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  1. Whenever you have an equation of the form ax+by=n (where a,b,n are any fixed numbers and x,y are the variables) you need to try to get it into the form y=mx+c by rearranging (where m,c are fixed numbers). Once it's in that stage, the number m gives you the gradient and the number c is the intersection with the y axis (i.e. at x=0). So we have 3x+4y=4. We don't want a number in front of y, so divide by 4 on both sides, giving (3/4)x+y=1. (3/4 is 0.75 in decimals). Now we want to get just y on one side of the equation, so minus (3/4)x from both sides, giving y= (-3/4)x+1. So now we know the gradient is negative 3/4, or -0.75 in decimals. Do you know how to find the angle in degrees? Once you know it in degrees, all you have to do is multiply it by (Pi/180) to give you the answer in radians. Finding the angle here requires a little care because the gradient of the line is negative, but you should start by drawing the graph, calculating the intersection with the x axis, then using the tan(gent) relation between opposite and adjacent sides of the triangle to calculate the angle. Let me know if you need more help. K.
  2. No probs. My other comment about the IP lookup was for the benefit of the Singh involved to take any precautions necessary. It's easy for anyone to locate one's IP and one's internal IP (which is used by your ISP to locate a specific user on a network), but there are not many who can use the internal IP to locate your address as this would require the cooperation of your ISP. Law enforcement and intelligence can do this, but it's not unheard of for others to gain access to this info through other means (enterprising PIs, an aggressive lawyer, or people with exceptional computer skills). K.
  3. My bad, that was uncalled for on my part. I apologise for making personal remarks, I was just angry at the actions of the SPN bandars. You are of course entitled to your opinions. The only point I wish to make is that is possible to locate you based on an IP address, even if your machine is part of an internal private network, so yes, the Singh who was threatened would be wise to take precautions. K.
  4. If you don't know what you are saying, I'm certainly not going to attempt to impute meaning to your disordered ramblings. The fact of the matter is that, given an IP address, it is quite possible, albeit rather difficult, to find the address of the person on the other end of the connection. See here: http://www.ipaddresslocation.org/ Such easily available programs will give you a latitude and longitude of where you are (not the location of your ISP), though they are not completely accurate. Usually only the police and the intelligence services can approach your ISP for an address, but an enterprising PI could do the same. I really wasn't trying, I'm afraid it just comes so very naturally. K. Anyway, PM me if those bewakoof SPN mods continue with their threats. I know many people who practice the dark arts (lawyers). K.
  5. Er, no. An IP address is unique to a machine connected to the internet. It's not impossible to locate someone based on their IP address if you have the tools and the resources (luckily most people don't). K.
  6. She is a non-entity, as are most if not all, of the moderators on that forum - an old woman whose only pleasure in life comes from talking crap about a subject she cannot grasp due to her insignificant intellect and her non-existent linguistic training in Gurmukhi. I would not even bother talking to her. Let her rot, as her brain already clearly has, and take silent pleasure in the fact that the jamdoots will drag her screaming, by her ridiculous hair, into the yawning abyss that awaits her and her kind. K.
  7. This might help: http://www.sikhawareness.com//index.php?showtopic=12111 Regards, K.
  8. See Wolf-Dieter Storl's Shiva: The Wild of God of Power and Ecstasy for a discussion of Shiva's historical development. One theory is that he was a pre-Vedic protoshamanic figure who developed from the mythology of Pashupati. In the Vedas Shiva is used as an epithet for the storm god Rudra and in later times Shiva was described as being equivalent to Rudra. What is clear is that, during the Vedic period, neither Shiva nor Vishnu had the importance that they have now and had at the time of our Gurus. By the by, though it's interesting from a historical and anthropological point of view, to see how the myths of these Indian deities developed, it has no relevance to Gurbani which describes the roles of Shiva and other devatay as being subservient to and deriving their power from Akal Purakh Waheguru. K.
  9. Where in Dasam Granth (or the gupt bania) does it say that, veer ji? K.
  10. You can view Ugardanti here (once you have downlodaded the fonts on the site): http://www.5abi.com/mchetna/sikh/uggardanti1_main.htm K.
  11. The only peoploe who are impresed with Zakir Naiklare his mother and some others (and they even hate him). He is a showman, not a scholar, and his "theories" have been destroyed countless times on faithfreedom.org (for example). K.
  12. Depression is most definitely NOT the same as vairaag. It is an illness, not something that one cultivates to gain humility. K.
  13. From experience, though you may feel that your friends and family are abandoning you or do not care about you, this is not the case. The truth is that no one who has not suffered from a bout of depression or low mood simply cannot understand the depth of loneliness and suffering that comes along with such conditions. Also, bear in mind that feeling abandoned and neglected is simply fuel for depressive bouts. Such thought patterns will cause you more harm in the long run. If you are not already doing so, I'd suggest talking to your doctor about counselling or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy if these feelings persist after the material conditions that are causing your feelings of grief have been resolved in your favour. You may also want to read a book by Dorothy Rowe called Depression: The Way Out of your prison to gain some insight into low mood. K.
  14. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! First do what Matheen veer has suggested and register so that anyone who has gone through similar experiences can contact you. Second, tell us (or someone here via PM) when this started, whether you believe anything triggered this experience, and whether you have sought medical attention and what the diagnosis was (and if so, what medication if any you are taking). Most importantly, you need to let go of any guilt feelings you are harbouring - if things are beyond your control, you have no need to feel guilty. Besides, Guru ji is not going to leave His Sikh for such reasons. :-) Also, continue to do your paath even if you do not feel it helping. Sometimes the benefits of our bhakti are not obvious but they are there nonetheless. K.
  15. Excellent seva! I have put it on scribd.com. The granth can be viewed here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/25020558/BhanuPrakashGranth Regards, K.
  16. It's a text that for the most part describes Sikh history. Other than that, I don't have any more info because I've only seen extracts. You may be able to get it from csjs.com. Regards, K.
  17. There's a Sudharam Marag Granth by Baba Bhoop Singh Nirmala that was written in the early 1800s, but it is definitely not written by or even attributed to Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. K.
  18. There's a simple solution. Every time you fly to the States, wear a dastar like this one: If they ask you to remove your dastar, say "fine, mate, but you're gonna have to make the plane wait for the 8 hours it will take me to untie it and retie it". K.
  19. No offence to Cassius Clay was meant. The point is that Mohammed Ali was diagnosed with Parkinsons as a result of suffering continual blows to the head over a long period. These Tarmala guys will end up in the same position for the same physical reasons. K.
  20. Hopefully one of the inevitable casualties of this practice will sue this Tarmala guy for giving him brain damage from all that violent headbanging. In a few years, most of these peeps will look and talk like Mohammed Ali after he was diagnosed with Parkinsons. K.
  21. False propaganda by whom? Let us know names so that Sangat in the UK can be fully apprised of the situation and boycott these bemukhs in the future. Regards K.
  22. The answer becomes clear if one reads and comprehends both Granths. Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the essence of Shaant Ras, Sri Dasam Granth is the essence of Bir Ras. K.
  23. It's clearly wrong because, if male, you are not Muslim unless you have had the snip. K.
  24. Kaljug Singh


    Not sure what Neeldhari amrit sanchaars are like, but they recite all panj bania at amrit vela: http://neelabanna.weebly.com/sjw_ji_2.html Regards, K.
  25. No. Only people who have attained this state can attempt to describe it (and I certainly have not), but it's by its nature indescribable because it is meditation on the Formless which occurs of its own accord after the mind has become one with shabad and one attains sun samadhi. There's a nice description of the stages of Simran here: http://amritnaam.wordpress.com/2006/12/01/24/ Regards, K.
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