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    You are basically wrecking your health to satisfy the opinions of idiots? C'mon that's crazy You're putting away 72 units a week ? That's not sane. What is Punjabi ? Fake lines drawn on a map , fake retelling of our history to suit our enemies agenda...alcoholism destroys Respect of society, endangers safety, destroys fertility, damages fetuses, ruins family life, ruin financial stability, undermines future success. Consider the advice Guru ji gave us , to maximise our positivity and effective use of this wonderful life . What makes a man a man , is his character and his actions not how many pegs he downs. Was Sant Bhindrawale ji unmanly, or Amrik Singh ji or even any of the people who never touched a drop but when it counted they stood up ? What about Bhai Manmohan Singh ji of SAS who is protecting and rescuing kids who are used by people who believe our men are all useless amliaan and incapable of looking after their own? A person who runs away from reality to the bottom of a bottle or a gram bag has not grown up yet , not developed the courage to live in the moment, not yet lived fearlessly and truly (taking good and bad with equal openness ,confidence and undertstanding that it is not a permanent state) . The need for substances disappears when we develop true chardikala, addiction is the taendikala which opens up our lives to attack and troubles. From what you say it seems you need to change who you hang with, find people who have chardikala they will never push you to bad habits but make you think about how you approach life and support you to try better habits.
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    It's a win-win for the Pak Govt because Sikhs will be spending the money and boost their economy without Pak Govt having to spend a penny themselves. How much money would it take to get all the remaining Sikhs out of Afghanistan? How much money would it take to take to build houses for the homeless Shaheedi families? There are so many things that could be done. It would be a fraction of the money and it would provide a far better return in the years to come.
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    What you call pragmatism our Gurus called selling your children and wrote specific instructions for what your duties were in looking for a life partner for your child. , there was a level of care expected not like the other faiths, who openly condem women as gateways to hell, kalankan, slave like, to be beaten when ever you want and for the slightest pretext. Men were expected to treat women as their spiritual equals, entitled to do bhagti, entitled to be loved (keypoint please note , this is Guru Teg Bahadur ji's bachan) , entitled to not be Married to relatives or oldmen , not to be sworn at, harassed, badgered for daaj, not to do fasts for his longevity, not hit, not abandoned if barren, to kill her daughters, or expect to vacate the familial home ince widowed or commit sati - these are concepts that our Gurus put in place.
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    https://www.thenews.com.pk/amp/483612-sikh-tycoon-announces-500-million-fund-for-pakistan-gurdwaras? How come Sikh tycoons can find 500 million to fund Gurudwarae but cannot find funds to help the poor in Punjab or help the Shaheedi families or help with parchaar. We don't have a money problem in our community it seems, we just allocate those resources in an extremely inefficient manner.
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    ਜੋ ਜਾਨੈ ਮੈ ਜੋਬਨਵੰਤੁ ॥ ਸੋ ਹੋਵਤ ਬਿਸਟਾ ਕਾ ਜੰਤੁ ॥ One who deems himself to have the beauty of youth, Shall become a maggot in manure. Sukhmani Sahib, p278 You're not supposed to be proud of your body or beauty. That goes for both men and women.
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    Hey! Who are you to post a normal, balanced, post of wisdom? This is a forum for flame-baiting. Get with the program.
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    Nah, we need worldwide ban on selling gurbani just as Guru Nanak Dev ji said, we already have arey garey printing saroops and gutke which are then given to outfits which do beadbhi . I agree with the steps taken by satkar committee here in Uk that we have more than enough saroops so just rehouse according to need after ensuring there is satkar.
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    LOL. If our ancestors did the same with mughals, you would have been wearing a skullcap today. He was just an ankheela Sikh. He wasn't amritdhari obviously but the "ankheela Punjab" was alive in him. He taught those cowards a lesson. I laughed when the cops ran back
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    we need a digital database with full pictures of the original saroops alongside a typed version of each aang.That might be a solution to remove suspicion of editing,and modification.It should be available to all online on a database and form a library. It would be a huge benefit to the panth if the sgpc would work for the panth.We can make our panth a force to be reckoned with on an international scale,and make Sikhi flourish.Most people don't know about Sikhi and denounce religion for reasons like not matching with science but Sikhi does,and people don't know.I think it needs to be restructured in a more dictatorship like structure where you have one appointed jathedar who has full control and no elections or democracy to elect people.The jathedar should be a brahamgyani,someone the panth will stand behind. Of course, the challenge is finding such a leader,maybe maharaj will/has sent someone.
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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Khalsa ji, Dhan Dhan BrahamGiani Pooran Mahapurak Sant Baba Thakur Singh Ji Never ever lied. If they said it then and you beileved it or chose to stay quiet. why all of a sudden the change? Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji were 80!! when they got the message of incoming invasion. So is sant ji is under 80 then why would it be too late? also if it was lets say sant ji was 100 then your argument would make sense. instead now just based of the past, they still have time to come. Thanks, bhul chuk maaf karna ji
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    Desh Videsh de Gurdwarian de Parbandh Bare
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    Acknowledging the reality of feminine nature and how it manifests in our community amongst a considerable proportion of women is not misogyny. The worship and veneration of the Feminine is the marker of a dying civilsation. There is a middle ground between the respective extremes of woman hate and capitulating to their destructive nature in the hope of preserving a non-existent peace. Dulling the senses and labelling people who have a counter view to what's come to be accepted as normal is not healthy for the long-term survival of our people, and more importantly is not healthy for the individual conscience. The idea that fundamentally all people (women) are good people, based on spiritual instruction that disregards the nuance of day-to-day reality, is a dangerous and counter-productive idea that lulls many into inaction and complacency. Some individuals cannot be reformed through conciliation, tolerance, and patience. So what do you propose for those who have no desire to resort to anger, violence, and hate yet find themselves confounded by destructive feminine energy? You cannot advocate a path of non-engagement or appeasement that, nine times out of ten, leads to serious and undeniable problems for the male. Speaking a truth is not violence or hate. You will eventually come to realise this when this principle will manifest itself in an area of existence that your worldview will not seek to dispute. Hopefully, you'll be honest enough with yourself to acknowledge this lesson when that moment arrives. As for Ajeet, I agree, he shouldn't have married the girl. There's no way this is going to end in any way but tragedy. I genuinely feel for his wife. I think she's in an impossible situation. Her attitude is what it is and does her no favours, but considering the deception under which she's been drawn into, I don't feel comfortable in condemning her. If Ajeet had any nous, he'd make her an ally instead of playing her off against his parents in the hope of... pushing her into a situation that leads to divorce? Who knows.
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    From this thread it's clear women will support women in all their misdeeds. Charitropakhyan is right I think. Thanks for proving it lol.
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    Are you not gay? So you putting this lady through all this and for what a lie? Why get married? And if you say to please your parents that is not an adult response. This whole situation could of been avoided.
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    Someone should remind them they're shorter, weaker, and lighter than the men they square up to. I think there's some validity in the bachchan of Sant Sean Connery Edinburgh Wale. Dhan Sant Ji!
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    The "pride of we're a 50000 yr old civilization" , "pride of we gave birth to buddhism jainism and sikhism and they're just my children", "the pride of we invented ayurveda", "the pride of we invented surgery", "ancient india was technologically advanced and mahabharat had nuclear weapons", "babies born by test tubes and head transplant surgery of ganesh" etc etc They're seriously obsessed with their pride which is just a feeble attempt to override the embarassment of having being enslaved and ruled over by foreign powers for last 1000 yrs . The hatred for muslims doesn't originate insomuch as the fact that invaders destroyed temples, but more so because they took away brahmin hegemony on the subcontinent which had been there for ages , and now they hope to bring it back. The media is totally a sold out . When congress was in power, they were vehemently critical of bjp . The congress created institutes like JNU etc continue to churn out liberals that have long served the interests of the congress narrative of history. What is now happening is congress narrative of secular india is going down and the alternate narrative coming up of india being a solely hindu nation , in numbers and in spirits
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    I can smell someone making parothe down stairs. Better go ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹਿ
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    I love Nani Charnos hand made missia rottia with saag. It's making my mouth watering thinking about it lol
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    I listen to her. She was born in India but then went to Kenya and got married in India and came to the UK and there were loads of struggles
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    There was a special on BBC news (Out World report) about Sikh's in Afghanistan, it was heartbreaking watching how they had been persecuted and the kind of stuff they go through. As far as the money's concerned, it seems like it's going to be a cash grab from all Sikh organizations and jathebania from around the world, be interesting to see how much Peter Virdee put's up himself. There was a thread last week on twitter about Sikh's in Pakistan and how they are treated, there a link below to one of the article's in the twitter thread (it's an old article so I hope things have changed over the years) https://www.dawn.com/news/1025160
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    Get some new friends. The guys laying the expectation on you to drink, because it's apparently what a real man does, don't gaf about you. They want to see you mess up your life. I'm going to say it: most Sikhs of any denomination are scummy people. They delight in seeing a good guy circling the gutter. You seem to have a semblance of a conscience hence the introspection. Scum don't self reflect, and remarkably they don't seem to be any worse off for it. It's just one of those crazy symptoms of this diseased world. You're on the edge of a precarious situation. You could either fall into the abyss and become a full-blown sharabi, or you could pull back now and no long-term harm done. The choice is firmly in your hands. The only thing holding you back is the psychological block that's been implanted in your mind about culture and the masculine image. Overcome that and you're golden. But allow it to overpower your faculties and you're done.
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    Its the kettle calling the pot black. Dhumma and Ram Singh are both after the power of Taksal, but none of them recieved it from Sant ji or Baba ji. They are both power hungry and nothing more. Dhumma bows at Badals feet as Hindus bowed at Krishna's. Stick to Sant Baba Thakur Singh JI Maharaj's bachan...............Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Maharaj is still the Jathedar of Taksal.
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    THE POWER OF AMRIT by Manvir Singh Khalsa When Bhai Jaitha Ji came from Delhi with Guru Tegh Bahadar Ji's severed head to tenth Guru, the Guru asked, "Oh Bhai Jaitha, tell how many people gathered at Chandi Chownk, to see my father be beheaded?" Bhai Jaitha replied, "There were hundreds and thousands." Guru Ji then asked, "How many Sikhs of Guru Nanak were standing in the crowds?" Bhai Jaitha Ji with tears in his eyes replied, "Oh Guru Ji, I couldn't recognise who was a Sikh or who was not a Sikh, there were thousands of people but I couldn't see any Sikhs distinct from the crowd." The tenth Guru replied, "Don't worry, I will soon give the Sikhs, such a beautiful distinct image that my Sikhs will be recognised in crowds of thousands and throughout the world." Amrit derives from two words, 'Am' and 'Mrit'. 'Am' means water. 'Mrit' is making a dead person alive. 'Amrit', the water, which makes a dead person alive. When Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave the Sikhs Amrit he made the dead people alive, he instilled a new lease of spirit, which transformed sparrows into hawks, and made the Sikhs fearless of death. In 1739 Nadir Shah came from Afghanistan to invade, plunder and loot the land of India. As the army entered through Panjab, the Sikhs would attack the armies at night time. The Sikhs would raid their looted wealth and riches. The Sikhs would free the innocent Hindu sisters and mothers and return them to their respective homes. Nadir Shah asked Zakriya Khan, the Governor of Panjab about the Sikhs. "Who are these people who dare to attac k my soldiers and plunder me", he asked. Zakriya Khan replied, 'These are the followers of man called, 'Guru Nanak', their homes are their saddles and they visit their holy shrine in the middle of the night and disappear before the first light of day.' Nadir Shah asked, 'What gives them their strength to dare to challenge me and my large armies?' Zakriya Khan replied, 'Their Guru has given them Amrit, 'the water of immortality', drinking this they become fearless of death'. Nadir Shah with curiosity said, "How do you know this?" Zakhriya Khan replied, "Those people who used to walk pass me, with their head down and would say salaam… Those same people after taking Amrit, they still walk pass me, but now they don't hold their head down, nor do they say salaam. Instead they walk pass, looking into my eyes. You are one King, but they are all Kings." If an old man takes Amrit, he becomes fearless of death, like Baba Deep Singh Ji who at the age of 75 died fighting with his head on his hand. If a young child takes Amrit, he becomes fearless of death, like Sahibzaada Zorawar Singh, who at the age of 8 didn't lower his turban to Wazir Khan and instead was bricked alive with his younger brother. If a woman takes Amrit, she becomes fearless of death, like Mata Bhag Kaur who led 40 Sikhs into victory in battle against an army of thousands. Would you stay Nir-gura (without a Guru) till you die? Or would you like to take the gift of Amrit and become the Sikh of the Guru? Have you felt the 'Power'? Be inspired and inspire others. May Waheguru bless you. manvir.khalsa@gmail.com

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