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  1. lol wow. I never realized that many....they need to make 1 with a Singh as the main rle.
  2. I fell for all except last :| :wub: @
  3. Haha. Good one. Well they found ice on Mars. Go to CNN and check out space news from previous months.
  4. I saw the movie Johnny English and near the end it had a Singh on the evil council. It was in a movie theatere so does anyone know if that was infact a Singh and any pics?
  5. I liked the kids with the shastars. Cool pictures. Where did you find them, especially gurjeet. Online on google? Im going to upload my pictures too. :wub: Wait. Lets do baby Sikhs.
  6. lol that AK is awesome. I want one thats made in Khalistan.
  7. Any articles or addition info, etc.? Thanks!
  8. Thanks. Never heard of this baba ji. Now i know :wub:
  9. Hindustan, I dont see your problem with me. Im sorry for whatever disturbs you. I think that you should not insult me or KANDOLA Veerji. This is a sikh site, where we ae supposed to discuss unity and learn to follow the path guruji set.
  10. Nice. Well writtin. Maybe you could add a bit about how the Golden temple came to be. You could tell why it was such a big deal. And Indra cuthia..... change it to Indra Ghandi is a Bitc*, beat her. It is ok to say bitc* as a qoute because it has religious and warlike meaning to the cussing. Its not nonsense, its expressing feelings
  11. Well In NY, there was a white singh i met. He was born in london and converted because he said it helped him find peace like he never had before. He understood punjabi but scould not read. :wub:
  12. Its a poll...dont anwser if you dont like it. It wasnt supposed to be a poast. No offense
  13. I like the CNN idea. We should ask W! N to help us. By the way, who is Vicky? Sorry I don't know!!! :wub: Bhul chukk maff.
  14. Thats amazing. Veerji, if only army goes to gurdwara, how will people get there?
  15. I think some one made a mistake in writing spanish. lol. Suprised no Mod. saw it by now.. Mod : we see everything
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