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  1. http://www.mangaloretoday.com/mt/index.php?action=headlines&type=2161 Eight-year-old girl beaten to death by Dera baba in Amritsar Mtoday news / PTI Amritsar, Sept 25: In a shocking case, a minor girl was beaten to death, allegedly by Sukhdev Singh, a Dera Sewadar (religious worker), in an Amritsar village on Saturday. The girl was brought from Maharashtra about 10 months ago and was and held captive here by the baba. A few days ago, she managed to escape and told villagers how she was tortured. "Baba bought me from Nanded in Maharashtra a few months back. He treated me very ba
  2. think its a place dedicated to baba sri chand!!
  3. saw u last night at the smagam couldnt come say fateh, message me your number, i dont have fb anymore

  4. http://panthic.org/articles/2664 Amritsar Sahib (KP) – Panthic.org has received information that a function is being organized by supporters of the Noormehal cult also known as Divya Jyoti Jagran in Guru ki Nagri Amritsar Sahib. While taking a strong notice of this event, Amritsar's Sikh population reported the incident with the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee but no actions have been taking so far to stop its occurrence. Panthic.org was notified that the program is scheduled to be held on July 29-30th at Mal Road Amritsar. If the Sikh leadership does not take a stand to put an en
  5. first time i heard this shbd was when this guy said he goes to gurudwara too and respects sikhi but bani in guru ji is not the truth its just poetry that rhymes!!??? i was upset and offended that i never talked to him again but then i was sitting in keertan and listened to this shbd.. http://sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=1339 logu jwnY iehu gIqu hY iehu qau bRhm bIcwr ] log jaanai eihu geeth hai eihu tho breham beechaar || People believe that this is just a song, but it is a meditation on God. ijau kwsI aupdysu hoie mwns mrqI bwr ]3] jio kaasee oupadhaes hoe maanas marathee baar ||
  6. http://searchgurbani.com/guru_granth_sahib/ang_by_ang
  7. so much courage the jhujaroos had...a lot of us young kids that speak of khalistan online dont even know what it was like for those jhujaroos...reading these stories make me shake but i still would never know the courage they had, the pain singh singhnia endured.. they left behind their families their everything for khalistan yet we see sikhs that say that they dont need khalistan... i guess its all because those that say this never read stories of the shaheeds...or they never tried feeling the pain of panth thanks for posting veere
  8. i love the penjis post about how she rather die than be the way she used to be.. I have felt like crap too sometimes i am not amritthari yet but since i started wearing keski and didnt do nitnem i felt like i just had it for show. i totally understand where you are coming from. my story isnt different than yours. i used to do everything i wanted before i got more into sikhi but there was still this emptiness that couldnt be fulfilled... then after highschool before i started college.. i was spending more time alone.. i would listen to songs about shaheeds was very passionate about learning a
  9. http://www.g5sikhmedia.co.uk/audio/katha/130-bhai-sukha-singh-uk.html
  10. sorry again veerji i spoke disrespectfully and rudely.. what you wrote above is exactly what i was trying to say... saying too much and not saying it right made me look like i was supporting the missionaries.. i think khalsa aid will agree to it if we find someone who could do the job.. the responsibility isn't just theirs (khalsa aids) but ours as welll.. we should do vichaar on who could step up.. and then try to get someone with sojhii to ask that jathebandi... if they are interested and would be dedicated then yeah!! khalsa aid will definitely agree.
  11. most taksalis i know fly to get to akj smagams and also take part in akj simran... there are some that say bad.... but those are usually the ones that dont even follow taksal rehit marayada properly those that keep rehit have naam bani... would never abuse jatha of fellow gursikhs.... i know nihang singhs that go to akj samagams... so there is a difference in perspective are you are willing to look at auguns of few from a jathebandi or guns of so many gursikhs of the jathebandi....
  12. when bhai sahibs petition was denied News channel did a whole presentation on bhai sahib but didnt mention the positive point such as : lack of evidence and how justice shaw decided against death sentence
  13. Veerji sorry my posts sound Rude but i was just frustrated. the reason i talked about conversions is because the area they are teaching in there is a high rate of conversion into christainity because christain missionaries offer education and a better life.... a lot of people give in and convert... i agreee with you..... you shouldnt do uthna bethna with guru nindak but GPS veerjis approach isn't right!! instead of fixing the problem, trying to find a solution he seems to be bashing khalsa aid. is that the right approach? i am sorry my previous posts didnt make much sense.. i want to mak
  14. veerji it doesnt matter... now since gps is sooo concerned and other people are so concerned then why dont they contact those jathebandis and ask them to contact khalsa aid khalsa aid has many other projects that they are working on.. those that are concerned should contact the jathebandis and ask them to contact khalsa aid so they could tkae on the seva of teaching the kids... missionaries probably offered help and khalsa aid took it.. other jathebandis probably never offered that help.. our panth is soooo indulged in politics and eevrything that it isnt focusing on important issues l
  15. another thing... just because missionary is teaching the kids doesnt mean their sikhi beliefs are going to be messsed up.. i am sure they arent going to emphasize the messed up beliefs they have.. my dad my massi they all were taught at the missionary college but their beliefs are perfectly normal.... there are missionaries doing kathas at gurughars talking against gurmat and simran..... how about you fix that before you attack khalsa aid. those kids need education and if missionary college is the only way then why not??
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