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  1. Jeez. They were just asking. No need to be rude! OP- I used to iron my dastar. I think its ok. But i know some people say its wrong. lol Guess that means my answer is of no help to you. :|
  2. Disgraceful. Sent shivers down my spine. Horrible to watch. :no:
  3. It's a pointless distraction. That love should be focused towards Guru Jee.
  4. 1. No 2. Yes. No relationships before marriage. 52 Hukam by Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Nanded Sahib 15)Par-Istri, Ma-Bhain, Dhi-Bhain, kar jaanani. Par Istri da sang nahi karna - Recognize all other women other than your wife as mothers and sisters. Do not engage in marital behavior with them. ibnw AnMd ibvwh qy Bugqy pr kI joie ] sux isKw gur kih Q~ky myrw isK n soie ]25] binaa ana(n)dh bivaah thae bhugathae par kee joe || sun sikhaa gur kehi thhaakae maeraa sikh n soe ||25|| Without having Anand Karaj those who have sexual relationships. Listen O' Sikh the Guru states, he is not my Sikh.
  5. hahahhahaha. That misunderstanding was hilarious! Vahegurooo
  6. Nope. We didn't read into it too much. Referring to us as "goods" just stuck out a bit. At least he knows to be more careful next time. I am calm. Was just disagreeing with something another poster had said, didn't realise it would portray me as less calm. I appreciate you asking nicely though.
  7. GOODS?! hai hai. Respect for women at it's best! *sigh* I'm with this poster. Who cares what the guy wants? We don't give into temptations because our guru ji tells us not to. Not because we might become "tainted goods" and wont find a husband.
  8. I see this has turned into those "blaming girls topics". This time, dastaar wearing singhnia are bad? How refreshing! You guys are obviously oblivious to how hard it is for a singhni to wear a dastaar in western society. It requires strength and love for the saroop of Guru Gobing singh jee. Accusing some of these girls of wearing it for "show" is a hurtful statement. Unless they have outright told you that it is the sole reason for them wearing it. I believe every amritdhari bibi should wear a Keski anyway. It boosts your confidence, gives you pride for who you represent and I personally be
  9. I'm pretty sure Pesh isn't necessary. Just do ardaas and yes, be more careful next time. Pesh is usually for those who have committed a bujjer kurehit.
  10. If members stop referring to having less hair as a "blessing" and having more hair as something they have to unfortunately deal with, it might make it easier for bibiya to cope with this. It's not a "problem", its a gift. It should be celebrated, not looked down upon. Respect should be given to those strong enough to keep kes and those who do not go for the easy option and bleech, because well, "technically it's not cutting". ( *Sigh*) So, i ask as a benti to the sangat, instead of saying those bibiya that naturally have less hair are "SO LUCKY", say they are less fortunate, because god didn
  11. What this member has said is correct. I know people who were in the meeting and these things were not said by the committee members. Please split fact from fiction before making threads like these. You're causing hate for no reason. They did not want shaheed singh pictures in the Gurdwara, that much is true, however the bit about holding an Akhand Paath for Indira Gandhi is complete utter bull. Whoever made up such a thing clearly just wants some drama.
  12. Monthly Keertan in Yaad of 1984 Delhi Genocide. Today 7pm - 12pm Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Cross Road Coventry CV6 5GR gur sbdI scu pwieAw dUK invwrxhwru ] gur sabadhee sach paaeiaa dhookh nivaaranehaar || Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, they obtain the True One, the Destroyer of pain. sdw sdw swcy gux gwvih swcY nwie ipAwru ] sadhaa sadhaa saachae gun gaavehi saachai naae piaar || Forever and ever, they sing the Glorious Praises of the True One; they love the True Name.
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