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  1. Please let me clarify this. Guru Gobind Singh kept the Baaz and wore a Kalgi because the Mughals had banned non Muslims form both these. Both were acts of defiance by Guruji. Also its my humble opinion that as one rises spiritually one gets a dislike for non veg food.
  2. Fateh parwaan karro jiyo, When Bachchan's Unforgettable World tour was to commence I had posted messages on this Forum and Sikhnet requesting Sagath to protest his presence in their City. Some of his fans stepped in and posted messages that he was of Sikh origin. When one looks at how close he was to the Gandhi family and the benefits he was able the get from them there is reason to believe that did egg on crowds to avenge I. Gandhi's death. In case the British Government is not willing to act on requests from Sikhs then Sikhs should at least protest outside the venues where he stays in
  3. Fateh parwaan karro jiyo, Just as we sit while doing Sangath we must sit in the same way when we do Pangat. This partaking Langar on table and chairs is prevailant overseas (out of India) and I wonder when Sikh emigrate from India do the Indian customs confiscate their ability to sit on the ground? This is where I admire Muslims. They may be in any Country but they do not change their sitting on the ground for Namaz. Guru Rakha
  4. Fateh parwaan karro jiyo, I too do not intend to see the movie but I'd like to make a couple of comments: - For all you know Sharukh Khan and Balasahib Thackrey were in a secret pact and all the protests made the movie a success - In fact because of Shiv Sena's protests Muslims took it to be religious duty to view the movie - The extraordinary security provided to this movie compromised on the security for the fight against terror in Mumbai and Pune. The Pune blasts are being attributed to the guard being lowered because of this movie Guru Rakha
  5. All right.if u rdoing soma Path into your dreams so u should do it or not

  6. Fateh parwaan karro jiyo, The organization that I mentioned in my previous post does educate Snagat on Maryada. Guru Rakha
  7. Fateh parwaan karro jiyo, To consider a shabad from Bani to be like a Mantar is wrong. We must pay our daily fee which is Nitnem and if we are troubled in our Ardas seek Guruji's guidance. Guru Rakha
  8. Fateh parwaaan karro jiyo, In Chandigarh there is an Organization that arranges for Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji's Prakash in homes. But first they check up the room in which Guruji will be shishobat and educate the family about the Maryada. Guru Rakha
  9. Fateh parwaan karro jiyo, Though I'm digressing form the question but I'd like to make one observation or Binti. Be it books and articles on Sikhism please do find out more about ther Author.... 'or you can say judge the book by its cover'. There are many books that seem to be wirtten by Sikhs and have Sikh titles but inside there is sheer garbage (anti Sikh propoganda). Guur Rakha
  10. Fateh parwaan karro jiyo, May I be smitten with such love for life, And the same goes for my boys and my wife. One must have such a yearning for Darbar Sahib or Sifti da Ghar, That just the thought and with 'tears akhaa jaan bhar'. Every Sikh must have for Fategarh Sahib a special place in the heart or dill, Go there and eyes with tears and heart with pride do fill. Even today when one drives on the highway one can hear Gurbani, Both in the morn and evening you can hear on loudspeakers recitation of Bani. Guru Rakha
  11. Fateh parwaan karr jiyo, There is this Serial on SAB TV named Tarak Mehta ka oolta chashma. There's a Sikh character in this Serial and whenever he comes on the scene in the background you hear ' Oh Bhapaji'. There are other characters from different religions but when they come on to the scene there is no lampooning done in the background. We must protest and make them stop this. I have already registered my protest and I would request you all to do the same http://www.sabtv.com/comedy/show.php?id=6 Guru Rakha
  12. Fateh parwaan karro jiyo, Na piyo coffee na piyo tea, Chako lassi ji. Lassi and tea got into a argument and please view this link to see what transpired: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCOnacJxZ1M Guur Rakha
  13. Fateh parwaan karro jiyo, Majority of the Ravidasia Deras are not in agreement with Dera Ballan on its new religion decleration. Seems the Dera Ballan overeacted and if you aks me ultimately this Dera will relent and repent. http://www.tribuneindia.com/2010/20100204/punjab.htm#3 Guru Ravidass sampradaye rejects separate religion Dharmendra Joshi and Amaninder Pal Tribune News Service Raipur Rasulpur (Jalandhar), February 3 In a significant development, the Sri Guru Ravidass Sadhu Sampradaye Society, Punjab, has rejected the separate religion for the community declared by Dera
  14. Fateh parwaan karo jiyo, No I don't think garlic is dissallowed. I don't think Sikhism looks at things in this manner. Onion too is considered tamsic. Guru Rakha
  15. Fateh parwaan karro jiyo, Again there is an article in today's HT, Chandigarh that all Deras of this sect have not agreed to what this specific Dera is mandating. Point to be noted is that when they removed Guru ji (sorry of the terminology) from their Dera they removed Bani of Bhagat Ravidas too. Sikhs may have a problem with the Sect followers but not with Bhagat Ji.... this is what these fools (sorry but I could not control myslef) have not understood. Guur Rakha
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