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  1. Instead, why don't they just invite the 3ho gursikhs. Thats would be much better, atleast it would inspire sikhs to take amrit and adopt khalsa dastar!
  2. What do you mean they ar clsoing amritsar and phagwara?
  4. Q: Is there any differences from the feel and users from the early days? Yeah, seemed more relaxed before.. with more jokes.. Remember Kumi? *sighs* Q: Why did you sign up with the forums? No youth sangat available down here. I must admit, I've learnt quite a lot from this forum; Such as how not to beleive what everyone says, and be able to mentally filter out them, and ofcourse, about Sikhi. Since joining at December 05, i've changed considerably - Good AND bad - but generally have grown closer to Sikhi - Up to the point of Taking Amrit. Before, i was the average Punjabi Bhangra-remix-fan
  5. You can go to church, but not worship anything.
  6. Thats amazing, maybe he will get manas janam in his next life. Great seva!!
  7. If their is another terrorist attack in Britain, BNP seats will increase and they will go into power. It Labour who will help BNP increase their power, the way they are carrying on now. Labour need to change their cabinet, its getting them into the bad limelight. Sikhs will have to fight in the future for our rights. It's kaljug.
  8. Depends, the person would'nt tellyou becasuse some of these people are alive.
  9. There were some articles Bhai Sahib had written, but they were not included in the AutoBiography because they would scare/frighten people. Therefore he did not include them into the book. Furthermore the spirtaul experiences he experienced with gursikhs are alive at the moment, therefore he could not share these stories.
  10. Today's keertan was awesome from Harmander Sahib. The raag keertan was fantastic
  11. This is totally manmat. How can someone do punj pyare de seva, if they have no jeevan. If you lust on girls, that means you have no jeevan or naam kamai. You have to start again from the start. How can you do punj de seva if you have no kamai and spirtuality to transfer into the amrit. I am totally gob-smaked that these things can happen and action should be taken on these individuals. Having a girlfriend, especially whilst you are amritdhari is not acceptable. Parents or elder gursikh should find you future partner, not the individual himself.
  12. Gurfaateh Jee, The Punj Pyare from who you recieve Naam Dhrih from should be chardi kala rehit jeevan gursikhs. The more chardi kala your punj pyare are, the more chardi kala your bhagti will be. We should not just have any next person serving in the punj pyare, they should be rehit jeevan gursikhs, with pukka amrit vela and who don't eat out.
  13. 9. What is Naam Drirtaa? Naam Drirtaa is the method used to instil Naam into those who wish to receive the divine gift of Amrit during the Amrit Sanchaar. This method is not the invention of the AKJ, but has been ongoing since the first Amrit Sanchaar. Other Panthic organisations also continue to use Naam Drirtaa. The method can only be explained in detail by the Panj Pyarai during an Amrit Sanchaar, as only the Guru has the right to impart the Naam. However, generally speaking, Naam Drirta sends the Naam into ones body and enables the Sikh to begin Simran with each and every breath.
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