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  1. lol wow. I never realized that many....they need to make 1 with a Singh as the main rle.
  2. Bhullar

    try it out

    I fell for all except last :| :wub: @
  3. Bhullar


    Haha. Good one. Well they found ice on Mars. Go to CNN and check out space news from previous months.
  4. I saw the movie Johnny English and near the end it had a Singh on the evil council. It was in a movie theatere so does anyone know if that was infact a Singh and any pics?
  5. Bhullar

    Sikh children

    I liked the kids with the shastars. Cool pictures. Where did you find them, especially gurjeet. Online on google? Im going to upload my pictures too. :wub: Wait. Lets do baby Sikhs.
  6. Bhullar

    AK 47 wale

    lol that AK is awesome. I want one thats made in Khalistan.
  7. Bhullar

    Sikhs Living In Pakistan

    Any articles or addition info, etc.? Thanks!
  8. Bhullar

    Bhagat Fareed Jee

    Thanks. Never heard of this baba ji. Now i know :wub:
  9. Bhullar

    Revenge is Sweet

    Hindustan, I dont see your problem with me. Im sorry for whatever disturbs you. I think that you should not insult me or KANDOLA Veerji. This is a sikh site, where we ae supposed to discuss unity and learn to follow the path guruji set.
  10. Bhullar

    Revenge is Sweet

    Nice. Well writtin. Maybe you could add a bit about how the Golden temple came to be. You could tell why it was such a big deal. And Indra cuthia..... change it to Indra Ghandi is a Bitc*, beat her. It is ok to say bitc* as a qoute because it has religious and warlike meaning to the cussing. Its not nonsense, its expressing feelings
  11. Well In NY, there was a white singh i met. He was born in london and converted because he said it helped him find peace like he never had before. He understood punjabi but scould not read. :wub:
  12. Its a poll...dont anwser if you dont like it. It wasnt supposed to be a poast. No offense
  13. Bhullar


    I like the CNN idea. We should ask W! N to help us. By the way, who is Vicky? Sorry I don't know!!! :wub: Bhul chukk maff.
  14. Thats amazing. Veerji, if only army goes to gurdwara, how will people get there?
  15. Bhullar

    Please Help

    I think some one made a mistake in writing spanish. lol. Suprised no Mod. saw it by now.. Mod : we see everything

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