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  1. Having a pop? i was just laughing at the joke he made, which to be frank was actually pretty funny. Apologies if i have caused you any offence.
  2. What type of modelling are you interested in?
  3. What on earth does that say? Is this even a language?
  4. I remember watching this video when it was first uploaded. I re-watched it recently, tell me what you noticed....
  5. The gentleman in the video has painted a huge cross-hair on his head. His bravery should be admired.
  6. I would love for you guys to listen to these shabads please :lol: http://www.gnnsj.tv/...r%20Thaeraa.mp3 Translation - http://www.sikhitoth...p?ShabadID=2830 http://www.gnnsj.tv/...20Thumaarae.mp3 Translation - http://www.sikhitoth...p?ShabadID=1509 http://www.gnnsj.tv/...%20Nirankar.mp3 Here is the website to download more Kirtan Performed by Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha http://www.gnnsj.tv/audio/ Thank You. \n"; }
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