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  1. Yes, females have my full support in anything! Yes, females have my full support in anything!
  2. Who said anything bad about the man in the picture? So, if you saw him walking down the street, are you telling me you wouldn't stare and be curious about it? That's all I see here. People are just wondering why he wears such an extraaaaaaaaaaa large turban. "Servant of the Khalsa", before you give a tongue lashing next time, please check if there is something obstructing your view between you, and the masses.
  3. Why not use a professional service like FedEx Office if you need it in such a hurry?
  4. Hello? Anybody home? There is NO caste in sikhism. What are you rambling on about?
  5. How about let's just unite as humans? I don't think God really cares what religion you are.
  6. How are are you supposed to get to each other if you don't meet in person first? Personally speaking, I never involve my parents in my romantic affairs. I usually handle that "business" on my own. I'd be too embarrassed to discuss it with them.
  7. ^^ What makes a turban a "Sikh turban"? Obviously it depends on the lifestyle of the person. So, if the general consensus is if a person who cuts their hair isn't a "true" Sikh, then what does it matter if they wear a turban or garbage bag on their head?
  8. If you haven't gotten an answer from them, how can we help with these issues?
  9. Why can't I say a woman who does not have a dastaar is pretty? I feel like a lot of people attack those who cut their hair inadvertently on this forum and I'll be damned if I just sit back and watch!
  10. Dayummmm, I thought this ish died yesteday when the forum went down. Why are YOU bringing up old news? We're all over it already! This topic is DONE. Do you get it or should I tell you to step off and mind your own business? How many times are you going to tell me to get a life? It got old the second time! I'm so over internet drama with with strangers I don't want to know or don't care anything about.
  11. The turban is not the property of the Sikhs. Anyone can wear one.
  12. You can't find your answers to God on the internet. You need to be hit with a few "sparks" to make you a true believer.
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