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  1. Waheguru...Bhai Nirmal Singh did a lot for the Sikh Youth of the UK and his memory will live in all our hearts forever...Waheguru
  2. Fateh Ji s50 - Let me break this down in kiddy language for you Red cloth - We dont use red cloth if you want red cloth go to a mandir (I AND ANYONE I ASKED DID NOT SEE RED CLOTH) Water - We cant live without Coconut - Just like any other food offering people make at the gurdwara, any food can be blessed by guru sahib not just degh Incense - Is YE OLD perfume, give snice fragrance in darbar sahib Jyot - Is a light just like a light bulb Basket of flour - You should have taken it home and made roti (I AND ANYONE I ASKED DID NOT SEE BASKET OF FLOUR) Love and respect s50 thanks for wasti
  3. Are you trying to tell me we should not offer food, money, flowers and our time to our guru sahib and gurdwaras???? Ok you tell me, where does it say we should wrap our gutke or Guru Sahib using a ramala???? it is all to do with saradaa and pyar As fr hindu rituals, they do fereh around the fire we do fereh around Guru Sahib should we also stop doing that????
  4. Fateh Ji I was at the program and it was a real nice event which showed the upmost respect to the living guru of the sikhs "shabad guru", yes the guru was showered with gifts of love and affection not just by the organisers!!! s50 as for your points here is my opinion from what i saw..... 1) Water - ??? there was some rose water which is added to the flowers which are then showered on to Guru Ji and the shastars when singh arti arta gurbani, its is used to fragrance the flowers and keep them fresh 2) Red cloth - I didnt see any red cloth, i saw plenty of blue cloth banas lol 3) Coconut -
  5. What is all this talk about surjit singh bains snatism its not even accepted by buddha dal or by jathedar baba joginder singh he has not respect or time for that crap, guys supporting this view please get me a recording of jathedar baba joginder singh supporting these ideologies and ill re-think my views. Gurfateh Ji
  6. Sangat Ji dont forget that the program is in honour of Sant Baba Harbans Singh Ji Dameliwales Barsi.... A TRUE SAINT AND SOLDIERS DARBAR...... Akaaal
  7. I also believe this maryada "jhatka of narials" was performed at Baba Takhur Singhs Barsi last year? I respect this maryada. Akaaal
  8. THIS IS A PROGRAM WE ALL NEED TO GO TO....Akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal
  9. Veera/Penji!!! Sorry if my typing has upset you as i didnt mean what you think...i was stating the point that as people were slandering baba santa singh and being wrong was the same as people slandering baba jarnail singh and being wrong....i.e. stating they did not do this or do that etc.....the stuff i heard from akj sangat was what i heard not what i believe..... Every shaheed should be remembered and never forgotton ANYWAY BACK TO THE TOPIC REGARDING TRUE PANJVA TAKHAT BUDDHA DAL JATEHDAR....Baba Joginder Singh Ji Akaal hi Akaaaal
  10. Fateh Sangat Ji If i can just make one point on the above, Baba Santa Singh has done alot of seva for the panth especially passing on gian regarding Sri Sarbloh Granth and as being the head of Buddha Dal for quite some time. As for the issue after 1984 i cannot comment on as we will never really know why the panth had diffenerent vichars at that time, i have heard singhs from the AKJ state baba jarnail singh ji Bindrawale didnt back the case of the shaheeds of 1978, do we slander baba jarnail singh the same as we are baba santa singh? we all know that baba jarnail singh and baba santa singh h
  11. Gurfateh Ji Thats is not entirely true as i have been told that nirmala dont have to wear shastar i.e. Kirpan, in-order for them to obtain kachi, benaras or sanskriti vidiya as a brahmin scohlar would not teach the singhs as he saw them as kshatriya. Also the reason why they wore ghatti bana in the nirmala colours - Peach colour. Akaal
  12. Gurfateh Ji everybody Few facts about the program Sangat easily totalled to approx 400 Sangat attended from all walks of sikhi life, jatha and sampradas in mass Sangat helped with the program as if it was their own program and worked together as a team The langar ran out THREE times, you can imagine the amount of sangat that attended and did pangat The program was organised with the maryada and blessings of Dal Panth "The knights of God" Art Arta was done sanding up as if the sangat was doing a direct behnti to Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, incense and jyot was lit to focus all light and
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