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  1. It's not Santa Singh, it's Kahna Nihang who was later killed by jujharu singhs
  2. Front design - Shaheed Singhs Side Design - AK47 Back Design - Santji quote Je Jeonha Te Ankh Naal Je Marna Te Dharam Vaste http://baaghidesigns.com/shop/revolution-t-shirt/
  3. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150628397986621&set=a.388649896620.174292.641511620&type=3 Here is where it what originally reported. Best to ask Ravi Singh for an update.
  4. Was Joga Singh directly mentioned in the letter? I know Resham Singh was and he was questioned by Bhai Rajoana almost a year ago but never responded to any of the questions.
  5. It is completely a co-incidence as the promo was out before Bhai Rajoana made his statement about Kesri Jhande. Secondly this seems like a media stunt as Diljit been getting a lot of heat from female and cultural organisations in Punjab and having songs banned.
  6. Amidst the confusion and chaos it was initially reported that 2 Singhs were Shaheed in Gurdaspur Goli Kaand. The 2nd youth who was shot by the Indian Police ! He is alive but still in ICU . Khalsa Aid is in touch with his family and will be supporting them financially with welfare and medical needs !We will also be looking into rebuilding the family home with the funds raised from Sangat ! Thank you for all your support ! http://www.justgiving.com/khalsaaid-gurdspur-singhs
  7. -Actually the video was shot weeks before the Bhai Rajoana issue arose. -Gurdas Maan will NEVER make a statement. -Babbu Maan is quiet after elections statements (statuses have been posted on his FB page in support of Bhai Rajoana, but nothing from his mouth) -Only Jazzy B and some little known artists have openly spoken/supported Bhai Rajoana.
  8. Khalsa Aid are fundraising for the families of Shaheed Bhai Jaspal Singh Sidhwan and Shaheed Bhai Ranjit Singh Mandeer, District Gurdaspur. These two innocent Shaheed Singhs lost their lives to the injustice of the Indian Government. http://www.justgiving.com/khalsaaid-gurdspur-singhs
  9. Its not a fake recording, this was recorded and uploaded on Facebook by a Singh who had sent financial support and had been posting regular updates of his conversations with Bibi Kamaldeep Kaur. He then asked if he could share the recording to which he was given permission.
  10. People who are coming asking for proofs and claiming these are lies need to do some research, just because you haven't heard doesn't make it false. Go read Bhai Rajoanas letters at http://sangharshdasach.com/home.php?page=letter
  11. Actually what Bhai Rajoana has done is asked a question, and Resham Singh has failed to answer. This letter is almost a year old, was out at Bhai Dilawar Singhs barsi. Secondly Bhai Rajoana wants to let kaum know that Bhai Dilawar Singh was infact with KLF (which we also came to know few years ago) and should be referred to as Bhai Dilawar Singh Jai Singh Wala.
  12. Who's bandwagon? Respect to Jazzy B and all those people who are raising awareness of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoanas fansi issue
  13. LOL...get a grip, the Singh said whoever verbally attacks our Panthic institutions and shaheeds will get a firm response, even if we have to drag them out and slap them in front of the sangat.
  14. Update: Patiala jail officials have refused to carry out order of fansi.
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