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  1. typical gangster dreams? lol u obviously dont get out much gangster n gang lifestyle is very much active in the UK as well mate http://youtu.be/OUHh5xrPRg0
  2. u just answered ur own question mate...he didnt say hes against armies. the khalsa is a army isnt it...hes saying wen u join the khalsa army and then join a different army wid diff principles ur contradicting guru gobind singhs rules
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0l6culsMmg watch this and make ur decision
  4. THIS IS WHY GIRLS DONT WANNA MARRY SINGHS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Duys-yUcXyA
  5. there is a photo i once saw at a gurdwara in panjab of guru hargobind sahib ji with a few of his soldiers and some of them are crouching down and they are about 2 square off with a group of mughals if anyone knows wher i can get this pic please let me know...
  6. WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH ive seen some commments like broadcast from this gurdwara that gurdwara more kirtan from him/her more katha but 1 benti please please put subtites in each 1 n on the topic of kirtan n broadcast from this gurdwara n that sikh channel is already doing that n so does amritbani with kirtan all the time lets do something different lyk i wanted 2 make a sukhmani sahib video with a background of i dunno a waterfall or something relaxing with sukhmani sahib recited slowly and add subtitled for the whole of sukhmani sahib that wud be much mre beneficial than calling in a granthi singh everyday and him reciting but i learned tht sikh channel get sponsors for every sukhmani sahib lol so that ideas out the window i can make videos and subtitle them rajkaregakhalsa.net have already done subtitles for kirtan vids why the hell aint they been broadcasted but we would much rather waste money and record a granthi doin it in havelock gurdwara lol wen a sikh youth cud be watchin and actually understanding the channel is just doing what we can do without the channel? muslims have got speeches about ayesha having it off with muhammad subtitled but us guru gobind singhs panth cant subtitle katha vids.... if u wanna do panjabi shows do it make it less politicial more dharmik and subtitle al the panjabi things wjkk wjkf
  7. inbox me ur email address and il send u a couple brother
  8. wicked video exposing world governments and their symbolic messages also touches on how sikhs too have been enslaved by the system
  9. wjkk wjkf 1 of my friends is going to start subtitling katha videos, but as he doesn't have a sikh sangat account he asked me to do a benti from mine. He said to start off with he wants sum kathas about the sipahi side of sikhi so if anyone has any in mind most likely they are going to be by sant jarnail singh,baba nihal singh etc please send the links in if u don't agree with the sewa hes doing please keep your opinions to yourself i only wanna read positive feedback
  10. wjkk wjkf ur living behind enemy lines if they threatening to do that that aint far off from what the mughals did to us except ur parents wont kill u lol if ur sikhis being threateneed then y u still living under the same roof? thats cowardly man its about honour n there aint no honour in living under the same roof of people oppressing ur sikhi and eating their food...if thats the case and how u wanna leave it then u cant be telling people that the khalsa been created to fight against oppression when u getting it from your own parents respect ur parents is a big part of sikhi but dont say no where u fall at their feet even if they threaten to give u meat n disrespect ur kakkars be a warrior princess not just sit their doing waheguru waheguru n think everything will get better...say waheguru waheguru for strength and then stand up to them... enough said
  11. geeza its good u wanna get into training...join a MMA class in ur ends forget all that weight training and getting big that wont get u no wher wen it comes to fighting just slows u down...join a martial arts class and u ask them what u shud do wen ur not in class wot execises etc but most of all dont think training will give u balls if ur gettin picked on u can train all u want but if u aint got balls u cant do nutin...be a bundah n stand up2 dem listen to sant ji speeches wake up the warrrior inside u n another thing as far as diet concerned cut out junk food green tea,fruit, wholemeal attah not white attah brown rice not white rice ... join a MMA class n after a few sessions having a scrap is like a walk in the walk...ur a son of guru gobind singh if u gettin slapped around u bringin dishonour to the khalsa army
  12. lol its simple... singhs are known as clowns in public...kaleh laugh at us muslims goreh jus known as law abiding <banned word filter activated> boys who are pushovers alot of singhs all over the country get bullied n dont do nutin about it even on sikh sangat singhs say if someone knocks ur dastar off its rab di paana and u shudnt retaliate all these so called singhs u see on panth time talk crap and just do our besti on tv n the sikh girls proably see that while their parents are watching it religious people are seen as weirdos by normal sikhs pakis in uni walk around like badboys (even tho most of them aint) n the singhs walk around with their head down with a backpack on wich is bigger than them..simple as hardly any of the sikh youth stand up4 themselves n get clowned on all the time in unis...we aint even on the map thats why most sikh girls get with <banned word filter activated>
  13. again sikh sangat does my head in sometimes brothers asked a simple question and everyone is giving long answers about biology etc?? ok ima be blunt n str8 to the point waheguru has given us male and female organs for a reason because its natural way of reproducing when 2 members of the same sex go at it its not for reproduction its for lust and we all know what sikhis stance is on lust but true we shudnt look down on a gay if they want to be a batty man thats their personal choice but it aint a sikh way of lyf because it goes against the laws of nature its common sense really so cmon lets cum back to planet earth ppl wjkk wjkf
  14. I know it was a while back but i remember quite a few years ago there was a news report of how a sikh girl converted to islam (by black magic) and singhs ran in the house with axes to get her back...i remember seeing a video of it on the net not sure if it was the bbc website or youtube. If anyone can get hold of it let me no!
  15. It was started around the 1980's it was started by the Dhesy family such as Dal singh Dhesy and Recently passed away Nirmal singh Dhesy it started off as a sikh youth movement and used to do self defence classes and get panjabi mundeh trained up and ecouraged them to fight back against people dissing sikhi. 1 Story i heard is at a east london college some mussalman attacked 1 sikh boy and he fought them on his own, later the Shere Panjab organized a meeting at the college where Dal Singh Dhesy and all the panjabi mundeh who go to the colege was present and he brought the munda who got jumped to the front of the class. He then said "this boy fought the pakis by himself and none of you lot done anything and didnt let your own brother," he then got a box out which also had bangles in it (the 1 girls wear LOL) and said "all of you take ur kareh off and put them in the box youre not worthy of wearing it and take a bangle to replace it" the panjabi mundeh then realized that they need 2 unite n fight together and that being a sikh aint a joke and they all signed up for SP...Some of them now are amritdhari and got more closer to sikhi The SP promoted unity and strength but in recent years its been taken over by drug dealers and druggies from bham and london who claim to be the real SP when they do business deals with pakistani gangs muslims and sell drugs messing up their own people yet claim to be SP when they aint doing <banned word filter activated> for the panth. The SP was officially shut down ages ago but recently with the permision of old SP members the youth rebooted it to clear up the name...but it didnt work out as they were constantly mistaken for the FAKE SP so it made it hard for them to do parchar
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