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  1. Before commenting on any one else, kindly tell us what u have done for the panth. Sukhpreet was offered bribe by the RSS and also threatened when he refused. Amar, the author of "Deeva jalda riha", was attacked while he was travelling with his family. People sitting in the comforts of their homes in the West can not fathom the hazards Gursikhs are facing in the fight against RSS and other anti-Sikh elements. A few Federation members based in Canada and engaged in drugs trade were instrumental in reporting Sukhpreet to Akal Takth Sahib, since he had substantial proofs against them. These members have admitted to carrying out ill-legal activities on tape. All these proofs have been submitted to Akal Takth sahib. The biggest factor which has hampered the succeess of the Sikh struggle is the presence of black sheep in our panth. Pls be beware of them and dont let them stab the panth in the back as they had done earlier during the days of militancy.
  2. kaethiaa dhookh bhookh sadh maar || So many endure distress, deprivation and constant abuse. eaehi bh dhaath thaeree dhaathaar || Even these are Your Gifts, O Great Giver!
  3. vwihgurU jI kw Kwlsw! vwihgurU jI kI &iqh!! Pls go through the latest issue Sikh Shahadat. http://www.sikhshahadat.com/200410/index.html
  4. vwihgurU jI kw Kwlsw! vwihgurU jI kI &iqh!! One of our friends from India, Dr. Sukhpreet Singh has been in Canada since the last one month and holding slide shows on Sikh history and the RSS attacks on Sikhism. Recently he held one such show in Brampton. If anyone from the Canadian sangat on this forum has seen such shows then pls share your views with us. Chardi Kala!!
  5. EGO INTRODUCTION ----------------------- Few characteristics of human nature have been responsible for disturbing the social order and human stability and perhaps the most destructive characteristic of all is EGO or Haumey. Ego has been identified as being responsible for religious wars, national and geographical conflicts and for individual prejudices. Ego is the destructive extension of pride and begins where pride ends. Pride is known as “swaimaan” and ego is known as “swaiabhimaan”. While pride has some redeemable value in terms of motivation and self-actualization, ego has none. WHAT IS EGO? Ego is a concept, which emphasizes importance of self to such a degree where self becomes the center of a person’s universe and attention. It is gradual but progressive enlargement of self until the distinction between the self and the world becomes blurred and at its ultimate, the self becomes the world. This importance of self creates a vacuum between the self and others and the self considers itself higher than others. This distance becomes the cause of hatred and conflict, which ultimately drives a wedge among humans as well as between a human and the Supreme Being. From our religious point of view, a self-centered person is known as “manmukh”, which indicates the state of man in which his self-will and animal propensities dominate as against the concept of “gurmukh”, a God-centered person who has achieved the highest level of consciousness. Ego or haumay is also equated with “maya”, where maya is an illusion, which significantly deviates from reality, and this illusion becomes a part of ego and the true purpose of life becomes totally distorted . Guru Ji says that “in ego there is maya”.. Haun wich maya haun wich chaya. (AGGS – 466). Since the evil side of man is the cause of all problems, it will be reasonable to justify haumey as evil. This evil is not beyond repair. The man is definitely capable of transcending this state of constitution and our Gurus clearly show us the path to transcend this evil imperfection. PURPOSE OF LIFE Since the dawn of time, mankind has been looking within to understand the meaning and purpose of life as is. The question that has always claimed our attention is whether life happened by chance as a part of evolution when the right mixture of life sustaining elements such as air, water, hospitable environment and so on emerged as a biological process, so that we are born, spend time on earth and then die as an end to the process or whether the life came into being as a part of spiritual process initiated by God Himself when He created the universe and created man in His own image for the specific purpose of eventual unification with Him. Whatever the evolutionary theorists or religious promoters believe in and whatever the purpose of life may be, one thing is definite and that is that we all want to have a peaceful life, a stable society, mental satisfaction and spiritual enhancement. All religions have suggested various ways to achieve these goals and practically all the routes suggested are through spiritual understanding of our being. Some religions have emphasized rewards for good behavior (heaven) and punishment for bad behavior (hell) and invariably good behavior is linked with love for God and acceptance of His Will. Some religions have introduced the concept of soul, which will merge with God (Atma merging into Parmatma) for good behavior and reincarnation into various forms of life and consequent suffering for bad behavior. In this approach also, good and bad behaviors are defined in terms of guidelines set by such religions. The Sikh religion emphasizes our goal of life to be eventua l immersion with God, the Infinite to avoid coming into the cycle of life and death, such cycle consisting of four categories. These categories being; (1) life through eggs as for birds, (2) life through the body of the female, as for all mammals, (3) life of plants coming out of earth, and (4) life of bacteria and viruses self generated through sweat and filth. All these categories are considered to be the life of suffering and hence the need for getting out of this cycle and be one with God for eternal happiness and no suffering. It is debatable whether the goal is merging with God, which can only be achieved by being a good person or whether the goal is being a good person, which can easily be achieved by being a God-fearing person. Whatever the case may be, being a good person is necessary irrespective of whether it is a goal or a path to the goal. THE FIVE EVILS Our Gurus enumerate five principle classes of vices. These are: Kaam (Lust), Krodh (Anger), Lobh (Greed), Moh (Obsessive attachment), and Haumey (Ego). All these evils generate negative energy and are detrimental to goodness and decency. All of these evils when taken to excess influence deterioration of body and mind and take us farther away from the direction of our purpose of life. No matter what measure we use, the ultimate goal of life is decent and truthful living. (Sachohn ohrey sabh ko upper sach achar). It must be understood that while all evils hinder the spiritual growth of the individual, it is the fifth evil, namely, Haumey, which is the most problematic and the first four evils can also be considered as aggressive manifestations of Haumey which results in the inability of man to see others as his equals and to consider the other’s point of view with understanding and respect Our Guru Ji has brandished these evils as five thieves and thieves only take away what is dear to us. “Is dehi maiin panch chor basae, Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankar”. A true Sikh asks the blessings of Waheguru in getting rid of these vice s. “Kam Krodh, aur Lobh, Moh, binas jae ahamev”. God I seek thy protection: dispel lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. Guru Ji further states that these thieves can be disarmed by the blessings of the Guru. ( Nihathey punj jawan main Gur thapi diti kand jeon and Panjey badhey mahabali kar sacha dhoa)…. I had stated earlier that the first four vices have some redeemable value and are necessary to some degree to lead a practical and normal life and our religion recognizes that aspect, Only in excess, these vices become destructive. It will be useful to comment briefly on these vices and deal with ego in more detail. 1. Kaam (Lust). Kaam is sometimes equated with sex. It is not. It is the lust, which is obsession and addiction to sex. Sex itself is a healthy activity and our religion promotes sex between husband and wife in a loving and bonding relationship.(Sagal dharma mehn garihast pradhan . ” Aurat Iman” a statement attributed to Guru Hargobind Ji testifies to the importance of closeness with one’s wife, and this closeness is nothing less than a spiritual bondage. Ek jyot doey murti is a testimony to merger of the two. While sex within the domain of marriage is condoned by our religion, sex outside of marriage is condemned for that constitutes lust and it disrupts the social and moral order. Our Guru Jis are very explicit about their disapproval of lust for it takes us away not only from the stability of our family life but also away from Godliness. Guru Ji says; Bin pir purakh nan janey ---(AGGS 54) and again Ghar ki naar tiyagey andha par naari seon ghaley dhanda (AGGS 1164). Such lust is detrimental to our health. Accordingly the difference between kaam as unbridled lust and kaam as <admin-profanity filter activated> energy must be understood and acknowledged. 2. Krodh (Anger).. Anger at its extreme is a sure sign of insecurity and may be a function of inferiority complex. It is one of the manifestations of ego in the sense that when you get angry with some one it is to ex press your superiority over him. It is a reflection of your assessment about yourself as bigger, more powerful, more knowledgeable and so on because you can only get angry with some one who is not up to your expectations. Anger is one of the causes of tension which quite often results in heart attacks and strokes and hence the saying “anger kills”. Anger control and anger management are the buzzwords of today’s organizational environments and hence extreme and continuous anger must be controlled and eliminated. Occasional anger to some degree is essential for today’s practical living and interaction with misbehavior. When a child misbehaves anger is a remedy to teach him that bad behavior gets punished. Anger against injustice has been a corner stone of Sikh martiality. 3. Lobh ( Greed). Greed is just one sense of a person’s personal possessions in conflict with the interests of others. It is an obsession with collecting materials and hoarding money. Greed is not associated with honest earnings, no matter how much it may be but with the total obsession with it whatever the cost or consequences. Money and material things are necessary for a comfortable living and must be a focus of working hard. With honest earnings we can enjoy all the comforts and amenities of life. “Moti taan mandir usreyh ratni taan hoey jarao”… The only condition is that in this process, we do not forget God the Giver of all these benefits. “Mat dekh bhula veesreyh tera chit naan away naon”. Since being greedy and having God’s naam in our mind continuously are not compatible with each other, greed is inconsistent with our religious teachings. It is for this reason our Gurus have advised us to understand that greed is a spiritually destructive and socially disruptive force. “Lalach chodeh andhio lalach dukh bhari”… (AGGS 419). “Labb vinahey mansa jeon pani boor”.. (AGGS 967). “Lab andhear bandikhana augun pair luhari”.. (AGGS 1191). “Lobhi ka visah naan keejey jeka paar vasaey”.. (AGGS 1417). 4. Moh (Excessive at tachment). Moh defines attachment with materials or people to such a degree that they become “mine” rather than a gift from God . Even knowing that we came into this world naked and we will leave this world naked and during our life time we simply play with the toys we are given to play with, we still cling to what we believe belongs to us and the attachment becomes so deep that we become miserable when we lose some of our possessions. Even though “moh” or simply attachment is God created and without it human beings and even animals cannot survive such as a mother’s love for her child so that this moh is necessary to some degree and hence not evil. A true believer knows that every thing is God created and exists as per His Will and accepts the situation with grace. He says: “Mera mujh main kuch nahin jo kuch hai so tera, tera tujh ko saumptey kia lagey mera”. What a “mohi” does not understand is that God’s Will is superior to our will and it is with His grace that we enjoy the amenities of life and if He takes away some or all of the amenities, we are helpless. “Ek bhi naan deh das bhi chin ley tau morra kah kia karey”. It is with this thought in mind that Guru Ji advises us not to be attached with material things, which are transitory and be attached to God who is permanent. Material things can break or be stolen and a loved one can die, but God is ever existing. Then why not be attached to God who will always be there. In this respect Guru Ji says: “Moh aur bharam tajoh tum bir, saach naam rideh ravey sarir. Ait moh duba sansar, Gurmukh koi utrey paar”.. (AGGS 356) Again: “Jeta moh preet suad, sabha kalakh dagha dagh. Daagh dos moh chalia lai dargeh baisan nahin jaey”. (AGGS 662). 5. Hankaar/Haumey (Ego). As has been stated earlier. Ego or Haumey has no redeemable value and is a reflection of acute insecurity. On the other hand “pride” is an estimation and proclamation of self-achievement, self-esteem and self-actualization. It does not reflect any complex of supe riority over others which ego does. When I say that I am proud to be a Sikh, it is a sense of pride and a conscious expression of identification with a proud community and does not disrespect members of other communities. An individual enjoys the respect and confidence of others simply by virtue of his being a member of such a respectable community. Such pride is justified and spiritually acceptable. It is only when this pride enters the domain of ego that humility and respectability vanish and negative forces take over. Gurbani is very clear about the ill effects of ego on the egotist in particular and on society in general. Ego is equated with serious and severe illness and in order to get well, this illness has to be removed from its roots. Guru Ji has clearly identified ego as a “deeragh rog”. Haumey deeragh rog hai…(AGGS 466) and Haumey rog mahan dukh laga…. (AGGS 906). Just as a serious physical illness disrupts the normal living pattern, similarly, ego, as a severe mental disease disrupts the orderly, decent and ethical living. “Jab eh man menh karat gumana, tab eh bawar phirat bigana” (AGGS 235. Similarly Guru Ji says, “Man antar haumey rog hai, bharam bhulay manmukh durjaney”. (AGGS 301). Ego is the disease of the mind. Gurbani has further made it clear that being a good human being and being an egotist are not compatible with each other. In fact, even if you are a very good person, all this goodness has no value if such goodness is tainted with ego, especially if you have ego about your goodness. “Teerath barat ar daan kar, man men dharey guman, Nanak nehfal jaat hay jeon kunchar isnan”. (AGGS 1428). Guru Arjan says “Chatar siana sughar soi jin tajya abhiman” (AGGS 298). Not only is the person who has killed ego is wise but also mentally and spiritually healthy. “Khudi miti tab such bhaiey, man tan bhaiy arog” (AGGS 260). Guru Arjan Dev Ji gave so much importance to humility that he declared any one who killed haumey as the greatest soldier and defender of dece ncy in the entire world. “Nanak so sura waryam jin wichon dushat ahankar maria” (AGGS 104). Having discovered and diagnosed the disease, the pertinent question now is how this haumey can be eliminated? Gurbani has suggested three ways, each way culminating in replacing ego with the “non-ego” First, Gurbani says that the cure lies within the disease. “Haumey deeragh rog hai, daru bhi is mahen” (AGGS 466). The main emphasis is on how to evolve one’s self to transcend the ego. When a person looks critically at haumey and how it destroys the self, who is a part of God, he learns to transcend from self-centeredness to God-centeredness and to identify his individual consciousness with the cosmic consciousness. We further observe a number of situations where “ ego hath a fall”. When such a fall occurs, the person suddenly wakes up and changes his behavior. The second route to eliminating ego is to understand the benefits of humility. Egotists are never humble and truly humble people are not egotistical. Guru Arjan Ji states that more humble a person is, the higher is his status. “Aapus ko jo janey neecha, sou ganiey subh tey uncha” (AGGS 266). Similarly Guru Nanak Ji says, “Jeh lorey changa apna, kar punuh neech sadaiey”. (AGGS 465). Accordingly, humility breeds respect and decency and slowly destroys ego. The third route to get rid of ego is to find the enemy of ego and make this enemy as your friend. This is true in practical life also. Suppose that you have a friend who has become a nuisance and you want to get rid of him and in a manner, which is not rude and hostile. You find out as to who is the enemy of your friend and make this enemy as your friend and invite him to your house on a regular basis. When your first friend hears about it, he will not come to your house because he will not sit next to his enemy in your house. Now we have to find the enemy of ego so that we can befriend this enemy to get rid of the ego. We do not have to look far for this enemy. Guru Ji has already found it for us. The enemy of ego is NAAM. “Haumey nanwey naal virodh hai, doey nan wassey ik thaen”, (AGGS 560). The more we become friends with Naam, the less we will see ego, until it completely disappears. Once Naam becomes completely integrated within our life and mind, the door for ego to enter will be permanently closed. The presence of Naam in our hearts is the presence of God and God does not like ego. “Har jeo ahankaar na bhaviey ved kook sunavey”…. War Maru Mahala 3. As has been explained, ego is not to be embraced, because God does not approve of it and Guru Ji explains that the person with humility is higher than all others and a person with ego is lower than all others. But what, if any, is the practical advantage to us in our worldly living if we get rid of ego. Yes, there is a realistic and practical benefit. One thing that we all desire, above all, is respect and appreciation by others, even behind our back. No matter how high we are in financial and social status, we are not happy if others have a poor opinion of us. Guru Arjan Ji specifies that if we want praise from others, which we do, and then we must get rid of ego and keep company of good people. “Jey ko apni sobha lorey, sadh sang eh haumey chhorey”. Let us pledge with our mind and soul today, that such destructive forces as ego will not be allowed to enter our mind and it will not enter our mind if our mind is already filled with Naam and there is absolutely no room left for ego to enter and settle in.
  6. vwihgurU jI kw Kwlsw! vwihgurU jI kI &iqh!! mrxu muxsw sUirAw hku hY jo hoie mrin prvwxo ] maran munasaa sooriaa hak hai jo hoe maran paravaano || The death of brave heroes is blessed, if it is approved by God. I have had the honour of talking to Rena Kaur a few times. Can never forget her enthusiasm on wearing the dastaar. She was very happy and wanted to wear it forever. Three precious lives were lost, a void created which will be difficult to fill. All we can do is accept His will. As Guru Nanak sahib says: Awpy vyKY Awpy bUJY Awpy hukmu pCwxY ] aapae vaekhai aapae boojhai aapae hukam pashhaanai || He Himself beholds it, and He Himself understands it. He Himself realizes the Hukam of His Command ijin ikCu kIAw soeI jwxY qw kw rUpu Apwro ] jin kishh keeaa soee jaanai thaa kaa roop apaaro || He who created these things, He alone knows. His subtle form is infinite. nwnk iks no bwbw roeIAY bwjI hY iehu sMswro ]4]2] naanak kis no baabaa roeeai baajee hai eihu sa(n)saaro | ;|4||2|| Nanak: for whom should we mourn, O Baba? This world is merely a play. ||4||2||
  7. How do u guys post pics here? Tried a few times but failed.
  8. Hajara, its quiet obvious that you are in awe of Hindu dities and it wont surprise me if u even bow in front of them. But for me, guru sahibs word is final when he says so muKu jlau ijqu khih Twkuru jonI ]3] Let that mouth be burnt, which says that our Lord and Master is subject to birth. ||3|| If you consider Krishan to be an Avatar of God then see what Kabir sahib says about this qum@ ju khq hau nµd ko nµdnu nµd su nµdnu kw ko ry ] You say that Krishna was Nand's son, but whose son was Nand himself? Drin Akwsu dso ids nwhI qb iehu nµdu khw Qo ry ]1] rhwau ] When there was no earth or ether or the ten directions, where was this Nand then? ||1||Pause|| Also iblwvlu goNf ] Awju nwmy bITlu dyiKAw mUrK ko smJwaU ry ] rhwau ] pWfy qumrI gwieqRI loDy kw Kyqu KwqI QI ] lY kir Tygw tgrI qorI lWgq lWgq jwqI QI ]1] pWfy qumrw mhwdyau Dauly bld ciVAw Awvqu dyiKAw Qw ] modI ky Gr Kwxw pwkw vw kw lVkw mwirAw Qw ]2] pWfy qumrw rwmcMdu so BI Awvqu dyiKAw Qw ] rwvn syqI srbr hoeI Gr kI joie gvweI QI ]3] ihMdU AMn@w qurkU kwxw ] duhW qy igAwnI isAwxw ] ihMdU pUjY dyhurw muslmwxu msIiq ] nwmy soeI syivAw jh dyhurw n msI iq ]4]3]7] Today, Naam Dayv saw the Lord, and so I will instruct the ignorant. ||Pause|| O Pandit, O religious scholar, your Gayatri was grazing in the fields. Taking a stick, the farmer broke its leg, and now it walks with a limp. ||1|| O Pandit, I saw your great god Shiva, riding along on a white bull. In the merchant's house, a banquet was prepared for him - he killed the merchant's son. ||2|| O Pandit, I saw your Raam Chand coming too ; he lost his wife, fighting a war against Raawan. ||3|| The Hindu is sightless; the Muslim has only one eye. The spiritual teacher is wiser than both of them. The Hindu worships at the temple, the Muslim at the mosque. Naam Dayv serves that Lord, who is not limited to either the temple or the mosque. ||4||3||7|| Hajara, you can go blue in your face by carrying out RSS propaganda but Sikhism is a distinct religion and it has no place for Hindu dieties.
  9. sBy swJIvwl sdwiein qUM iksY n idsih bwhrw jIau ]3] sabhae saajheevaal sadhaaein thoo(n) kisai n dhisehi baaharaa jeeo ||3|| All share in Your Grace; none are beyond You. ||3|| At the same time, sMqw mwnau dUqw fwnau ieh kutvwrI myrI ] sa(n)thaa maano dhoothaa ddaano eih kuttavaaree maeree || I honor and obey the Saints, and punish the wicked; this is my duty as God's police officer. Sikhs pray for the well-being of all, irrespective of their religion or caste. Our guru sahib sacrificed his life to uphold the right to practice ones religion. But we have a right to respond if our religion is attacked. Quoting from Guru Granth sahib can not be construed as spreading hatred. Rochak veer first claimed that all the portions from the Hindu scriptures on the website were lies and when asked to prove it, says he doesn’t have any knowledge of Hindu texts. My intention was not to attack Rochak but he needlessly became defensive after going through those portions from the Hindu texts. I wish him all the luck in his quest for Sikhi and hope to see him in the Khalsa saroop in the not so distant future.
  10. For all the RSS sympathisers and those who pretent to be Sikhs but still are Hindu at the core of their hearts, I present one incident from the Hindu scriptures and which is also mentioned by Guru Nanak sahib. LORD INDRA RAPES GAUTAMA'S WIFE ".... Indra raped Ahalya and was cursed by her husband, the sage Gautama, to lose all his prosperity ...." -- Brahmavaivarta Purana 4:47:11-45. goqmu qpw AihilAw iesqRI iqsu dyiK ieMdRü luBwieAw ] gotham thapaa ahiliaa eisathree this dhaekh ei(n)dhra lubhaaeiaa || Ahalyaa was the wife of Gautam the seer. Seeing her, Indra was enticed. shs srIr ichn Bg hUey qw min pCoqwieAw ]1] sehas sareer chihan bhag hooeae thaa man pashhothaaeiaa ||1|| When he received a thousand marks of disgrace on his body, then he felt regret in his mind. ||1|| Some people on this forum give an impression that they are converting to Sikhi but still are Hindu at the core of their hearts, so much so that they will not even accept Guru sahibs bani if its attacking their Hindu Gods. Guru sahib doesnt consider Ram and Krishna to be incarnations of God. kir pMjIru KvwieE cor ] kar pa(n)jeer khavaaeiou chor || You prepare sweet treats and feed them to your stone god. 'font-family:GurbaniWebThick'>Ehu jnim n mrY ry swkq For ]2] ouhu janam n marai rae saakath dtor ||2|| God is not born, and He does not die, you foolish, faithless cynic! ||2|| sgl prwD dyih loronI ] sagal paraadhh dhaehi loronee || You sing lullabyes to your stone god - this is the source of all your mistakes. so muKu jlau ijqu khih Twkuru jonI ]3] so mukh jalo jith kehehi t(h)aakur jonee ||3|| Let that mouth be burnt, which says that our Lord and Master is subject to birth. ||3|| Rochak & Hajaras objection is that I have used a Muslim website to gather information on the Hindu religion. Does it matter where we get the information as long as its correct and helps us in warding off the RSS attack on our religion? I have plenty of stuff on the Hinduism and it comes from the books pubished by a Delhi based publishing house. The owner is a Jain and he brings our books in the name of 'Sarita'. RSS and other Hindu right wing organisations have taken him to court many times but every time he has won the case as he was able to prove that all this stuff is really written in the Hindu vedas and puranas. If Rochak doesnt belive whats mentioned on the website then he is welcome to read the Vedas and Purans to bring forth the truth. He can start by explaining to us what a Shivling is and the story associated with its origin.
  11. Hajara ji, Thnx for reminding me about my duty towards Guru sahib. Heres what Guru Nanak sahib says about Krishna and Ram: juj mih joir ClI cMdRwvil kwn@ ik®snu jwdmu BieAw ] juj mehi jor shhalee cha(n)dhraaval kaanh kirasan jaadham bhaeiaa || In the Jujar Veda, Kaan Krishna of the Yaadva tribe seduced Chandraavali by force. pwrjwqu gopI lY AwieAw ibMdRwbn mih rMgu kIAw ] paarajaath gopee lai aaeiaa bi(n)dhraaban mehi ra(n)g keeaa || He brought the Elysian Tree for his milk-maid, and revelled in Brindaaban. ************************************************* nwnk inrBau inrMkwru hoir kyqy rwm rvwl ] naanak nirabho nira(n)kaar hor kaethae raam ravaal || O Nanak, the Lord is fearless and formless; myriads of others, like Rama, are mere dust before Him. Dr. Ambedkar was qouted only in the context of his study of Hinduism coz some people refused to believe facts for the simple reason that they appeared on a Muslim website. Even though the names of the vedas/upanishads /puranas and also the page numbers have been provided. It isnt my intention to discuss Dr. Ambedkar's life history. Dr. Ambedkar converted to Buddhism along with his followers and the present Buddhist population in India is less than 10 million. By your logic, it should be 250 million. So wheres the rest of 240 million? We have qouted extensively from Quran on the website http://www.whyichosesikhism.com to bring out the fallacies inherent in Islam. So why are we being so squeamish about quoting from the Hindu Vedas/Upanishads/Puranas when the RSS is so viciously attacking Sikhism? We just need to show them the mirror and they will back off.
  12. gauVI mhlw 1 ] gourree mehalaa 1 || Gauree, First Mehl: mwqw miq ipqw sMqoKu ] maathaa math pithaa sa(n)thokh || Let wisdom be your mother, and contentment your father. squ BweI kir eyhu ivsyKu ]1] sath bhaaee kar eaehu visaekh ||1|| Let Truth be your brother - these are your best relatives. ||1|| khxw hY ikCu khxu n jwie ] kehanaa hai kishh kehan n jaae || He has been described, but He cannot be described at all. qau kudriq kImiq nhI pwie ]1] rhwau ] tho kudharath keemath nehee paae ||1|| rehaao || Your All-pervading creative nature cannot be estimated. ||1||Pause|| srm suriq duie ssur Bey ] saram surath dhue sasur bheae || Modesty, humility and intuitive understanding are my mother-in-law and father-in-law; krxI kwmix kir mn ley ]2] karanee kaaman kar man leae ||2|| I have made good deeds my spouse. ||2|| swhw sMjogu vIAwhu ivjogu ] saahaa sa(n)jog veeaahu vijog || Union with the Holy is my wedding date, and separation from the world is my marriage. scu sMqiq khu nwnk jogu ]3]3] sach sa(n)thath kahu naanak jog ||3||3|| Says Nanak, Truth is the child born of this Union. ||3||3|| Pannaa 151
  13. If you read carefully, the source from where these statemnets have been taken is clearly provided. But if you still dont want to believe then you can read 'Riddle of Rama and Krishana' written by Dr. Ambedkar. Till you find the book, you can read this article http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Pantheon/4...hindu_awake.htm
  14. Just show them these gems from their holy books. http://www.themodernreligion.com/comparati...heretics.html#8
  15. qIriQ nwvx jwau qIrQu nwmu hY ] theerathh naavan jaao theerathh naam hai || Why should I bathe at sacred shrines of pilgrimage? The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the sacred shrine of pilgrimage qIrQu sbd bIcwru AMqir igAwnu hY ] theerathh sabadh beechaar a(n)thar giaan hai || My sacred shrine of pilgrimage is spiritual wisdom within, and contemplation on the Word of the Shabad gur igAwnu swcw Qwnu qIrQu ds purb sdw dswhrw ] gur giaan saachaa thhaan theerathh dhas purab sadhaa dhasaaharaa || The spiritual wisdom given by the Guru is the True sacred shrine of pilgrimage, where the ten festivals are always observed Pannaa 687
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