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  1. If the routine is the same then eat earlier than the person. Or know youll get something later. Seriously my whole family is babied and gets everything they want, me I have to fight for what I get and continue fighting for it or Ill lose what I fight for. My stepdad once told me you dont get babied like them and in the end youll gain more than them(my brothers and sisters are very dependent of my mom and stepdad) Instead of getting support I get a battle to fight, once the coast is clear youll see how easy and pleasant it is when all that garbage isnt around anymore. My brother lives 500 mile
  2. I know I started getting carried away with it hahahahahahaha
  3. I used to be a carpenter for a living and I still slept the same. Some days all I would do is carry lumber from one spot to another. Carrying 12(fresh wet) 10foot 2x4's about 30-40 times an hour for 8 hours after work I would just sit on my buttt for 5 hours straight but didnt need special sleep hours. Sometimes my friends would call me lazy after work but I was allowing my body to re compensate for the crazy labor etc. The guy who always said I was weak or lazy tried to work with me and only lasted 1 1/2 days before he quit because it was too hard (he was big guy 6ft 4 and 250lbs and Im skinn
  4. All that stuff and those type of people are nothing new to me. I tell you what, once you do it once youll justify doing another time until daily youre doing it, and then justifying that its ok to be addicted to it. Look at bhangi Nihangs they are lost in a trance and they claim its ok and religious to be high all day as long as you do your banis etc....... Dont follow their examples, I feel sukhniddan is a gimick to get people that use bhang to justify it and eventually they dont even have any absis with Sikhi and just claim nihangs do it and its ok so they too can do it. sukhniddan is a
  5. Panj doots are very powerful and it depends on how well your battle tactics are to say whether or not its stronger than gut feeling. In a normal circumstance I would say the panj doots can whoop any of our buttts, to a Gurmukh/Gursikh the panj doots bow to them (meaning Gurmukh/GurSikh is genderless) Panj doots always buttt in when you think you can put down your guard, so they are very cunning and relentless opponents. Not letting anyone know the banned words i posted makes it more fun to read :lol: With the bhnag spliff that was offered to you was easily pushed away because you knew the
  6. Do you get up at Amritvela???? If you get up at 4am then you will have gone to bed at 8pm?????? thats earlier than when I do Reharaas paat in the summer might as well eat dinner after paat. If you get up at 3am then youll have gone to bed at 7pm????????? Too much sleep in a month you will have slept 240 hours in a 30 day period. 4 hours of sleep is only 12o hours of sleep and that gives you more time to battle the panj doots and do simran and paat. What does a normal person do as a Sikh????????? :BL:
  7. Here you go: Indira Gandhi Stickers for you Shoes. Ideal for dirty shoes. HAHAHAHA OMG Ill buy a set when I get my first paycheck in a couple weeks(Ill start a new job on monday) HAHAHAAHAH NICE ONE :lol: That will be funny to see what people will do when they notice you have the wicked witch of the east on the bottom of your shoes. :cool: AWESOME HAHA Next you need to make toilet paper or urinal mints with her pic on it. (now Im getting carried away but OMG that is funny)
  8. Sometimes youll get all lies and more lies. It should not affect you because you know the world is prone to lying. If others lie then they get the bad vibe in return, how can you do good with a bad vibe???? No matter how hard they try they have to shed the bad before they can do good or get good vibes in return, so many youths today cant get Sikhi because they have too much bad vibe that to them seems normal and then they wonder why they dont understand Sikhi and eventually Sikhi becomes a waste of time because they made the barrier between them and Sikhi but have become blind to it. To tell
  9. hehe :lol: my wife always knows if I post its most likely an online book posted on the forum hahaha I normally type until I feel I got my point across. Im sorry but I just post like if I was talking, and even that is summed as less as possible haha When you spend enough time with yourself youll start to feel what is right or wrong. Most people spend lots of time learning others problems and mistakes , and end up a clone of the people they hangout with. Sometimes its good to be a loner and learn how to control yourself rather than hanging out with everyone else. I normally hang out with
  10. When people lie they suffer and once you know youll suffer for it then it makes it very difficult for you to lie. I once told my sister in law off for lying about lying. :lol:
  11. I only sleep 4 hours at night and if I can Ill take a nap during the day. I see it as if you sleep too much then you waste your life away sleeping. I know a guy who sleeps like 12 hours a night and he is a major lazy person. Seriously he is good for nothing. He is a drug addict and intoxication makes people sleep too much, they waste their life not sober and then if somewhat sober they are asleep, so they a rarely even in their right mind.
  12. ink is ink. In Guru Granth Sahib ink is a metaphor at times but there isnt some recipe for ink , or then there would be a pakorey recipe somewhere also :umm: Are you going to try to write a Saroop????????? Why not start with a gutka like maybe a Sundar Gutka?????????/ I dont think most people would even write a Saroop correctly as it takes a whole lot of spiritual understanding and satkar. Proper satkar is a must and if you dont know about the ink issue then I question whether it would be sacreligious to attempt to write a Saroop etc.???????? I wouldnt risk getting a blackened face and h
  13. other than good education etc I am person b in my family. I dont care if they or anyone is jealous or mad at me. All I can do is be myself and do my best. Gods will is what makes the world go round, so what can I do to stop someone from being upset????(zero) If the family is torn apart then understand the ungratefull person is what did it not the person just doing their thing. Im the major black sheep in my family and evryone is mad that Im a Sikh more than they are christian, and once they got into a debate about christianity and all I said was then actually be a christian besides claiming
  14. I wish I was rich and could afford technology that could be used in space exploration or discovering cures for diseases lol jk :lol: I hope nobody installs an iphone at a Gurdwara because of its fast 3g speed for ang for ang (ok no more retarded comments haha) Papi Sahib wouldnt it be better to do paat from Guru Sahib Saroop?????????? (this time its a serious question :BL: )
  15. no its called truth, if you read alot then tell the truth say alot, if you dont read much then tell the truth and say not much (its very simple) hamaui is different then answering a question. Your not boasting that you read a lot of bani unless you start speaking in ego. pride doesnt mean answering with truth. Most people can understand basic concepts, they have very out of context opinions. Kaam doesnt just mean lusting in sexual desire it also means lusting for cars, power, money, fame etc and thats why Guru Sahib says not to care about what everyone else has or eventually youll start lu
  16. When you are around atheist its not recommended that you speak about Sikhi because they will try to twist around things , but if they are genuinely asking questions then it is ok to answer but dont just go around talking about Sikhi. Speaking the truth shouldnt be a punishment. It is a blessing and a gift. If others want to use it against you then dont be around that type of sangat. Truth doesnt mean opinion, opinions can be false and mislead. Learn to talk less around people. Hiding the truth "saves" alot of people???????? :6 What makes you say that???????????? :umm:
  17. Bhai Harbans Singh Jagadhri Wale was the first Kirtan cd I ever bought. I grabbed a random cd and it was "Sach Khand Visay Nirankar" I look back now and see I was fortunate to hear soome kewl kirtan right off the batt :D Hearing that cd made my mind literally go into Sikhi mode (not joking)
  18. hahahahahah you havent caught nothing breadah. Your investigative skills are a good as your "Sikhi" (nonexistent) Ask the admin if Im ANYOTHER account other than keerpa. He knows who I am and that Im not ever two people pretending to have the same view. I stand by all my words even when confronted about it in person. I speak anything I would say in person to anyone. Im not afraid to voice my opinion. hahahahah VERY FUNNY how you have become paranoid and lose your senses while blaming that I am allegedly "only five" and "keerpa" hahahahahahahaha Do you have nightmares about it too hahaha
  19. At one point a Bibi was married off to a crippled husband because she told her dad that God provides for her so her dad out of spite married her off to a cripple. One day when she went to beg in the city due to her low position in life with her husband , she would put her husband in a basket and carry him on her head. She left him by a pond and went to go beg and came back and some guy was standing there and she was worried that this guy kept saying he was her husband. She and the guy both went to Guru Sahib to figure out this mystery, and low and behold it was her husband. He said he saw a bl
  20. manmukh= one who thinks their own stupid minds thinking is correct and lives according to their way of thinking Gurmukh= one who follows the Gurus advice and doesnt have room for their own mindless thinking. We are using muslim vocabulary or similarities now?????? learn in Gurbani what Guru Sahib says is a manmukh and then youll stop acting like I made up the concept. :rolleyes:
  21. Youre lame hahahahahahahaha. SO where did you come up with that assumption??????the same place you learn Sikhi(in your feeble brain???) I thought we were the same "GUY"??? now we are separate as in plural????? :rolleyes: hahahaha Im only keerpa account breadah hahahahahahah Ask the Admin to scoup out your bunk investigation hahahahahahahahah Once the admin proves you as stupid then whats yer next garbage post gonna say ?? hahahahahahahahah LAME LAME LAME :lol:
  22. youngsikh supposedsikh hahaha you have the lamest argument. Gurbani is my advice I take and the advice I give, they arent my words but those words become a part of me. I can see you get upset that a Sikh says girls are only wearing inappropriate clothes because perverts rather have them with no dignity so they can please their needs for kaam. why dont you go wear a skirt so you can be even more happy question what keeps you inline and when you dont do it you end up like you, a faulty broken product of secular society. If Guru Gobind Singh said something only an <banned word filter a
  23. LOL I'm done just having some fun with young Sikh now. :lol: me too..... he told me I cant post Gurbani :lol: :rolleyes: For him being a supposed Sikh I found that hilarious. :D We all know skirts are inappropriate for any female sikhs or atheist but idiots will justify why they like to eat dung and try to share it with everyone else, so I thought to post that one last post because he already fell apart from his argument. Gurbani is the basis of a Sikh and manmat is the moorukhs only defence which holds no ground because all manmukhs have many different evolving stances and they can
  24. Get more people Sikhs on this site we dont want a bunch of people that claim to be Sikhs that argue against the basic fundamentals of Sikh principles or hindus/muslims/christians in the guise of a Sikh.
  25. As per the view of Amritdhari or not I know what I should do and dont really care if people dont want to Amritchauk. It doesnt affect me, it only affects them. If they can look at Guru Gobind Singh and say I dont need your Amrit then they are the one who has major issues with Guru Sahib themselves. I cant debate stupidity or foolsihness out of anyone, only God has the power to lead someone away or to the Sikh Marg. If they are happy being foolish then they waste hte precious human life pretending to be happy. If someone is Amritdhari and is happy then good for them it doesnt affect me and my r
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