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  1. VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh! Is this the Bebe Nanaki Gurdwara in Handsworth on Rookery Road?
  2. VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh! Coventry Uni Sikh Society's first meeting is being held on Thursday 23rd October 2008 at 1pm in the Sports Hall! Spread the word! VaheGurooo Jio! VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!
  3. I know about the programs that be on at Sedgley St but not sure about this one . . best thing would be to ring them up and Im sure they'll answer all ur queries. Guru Teg Bahadur Gurdwara 01902 717 619
  4. http://flickr.com/photos/rskhalsa/2859315468/in/set-72157607301993177/ http://flickr.com/photos/rskhalsa/28584876...57607301993177/ http://flickr.com/photos/rskhalsa/2924299604/in/photostream/ http://flickr.com/photos/rskhalsa/2924297846/in/photostream/ http://flickr.com/photos/wordsarenotenough/2064345930/ http://flickr.com/photos/proudkhalsa/2560220763/ http://flickr.com/photos/22648261@N03/2180196976/ Couldn't upload the pictures but check out the links above . . hope that helps
  5. VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh! Aww Paaji it's the same situation this Singh I know is going through (least u know it's not only u) - he works nights as a security guard and his timings for his NitNem is pretty much the same as u but due to the odd working hours the reccommended times can't possible be carried out so as long as ur reciting ur Bani each day then it should be alright! VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!
  6. They look incredible . . personally like the Teer
  7. u are such an amazing person, VaheGuruJi Ka Khalsa VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh I think what you meant to say was that, that Singhni is such an amazing person! Anyway off topic . . Sorry! Akaaal! VaheGuruJi Ka Khalsa VaheGuruJi Ki Fateh
  8. VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh! Just wanted to share my experience of having talked to a Singhni yesterday . . I walked into reception at Uni when I noticed a Singhni was standing there, (her Dastaar looked amazing!) I had this urge to greet her but then thoughts kept coming to my mind like what if she doesn't want to know as I'm not a Singhni myself but I just went up to her & started talking! You should have seen the look on her face, she was so happy I cannot express how lovely that moment was! I even told her that I thought she wouldn't talk to me as I'm not a Singhni m
  9. VaheGurooooooo this programme is seriously amazing . . went to the Smethwick Diwaan - strong request for all to attend! Sant Ji really addresses hardcore issues in the Panth in such a way that can be understood by everyone . . learnt so much! The Bhai Saabs that play the chimta are just incredible! :D VaheGuruJi!
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