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  1. This doesnt make sense. Khalsa is eternal, the people change but Sikhi dont. How can a woman defend if she is constantly thinking of her skirt revealing what she should coverup??? Just a gust of wind can disrupt her thinking and make her more worried about keeping her skirt from blowing around and revealing again what "should" be covered up. Wearing a skirt just means she wants to show off to guys, it has nothing to do with anything else. Some people that claim to be "sikhs" a very very stupid. My dad isnt even a Sikh and told me yesterday he got mad when he went to the state fair and saw
  2. Most christians can only follow a few of the commandments (mostly the thou shall not kill part :lol: ) They lie, they steal, they commit adultery, they want wat the jones'es got, they false testify, they remember god in ways that is just by mere words, they careless who the parents want to raise them, again the neighbors wife is greener than their pasture, they go to church sunday but do all the other sins on the same day, but hey they never killed nobody :lol: anyways back to the subject. When you give a donation out of love or getting married is the only time you should ever ever give m
  3. if you had surgery why couldnt you still go to school. (youre not having brain surgery) Its best to have a doctor look at it and tell you whether you need surgery or not, rather than inventing a prognosis yourself before getting professional consultation etc
  4. UK politics is straight up corrupt to the max. I know a few people from UK and they are really really in "lah-lah land". Best thing to do is document the corruption and wen the time comes prove that it is beaadbi and antiSikhi and once enough people get together the committee can go cry somewhere else. They are masands and minas, they need to be thrown out of the Gurdwara by their pants and humiliated due to no humility and while being "incharge' of Gurdwarey management". People are corrupt as a Godless fool but they pretend to be religious and should have a more severe punishment for th
  5. Follow the top of the pages Ardas etc See how much it costs for someone to print you out a hukamnama and their supposed "ardas". I was going thru a blog and decided to click on what I thought was a silly thing to have on a website and it goes to a paypal account thing and charges you money for a "prayer". Next they will charge you for some online prashad and they will mail you a butter stained paper that had your cyber prashad on it :rolleyes: Why are people stupid enough to pay someone for a prayer they should do themselves??????????? You cant say "here bob here is ten bucks do a pra
  6. I also would say "Sing something Relevant and not tooooo deep meaning something simple and easy to understand" something they can adhere to when they are waiting for first Ardas etc...... You arent just singing for the couple you are teaching the Sangat something also at the same time. Most of the time Sangat cant follow the simple stuff so encouraging them to follow the basics of Sikhi is a better Shabad to sing.
  7. I do this kinda things alot and they either rip the poster off the wall and throw it away or try to chase me off for questioning manmat foolishness. Management love to sprint to the gholak and start counting the money like a starving dog seeing a scrap of food. The quality of the Sangat is how the money should be spent. Some claim to build a bigger better huge building and when you think about it they will need 70 million dollars to build such a buildiing that mainly isnt used but once a week for a few hours. If the building is packed all the time then that means the Sangat comes for the Sik
  8. to me personally offensive no, anyone can have their way of presenting themselves, but "acting" as a "sikh" in a movie and not being a Sikh is when the bollywood films are trying to portray a Sikh wronglt and purposely, if they cant properly portray a Sikh with secular actors then an actual SIkh should be hired or at least look like an actual Sikh. Last time I went to the Gurdwara I noticed there is a trend amongst males that go to the Gurdwara to try to look "kewl" and try to portray the singh is king tardo and there actually is now a low percentage of people doing this rathern than a number
  9. How would being a "Sikh of the Guru" not mean to be a "GurSikh"???? The point of Sikhi is to do as the Guru prescribes us. We are all too stupid to figure the divine truth without Guru Sahib. We constantly need Guru Sahibs guidance "Nitnaym Gurbani" Guru Granth Sahib Paat etc or we are just a wandering soul like a stray dog with no master. There are thousands of AntiSikh factions out in the world twisting Sikhi/Gurbani so that many dont follow Sikhi the way GuruSahib laid down the teachings so those foolish people fight against the true form of Sikhi. They cant beat us so they twist Sikhi a
  10. women that wear such clothes are conceited and full of ego. They want to show off and want attention. Then when they have nasty red neck oakies that dont take showers for weeks on end are staring/looking at them with very bad intentions they get suprized and try to wish it away??? Why would a respectable woman wear exposing clothes?????????? ego, lust,attachment and more All Sikh woman are supposed to go by the Khalsa Code of Conduct (as Sikhi is religious not secular) so they are all supposed to not cut their hair. SO just because they female is foolish to conform to western societies cu
  11. It means foreigner it is a proper term to use for a white or person of European decent. I dont mind being called a gora but gora is more of a slang loose term and Id rather call myself a ferengi Sikh rather than a gora Sikh etc. its ok Im insulted with your kind words :lol: haha
  12. hehe I clarified why naamdhari kirtan shouldnt be allowed thru your speakers. now this is somewhat off topic This saying technically cant be used in proper context: Back in the day (in the US and england) people would only take a bath once a year and the father would take his bath first then the mother then each of the kids and then the baby would have the dirtiest bath water(they all used the same bath water) well the water was so dirty that you could hypothetically lose the baby in the dirty water and metaphorically throw the baby out with the bath water because it was so nasty. SO how
  13. If ya ever need advice or want to ask questions, I can help ya too. Watch out for all the jealous people who call themselves Sikhs and will try to mislead you because they are insecure about how they dont follow Sikhi. First step is dont cut your hair so you can tie a proper turban. Second get a Gutka Sahib(If you need one I will send you one) Go to www.Sikhnation.com and order the book "Guide to Spiritual Consciousness"(they are free on that website) Third step dont get invloved with 3ho(white sikhs) yoga stuff (many reasons why not to and Im not going to write a 14million word essay on w
  14. so not being fully understood means its equal to Raag Gurbani??????? What I get from it is Raag Kirtan is "higher" than when someone doesnt follow Gurmat Gurbani Raag, and when not sung in raag(not fully understood) means it is "lower" form of kirtan??????? When you say Raag Ramkali/Sohee then it should be sung in what the Manglacharan states. Lets sing Anandu Sahib in a very sad state of despair way and see if it is not flipping the reality around?????? :wacko: after all this youll get people singing Gurbani in heavy metal because "nobody else sings in Raag" :rolleyes: Learn Kirtan in
  15. sad but true. We need to expose anyone that does drugs by taking from them and burying it or wasting it somehow(making it unusable) Alcohol needs to be poured on the ground(as american prohibition did) but Khalistan would be a religious country or state so it would not need any alcohol sales or tax revenue (so all the liquor store owners wouldnt be able to make any money in that fashion) Corrupt people ned to be boycotted and flushed out the system. Basically we need a true neighborhood watch system which insures the betterment of all people. drunks and drug addicts can move to another stat
  16. we should learn about other faiths as it keeps us from being a bigot or an uneducated debater when people of other faiths ask sinsere questions etc... Some people must feel insecure about their faith to not want to learn or talk about others faiths etc....?? For a good self santhiya get a dictionary of Guru Granth Sahib and after understanding to way Bani is formatted youll start to hear the bani in which your mind can comprehend. Ask your Gurdwara to setup a Santhiya class, so you dont have to biasly need only taksali santhiya (like if others dont know santhiya etc)
  17. :lol: sad but true. We need to expose anyone that does drugs by taking from them and burying it or wasting it somehow(making it unusable) Alcohol needs to be poured on the ground(as american prohibition did) but Khalistan would be a religious country or state so it would not need any alcohol sales or tax revenue (so all the liquor store owners wouldnt be able to make any money in that fashion) Corrupt people ned to be boycotted and flushed out the system. Basically we need a true neighborhood watch system which insures the betterment of all people. drunks and drug addicts can move to anot
  18. so start learning raag kirtan. Naamdharis keep some traditions and ignore other traditions. They do sing raag etc but (Ive seen them pass a Saroop of Guru Granth Sahib like a phonebook while their Guru was doing a sermon etc) Every since Guru Arjan Dev Ji setup the tradition of Prakash of Adi Granth Sahib we have always held fierm to the tradition of Prakash/SUkhasan etc and just because they have a human Guru doiesnt mean you can passs a Bir around like that. (it mad me mad wen I saw this, I was like just because you look at some guy as Guru doesnt mean you dont need Prakash etc cause all th
  19. Ive seen the skinning videos a couple years ago. I cant believe they dont just actually kill the animal before they skin it, its like they enjoy the animal alive while torturing it for its skin. Chinese even eat a delicacy of eating a certain kind of egg like 3 days before it would have hatched, eating it right out of the eggshell. It was so nasty that this american white guy likes it and eats it all the time wen he is in china. Since Ive seen the threads video link a couple years ago has anything happened other than the fur trade being exposed etc????????????? So people are so cruel and h
  20. after I read these two statements from him I got the picture that he is in punjab and knows everything and has the best of character(the best example of Sikhi) :lol: For one being in punjab doesnt mean anything other than egotistical means of "im in punjabi you arent" :lol: two what does being in punjab matter if you are swindled away from bs? :happy: but take his word as biblical because he is in punjab so take his word for it based on being in punjab :rolleyes: well he said so himself , you wont hear him in this thread no more
  21. Id rather have someone tie the lamest looking turban and actually be a rehatvaan sikh than some stooge tying a cute one for looks. :huh:
  22. KEERPA


    freemasonry is worth peoples study for a little bit, but black magic is bunk. It is a way to scare you into submission. Money is the biggest "black magic" money buys you corruption etc. Dont get caught up in science as they are most of the time educated guesses, and the rest of the planet has to take the word of the overly paid guesser. TYhey cant rewind time to now how long ago was the big bang etc, they will "try" to get you to believe they can calculate but in time they will change their answer again and again. Remember the world isnt flat etc
  23. TO tell you the truth I can only pray that you can/will pray. Nobody can pray "for" you. God knows the silent prayer of who is really saying a prayer, as for Ardas I could scream as loud as I want on the worlds biggest P.A. system and it wont matter, God knows who is saying the prayer correct. Read Ardas and if you are sincere then God knows. Last night at SUkhasan I messed up on Ardas and my wife corrected me but since I truelly try God still knows etc. If you have never done Ardas then reading it every day at least 3 times a day (after paat) is the first step. First read it and after a
  24. The guy looks like he uses a layer of charcoal dust rubbed on his face to make his supposed "beard" and no kara? :lol:
  25. If we get rid of the masands and implement Gurmat then all the people who induce manmat in the Gurdwara could only cry a river over not having a strangle hold of Guru Sahibs golek. Im talking get rid of the tables and chairs and make all occupational people sit together on the floor humbly is one thing. Spending the gholek money on the quality of the Sangat and not the masands agendas is two. Doing the full Anadu Sahib and sttm is three. Actually singing RAAG Kirtan is four. Giving tankhiya to those caught in antiGurmat cases is five. Asking people continually that if they talk in the Darbar S
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