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  1. Vjkk vjkf cud someone tell me what has happened with fatehveer singh who unfortunately fell down a hole?? saw it on youtube but dont really understand the full story
  2. Everyone who has said something negative about him on this thread are the most close-minded people this universe has to offer. Sadhguru teaches how one can realize the true essence of themselves as well as be a mentor for every day life. He teaches yog which is the practical science of the union with the self. And no he doesn't have links with the government or try and promote Hindu beliefs. His videos are not even about anything Hindu related and all his explanations point to spirituality. All he ever teaches is how you can reach spiritual enlightenment and you are judging him on that. He even praises Sikhi if you bother to check those videos. Seriously, stop being close minded and rejecting someone's advice just because they are not Sikh or you think they have a secret agenda. Some people on this forum actually need to listen to his videos for crying out loud. You close-minded idiots.
  3. Detachment is living with the mindset that nothing is permanent, but you still participate in the worldly matters.
  4. That's true. @mahandulai does ask some good questions but we are just not open-minded enough to consider them as valid questions.
  5. You can just shut up, you are clearly not needed in this topic. Stupid fool. You should note that Amrit isn't the end game and isn't required to go to sachkhand, it's what you do as an amritdhari that gives you liberation. (Naam Simran, Seva, etc). *deleted* Also take note on what it means to be a Khalsa. A Khalsa is not necessarily someone who has received Amrit but there are two ways of looking at Amrit. The first way is looking at it as the nectar of immortality and the other way is looking at it as a way to become "Amritdhari and Khalsa". Now most of us, unfortunately, focus on becoming a Khalsa in the context of being initiated into the Khalsa Panth but not in the sense of what a Khalsa actually is. A Khalsa is someone who has and engages in: 1. Compassion 2. Charity 3. Forgiveness 4. Cleanliness 5. Control of mind 6. Purity 7. Appreciation of truth 8. Spiritually accomplished being 9. Warrior 10. Devotee of God and none other So to reiterate in the great words of the Khalsa Bhagat Kabir Ji with regards to who is a Khalsa. ‘Oh Kabir they have become Khalseh [attained salvation] who have known Prem Bhagat [love of devotion to God].’ ‘Adi Guru Durbar’, Raag Sorath, Bhagat Kabir, Pa.654 ‘Khalsa is he who forsakes slander. Khalsa is he who fights at the vanguard. Khalsa is he who slays the five [ie. controls lust, wrath, greed, false attachment and ego]. Khalsa is he who burns [destroys] superstition. Khalsa is he who forsakes [overcomes the trappings of] ego. Khalsa is he who runs from another’s woman [abstains from adultery]. Khalsa is he who does not look at another’s woman. Khalsa is he who is absorbed in God’s name. Khalsa is he who obeys the Guru’s word. Khalsa is he who takes the weapon blows on his face [meaning fights at the vanguard]. Khalsa is he who nurtures the poor. Khalsa is he who destroys evil beings. Khalsa is he who contemplates God’s name. Khalsa is he who attacks the Malesh [meaning 'the filthy', ie. Moghal armies of Aurangzeb]. Khalsa is he who attaches others to Nirankar God's name. Khalsa is he who breaks all restraints [of caste, superstition, ignorance, etc.]. Khalsa is he who rides the war horse. Khalsa is he who wages war [both the external and internal war against his own mind]. Khalsa is he who bears weapons. Khalsa is he who kills the evil one.’ (‘Rehitnameh’, Piara Singh Padam, Pa.59)
  6. lol you need to visit jhatkamaryada.com oh wait you akj's don't believe a historical and reputable source.
  7. k so give me a source where naam was "gifted" and i'll believe you
  8. Where the <banned word filter activated> is this topic going?
  9. Buddhists manage to meditate with no hair and they manage to reach big levels of meditation.
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