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  1. How many of you have them? If you do how did you meet, come across them? Is there a maryada or a way of getting a vidiya guru?
  2. The thing is Neo that these type of people do a lot worse undercover, but try to portray themshelves as saviours of the panth. In my teen years a lot of my 'friends' were like this. Sikhi does not need a rehat police. It does not need Sikhs being exposed and vilified for personal indiscretions. People that indulge in such behaviour are devils.
  3. This idea of manmat seems a problem. Isn't the majority of things we do man mat? A Sikh in no way be dealing in such name and same tactics and trying to push their opinions on others. The original post is not referring to stuff like clubbing drinking etc amongst Sikhs but about bibiya, singhniya that may do eyebrows or remove facial hair etc.. Like Neo said this katar-vaad needs to be dealt with or you are basically going to find people moving away from Sikhi completely. Sunday Sikhs are better than No Sikhs.
  4. Cultures that endorse modesty and cultures that endorse hypersexualization are the *same* thing. Both define female sexuality by how it relates to the male gaze. In both cases the female body exists as an ornament either to be kept carefully hidden or put on display. Neither is empowering for women.
  5. We all know that a lot of Sikh youth (Amritdharis included) are having physical relationships right? even if it is 'undercover' This idea that it is 'bad' it is a 'sin' obviously isn't a deterrent. It may make you feel guilty at first but that's about it. That feeling fades away to eventually. Sex and relationships really need to be discussed. What is wrong with having a relationship? finding your own partner? Having sex? What makes sex wrong outside marriage but ok inside? Why is it worse for a girl to be involved in such stuff but not as bad for a guy?
  6. This topic the panth should discuss as homosexuals are starting to come out (Sikhs included) about their sexuality. Akal Takht i know said no its not acceptable but it seems that was just a kneejerk response rather than learning what homosexuality is.
  7. Gur murat gur shabad hai sadh sangat vich pargat aeiaa... - Bhai Gurdas Ji
  8. Waheguru is an expression of enlightenment. It cannot be translated.

  9. I find all sampradas whether it be Taksal, Akj, Nihang, Nirmalas, Udasi offer interesting perspectives on Sikhi. Ridiculing or hating another's perspective is the epitome of "Anti Sikh"
  10. Forgive me if i'm mistaken but to me it seems this bibek issue has at times become absurd. Could it be this idea of keeping bibek or sarbloh bibek been a sort of a 'sign of the times' so to speak? The Sikhs were in constant battles, under constant threat from enemies. Would it be crazy to think this rehat was set up to protect Sikhs themselves and only trust the food of those close and dear to you, your brothers in arms. Could extreme measures of bibek have been a mode which they took to protect Sikhs from being poisoned or having their food contaminated by the enemy?
  11. There is nothing wrong with amritdhari love marriages, majority of them get love marriages in the west, but pretend to play the "it was arranged card" As for you, you're in quite the predicament, use your own budhi. Weigh in the pros and cons then make a decision.
  12. I'm pretty sure the Gurus would have wanted his Sikhs to use the same critical thinking faculty that they had used.
  13. Thanks for the post Gurbar Akaal any chance of maybe showing some of your work ?
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