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  1. Tarn Taran, March 30 At least six frescos of Hindu gods, including Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, which were unique specimens of the Sikh school of art of the Maharaja Ranjit Singh era have been replaced with Sikh paintings during kar seva at Darbar Sahib here. The upper storey would be opened to the Sikh sangat on the 400th death anniversary of Guru Arjan Dev in June this year. The frescos were visible on the upper storey of the sanctum sanctorum of the Sikh shrine before launching the kar seva. However, Baba Amrik Singh of Dera Baba Jagtar Singh Kar Seva Wale, while talking to The Tribune, c
  2. are there any other apps for windows fone except for gurbani anywhere, for example sumet similar to dasam baani, isikhi etc on the iphone?
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFXLKRPojZ0 also posted by the same user
  4. Admin Note: Don't generalize an entire jathebandi just because one particular miscreant claims to belong to it.
  5. this baani is referring to halaal (meat slaughterd by muslims), that why chatka was introduced and carried out by hazoori sikhs and dal panth, it is a puratan warrior tradtion, accounts are also recorded in panth parkash. ther are also eye witness accounts from british soldiers during the british empire stating chatka would also happen at akaal takat sahib during dasam guru darbar bhogs, chatka and koon tilak was done at all thakats before sgpc
  6. if you saw this as such mahan beadbi why didnt you attend and stop this mahan beadbi, surley u true gursikhs of these modern jatheh wouldnt let beadbi like this go on
  7. ive removed mine and activated zee tv instead
  8. Admin edit: No bashing of any jathebandi permitted. Consider this a warning.
  9. will be a good program, no1 is going to stop the dasam bhog send who they want
  10. kar zatke bakran ko khayo murde kuthe nikat na jayo
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