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    Knees And Pains

    Do you stretch regularly? Most guy have tight hamstrings, which pulls on the knee causing problems. Warm up for 5 minutes; I will attempt to describe a really easy to do hamstring stretch. You can do this at a door. Lie down on the floor, one leg goes up the wall, the other leg can go through the door (door is open btw) and remain on the floor. Now, the leg that is on the wall is being stretched, hold the position for 2 minutes. Then switch to stretch the other leg, you will need to face the other way now. When you do this stretch, you may feel a tingling sensation in your leg/butt/lower back, that is fine just make sure its not uncomfortable. Also, make sure your pelvis is parallel to the floor, easiest way to accomplish this is to keep it in contact with the floor at all times. As your hamstring flexibility increases scoot your butt closer to the wall, eventually you should be able to put your butt right by the wall, making a 90 degree angle between your leg that's up on the wall and the floor. I can't stress enough that you should never stretch a cold muscle! I did that a couple of days and boy is my lower back in pain now
  2. http://sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=2106 http://sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=2138
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    uh NO. If your body wants sleep, you better give it some sleep.
  4. It was shitter provoking, not thought provoking.
  5. Always remember this, in Punjabi/Sikh culture, it's not just guy and girl getting married, it's bascially 2 families getting married. Think about that before making any decision.
  6. :6 In the 5 or so years I have been visiting this forum, stupidity of some posts still amazes me. Someone should smack you for saying that!
  7. Way to confuse need for affection with kaam :rolleyes:
  8. You can call it that if you like. As far as im convinvced, the evidence for god is lacking, and is non existant. Label me as you like, but my definition is pretty clear. A few years ago evidence for dark matter did not exist. But now we have sme highly limited evidence for it. We don't even know how to detect this dark matter yet we claim it exists. I'm sure in a few years scientists will discover a way to directly detect dark matter. Science is a process of discovery, spirituality is the same. Why then do we not give an equal chance to both?
  9. Can't read the entire article, pdf not found
  10. Papi

    Knees And Pains

    Fair enough, but don't forget to do sangat of gurmukhs. You can't sit on the floor, invite gursikhs at your house, have discussions about gurmat with them.
  11. It's because you have compassion (dya) in your heart, which seems to be non-existent in a lot of forum members.
  12. How great, we have people saying in other threads how this is sikh sangat and we should not say things that we wouldn't say at gurdwara in sangat, yet using the B word :rolleyes: Indira Gandhi was a politician, a very cunning one at that, were you expecting roses from her? It's a known fact that she (for whatever reason) had hatred against Sikhs.
  13. Did you watched the competition? I never have, but perhaps there is a element of Gurbani in it? A little something that has happened to me in the past. People have tried to force me to wear a kurta pajama or a chola or wear my kirpan outside etc. Will wearing any of those things make me a better sikh? not really. Wouldn't this be promoting Sikhis as a ritual? No one has EVER asked me about how my nitnem was going...In fact, I always hear people asking others "oh man when are you going to tie a pugh? I'll help you tie one" but never ever anyone ask someone how their nitnem/simran was going, if they needed some inspiration/help etc. Obviously, just because I have not seen it, doesn't mean it does not happen, but still, one can only speak about what one has experienced. (I have received amrit, as per hukam of Guru Gobind Singh Jee, but I guess that is not enough anymore) The amount of love i received when I went to India and Pakistan a few years ago by Sikhs who wear only pants/shirt and who tie their dhari was immense, I was simply blown away. I have yet to see such love by chola wearing, dumalla wearing, kirpan displaying amritdhari Sikhs in the Western world.
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  15. Papi

    Panj Ishnaan

    wash 2 hands + 2 feet + 1 face
  16. because they are idiots. You wouldn't believe this but there is a bibi where i live who says fateh to all the people who wear a pugh. but the non-pugh wearing people, even the amritdhari ones, she says hi to! i was like :6This happened to a very close friend of mine, he visited BC a few years ago, went to gurudwara in shirt and pants, no one said fateh to him. He didn't think of it even for a second. But the next day he went to the same gurudwara in a kurta pajama dn the same people that simply walked by him the day before without saying anything showed immense love, said fateh to him and gave him hugs....hypocrisy at it's limit. We are always whining about people judging us by how we look, yet we do the same! That is the key, perhaps their personal feeling only warrants that they walk backwards until they reach the darbar door. say wahhh :huh:It's really sad but from what I have seen so far, being amritdhari is analogous to belonging to superior caste these days.
  17. Are you talking about Bhai Gurdaas Jee or Bhai Gurdaas Singh? There two Sikhs named Bhai Gurdaas - Bhai Gurdaas Jee were around the time of Guru Arjan Sahib Jee, famous for writing their vaars, which guru sahib said were the key to opening the lock on knowledge of Gurbani - Bhai Gurdaas Singh were around the time of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Jee, I'm not sure if they also wrote stuff...
  18. I'll make sure this is the first question I ask my viah prospect :lol:
  19. Papi

    My Wedding

    Experience is always the best teacher To the folks who are saying it's not okay to have a little get together, there must some days in your life when you do something with your friends, away from the gurudwara ...maybe sports or how about playing games?
  20. Thanks for the explanation, I stand corrected. As far as the unfortunate situation is concerned, it is our job to let people know about our Customs and practices. If they choose not to follow them, that is their choice. I suppose in cases where beadbi may happen due to this, stronger actions may be executed. However, for what seems to me to be rather a small issue, let them be. They know deep down that they are wrong, but being a typical Punjabi are refusing to admit it. It was not pointed at you
  21. http://img294.images...i/dumalara.jpg/ For those who can't read punjabi, ^ that is saying that there's a deeper meaning to the tuk "mai gur mil ooch dumalara" than what has been said in this topic.
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