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  1. That's nice, but if you're going to do Anti-Gurmat Activities/cut your hair then don't call yourself a Singh and disrespect the millions of Shaheeds who've died for us to follow Gursikhi.
  2. my intention was always good, heart jee =) really.
  3. Guru Ji's Sipahie : ) post this on discoversikhi's Q&A subforum.
  4. Sikh women? I've yet to see a Sikh woman who doenst liek the look of me ( lol ) . i won't burst your bubble. anyway,.,. if a woman insults a man just because of his appearance, can they really be called a 'sikh'?
  5. There are Keeris in water. Perhaps you should build your own filter, become a Jain Monk, or stop drinking water all together. Although then you wouldn't be able to come here and post your lovely questions. DON'T DISS SCOTTISH PANI. vaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguruvaheguru.
  6. http://www.opsi.gov.uk/SI/si1999/19991540.htm I suggest you read The Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water and Bottled Drinking Water Regulations for information on this subject. Alternatively, write to the address on the bottle of mineral water in question. Sometimes they even have telephone numbers which you can ring up for further enquiries, which you clearly have. Finally, I'd suggest you drink tap water (Scottish is best) and Jap Naam so that your mind is at peace and is not fruitlessly searching for answers to such questions. Have a nice day.
  7. it was 'Waheguroo! Network'. http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?showuser=1
  8. love makes you blind, blind to people's faults. if you're in love with Maharaj, you'll see Him in everyone. and then you'll love everyone. as Guru Ji's Sipahi said, try to marry someone who will get you closer to sikhi. then you can both work together on the right path, and no matter how circumstances change, you'll always get through it with sikhi.
  9. from my very limited understanding, i reckon that we need to picture an apple tree. an apple tree grows, and the flowers blossom, then the fruit emerges. the fruit is what we eat - the reward - the whole point of the tree. the flowers come out in the process and look nice to attract you to the tree. or something. i think you know what i mean. i agree with jassa. for a fruitful reward you probably need time. (unless Maharaj decides that you don't.) i think that Maharaj is saying obtaining the flowers (first stage) isn't enough...we have to keep working at it to receive the true fruit. for
  10. we all need to unite and show the world what TRUE SINGHS/SINGHNIS are like.......... if sumone from a diff. culture were to see tht video they wud most definitely have the TOTALLY rong idea abt sikhs......... the jakara organizers need to be shown what true sikhi is.....otherwise they r gonna start doing parchaar tht bibiaan need to be allowed to wear a mini skirt and thth sikhs shud date.........and pretty soon all our precious values will be portrayed as opressive.......... guru ji kirpa karan panth te.......
  11. Akaalpreet........Gurdhiyaan............
  12. i been trying to scan the flyer......but my scanner wont work.........but it was really kool last year and gonna be even better this year i bet......every1 shud participate (if u can) :wub:
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