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  1. It may be speculation however some PTC reports say that he has been busy organising and participating in gay pride event in Madhya Pradesh along with Sumedh Saini.
  2. I just watched this and encourage everyone to watch this interview with the family of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa for a better look into his life. Amazing kirpa. Waheguru.
  3. Just watched this Sikh Channel interview with the family of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa. Great family. Waheguru.
  4. "sachasoorma" the Nirankari show was broadcast on 21 October around 9PM. Not sure of the presenters name but the show was derogatory to the Sikh faith. No one answered calls at the channel and have yet to respond to Emails. As far as the Ealing councillor is concerned, many complained and the matter has been progressed. I have confirmed this from sikh channel.
  5. Sangat television are a disgrace. They had Nirankaris on the week before too. May be a deeper rooted conspiracy behind it all. AP Mann is pathetic.
  6. May be call this Sangat TV Chardhi Kala Show presenter to ask his view.
  7. Colonel Bhullar of the Indian Army led the attack on Sri Muktsar Sahib. He was killed by Jathedar Avtar Singh Brahma in January 1987. I have also tried to find out which Gurdwaras were attacked in June 84 but unfortunately nobody added any more to the list I posted on this forum
  8. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waehguru Ji Ki Fateh The number of 38+ other Gurudwaray attacked during Operation Bluestar is often mentioned. The sad thing is that no comprehensive list is available. Here are a few details I have found online,if anyone can add to this list, please do: Sri Harmandir Sahib and Sri Akaal Takht Sahib, Amritsar Sri Darbar Sahib, Tarn Taran Sri Keshgarh Sahib, Anandpur Sahib Gurdwara Dukh Niwaran, Patiala Gurdwara Gurdashan Prakash, Chowk Mehta Sri Muktsar Sahib, Muktsar Gurdwara Nanaksar, Hakimpur, Nawanshahr I have also found mention of Gurdwaray in Moga, Faridko
  9. I hold Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Ji's seva in high regard but by continuing to push this issue, I think it is doing his image damage. Primarily because many of the UK Panthic Jathebandia that you mention are the same who wished to give Babbu Mann a gold medal for his stance against Sant Ranjit Singh Ji. His seva speaks for itself.
  10. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj was agen bhet in village Lutheri near Morinda on Thursday 10 May 2012. Why hasn't this had a massive reaction from the Sikh sangat. Where is our Panth heading if we can kick up this much fuss over a pracharak but not give any time to what is happening time and time to our Guru Ji.
  11. Sikh caught drinking alcohol by relatives who saw him at cousin’s party on Skype - killed his cousin in the row that followed By Suzannah Hills PUBLISHED: 18:23, 19 April 2012 | UPDATED: 19:44, 19 April 2012 Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2132190/Sikh-caught-drinking-alcohol-relatives-saw-cousin-s-party-Skype--killed-cousin-row-followed.html#ixzz1sZMudbnp A Sikh stabbed his cousin in a heated row after he was caught out drinking during a conversation over Skype, an inquest heard today. Kanwarjeet Singh Batth, 24, was with his cousin at a celebration in Slough, Berkshi
  12. Given recents events in Gurdaspur, I have posted this link which shows that even when proceedings are taken against officers, they largely remain out on bail and the cases are often dropped. Will Shaheed Jaspal Singh's family ever see justice? I think we can all start by signing the www.kesrilehar.com petition requesting the UK Government raise human rights abuses in Punjab on a international level. LIST OF TAINTED POLICE OFFICERS INVOLVED IN CASES OF HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN PUNJAB S.No. Name of Officer Rank Case involved In Status 1. K.P.S. Gill the then D.G.P. Molestation of a lady
  13. West London Singh, I am just trying to make my humble effort and encourage the sangat to do the same. Positive criticism I can take. My letter is to the point as it addresses the main issue as far as the press code of conduct breach is concerned. The connection to Babbar Khalsa is totally inaccurate and that is what the PCC will be concerned with. West London Singh, what you fail to have notice is that the Babbar Khalsa connection was to build the connection to Birmingham and hence the UK. The issues about Beant Singh relate to impartiality and hence I alluded to them. Like I say, it was my
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