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  1. Were you able to find it or should I post it?
  2. bak bak vaadh chalaaeiaa bin naavai bikh jaan|| how about we stop propagating neo-media warfare and do our own research being unbiased instead of listening to liberal media or fox. how about we grow up and make decisions based on rationality and not what a comedian told us on comdey central. how about we look at individuals that comprise a party and actually look at the goals of a party and not go on he said she said childish garbage that brainwashes you and you rely on that instead of your own research from unbiased sources. im not a racist im not anglican white im not the "wealthy" i do not profit from arm sales im not christian im not the white devil I am Sikh I am a Shasterdhari rehatvaan singh and I AM REPUBLICAN
  3. theres a rehat nama that states consider the 5 kakkars as your body limbs. never remove them even while sleeping or showering
  4. you should def give it a shot. its a mixture of sikhi and activities as well as networking/ sangat. Camp Chardi Kala tries to keep it balanced so its like living day to day life but with sikhi incorporated. You wake up at amrit vela get ready have morning nitnem and nishan sahib. then comes breakfast, comes classes, kind of like going to high school or college. you have gurmat sikh history and sikh wya of life classes and advanced gurmat for older kids. you also have intensive training in a bani of your choice, learn how to take hukham nama or get santhiya. theres also a gatka class at this time taught by Bhai baljit singh(DDT) from cali. then its lunch time. after lunch like after school, is sports time. campers get a few hours for sports time then free time in which time they also have a turban tying class if you want to perfect or learn how to tie your dastar or learn different styles. after that is rehras time followed by dinner. then comes daily discussion topics from sikhi's importance in todays world to the importance of amrit to contemporary issues. then comes either keertan program, camp fire, talent night, etc. sohila wraps up the program then the older kids have more discussion topics. so its a healthy dose of sikhi incorporated into an everyday environment that we are use to following. for those who are already pakka in their sikhi, amrit vela simran and asa di vaar is also done before the required wake up time for campers with extra banis. sangat is heavilyyyyyy stressed and promoted at this camp. the majority of North east sikh youth that is into sikhi started out from here, and year by year it produces more and more amritdhari rehatvan sikhs, and those who are new to sikhi can see their peers practicing sikhi and remove the notion that "amrit is for when your like 60 and dont want to have fun in life any more" punjabi culture's take on sikhi. so the campers are from vast backgrounds and different levels at their sikhi. The staff members are also professionals in the work environment and show you can be sabat soorat sikh and use it to succeed in life. its also a good networking place because of this and helps younger members of our community get connected and get placement into finance internships, medical programs and fellowships, etc but most of all, it creates sangat that is very well tight knit. you will see these people at camp, at gurdwara, out social outtings, and thus gives you a reliable back bone of a sangat to lean on and support you at any time in your life. PM me if you have further questions
  5. i feel bad for the UK sardars, if this is the case. here in the states the "clean shaven sikhs" are often the backward or unpars. The wealthiest and most educated around here are usually sardars, professions ranging from Finance to doctors to lawyers. Our identity makes us stick out, and we are the minority here, just as rehatvan singhs were in guru sahibs time. this forces us to develop very confident personalities or else we would be eaten alive here of we were not confident with our appearance. our girls that have even the slightest interest in sikhi here prefer sardars. and not just sikh girls but sardars get alot of appreciation from other races here as well. so you can blame bollywood and the media for brainwashing the girls, but you cant blame them if you have nothing to offer. Again as pre mentioned in posts, education, character and personality development, and not having a desi goghar hanging over your belt will help alot. tie your dastars "sabat soorat" and do seva or your dhara, parkash or tied.
  6. orange is the color of sacrifice, and the significance of it was traditionally worn in jang by the front line soldiers who do ardas to attain shaheedi that day. these are singhs that stay in naam abhiaas and wake up in the 2nd round of the 3 (12am, 3am, 4am) amrit vela become tyar bar tyar before starting their nitnem etc.
  7. how kesh applies in the modern world. Most people weren't keshdhari in guru sahibs time either, there isn't much difference from then and today. Kesh makes you stand out, thus forces your character to grow into some one who is comfortable with him self and his ideals. kesh made you stand out then, as it does today and teaches you to not subject your self to the will of others and society. it teaches you to be an individual, a unique entity, immortalizing you as an exemplification of this ideal. If your not comfortable with your self, it becomes apparent and those around you. Then you become nothing but a sheep, one who cant think on his own and face society in the face and say " I am ". You're denying your self liberty to not give a crap about others and do what you have to do, and this earns you respect in the world. Cutting your kesh shows the world your weak and subject to its will. I live in the states, and went to school with one other punjabi. I was the only sardar. People respected me for who I am and having enough in me to stand out and not hide who I am. On top of that I am an amritdhari singh who follows rehat. While my friends may drink smoke have sex etc. they respect me for being able to follow a discipline. Everyone loved me from the ghetto gangsters to the white kids, and those people are still my best friends. the other punjabi was one with cut hair trying to fit in with everyone. changing his hair styles to clothign styles trying to apart of one group or another. a few people even asked me why doesnt he keep his hair. "is he too much of a bi*ch to stand out like you?" no one respected him, even though he was a really good kid. moral of the story, cutting your hair isnt going to change your skin color. Before you cut hair and think why should i cut it and what do i get out of it, ask your self why should i not cut it and what does this hair and beard bring to me"
  8. SarabLoh


    fortunate, farla isnt something you have fun with. It's a rank and responsibility given by guru sahib that has a very strict maryada that goes along with it. you cant give your self a farla. after the panth nominates you to receive one, 5 farladhari singhs have to tie the dastar with farla in it. and to even be considered for one is an amazing idea. you have to serve a role in seva for at least 12 years while keeping up maryada nitnem and 12am amritvela. if not 12 years then be very learned in bani gurmat and be doing parchar on a major scale
  9. SarabLoh


    respectfully left a comment under the pics, hopefully its taken care of
  10. some are married some are not. i met a full shasterdhari nihang bibi and her husband a farladhari nihang singh at anandpur sahib last november as well. puratan ithiaas also tells of nihang bibis who use to dress up in bana tie bunga dhumallas and fight along side singh's durring battle.
  11. This forum obviously does not recognize the hukham namas issue by akaal thakath in the late 70's and in the 80's regarding nirankaris naamdharis radhaswamis etc
  12. the mods on this forum suck. and you wonder why non of the old posters that use to contribute quality to this forum dont even bother posting any more
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