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  1. You may want to check with your neighbours at times ppl buy electronic anti-fox-cat animal repellents. These devices tend to send out a high frequency tone that is meant to repel unwanted vermin from gardens etc. When these devices start to degrade the tone decreases in decibels so that ppl now can also hear them.
  2. Guru ji is addressing Babbar, watching over your tyranny didn’t you feel any compassion? is the question
  3. Any sentient beings true essential nature is that of liberation even without the want, need and desire for. Any being can be liberated regardless of Sargun factor. Did a perfect God create perfect people and an imperfect God create imperfect people?
  4. Shalok Mahala Nuavan….Guru Tegh Bahadur jis Bani ….it’s so obvious of the human condition.... Should be read daily because this Bani will be read for you after you die while your ashes remain hot…. learn from it as you live!
  5. “The problem is you are only following a watered down” In Dharma nothing is followed or believed everything is to seek. One should understand the difference between “LITERALISM AND FIGURATIVISM” The text is purely figurative it deals with taboo, duality, human behaviour etc etc. Even with Gurbani people can’t differentiate between what is literal and what is figurative, these two being the obvious parallels to be understood. In short and as a whole this mentality goes to demonstrate the key issue amongst a growing number of people, an inability to understand not just in literature and education but sadly amongst ourselves between people. In Dharma we understand it’s more important how we treat one another rather than anything we may do for ourselves including practice, path, pooja, prayers or whatever. I would just like to say before anyone follows or believes anything they should seek its true nature first, including your own self. Otherwise you will get people who will tell you “we’re under attack” or “we’re sinning” believe this, follow that. Wear this colour wear this Bana. We all know how it plays out. Essentially we’re just replicating others both physically and mentally take a look, you know what I mean. Take a look at your own “true” nature first, there you will find everything. There the external Guru and the Internal Guru meet, but by your own choice this can be done. Peace
  6. People are simply be expressive, trying to say we may be speaking a different way from different levels of understanding and thinking but essentially to prove a point others need not fail we can all progress together. Fundamentally, we can’t fool God by telling him how much we believe in him and acting in a way redundant of his and essentially your own “true nature”. Furthermore we cannot believe in a Creator and not his Creation.
  7. From a personal experience from being a former plodder rather than a follower of the Sikh religion and now an experiencer of the Buddha Dharma or just the Dharma I have been able to experience more of a “God” now from not believing in a God than when I did think I believed in a “God”. I have observed more Godly experience following The Dharma from “a people” who do not believe in a “God” than from the actions of those that believe in him but totally behaved in a manner redundant of his nature. I have understood more now about being a Sikh by not being one …..yes its all a paradox just as its meant to be!!
  8. There seems to be a growing view that “One cannot be Sikh without supporting khalistan” what is the viewpoint of the cybersangath on this?
  9. The king of the jungle is always disputed between the lion the tiger even the boar, the elephant all at some stage claim victory over territory….however they all have to pay respect when they go to the waterhole … for there is only one true King …that’s the crocodile :cool2:
  10. To summarise it’s as simple as we all have different levels of perception and projection. Gurbani is a spectrum of literal, mythological, symbol, historical and cultural projections which are deeply rooted in Subcontinent belief systems. Not everyone can comprehend, ascertain and digest the deeper thought and knowledge. We are at the end of the day simply arguing over definitions. To summarise know between Nirghun infinity and Sarghun qualities, This is all the illusion and delusion of Miya, focus on The true Parusha . What we are arguing about is simply not real. Someone believes something different to you, get over it. GurFateh'
  11. Clearly I have upset you and spoiled your party, however rest assured in no time at all you’ll broth up more poison to drink or spill, preferably the former.
  12. We can’t clearly live peacefully together so live each other alone and let people choose what path suits them. At the end of the day the arguments are just about definitions and nothing else.
  13. Sure the platform is there, this has been said for many years now but no one else has come forward to say they know the Vidya. There are a few Singhs who clearly say they know but don’t have the Full Vidya and of course there are also those that copy from the Akara and pass it off as their own. Anyhow it matters little.
  14. Well rather than shaming people here on a public forum which is the usual manner in which business is conducted on SS, I suggest contacting any of the co-signers of the letter or just wait for the excommunication to happen or not be it in this case. Laughable and shameful
  15. There seems to be bugs on the forum Sorry to spoil the Great Slap your own back Seva that you Godly and lovely people are doing I hope some remotely intellectuals amongst you hearty bunch have realised that the so called letter of excommunication is a fake apologies again for spoiling the party however the few days of Super Seva Banter by the Panthic Police Force has been most amusing for this I Thank you! God bless you all and keep up the good work.
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