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  1. A good 'Gurbani Anywhere' type app for android is 'iGranth'.
  2. Thank you JI!!!!!!! ive been looking for ages for these!!!!! maha kirpa!!!
  3. whaeguru ji ka khalsa, whaeguru ji ki fathe ang:279 salok | Shalok: santh saran jo jan parai so jan oudharanehaar | One who seeks the Sanctuary of the Saints shall be saved. santh kee nindhaa naanakaa bahur bahur avathaar |1| One who slanders the Saints, O Nanak, shall be reincarnated over and over again. ||1|| ang: 280 santh kaa nindhak mehaa athathaaee | The slanderer of the Saint is the worst evil-doer. sMq kw inMdku iKnu itknu n pweI ] santh kaa nindhak khin ttikan n paaee | The slanderer of the Saint has not even a moment's rest. santh kaa nindhak mehaa hathiaaraa | The sla
  4. Thanks, very useful, is it possible to add poornmashi and mussia dates also?
  5. yes, its how kirtan has been done for centuries
  6. Indian Classical Music and Sikh Kirtan by Gobind Singh Mansukhani chapter 10 page 74, sorry didnt mean to say maryada its a tradition, or set of rules which have developed over centuries by guru ji and some kirtaniyae
  7. fathe ji, Kirtaniyae are always learning throughout their lives, it is impossible to learn everything in a life time. I have been learning keertan for a few years and ustaad ji always makes sure riyaz is being done. at least half an hour of riyaz a day should be done. Start with doing your sargams slowly and then use the mandar and tar scale also. Then start sing patterns. After a while start using different speeds. DO NOT use a vaja/harmonium when doing riyaz it hinders our voice. Sing with just a tanpura only touch vaja keys briefly every now and then if you are unsure you have hit the sur
  8. the raag is gauri maajh. It is called a mishrat raag (a mix of two raags). its basically a completely different raag made of two other raags. The emotion created by a mishrat raag is very powerful during kirtan. There are also other mishrat raags in sri guru granth sahib ji like bilawal gond not sure about the 'bindhi' though
  9. According to keertan maryadha j. Keertan should be done without the shabad physically in front of you. THe shabad should be memorised and the meaning of the shabad also.
  10. i think it may be something to do when sri guru nanak dev ji brang a dead elephant back to life...just a guess
  11. gur fatheh ji, i was wondering if someone can list some apps related sikhi like nitnem or gurbani search apps or if there is anything like itablapro for apple available for android Im thinkin about gettin one of those irobot apads Thanks
  12. whaegur ji!!! so many replies quickly, thank you all very much for your help, i really do appreciate it feel so blessed that i decided to join Thank you all again!!!
  13. welcome to sikhsangat

  14. gur fathe ji, i was just wondering what shabads are usually sung at funerals or any shabad that would be 'appropriate' thank you
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