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  1. exactly, i agree with singh comradz
  2. how contradictory? how is guru granth sahib going to give you gurmantar? I mean gurmantar is written in there but not by any of our guru's, infact only by Bhatt Swaiye. So how would you get gurmantar? You're one to talk, you keep misinterpreting bani... If you show me where Bhai Gurdas ji writes there will only be 10 guru's I will believe it... that means that Guru Granth Sahib is not Guru now though? Your the only pakhandi here mate, making people believe your misinterpreted version of bani.
  3. - Satpunga Singh how are you so sure that this doesn't apply to your beliefs? I'm going to have to research the kashmiri language, but how do you know this bani was written in kashmiri language? If Muslims wear white ONLY to do hajj, it doesn't mean that we are pleasing them, you know that as well as I do. I do not know about Nehru's lifestyle nor his entire background so I cannot comment on that. I agree with you that maala is not a kakkar, but it is the significance of the maala that is important and that meditating on gurmantr is important, just as important as a kakkar. As Satpunga said, they gave HUKAM to the satguru of that time? that is what I have a problem with believing. Nothing to do with the fact sikhs travelled with their Guru. This is talking about Guru Nanak sahib transferring into another DEHDHARI form? So you're clearly proving my point. Thanks for the tukh by the way This is an amazing tukh, still doesn't prove that Guru Granth Sahib is guru. Again, this is correct the Guru is always with us... still doesn't prove the gaddi was given to Guru Granth Sahib. So Guru Nanak wasn't Guru, it was always Guru Granth Sahib? So the mere fact that bani was transferred THROUGH Guru Nanak's pavitar deh form doesn't it condescend what you are saying how is Shabad going to write itself or show itself without having a partakh Guru? I don't understand? That is written by Bhagat Nand laal ji, so Bhagat Nand lal ji's Granth is what he is describing, that is not Guru Nanak Sahib saying that? Again another baseless tukh that you try to prove your 18th centuary falseness. where does this say Granth is Guru? or even shabad is guru? - They didn't they gave it in 1708, it was some time after. Seems to me that this is a feeling I am having when I read bani, and not because im a staunch namdhari or because i want to oppose the world. It is just a feeling I get, I'm sure many of you have had it with Guru Granth Sahib, but if some one can prove the fact that there are NO living Guru's after Guru Gobind Singh properly and take this shanka out of my mind I will solely go and take amrit from panj pyareh in the minute after they tell me. No point answering to Southall Youth, he has nothing to do with Sikhi and is clearly not open minded unlike Bijla Singh and others on this website.
  4. Even if you respect 'bhai' ram singh as a sikh, a sikh never lies. He said that he will come back therefore he WILL come back. Why would a Gursikh lie? Blue is a royal colour? ਨੀਲ ਵਸਤ੍ਰ ਪਹਿਰਿ ਹੋਵਹਿ ਪਰਵਾਣੁ ॥ Nīl vasṯar pahir hovėh parvāṇ. Wearing blue robes, they seek the approval of the Muslim rulers. why would you wear blue to impress muslim rulers, 'peers'? As you mention, Guru Gobind Singh made it hukam for ALL sikhs to keep panj kakkar, the maala is the most important aspect of today taught by ALL guru's. So is the Kirpaan more important than a maala? Please clear this up, thanks. lol amazing story, good fiction. How about all the different 'funny' stories sikhs have got themselves into over the years, don't want to go into it firstly because there will be too many and secondly because it will be doing besti of who I call my Sikh brothers. Sorry, can I have proof for this please, Guru Nanak sahib travelled with 3 companions as far as I know... Also the tradition of giving naam is described in bani Can you provide proof that a DEHDHARI GURU gave gaddi to an inanimate Guru?
  5. lol that guy should be in eastenders, can't take him seriously with his cockney accent!
  6. lol i read through the whole post, clearly nothing was promoted. he isn't trying to convert you, he is preventing people from doing nindiya. i don't understand, the nihang singhs (tyaar par tyaar fauj, not the weekend nihangs) in India actually promote namdhari maryada, yet here every one takes the biscuit. plus aeroo used bani to prove wearing blue is not right, yet every one will go against bani and still wear it. chardi kala panth!
  7. how about if they're tyaar par tyaar on saturday and sunday for the amrit sanchaar, but the rest of the week they're just ordinary dudes?
  8. The naamdhari is convinced that Jagjit Singh is 'Guru' Jagjit Singh and the supposed 15th Guru of the Sikhs. Jagjit Singh himself is convinced he's the 'Guru' of the Sikh. In honesty there's little you can do but focus on your jeevan. I have first hand experience of naamdhari's as I am the great grandson of a prominant individual from these circles. They are bought up on conspircay theories, resurruction of Ram Singh and promises of guaranteed salvation.They ain't gonna easily give that up that confortable feeling. You are better off not getting into discussion with them as it will usually end up in a heated debate. Trust me, I wasted several years of my life battling their mind games. what was the outcome of the debates?
  9. that can be argued either way, but the fact is they were of no use to India, they came they divided they attempted to conquer. if you read the Times account's and newspaper articles from around that period (available online for a small fee) sikhs were described as loyal subjects of the british, with this status the british could infiltrate any filth and wrong teachings in to the sikh panth without the sikhs even realising. Also if you read further into them they mention 'kookay' of 'satguru ram singh' and how they done their utmost best to keep from British rule. However that is a contrevertial topic for this website. Just from reading a few sources from that period of time, one can clearly see that majority of sikhs were the 'arse lickers' of the British Raj and Victoria
  10. oh yea of course they carried on what the british gave them, like half the chaupai sahib, half the rehraas sahib not to mention the whole Sau Sakhi, Dasam bani debates. They turned sikhi into Christianity, just how the Victorians used to believe in christianity.
  11. without the British singh sabha as well as the AKJ wouldn't have been created. Fact. without the British, sikhi wouldn't be twisted, we wouldn't have so called 'Scholar's' adhering to a British version of Sikhi. Fact. without the British, there would be no SikhISM. Fact. In conclusion, the British ruined a religion/way of life. Fact. If it wasn't for certain groups, sikhi would be 100% destroyed, those groups cannot be mentioned as people will get their elastic kachere in a twist. The British ruined a perfect way of life, but our people let it happen.
  12. cyberlink power director is probably the best software for beginners!
  13. woww that website is amazing! those pictures are really truee!
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