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  1. I like this thread cos alot of the internet community say negative things about Nihangs which I don't like. My family are nihang singhs and in India during 1984 police came over and searched our whole house and then they literally dug holes in our house. By the end of it - they made it look like a landfill site. Not only that they made a camp outside the house not allowing anyone in or out. People were taken away and tortured and so much more. So lucky we even alive!
  2. WJKK WJKF I was looking through the web and I came across this. http://www.sikhscholarship.org/ I thought it was an amazing idea. The most novel aspect being that it encourages and trains the youth to become future ambassadors of the sikh faith. It seems to me however that it is not running anymore which is a shame ( I may be wrong as I am simply judging from the email address not working anymore) I was wondering if there were any similar schemes. I would really like to know more about opportunites available which would potentially lead to representing the sikh voice in the political fiel
  3. Personally I don't understand the current faze with wanting to have cake - it has alot of fake preservatives in it. Its for that reason I prefer karagh prashaad. I know its off topic which I apologise for but I really don't know why gurdwara's do cake and why do they have pasta, chips and beans. I believe things should be made from the raw materials rather than tinned etc plus its just so unhealthy! Of course people are free to eat what they want but sometimes you go to events at gurdwara's and they have no roti Just wanted to express my concern over why proper punjabi food is disappearin
  4. Thats my favourite bit from Mahabharrat! You focus on one thing and nothing else matters..we meditate to strengthen our minds focussing ability etc
  5. I agree that people shouldn't have khalsa on the end of their names. I believe it was only meant to be SINGH or KAUR.
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