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  1. I know of a Hindu girl, a really nice liberal naïve trusting secular type, who married a pak sullah. Her kids don’t go to the Mandir, they go only to the Mosque. Also the guy’s mother told her that they were going to make proper Muslims out of the kids. Logically he will have had to pretend that he respected all religions when he was wooing her, if only implicitly.
  2. Saw a couple of video clips recently that I thought I'd share. https://twitter.com/Jemima_Khan/status/1516535139601424388 Also be warned this is really disturbing. Watch from 7:30 mins onwards. https://youtu.be/JXX1C_cVf2o?t=448
  3. I knew a Pakistani kid at school who was seemingly moderate and westernised. We’d have some craic but sometimes he would froth at the mouth about Islam, saying that it is the greatest and fastest growing religion and that they were going to take over the UK. I stress that this is an alcohol drinking liberal one. Obviously he would never say this to any gora. The purpose of Islam is to dominate non-Muslims - that’s their opium. They pray en masse in the streets in France and in parks in the UK to gain a sense of control over public spaces and to intimidate kafirs. The high birthrate is another
  4. There was a Sikh boy at that college who committed suicide in 2016 after being badly bullied. Not surprisingly the school completely denied that it was going on up to and after his death. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3933786/Heartbroken-mother-15-year-old-hanged-months-bullying-reveals-anger-health-education-let-beautiful-boy.html Couldn’t find anything about the bullies ethnic/religious background. Anyone know? More recently, this clip at around the 2 minutes mark shows a mob of about a hundred sullah kids at the college shouting and screaming “allah akbar”. It’s li
  5. https://b-ok.cc/book/1111465/29cd97?id=1111465&secret=29cd97 Just started reading this brilliantly researched historical book. It’s about the British Empire so I think it is relevant to Sikh history. This ebook site has tons of free books btw, including lots about Sikhs.
  6. I read about the kid in the first post years ago. It is indeed very sad. Goray are quite bad for bullying which is why there have been a lot of cases of adolescent runts shooting up their schools in the US and Russia. A pupil who went to Columbine High School and knew the two killers from the 1999 massacre wrote a book describing the environment and how teachers doted over the bullies and treated outcasts with disdain and concluded that the school had created them by making them into community whipping boys. Even before it happened kids there were predicting that it would be next in a wav
  7. It’s true racism was really bad in the 70s and 80s. We had a shop and we’d got victimised by chavvy goray all the time. They’d write “NF” all over it, smash the windows, hurl abuse, tons of bullying at school with teachers colluding. My dad was beaten up once and I remember my mum breaking down and crying. Lots of goray are extremely nasty. This is why there are so many high school mass shootings in the US like Columbine and they are mostly by bullied goray kids. That film is realistic anyhow. Obviously PTSD Just seems like an innate lack of empathy in many Asian
  8. Just posting this in case people aren’t aware of it. It was on BBC News channel a few days ago. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0005y6f/our-world-the-last-sikhs-of-afghanistan
  9. Why not just drink lots of milk? It consists of two types of protein: 20% whey which is rapidly digested, and 80% casein which is slowly digested, and therefore it maintains high levels of amino acids in the blood for a long time. This is especially important during sleep because you won't eat for several hours and your body needs amino acids to repair muscle, which is why it is the perfect food for babies who sleep a lot and grow rapidly. Whey is just a byproduct of cheesemaking and selling it to weightlifters at high prices is a good way of making lots of money.
  10. I agree. In case you were referring to my post let me clarify that I meant to ask which is the favourite target of Muslims, the Hindus or the Sikhs?
  11. I have a question. Do you find that Muslims are more aggressive towards to Sikhs than they are to Hindus? Because officially, these guys project themselves as being against Hindus (specifically Brahmins) and sympathetic to Sikhs.
  12. Well like I said I just read the thing about the website design in the news. But the rest is my own opinion, I didn't get it from anywhere else.
  13. sikhsta I read in the news that some BNP guy designed the EDL website. But it's obvious that the EDL are a bunch of racist football hooligans anyway who use "Muslim" as a code word for "desi". Hence no Sikhs should be giving them any legitimacy.
  14. Sounds like the kind of crazy malicious rumour Pakistanis would spread to create a dispute.
  15. I had the same thoughts myself. It is the likes of Dawood Ibrahim who finance Bollywood which explains why Muslims are the top alpha males, Hindus are second tier with Hindu actresses no longer wearing bindi and falling for Muslim guys, and the Sikhs are jokers. Why would Hindu Nationalists set it up like this? There is a Muslim hand here with collusion of pseudo-seculars/Commies. Muslims have a special dislike for Sikhs because we fought with their beloved Mughals. Also agree with your comment regarding Hindu-Sikh relations. I find them to be very positive. Sorry to derail the thread with t
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