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  1. The Sikh Federation and other community groups urging government to consult them over deaths By Ben Perrin 08:33, 17 APR 2020 Updated10:42, 17 APR 2020 We will use your email address to send you newsletters. Please see ourPrivacy Noticefor more information on how we use your data and your data protection rights. Almost half of Sikh deaths in the West Midlands over the last fortnight have been victims of COVID-19, community groups claim. The Sikh Network, Sikh Council UK and Sikh Federation (UK) is now calling for government consultation after collecting data from Gurdwaras and funeral directors. The groups claim their own data showed 47 per cent of all Sikhs deaths in the region came from the deadly bug. Wolverhampton has one of the largest UK Sikh communities outside of London. Downing Street has announced an inquiry into why ethnic minorities may be disproportionately affected by COVID-19. It will be led by the NHS and Public Health England and will look at both the wider community and those working for the NHS. Bhai Amrik Singh, the chairman of the Sikh Federation (UK), said: “Specific health vulnerabilities have been reported by leading medical journals about people of Sikh background i.e. diabetes, heart conditions, etc. "Therefore, the inquiry looking at ethnicity should examine if public bodies and decision makers provided timely and appropriate advice to those at greatest risk. “We hope the NHS and Public Health England that are leading the inquiry will reach out from the outset to us and other ethnic minority groups that best understand the combination of age, medical condition, social habits, religious practices and extended families." The latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) data released this week based on registration of deaths confirmed 21.2 percent of deaths in England and Wales were a result of COVID-19. The ONS data indicated 22.1 percent of the deaths were COVID-19 related in the West Midlands. The ONS data for London that has seen the highest proportion of deaths from COVID-19 was over 46 percent. On the day of lockdown on March 23, Preet Kaur Gill, the first female Sikh MP and Shadow International Development Secretary asked Heath Secretary Matt Hancock how many Sikhs had been diagnosed with COVID-19 and died because of the disease. The Sikh groups said that weeks later Health Minister responded, stating that “we do not collect data on cases or deaths by ethnicity or religion”. The Sikh Federation (UK) said they wrote to the ONS at the start of the month about the data they release every week on deaths. They claim the ONS responded: “Our data is taken directly from the Death Certificate, ethnicity and faith are not recorded as part of the registration process and therefore we have no access to this data.” Mr Singh added: “Government must consult leading Sikh community organisations on the continued restrictions on places of worship and produce specific guidance in a number of different areas tailored for individual ethnic minority communities knowing their precise needs.” https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/half-sikh-deaths-west-midlands-18104644
  2. If we look when muslims started coming to the UK it was around the 1840s during the expansion of the british empire into muslim occupied lands. So there was a trading economic cultural exchange going on alot of the early muslims in the UK were sailors. Then we had the world wars break out so we had muslim soldiers from the british empire colonies coming over. And then in the 1960/70s we had south asian muslims migrate come over with their families to work and settle in for the long term. It was during the 1960s-90s period that was the biggest mass migration of muslims mostly from south asia into the UK alot of the 90s/2000's muslims were as political refugee's from somalia, iraq/arab countries. The purpose of allowing them i'm guessing was mostly economic and trade. They were alot cheaper than local indigenous christian white work force and were willing to do jobs that the working class white natives weren't really willing to do because it was mostly menial and low paid work and they could make that money from claiming benefits. Don't think there was a huge conspiracy to bring muslims in the UK or the west it was just gradual intake of them over decades because of various government policies was very soft and friendly on muslims because of economic reasons, there are 50+ muslim countries alot of them are rich with oil and in return their governments want their people to live and work in the west. So they allowed muslims to take advantage of having easy access to settle in the freer and economically richer west. Plus you had the religious muslim clergy which was encouraging muslims to get into the west, settle and over take their countries by sheer demographic strength. Islam's hold over people is only strong when its clergy keeps its sheeple people economically poor, uneducated, ignorant and stupid and kept in check by violence or peer pressure if they fall out of line. Sooner or later people will grow tired of it and abandon it because most muslims are cultural muslims they dont really pay attention or study their scriptures.
  3. Each legal system is subjective. One countries or ethnic/religious societies laws is different to another's. For example in hindu india harming a cow is a crime however in the west and muslim countries they kill and make food out of them. In muslims societies and their countries it states in islamic hadith scriptures leaving islam is seen as a huge crime and punishable by death in Sikh religion nothing of the sort is allowed. Yes we are all sinners however your wrong if you think Guru Nanak Sahib Ji or any of the other Guru sahibans accepted everyone to make their own choices. Had he done that he would have let the man eater carry on eating humans, would have let the mughul emperor barbar and his troops carry on killing and people people. He would have let the hypocrite brahmin pundits carry on discriminating against the lower caste hindu's. He would have stood idly by while madness was going on around. Yet spoke out challenged the narrative challenged the wrongful evil doers. And in return offered them spiritual redemption from their crimes by accepting they did wrong and to follow the righteous path. Religious spiritual redemption is different from the temporal societal legal redemption. You can do a crime pay for it spending time in jail but you may believe you did nothing wrong because what you did wasn't wrong but society made it wrong because government created those laws to make it a crime. Such as peaceful protesting but you get nicked under various laws and your chucked in jail for being a troublemaker.
  4. What we dont have at the moment is a national Sikh think tank made up of educated intellectuals who can investigate problems within the panth and give solutions. From my casual observation it is not just "sikh girls" who are seen as easy it is the white girls and hindu girls too. And these groups were the ones targeted by muslim men because surprise surprise they were easy. In the west out of all of them the white girls are seen as the easiest who sleep with anyone because its their feminist non-religious right to, then its the hindu girls then the sikh girls. Muslim girls also are seen as easy nowadays especially since rise of social media. Theres plenty of them that dress proactively, smoke sheesha, drink alochol, smoke weed and having casual sex with guys who DM inbox them. What it comes down to is the feminist matriarchal environment they are living in and how they are brought up. If they live in an environment where its socially acceptable to whoore around then thats what they will do because the rules of the game allow for it and are promoted. They would never get away with their public antics in islamic countries or villages/towns of india because the traditional conversation and patriarchy culture puts a stop to that pretty swiftly. So what we can learn from this is: 1) family environment is very important when raising your daughters and sisters, they must be given good traditional conservative sikh families and taught self respect. 2) Try your best to not let them mix in environments where they will be influenced to become corrupted by things they see done by their friends and peers. 3) Show more balanced versions of gurbani where dressing modestly is encouraged and promoted rather than the evil feminist twisting out of context gurbani quotes of "she gave birth to kings". Of those Sikh brothers who are worried about not finding good punjabi/indian sikh females as partners to raise a family you are right there isn't many because the gender ratio is screwed. So go for non-sikh girls who are willing to become Sikhs and give birth to sikh kids there is nothing wrong in that. Alot of white women are married to punjabi sikhs and having kids with them even with turbaned sardars theres a few on instagram. For the Sikh sisters who hold firm to the faith and good traditional family values that brings pride to he community. Continue holding your head up high and creating the next generation of wise and intelligent Sikhs strong in their faith and strong in defending Sikhi.
  5. The afghan, pakistani and kashmiri Sikhs are the canaries in the coal mine for the Sikh panth. That is our future subjugated by mullahwad thugs who in turn are in pay of their national political ruling masters who in turn are puppets to western banksters. Never mind the brahminwad hindutva mice from india the sunni/salafi qazi's / molvi's / mullahs are many times worse and intolerant than brahminwad lot. So this will all come true unless we abandon swj langari fake sarbat da bhala ideology and focus on sikh centric ideologies on strengthening our kaum and pushing the frontiers and taking chunks out of sunni salafi islamic ideology. We can't fight them physically at the moment but we can fight their ideology intellectually. Atheism is doing a great job attack orthodox islam and making alot of muslims question their faith and leave islam secretly and publicly, you can see this on youtube. It is a big deal for islam when muslims leave islam for Sikhs we dont really care if someone becomes atheist or another faith but for islam's clergy every muslim who leaves islam is a disaster for them. Sikhs have opportunity to hoover up the ex-muslim atheists or let them at least be Sikh friendly in outlook. Alot of brave ex-muslim afghan's and pakistani's have left islam under great risk to themselves. So islam's foundations are not so secure it only is able to maintain its grip over muslim minds by fear and that strategy wont last as muslims start to question more about the the dodgy scriptures like hadiths.
  6. If you look at the geo-political and financial motives and who stands to win out of this it clearly points towards the west gaining the most out of this global pandemic situation The are desperate to halt the rise of economic and military rise of super power china The virus seems to be targeting black and ethnic non-white minorities mostly and more severely. So its a sort of racial bio weapon already just from casual observation The only way to stop globalism and rise of china as stop dog is to do something very drastic like for example implant this virus in wuhan knowing theirs a chinese virus military lab there already and pin the blame on them. America government is in huge debt to the chinese due to the trade deficit and bail outs during the banking crisis in 2007. The US has several lab and military bases that are researching bio weapons such as weaponizing corona-viruses. The very first cases corona happened to be in USA and china, strange that. By blaming china they force the global change course because everyone will resent the chinese and want to trade with other countries instead I am no fan of the chinese government particular because its a totalitarian authoritarian government but from what I can see i dont see any benefit for the chinese to have done this if it turns out it was a bio weapon. It would be like them running away backwards from the winning line when they just about to win the 100m race for global financial dominance.
  7. I dont know what to make of ravi singh. He seems like a very charitable and good person yet alot of ego. He is able to access area's of the world that normal every day Sikhs would never be able to visit. He was able to get into war torn taliban ruled afghanistan, jihadi run somalia back in the 90s. He comes from British military RAF background. He concentrates most of his efforts for a supposed Sikh charity on helping non-sikh causes. And then his charity has unexplained financial figures that many Sikhs have questioned. And some have even said he is working for the british military establishment. But I'm not so sure. He often posts about stuff concerning the indian government and its genocidal and poor treatment of Sikhs and I think he also supports Khalistan. I just don't know what to make of him. But one thing I am very sure of is that I would not donate any money for a Sikh charity that doesn't put its resources into exclusively helping Sikhs only. We have no one looking out for us and yet we wasting money on non-sikh communities who will never return the favor for us or come to our aid when we needed or need it.
  8. Strategies of abrahamics must be studied adopted and used against them. They are waging a war of ideologies by stealth and if we see our selves as a warrior nation we must be ready for the challenge. We all have the power to take on abrahamic missionaries yet most of us are allowing this to happen without directly confront them with the falsehood they preach. We all have the power to get on social media and give Sikhi parchar to sikhs and non-sikhs but we chose not to thinking miracles are going to happen without our own individual efforts. The elder pakistani muslims are right when they say the muslims see the storm coming and prepare and hindus act when the storm is on them and the Sikhs look back after the storm as done its worst wondering where the horse has bolted to. The Jews seem to be the only ones not going around converting minorities but then gain the freemasons is basically kaabalah mystical judaism in all but name even they admit it so writing it in their books. So they are too converting people to their religion by deception using freemasonry as a cover.
  9. Your right it is the sly hindu layman who always preaches and leaves salutations of "bharat mata ke jai" or "jai hind" basically saying protect and victory for the hind land entity. And Hindu being an inhabitant of the land of hind and these inhabitants of land of hind were and still are polytheists pagans who worship fictional mythological sky daddy hindu demi gods/goddesses, clay idols , animals and even inanimate lifeless physical objects. The modern day indian nation is a british created entity aided by late prime minister the guji sardar patel and nehru who formalised the unity of the indian nation after occupying kashmir, Portuguese ruled goa, assam, sikkim, hydrebad and various other independent kingdoms who stayed outside of india in 1947 but were overrun and forced to merge within the indian union after indian army came in. For Sikhs our religion is very clear we worship the almighty creative, preserver, destroyer force spirit known as Waheguru. We are a nation as ordained by our 10th Guru Gobind Singh Ji even if we currently do not have physical land or ruling government yet. If i can digress a little.......Pakistan was made not because the muslims of indian subcontinent demanded it or were in majority agreement. The only way pakistan was allowed to be created was that the financial case was made for pakistan to be allowed to be created by the british indian ruling establishment. Recent documentary evidence showed jinnah and winston churchill held secret talks in london about the creation of pakistan. Similarly the only way Khalistan is going to be established is when the overwhelming financial case is going to be made for it to be viable by trading with other important trade partners. The British white imperialists couldn't have cared less of hindus, sikhs and muslims fighting and killing each other for control of india after they had left. What they did care about was the economy and trade with the subcontinent which was worth billions. They needed a trusted viable geo strategy ally in the region and indians could not be trusted as it was kicking british out and was looking at USSR/russia for support so they hedged their bets by allowing for the creation of pakistan. Had Sikh princely state maharajahs made deals with the british to create a khalistan it would have come into being no questions asked but they allowed the other representatives of the Sikhs make the case that the Sikh masses should not create their own country but join in with the indian union with only verbal half hearted assurances that Sikhs can enjoy their own area of freedom somewhere in the north.
  10. First blame should go on the secular punjabiyat government whose allowing them to increase without checking whats its doing to the social fabric of punjab. I've heard of families torn apart where once some have converted the pastors tell their new converts to either bring rest of the family into the church or not indulge in their customary non-christian native traditions and festivals. Same thing muslims do but more so in the west where once they have converted a Sikh female they will make her abandon all her ties to her family, renounce her religion and not let her raise the kids in non-islamic environment. Sri akal takht sahib and SGPC is ment to be our vanguard our fortress but its doing nothing overt about it. And in the end it will be them who lose out if punjab masses stop coming to gurdwara filling in donation boxes. Punjabiyat must be Sikh centric not secular but Sikh centric. It is the Sikhs of punjab who fought for punjabi suba not hindus they opted for haryana and hindi in 1960s splitting up punjab into 2 other pieces.
  11. Yeah he is the type of caliber what the panth needs for the future. He is very much missed by the kaum, may Waheguru bless his soul. Bhai Jagraj did encourage Sikhs to start doing what he did. He was an ordinary guy who saw problems in the community and started his youtube channel out of love for Sikhi on his own with no budget. Similarly everyone has the potential to do this.
  12. Agree with alot of what you said. Unfortunately a few Sikhs are stupid enough to fall for the lies of christian missionaries. Most Christians are respectable good people and most christians mind their own business have the live and let live approach much like most Sikhs. However there are christian extremists amoung them who use the religion for their own agenda be it to take over lands with demographic conversions targeting Sikhs, hindus or other religious minorities. And these type of Christians dont even care for the lives of their non-white christian counterparts. When islamists attacked their churchs in pakistan. They did not come to the aid of pakistani muslims they did not want to wage war on the islamists who attacked the christians they were forgotten about and abandoned because in my view they were brown and pakistani. When aggressors attack innocent Sikhs or gurdwara's we never forget we put it as part of our history of persecution and we seek to avenge those attacks sooner or later. White Christian extremists from centuries have been pushing the narrative he was white blond hair blue eyed man and must be worshipped as a way to assert white mans of dominance and their supremacy over non-white people and lands. However whether jesus was black, white or brown it makes no difference to Sikhs he is not really relevant in our faith. He may have been a man of God and did good deeds a good example for humanity. Yet we Sikhs can only see him as a mere mortal not God not someone who will be acting as our spiritual teacher in this world. If christian missionaries come to convert a Sikh they should point out the cracks in Christianity. That it was a faith based upon the ruins of hindu persian god mithra / mithras (roman god). That it was the roman empire Constantine that created the christian world simply converting the roman empire into christian virtually over night because it would be economically more viable. That original gospels of jesus were edited and removed from history as the bible was complied and recompiled over the centuries. So many holes in the faith that in the end the christian missionary is left with cheap tricks of trying to convert people by deception using fake spirituality or financial incentives.
  13. True for these type of criminal mass murderers they is no salvation hopefully Waheguru is and will be punishing them soon. However theres a few from the 1980s era that would go down as biggest traitors in recent Sikh history. Can think of mass murderer beant singh the congress chief minister of punjab who was taken out by a Sikh warrior. Lt gen ranjit singh dayal another scumbag who ruined his reputation within the Sikh community for eternity and his own karma. One thing we must push forward is the notion the Sikh faith comes before nation. If you listen to what scumbag gen brar says that he took an oath to protect the indian nation then we can read into that he was taught and brainwashed on early to not take or care oath for your sikh faith cos it doesnt matter your nation is only thing that matters. In future we must promote Sikhi over everything especially if your in the police or army. If your national government tells you to attack Sikhs and especially a gurdwara then you tell the national govt to fock off cos the shame and sin of attacking your own sikhs is far worse than disobeying the non-sikh government looking to malign Sikhs or genocide. There must be safeguards put in place to make sure those who disobey governments scheming and plotting to attack the Sikh community are looked after with community donations and funds just how it used to be in Sikh history before 1947. In 1984 plenty of Sikh soldiers of the indian army broke ranks and rebelled after hearing what their countrymen and comrades had done in operation blue star. They slaughtered their commanding officers and soldiers who stood in their way. They wanted to fight their own indian army at darbar sahib because such a sacrilege was unforgivable for true Sikhs. They took heavy weapons and indian tanks themselves in an attempt to lay siege on the indian parliament in a reply to what their army had done to sri akal takht sahib (the religious parliament of sikhs). Many of these brave indian Sikh soldiers were unfortunately taken out after fierce battles but it sent a chilling message to anti-sikh Indian establishment that had all the Sikh soldiers of the indian army rebelled and joined the Sikh dharmi fauj then india would have been in real trouble of collapse.
  14. You gotta hand it to the muslims though they may have a nutty control freaky religion and in turn are able to put their girls on lock using allah's punishment as excuse. However they do have a stronger demographic community teaching about their faith is the only true one according to them and tell their kids to find only muslim partners on early and get married soon as they can. The muslim elders and imaams have guided the community through talks doing friday jummah prayers how to take over lands and bring non-muslims into islam for victory for their false abrahamic god. Whereas our people, our elders, our leaders are happy content with their lives right now just giving sermons how much daswaand they need to renovate or extend the langar hall (meaning they need cash in their salaries). I remember in the 1980s the leaders would get on stage and give sermons to Sikhs how they should look after their families and protect each other from outsiders (muslim extremists, white racist thugs and indian government terrorists killing sikhs in punjab). We have lost that spirit because we dont have overt enemies like that right now. And our leaders / elders of today do not have the balls to call a spade a spade these days fearing repercussions later on because everything can be recorded and shared widely on social media. The whole gurdwara system needs to be changed more talks in english should be given as this is the future for Sikhs in the west sooner or later the older punjabi centric Sikhs will die out and we will need some bhai jagraj type Sikh leaders taking the reigns of the committee's.
  15. LOL his employer fired him. The best way to deal with these anti-sikh muslim bigots is to expose their sikhphobia shine the light to the wider society of what they really think of sikh girls and sikhs. That way all these islamophile sikhs will wake up and realise they dont have any true friends the muslims and hindus both play the low IQ gulliable langari SJW liberal sikh like the clowns that they are. Trigger a pakistani muslim by saying pakistani punjab should be in the future map of khailstan. Trigger a hindu saying Khalistan should be free from indian union. If your so called muslim or hindu friends do not want you to have your own nation state, your own Sikh punjab homeland where Sikh lives will be safeguarded then they aren't really your friends or genuine.
  16. Is there any crime or sin in Sikhi that would be seen as unforgivable? I know in the janamsakhis Guru Nanak Sahib Ji is mentioned to have forgiven and reformed alot of infamous evil characters even mass murdering man eaters. So I was thinking if the Guru Sahib can forgive and reform evil doers is there any crime us Sikhs would not forgive? and how would we justify harsh punishment for heinous crimes if our own Guru's forgave mass murderers?
  17. The name of the game is sacrifice and for a convert to prove they are true to their belief then they would be willing to sacrifice alot for it even their own lives. Now most punjabi/indian Sikhs have been tested in history and are firm and loyal to Sikhi and many will lay down their lives if need be for it right now. However converts to Sikhi have not been tested like this yet their faith maybe weak especially 3HO types this is why they are not seen as genuine or real Sikhs by the majority. Many are seen as flip flops and will change their religion when it suits them or make hybrid new age cult to suit their manmukh self centric yoga worshiping carefree hippy lifestyle because they do not know the meaning of sacrifice for Sikhi. They haven't had to face political violence from the indian state they haven't had to face religious persecution from violent hordes of Islamic or christian invaders bent on killing, raping, pillaging and converting. This is why they can not relate properly to the views and experiences of punjabi/Indian Sikhs. We all have manmukh selfish tendencies the gurmukh is the one who listens, contemplates and obeys by implementing guru's wisdom in their lives and be ready to sacrifice their lives or what they hold dear in their hearts for Sikhi. As the guru says in bani.....those who are sincere in their belief and want to play the game of love for him must be ready to sacrifice their head for it because those who do not like Sikhi or you for being a Sikh may come after you one day.
  18. Punjabi Sikhs need to be reminded of christian extremism how they invaded the punjab and Sikh empire to destroy its liberate and rule and enforce their own brutal evil regime in its place. Where unarmed rebel punjabi protesters were blown to bits tied to cannons, a huge church tower was built on the site of sri harmandir sahib, banned Sikhs from going gurdwara, partitioned the punjab against Sikhs, salvation army christian missionaries sent to convert Sikhs of punjab, racist white christian authors right derogatory things about punjabis and Sikhs in their books. The wealth of punjab was looted and sent to the treasury of england. The Sikhs were massacred by christian extremist british general o'dwyer in 1919 jallenwallah bag. The racist white christian immigrants in canada didnt let Sikh punjabi immigrants from the ships disembark. There is a huge history of christian extremism against the punjab, punjabis and Sikhs that has not been properly told to the masses. All of it has been forgotten while they are secretly plotting to convert gullible economically poorer Sikhs to their abrahamic white man worshiping nonsense of a faith. It's time Sikhs remembered this dark chapter of their history that the Christians don't want Sikhs to remember.
  19. Came across this speech was disgusted by it letting such vile people have platform to speak. What conclusions do you come to from his obvious sugar coated self promoting lies? To me it is quite obvious he is a low IQ guy, has zero knowledge about Sikh history and sikhi and sub servant to his pay masters the dog handlers in new delhi. And for evil minded indian hindu's and indian atheists to think he and indian army did a good thing is only gonna help the khalistan movement.
  20. Indira gandhi and Margret thatcher both had personal hatred and fear for Sikhs. They were genuine Sikhaphobes. Margret thatcher feared Sikhs after seeing in southall they would not let racist white extremists of national front bully harass and attack them on a daily and so the Sikhs along with other minority communities rioted in 1980. And indira gandhi had personal enmity with punjabi sikh politicians for opposing her emergency laws and dictatorship rule in late 1970s. She was also daughter of nehru gandhi the prime minister of india who called Sikhs a tribe of criminals because they oppose to nehru's agreement to divide the anti-sikh racist british white establishment in dividing punjab leaving the Sikh kaum with no nation no government to safeguard their homes, lives, security and interests. And suprise suprise we learnt in 2014 that yes these two evil powers these two evil witches (indira and margret) had plotted together to teach uppity equal rights wanting Sikhs a lesson. But what they didnt realise their over reaction and their conspiracy to genocide the Sikhs with their huge military operation didnt quell the Sikhs in fact it ignited a passion in Sikhs where lapsed punjabi Sikhs who were atheists in all but name started to become religious Sikhs determined to fight the indian state causing it so many problems. This is what the British indian troops did in 1919 on vaisakhi day at jalliwalah bagh they massacred 1000 peaceful punjabi's mostly Sikhs which ignited a rebellion that eventually lead the downfall of the british rule in india and destruction of the british empire. The Sikhs very small in number are very influential when they get roused up this is why world powers of the past and today fear Sikhs and do not want them to get their own nation state. The SJW liberal stupid low IQ langari Sikhs are what the enemies of Sikhs want Sikhs to be as good slaves good SJW's getting rolled over by everyone and feeding the world with their own communities resources. What they dont want is the true Sikh who is master of his own destiny and wants best for his own community first.
  21. True but also dont forget out of all the communities it is the punjab police and punjabi/indian government that fears the Sikhs the most.
  22. This is a perfect example of why Sikhs should be neutral the hindu and muslim janta only like you when you side with them or when your against the other. The nihungs often seen as the most loyal of Sikh for india and historically been on a anti-khalistan flex with many of their groups do pooja to hindu idols and have respect for hindu acts of worship and traditions like doing jot arti they are now finding out what most hindutani's and hindu's generally really think of them over one very small isolated incident.
  23. Waheguru is in the past, present and future, is the timeless lord and beyond all that we can imagine. Waheguru will never desert us those who do not contemplate on him and not worship him will be the losers in this life and the next. As Guru Nanak Sahib Ji says even the bad times are gifts even though we as humans may not understand it at the time in the longer run the bad times are the medicines to take off the karmic debt and shake up and wake up the humans who seem to think they are the masters of their lives on this earth in this short temporary existence.
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