was charged with rape. 2013 - UK: Bow gurdwara was fire bombed and it burnt down. Maharajah's beadhi was done and sroop was martyred in a previous attack. Attacker was described as a black male (religion unknown). The attacker has never been caught. 2017 - Germany: Gurdwara in essen germany was bombed by ISIS salafi turkish german teens. some Sikhs were injured by luckily no one was killed. 2019 - UK: Slough gurdwara was invaded by a black muslim guy shouting allah hu akbar accusing Sikhs of idol worshipping before attacking the sewadaars and being forcebile ejected. 2019 - Afghanistan: 20+ Sikhs and hindu afghan poliiticans were massacared by isisi salafi jihadi attack on their car convey 2020 - Afghanistan: 27 Afghan Sikh men, women and children were massacared by isis salafi Jihadi in attack on 500year old kabul guru hari rai gurdwara. ISIS jihadi claimed in his video testimony it was on behalf of whats happening in kashmir. 2020 - UK: Armed Muslim attacker attacks derby guru hargobind gurdwara looking to send political message about india and kashmir.
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    There is charity Educate Punjab which does good seva Punjab for Sikhi children.. we have donated to them. You sponsor a child, of your choice and it'll go to their education. They have 100% donation policy. You can donate monthly £20 or even less or yearly. Definitely check it out. Can only take care future if we invest education for the kids, esp those living in poverty and see changes in Punjab. I remember watch yt documentary a while ago, and the Indian government has provided some sort compensation to the 84 widows..in Delhi, and they were saying how the kids because being fatherless are hooked to drugs alcohol with bleak future, some of them were 12 year old with jooras smoking! . So sad we have failed to look after take care them esp the children. We should have provided them good education send them to law schools like Harvard, Oxford, then they can go back to India once completed education and fight for 84 justice. https://www.educatepunjab.net/ ^ Check this out Here's their yt channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQN32WPx9zENwJRkQZI3trw/videos
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    Recently I heard a katha about the power of sangat and how guru sahib says that if there's anyone above the guru it is his sangat. What the sangat says guru sahib cannot ignore. There's many examples in saakhis; 1. Bhai chajju jis bricks 2. Baba budha ji's bachan 3.bhai Sahlo ji And many more... Please it's a benti in your charan sangat ji, please give me the blessings of a happy married life with my husband. May waheguru ji save us from a divorce, may Dhan guru Ram das ji keep the honor of his laavan. Guru gobind Singh ji says it's paap to even think of anyone but ur partner, give us blessings so that we can follow guru sahibs teachings. Please may this separated couple be united. I know many people may say it's karam/bhana etc but guru sahib and guru jis sangat are above these and through your blessings maharaj ji may be merciful and clear my bad accounts. Please please please please please, I cannot express how much and how valuable/priceless your blessings are. Please gursangat ji
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    I got an idea. Why don't we start an "adopt a bibi" programme. We take in a 1984 widow like a mother or grandmother and each family in diaspora supports her and her family. We can help them with their home and help them directly with things and education for their family. Here's another idea: There are some successful Khalsa Schools in Canada and the UK. Why can't these academies be expanded into Punjab to provide high quality education with a Sikh ethos.
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    Old photo from back then of children with photos of their missing fathers
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    Another example of how "sikh charities" should be using the sangats dasvand for Sikhs only the incidents like the ones narrated in the video should never be forgotten its gd how some people are interviewing and documenting these stories for the future generations to see
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    It seems to me that whoever really runs India is not only anti-Sikh but anti-Hindu too. It looks like there is coordinated plan by the Islamic, Christians and Marxists to carve up the subcontinent between themselves before they turn on each other. The dharmics will need to fight back. If we do, we will win. It is only our mental state that is preventing us, we lack the ruthlessness. The Abrahamics expect us to be dharmic. For dharma to prevail, one has to sometimes be adharmic. We can defeat them but what will happen is they will revert back to taqqiya and hudabaiya tactics, that will be the time to be even more ruthless.
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    Fateh, The main focus is concentration. Do one Japji Sahib with concentration and so much kirpa takes place. And if u lose focus? Simply remember at which tukht u lost focus and go back to it. Keep doing this until u have reached "Kithi chutti naal..." If u don't go back, well? Only u n Waheguru knows... So was that Japji Sahib to impress society or God? Ask yourself. Once u start Japji Sahib you start walking on a tight rope. Each step is a focus. The more u focus, the better the balance. At the end of the rope is Guru Nanak Dev Ji, ready to grab your hand. Unfortunately, some of us wobble n fall off (lose concentration). Some of us fall off from the start, some midway and some at the end. Fall off start Baba Ji did not as so much get a glimpse. Half-way, Baba Ji kinda gazed your way. At the end, u managed to grasp Baba Ji's hand but fell. Instead of going back to the start u can climb back where u had fallen (A MAJOR LIFE LINE)! Overtime your concentration will be so skilled then u can walk from start to end WITHOUT falling once. According to Sakhi A mahapurkh asked Guru Nanak, after you leave us how will we see you? Then Guru Nanak gave a bachan "Those who wish to seek me can find me in Japji Sahib." So, after doing one Japji Sahib DO FOUR MORE! Why? To start on QUANTITY! You have quality now aim for a nice low number and produce quantity. I shall speak from exp... About 5 yrs ago I started on five Japji Sahibs but gave up after nearly NINE MONTHS! I was 26 then. It would take me over an hour even after I sped up! Nine months later? STILL over an hour! So I forgot about it for 5 yrs. Last month I heard katha about going back to where your mind wandered off n importance of knowing translation of Gurbani, to help with concentration. BARE IN MIND! ONLY LAST MONTH! For two weeks I kept on with the translation of 7 Baanias and started 1 additional Japji Sahib with concentration then 5 Japji Sahibs with focus. And these last 2 days? I managed to achieve 5 Japji Sahibs, with focus, in 40 minutes! NOTE: Everybody will have a different prayer to complete everyday more than once. Same principles apply,know translation, focus, then learn to speed it up whilst keeping focus intact. Sangat jio, focus can be achieved in a month! Question is how to maintain it? TBH If u think about it same principles apply in the real world. First time learning a new car you'll be focused on 1st gear. Within three weeks you'll be capable of car's speed at 120mph whilst you have a light grip on the steering. THAS ALL. First time at a factory the supervisor will show u how to operate a machine. All your attention will be how well is the product placed? Does it look alright? You'll stare at the product whilst carefully operating the machine. You'll stare as the machine's in progress, long enough for it to finalise the good. 3 weeks onwards... A quick glimpse on the product, swiftly in the machine, machine operate whilst you're ready to move on with the next product! Within a year you will have learned n picked up on machines, eye to detail and lead others. WHY? BECAUSE U PAID ATTENTION! thas all it takes. If we can do it for society it is dead easy to do it for Guru Ji (with Kirpa).
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    The problem is the failure of the Simranjit Singh Mann and Dal Khalsa and other who go the term Panthic to provide the Sikh masses with a viable electoral alternative to both the Congress and Badals/BJP. Had the Panthic parties been united then it would have been they who would have played a role in if not a majority govt then at least a coalition govt in Punjab from 1997 onwards. The lack of a Panthic alternative is what has sustained the yo-yo politics of Congress govt then Badals and then Congress govt again merry-go-round. When an alterative did present itself like in 2014 Lok Sabha and 2017 Vidhan Sabha elections in Punjab then the Panthic minded Sikhs moved massively in support of the AAP. The fact that the AAP in Punjab has degenerated into a headless zombie party composed of shoe lickers of Kejriwala.
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    The partition was one of the greatest transfer of wealth and assets in South Asia. The Sikhs and Hindus who were owners of both land and industries were forced to leave these behind in West Punjab and had to make do with less and poorer quality of land and virtually no industries in exchange. No wonder the Pakistani is all wonderstruck about his uncle finding gold under his house, for Pakistanis the partition was certainly the gift that keeps on giving! Overnight these Pakistani many of whom were subsistence farmers suddenly got the opportunity to get more and better quality land of the Sikhs. Regarding the Sanjha Punjab concept, I think Pakistanis generally think that most Sikhs buy into this concept. Rather than accept two of the few positives of partition such as the consolidation of the Sikh population in one area and the neutralisation of the Muslim threat in East Punjab, our hopelessly naïve people still hanker for the time when we were a small minority in Punjab. I remember some years ago in the course of my work I had occasion to chat to a elderly Pakistani man in Punjabi and he asked me where I was back in India. I told him Ludhiana and he said " I am originally from there, our family lived there before partition.. it a shame that people had to move out from there" I answered back " well we had to make room for the Sikhs from Pakistan to be able to settle in our Punjab".. The elderly man was shocked and I suppose he expected me as a Sikh to wax lyrical about sanjha Punjab and how it was a tragedy that the Muslims were forced to leave East Punjab!
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    It's really amusing how they take pride in the achievements of central Asians and Middle Eastern conqueror as if they are the same people. They are just the result of forceful conversions by these conquerors that they shamelessly take pride in. Then it's even funnier how they take pride in achieving Pakistan as if they conquered this territory when in fact they had it given to them by the British.
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    Yh she was trying to justify interfaith anand karaj. Too many "sikhs" giving their own interpretation of sikhi and trying to change stuff. In fact this woman is not a sikh though she thinks she is. Guru har rai sahib ji disowned his son for changing bani. How is changing sikhi to fit their western view any different? These people are not sikhs of the guru. Its better to put your hands up and say I cant do this, than change sikhi to suit your western, liberal views.
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    Lot’s of my ardaas were answered. Every time it builds your faith more in the Guru But a few things weren’t. As time goes on you realise Waheguru gave you something far greater than what you were asking for. That shows you how your thinking is limited and Guru ji is wiser than you: Tu samrath vadha meri maat thori raam So I’d say ardaas is never ignored. If you feel it is you’re either being tested, what you’re asking for is not right for you or something way bigger is coming your way. Ardaas should always be filled with love: Kudha manzoor karta hai duaa jo dil se hoti hai. Mushkal yeh hai ki voh mushkal se hoti hai ~God accepts that prayer which is done from the heart. The difficulty is praying from the heart (with sincerity) is difficult
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    TikTok was made by the Chinese govt to spy on the world. It really is not safe. YouTube is the best platform for video parchar. Well done for taking this initiative.
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    Bro ik ur not a sikh. u r just a muslim guy trying to tell us that converting aint good. Sikhi is for everyone, and if someone wants to leave it they can, but if someone can join then they can join too. I saw ur comments on venezualan sikh convert too. If u mind sikhs converting into islam go ahead and convert them back. Keyboard warrior.
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    96 Crore is the target, the real Khalsa, and not some turban wearing sheep or goats with shaved beards or shaved heads but with nine feet long beards.......... not some enuchs in other words. Real Khalsa men and women with one aim to restore sikhi first and then spread. Don't forget 96 Crore is the figure to start with. Let's see if we can manage this first.
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    Buddhism is like everyones backup religion if things dnt work out theres always Buddhism lol when i was getting into sikhi and still mona i thought to myself it sikhi dnt work out there always is Buddhism lol many people are not getting anything from the abrahamic way, the rules and emptiness and are looking for something more, something with depth. some people, even atheists, reach a point where they want something more, and here in the west Buddhism is the answer to that.
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    True though we often forget had it not been for the hindu punjabis and jammu hindus offering their women for marriage to Sikh men and raising their eldest sons as Sikhs then the faith would have disappeared when we only had about 2000 Sikhs left. Largely the hindu's owe alot of debt in eternal gratitude in saving hindu women and hinduism from the islamic conquest onslaught on them from the north but also we should also consider how during times our ancestors had to hid out in jungles and hills it was the sheer numbers of northern hindu's who converted to Sikhi and boosted our numbers that we were able to get on the right path to survival and revival and then nationhood.
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    It is Dasam Bani which can turn weak Sikhs into the fearless warriors of the 1700s. Look at the Shastars of puratan Sikhs they even had verses of Dasam bani written on their Kirpans, Chakras etc. Reading Brahmkavach, Chandi Charitar 1 and 2, Chandi di vaar is a must for Sikhs today.
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    There was a very loving and humble Gurmukh couple who did not have any children. Sometimes Vaheguru deliberately holds some gifts from us, so as to prompt us to do Bhagti and turn towards Him. Of course, many times we lack things because of our past Karma. In such cases too, we need to build Karma or destroy bad Karma through Naam and Gurbani, and this way attain the necessities we need in this life.The Gurmukh couple did benti (request) before the Jatha to do Samagam at their residence and then perform an Ardaas for them. The Jatha including Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee arrived at the Gursikh’s house and did Gurmat Samagam. The couple did sewa of Gursikhs with great faith and very humbly. Bhai Sahib in particular was very pleased with their sewa.At the conclusion of the Samagam, the Ardaasiya Singh (one who performs Ardaas) started doing Ardaas. In the end, when the Ardaasiya Singh said, “O Sache Paatshah, the Gursikh couple has done sewa of the Samagam. Please fulfill their wish and bless them with a son.”Bhai Sahib who was standing in the Sangat, interrupted and speaking loudly pleaded, “O Sache Paatshah, not one, but please bless them with two sons.” (ਸਚੇ ਪਾਤਸ਼ਾਹ, ਇਕ ਨਹੀਂ ਦੋ ਬਖਸ਼ੋ!)Everyone was surprised that Bhai Sahib had interrupted the Ardaasiya Singh and asked for 2 sons instead of 1 that Ardaasiya Singh was asking for. Bhai Sahib had been so pleased with the couple's dedication to Sikhi and their serving spirit that he went out of his way to reward them. Such is the reward when we humbly serve Gursikhs.Giani Gurditt Singh jee then told us that within two or three years, the couple was blessed with 2 sons and they are still alive today. Such is the power of Ardaas of Sangat and such is the reward we get, when we serve the Gursikhs humbly and earnestly. The following Gurbani pankiti comes to mind at this time:ਚਾਰਿ ਪਦਾਰਥ ਜੇ ਕੋ ਮਾਗੈ ॥ ਸਾਧ ਜਨਾ ਕੀ ਸੇਵਾ ਲਾਗੈ ॥(If someone is looking for Chaar Padarath, he should serve the Gursikhs)May Guru Sahib bless us with ability to serve Gursikhs and forever remain humble before Gursikhs.
  41. 2 points
    according to ithiaas bhai baccitar singh who pierced the hathi with the nagni wasn't even 5'5'' he was a really short singh but look what he did
  42. 2 points
    Thing is people come to Buddhism for meditation, that is what budh dharam is associated with, people want some inner peace and spirituality and the answer to that is Buddhism, atleast in the west. Its because that is how buddhists have promoted their faith to the world. despite meditation/simran,naam being the central core belief of sikhi, sikhs are promoting sikhi with langar and tying paghs. someone looking for spirituality would they go to bhuddists who offer meditation and spiritual guidance, or would they go to sikhs who offer them a tray with lentil soup in it? sikhs have failed to promote our very core central tenet to the world. instead they are having langar on campus instead.
  43. 2 points
    got out the wrong side of bed? its "brown peoples" choice not to follow sikhi, and its her choice to follow sikhi
  44. 2 points
    Dont think she attacked the 105yr old singh bhai i think she was talking about the whole kaum that we become so spineless that we cant protect our most vulnerable from the clutches of anti-sikh individuals
  45. 2 points
    Congrats to the sister.
  46. 2 points
    This is why I say we should not choose sides between Hindus and Muslims. At the end of the day we are still Kafirs for them who must be eventually purged or converted. No matter how much seva you do for them or help them but below all these videos in the comments sections you can always see many Muslims say "may Allah put them on the right path" OR "may Allah give them hidaya" which basically translates to may they leave their Kafir way and convert to Islam.
  47. 2 points
    i think it will, tensions are rising. I think we will hear about a clash soon, that too in a gurdwara. like when some man was going to organize vaisakhi at a mosque and singhs made sure that it didnt happen. The whole interfaith marriage thing a few years back, when gurdware weren't listening and still carrying out these fake marriages there ended up being clashes in many gurdware up and down the country. With sikhs its always once we are pushed to the limit and just cant take the bs anymore when we react. and whenever this clash does take place the wishy washy sikhs will call the police and run to the media and the BBC will print another article about "radical british sikh men disrupt sikh-muslim interfaith event"
  48. 2 points
    Someones got to say it! its always the quite ones that act with force when pushed.
  49. 2 points
  50. 2 points
    Very stylish. I'm just glad they didn't settle in the Netherlands.

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