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    Is Mahandulai paid to post on here ? We have a number of posts where people are asking for genuine help or guidance yet no one will reply to them yet here we are again with another Mahandulai post and everyone is on it lol...
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    Your still young As you get older your trust in people gets less and less
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    why are guys not looked on as race traitors then ? Give an actual answer don't dodge . Besides isn't that water under the bridge kids don't get choice of parent do they ? precedent not president sikhi doesn't recognise race so if your mum married a gora singh before your Dad do you have the same vitriol ?
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    Only fools would and want to convert others to their own dharam. STOP SPREADING HATRED. Why the hell can not we live in peace and respect as human beings? Why the hell the need to overpòwer others? Which foolish and weak gods have told you such nonsense? The person who has injected you with such repulsive poison of hatred and untruth, must be sure under narcotics, which has brought only retardness in your societies and communities, and this has stopped you from being human beings and pushed you to be worse than beasts, always wanting blood .... Moreover, it is a pity, due to the original fool, your perception of the deity you worship, is totally polluted, thus you take that entity as something on your side and against all others, for if he was the real creator, has he not enough sense, or wisdom, for creating people of other dharams, in the sense of having to convert them or kill them? What nonsense is all this? Supreme Truth has to be One. Just as, there is one Sun, or one moon, for all of us, irrespective of our nationality, caste, or creed, or geographic location. The thing is, those who try to convert or kill ohers, are blind, for if they had seen that their deity, the question of converting or kiling would never ever arise, for it is the One Nature in action, in everyone and everywhere. Sikhi, unlike other dharams, does not need to be spreaded, for it is not a religion. Religions are man made. For your kind information, Sikhee is nothing more than, a relation of unconditional faithful love, to the only one Supreme Eternal Truth: WAHIGURU AKAL PURUKH. Sabna jeea ka Iko Daata. Rest is all maya, and koor. For god´s sake, if you all still want to remain full of hatred, you are kindly requested to just get off from this website of Sikh Sangat, and go and vomit somehere else your dirty politics and misinterpretations about sikhee. Sat Sree Akal.
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    BALANCE SHEET Of LIFE Birth is your Opening Stock. What comes to you is Credit. What goes from you is Debit. Death is your Closing Stock. Your ideas are your Assets. Your bad habits are your Liabilities. Your happiness is your Profit. Your sorrow is your Loss. Your soul is your Goodwill. Your heart is your fixed Assets Your character is your Capital. Your knowledge is your Investment Your age is your Depreciation. And finally : ALWAYS REMEMBER, GOD IS YOUR AUDITOR Have a nice balance sheet of Life
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    Its not even the girls fault as its just the crap sh!t they have been brought up with influences their minds with these ideas plus as western people like goris kaalis have got so many partners before marriage is also a influence on them as they think they are white western british etc. Its the lack of religious knowledge that makes them like this. Its also the media with music vids talking about sex then bollywood movies and english movies and soaps like eastenders programe their minds from a young age. Maybe they professional sikh couselling services for mental health to help them rather than making them a outcast as this will put more oil in the fire.
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    why would you invoke agni devta instead of gurshabad as a gursikh?
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    He has really weird songs. Sounds like he's singing in riddles half the time
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    Sooo... You posted this cuz you thought you're gonna have to PESH XD..... Lol jk
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    I'm still confused about the video tbh.
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    they didn't exist prior to the british raaj I think. Most of their history is post-mughal period and during the times of britishers when prominent namdharis were executed by britishers. I am wondering if britishers had a role in their creation. If not, what is the origins of namdharis ??
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    Bhaini Sahib is like 20 minute distance from my village and I went there this time with my cousin . He showed me place. we even partook of langar (they didn't offer us water thought, strange) . One things for sure, they're very rich ppl , considering the vast land they own in bhaini sahib and surrounding shops almost all owned by kukeey . One weird thing is they believe in guru other than Guru granth sahib but at the same time I saw in their deewan , they had pics of Guru Nanak dev ji and Guru Gobind singh ji along with their own guru . And they have SGGS and read from it but at the same time next to it , they also read from another pothi and the guy is putting ghee on dhoop . why do they do hawan ? In Bhaini sahib, there's also one step well which the local kukkeys told us was the place where "Bhagwan Ramchandar" did tapp and britishers asked kukkey what evidence u have . So they told brits that u will find charcoal for havan if u dig . So they found it in digging and brits had to handover the step well area to them. They wear kachhere , but not kirpans , thats one messed up combination . Do they have moneh men in them ? i was told they don't' have by a non-kukka.
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    the fact that most of them still have belief in alternate Guru Ship from Guru Granth Sahib ji means they were never sikhs .
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    believe it or not, puraatan Singhs had multiple wives. Bhai Mani Singh had 2 wives and many shaheed sons. Would be good if gurdwaras could arrange proper shastarvidiya or martial arts as opposed to gatka dance stuff. Also need to arrange archery and gun target shooting ranges.
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    I personally don't agree with it either. What can we say that Gurbani doesn't already say?
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    You are 100% right as i feel like this as well as i also hate going to the gurswara due to my depression as seeing the people i know there makes me furious and annoyed that i just want to shout scream swear and do crazy stuff.
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    First of all nobody should be racist. Racist is unjust, for one judges and condemms others just for being of different skin, caste or religion. Racism or discrimination, is a malady which if spreaded, can cause horrible consequences on other human beings. Can you tell me, who chooses before being born, where or how to be born? So if there is no choice here, why to feel hatred for others, just for skin color? Other thing is, for example, you do something wrong or ilegal, then of course, one can judge that person for its wrondoings. Does not the Bani say: SABNA JEEA KA IKO DAATA. SSo, if by the laws of Nature, or Hukum, one is born in a particular country, race or creed, then by being racist, are we not judging Wahiguru´s Hukum with our petty or polluted unhumanity nature? In some way we are stupidily saying, Wahiguru, you have made a mistake, you should made him white, or black, or brown.... Is this not what muslims do, when they kill innocents, in name of their twisted vision of Islam? If so, what is then the difference between us sikhs and them(not all, but mostly), by being unhuman? Just imagine for a second, hites turn out mad ,and say we are going to exterminate all sikhs on the earth. How would you feel about those stupid and unhuman attitudes? So brother, any type of racism or discrimination, is just watering the seeds of hatred in the weak, which if not taken care and allowed, will generate huge production of venom in the hearts and minds of the already weak and beastly humans. Let us be carefull of what we say and think, otherwsie we shall be victims of our own foolish and bloody tendencies. Mind is already receptive to dirt and full of it, let us not add more to it. Do good, be a good human being to all, and let us plant the seeds of tolerance, forgiveness, and acceptance within ourselves, to the diversity and variety of people, culture, caste and creed; for each one is born according to one´s past karam within the laws of His Hukum. Stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.
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    bro you will find true racists don't care about rules and regs they'll say and do what's on their minds , the cowards will be undercover and disguise it as something else like repeatedly passing people of colour for promotions or raises , keeping them stuck in no prospect jobs and places. you are meant to be aware of other people's motivations subtle and gross , it's called self-preservation and reading the room/culture nobody owes it to you to make it easy . All the history texts written and taught from in schools are written by white apologists so don't feel too sorry for them ...
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    I hope that president isn't a stereotype like you...
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    must admit that the first sentence he uttered set my nerves on edge , by the second I was livid . My Mum also is not impressed by this charlatan , while she was in my pardnanakey she was invited let's go see Dhadrianwala he's doing diwan in these 5 villages in october . She told me these villages are small and poor and couldn't believe the money demanded of them for 'sewa' apparently he brings the tambu etc set-up and does langar . what she saw was yes they brought the tambu and did diwan but did extreme sarfa on langar to point of their not being much of anything (we are talking pind wale used to dhal and simple roti) so she couldn't understand where the money went for the sewa. Then she sat in sangat she couldn't stomach the things he said and got the group she came with up and told them he wasn't worth listening to . His diwan she said comprised him reading one shabad only then started talking rubbish . For her it was an eye-opener because she only knew him from his early days when he was pro guru and pro dasam . Her come away his haumai has dropped him on his head , he's pagal and paise da bhooka.
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    First of all, this guy (Dhadrianwale) has now stooped to the level of calling Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev ji Maharaj by simply their first name? Nanak? I wonder how he would feel if he were in either a debate and the opposing Singh just called him "Ranjit". Or even a friendly interview and some 20-year old said to him, "Hi, Ranjit". Or one of his chelas that he employs said "SSA, Ranjit". He probably fly off the handle and get red hot mad. No problem calling Satguru just "Nanak", though. Secondly, Dhadrianwale used to have a fig leaf of cover by saying one line of Gurbani, and then singing a Punjabi translation. Which is fine, I guess. Now he's just making stuff up. Third, note what he says: He's saying that "Nanak, seeing God imprisoned within temples, became a wandering mendicant (fakir)". What Dhadrianwale is setting up his followers for is to start thinking of Gurdwaras like the old mandirs, and that if you want to find God, don't go to Gurdwaras. That's the end game. Wake up, people.
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    i agree, for sikh stuff i would but for anything else then no never lol, can't trust them people

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