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  1. Oye hoye, don't ever look at arnold and think that is how you will look in a few years if you start working out. Two reasons: 1. He used steriods, no one should use steriods! 2. He was an extremely genetically gifted person, only 0.001% of the world's population falls in this category, extremely likely that you (as in you who is reading this) is no where near this. Injuries da push naa yaar, i'm just broken lol
  2. Don't spend money on buying expensive machines, which are mostly useless to build strength. All you need is a couple of squat racks, a few standard olympic bars (45 lbs each), some weight plates of different weights and a few benches (for bench press) and lots of open room :D EDIT: good point raised by jassa as well, you can't just open a gym, you need to have qualified people there who love the sport and teach the young ones how to lift properly. Otherwise all they will do is injure themselves, like me :rolleyes:
  3. ^ Singh jee, I have never heard of those granths, would you please shed some light on them?
  4. ^ LOL :lol: oye sharam kar!
  5. Jap Jee Sahib is the mool/root/base of Sikhi If you do 1 paath of Japji sahib with meanings, it will take you close to 1 hour. But that 1 hour is easily comparable to (likely exceeds) many hours of just reading bani without meanings. Meanings is where we get everything, otherwise we are just doing it like a robot...hmm I should really follow my own advice :rolleyes:
  6. ^^ LOL shanti is killing it today man :lol: making me laugh :lol:
  7. Papi


    ^ I agree with you in the sense that our parents simply don't let us make mistakes! I have brought this up with my parents as well, much to their disliking as it means they were not perfect parents :rolleyes: A lot of the decisions are forced upon us by our parents and since most of us are raised with the "parents are always right" attitude, it takes a lot to break the habit. Personally, I have no trouble doing what I want, but it seems a lot of the time I try to do that, parents throw a big fit and get offended/hurt. Perhaps it's kind of an emotional black mail (yes this has happened numerous times when I have mentioned that I don't care about caste when it comes time to finding a life partner) I really hope I don't do such things to my kids (If I have them)
  8. Why does society conform to certain attire when identifying people...In the poster and see a young man, with beard and turban, dressed liked royalty. I guess people were expecting someone wearing a chola and a dumalla, please expand your horizons.
  9. I guess we will never know Unless you travel to an alternate Universe...but even then how many Universes will you have to visit until you find one where Baba Ji didn't wake up Mohan?
  10. Nehru was a cunning, deceptive politician; after India's independence when talks came to making of a sovereign Sikh nation, what chance did the Sikh leaders of the time, the likes of Master Tara Singh who never went to college had against someone who studied law abroad.
  11. There is debate on what date Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib Jee returned home, some say it was quite a bit after the traditional Diwali date (when Sri Raam Chandr Jee are believed to have returned home from 14 years of exile. In any case, it's just a diva, I fail to see what the big deal is. To throw out something just because it seems to be similar to our Hindu brothers seems very childish to me.
  12. ^ Is anything going to be done about the bug I discovered? Found another typo: - Ang 548 - Awid AMqy miD pUrn srbqR Git Git AwhI ] A is missing from Awid
  13. http://news.bbc.co.u...ure/8309875.stm
  14. Papi

    Need Help

    Two things: 1) Improve your qualifications, enroll in a course or self-study; that will multiply your chances of landing a job 2) Drinking is not going to magically add to your qualifications. If anything, it'll do the opposite, every time you drink you are killing your very precious brain cells. We all go through ruts, I am going through a Sikhi rut myself these days, it's called Life. It's full of ups and downs, thats what makes it intriguing. Thing of it this way, you are breathing, do you make any effort to breathe? Did someone teach you how to breathe? The answer is no to both questions, Waheguru is breathing for you.Change your sangat, stay around positive people and when you see something you don't like say 'hum nahi changey bura nahi koe'
  15. Papi

    Knees And Pains

    Exercising will help build the joints, take up some weight training. Also, contrary to what the popular opinion is out there these days, running is not bad for your knees. Just don't run on pavement and don't over do it.
  16. ^ There is no "your" money and "their" money, it's family's money and should be spent accordingly where required. If you wish to get into this your money, my money business then try to calculate the amount your parents have spent on you since you were born...I bet you won't be able to pay just that off for a majority of your life. This is not taking into account all the time/effort/patience they have taken to make you what you are today. How can any child put a price on that?!!!
  17. You should listen to Taus as well, from what I know, it's a bigger version of dilruba.
  18. Papi


    Seems to me a lot of members on this forum live a in a hypothetical idealistic world, which is far from the reality that we exist in today.
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