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  1. siqjiug kw AinAwie suix iek PyVy sBu jgq mrwvY] sathijaiug kaa aniaae sun eik faerrae sabh jagath maraavai| Listen to the injustice of the Satyug that only because of a single evil-doer the whole world would suffer. qRyqy ngrI pIVIAY duAwPir vMsu kuvMs kuhwvY] thraethae nagaree peerreeai dhuaafar vans kuvans kuhaavai| In the Treta, the whole city suffered because of one evil-doer and in Dvapar this suffering was limited to the one family and the family underwent the ignominy. kiljug jo PyVy so pwvY ]13] kalijug jo faerrae so paavai |13| But in the Kalyug only he suffers who commits evi
  2. sikhroots jee, do you know where i can find a video by kulwinder kaur jammu, in which she sings the shabad 'udam karo karavoh thakur'?
  3. does anyone have the videos in the two original links? the links are no longer working
  4. faith that bhai sahib was not a liar yeah im pretty sure he wasnt one of the greatest gurmukhs of 20th century wouldnt lie i have read and decided
  5. i know of singhs who stayed with bhai randhir singh for years they confirm he never belived in it as i said before, anyone can say what they want, bhai sahib was a man of principles and if he did change his beleif it would have been written, it would have been wide spread, all the singhs staying with him would have know. this is not the case. yes you can say who you want was there, that doesnt change anything any person can write something on tapoban or give names of people because this rumour has been spread, more and mroe people belive it, that doesnt make it true. read bhai sahibs boo
  6. it is CLEARLY not written in the same manner i dont need to read anything to know this all one has to do is read the first 1429 angs, then read raagmala completely diffrent
  7. just because some1 has written this, does NOT make it true you can quote as many books and people as you like, but that doesnt make it true either bhai randhir singh did not belive in raagmala, and this has been verified with many of the singhs who spent most of their lives with him (unlike this one off supposed meeting) he would not suddenly change his mind therefore anything suggesting otherwise, is made up/lies/fairytales. if some1 said now "we have 5 singhs who heard baba thakur singh say raagmala is not bani", and then those singhs wrote a book about it, would you belive that? you c
  8. The topic is to inform Sangat about a book that proves thet Raagmala is Gurbani, not a topic to debate that point. The explanation contained therein have never been translated to English before and so it is important to give this not-for-profit book exposure. All questions posted here are answered in the book, so rather than debate here, just buy the book and read for yourself. It's only £2.99. if the book "proved" raagmala was gurbani, there would be no panthic issue, and every1 wud belive in raagmala this is not the case so well u may bnelive that this book proves raagmala to be gurban
  9. im confused the book is about raagmala. the topic is about raagmala, all positive views about raagmala are allowed, yet if anyone writes anything against raagmala, its a debate? if you didnt want to make a debate about raagmala you shoundt have posted the topic, strictly speaking, even though ur jus advertising a book, the rules of "talking about raagmala" on SS, are being broken. yes these meanings of raagmala may make perfect sense in your eyes, and you may belive them, however other people dont. yes, whereas someone may have tried to counter other arguemnts made in mundavni book, that do
  10. does anyone know where i can find "se sanjog karhu mere pyare", sung by bhai abinash singh?
  11. really? cos as far as i know many many people have enjoyed khalsa camps all of the other times too so im afraid your slightly confused.
  12. i really need this same shabad sung by same person lol in mp3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUcGW2-sYXU...feature=related can anyone help?/ cuz this was a house prog.... has he done similar in any rehnsbais? thnks
  13. they are acapella jatha all singhniya : ) sikhroots have lots of thier recordings... : )
  14. panj payre say NO to meat.... all u need to do is listen to THEM..... do not eat meat at all!
  15. lol then they shud, could people please add some chaupai sahib keertan links please.... thanks
  16. so many replies.... cant belive ppl actuallt think its OK to wear it. above post- spot on, a bibi's make up should be her kakaars why would anyone want to wear make up? u feel insecure? gurujee says give ur head to me and dont care about ppl...... so i take it wen we matha tek we bow our head but we dont GIVE our head to guruujee. theres NO need for any bibi to feel insecure..... ur sikhi shud make u feel proud of who u are and what ur representing : ) gurfateh!
  17. gurfateh

    my names prabhleen :) not jyot

  18. i dont recall anyone here sayin FOLLOWWWWWW SANTS :rolleyes: as for sant ranjeet singh--- his PARCHAR joins ppl to SIKHI, GURUJEE ETC ETC NOT himself. >>> wonder why u lot cannot see this. if u have such a problem--- stay quiet cuz ur comments are not needed.
  19. kbIr sB qy hm bury hm qij Blo sBu koie ] kabeer sabh thae ham burae ham thaj bhalo sabh koe || Kabeer, I am the worst of all. Everyone else is good. ijin AYsw kir bUiJAw mIqu hmwrw soie ]7] jin aisaa kar boojhiaa meeth hamaaraa soe ||7|| Whoever understands this is a friend of mine. ||7|| im not surprised to see yet again more nindya. who are we to judge sant ranjeet singh? NO he doesnt keep a count of amrit sanchars happening, the sevadaars do, so what? indias in neeed for parchar, and thast whats his doing, if u think u can do better then be my guest! i dont think u'll last long as ur
  20. fateh LIVE NOWWWWW bhai ravinder singh is on now!! woooooo hoooooooooo :D http://akj.org/skins/one/live.php VAHEGUROOOO!!!
  21. I am not sure what you mean by "sick" - this is a kirtan darbar! Bhai Sahib, he wanted to say : There gonna be some good "Sikh" Kirtanies so please come :-P Many Thanks for clearing that up. Seems like the english language has taken a turn for the worse with the kids of today!! hahaha bhajee! when we say sikk we mean FANTASTIC
  22. yehh my names pkaur, i know u too, u never helped me with my maths! so bogg off

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