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  1. Congratulations practise ur bani and amritvela nice 1
  2. what shall we do this summer???? the answer is go to camp whoooo!! khalsa camp is the camp to go to ...whhohohohohohoho THE AMAZING GREAT SPIRITUAL KHALSA CAMP (THE VERY GOOD Khalsa Camp will begin on Sunday 23rd August 2009 and will end on Friday 28th August 2009.) Khalsa Camp has a tradition of being a well-organised and professionally run project. On top of that, the content of the camps have always been very good. This traditional will continue with Khalsa Camp 2009, The atmosphere of Khalsa Camp is always friendly, relaxed and light-hearted. The aim of Khalsa Camp is to help you "Di
  3. im very sorry god is great...but i did not mean 2 offend you but i have spoken to many many people and saints who have all said Baba Jarnail singh Bhindranwale are shaheed and this topic is very dear to my heart as some of my relatives laugh at me wen i took amrit and laugh wen i tell them about 84 and things like that and say your so called sikhs think Bhindranwale is hiding..they joke this 2 me and say how can a warrior hide? so i would really like 2 know why a small amount of people belive this.. i do not mean to cause a fight ...and i am sorry god...pleae dont judge me.. Thats not a nec
  4. we shud all go and get together as it was really bad wot happened...may guru ji help us in the hard times
  5. can u ask baba ji why some people still think Baba Jarnail singh Bhindranwale r still alive wen they were really saheed in 1984? i have herd people talk about this and it upsets me as i got inspired by them and wot they did and took amrit last year and this upsets me..
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