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  1. So what's the point of Satkaar then? If you don't care about Gurbani beadbi then why do you bow to the GuruGranthSahibJi? How about 'Pothi Parmesar Ka Thaan' What you are saying about Living Gurbani and understanding it, Andar Vasnaa is completely true and I agree with. I do not agree with not caring about the Satkaar or Gurbani though
  2. I'm sorry Ravkaur444, but you have missed the point. It's all about Satkaar of Gurbani. So are you saying we should be putting the birdh Gutka Sahibs into the local curbside recycling bin?!?!? I mean, it's paper right (if we go by what you said in your first post)
  3. We rang Sangat TV last week. They were a bit defensive but they did say that they are going to look into the matter. Does anyone else know what responses they have got from Sangat TV?
  4. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I know Upinder Randhawa did good coverage of the riots, and he is now praised by everyone in the world...media, politicians etc. BUT i think his thinking regarding Sikhi and recent shaheeds and freedom fighters are totally unacceptable. I believe Sangat TV needs to be very careful as to who they choose to be their presenters. Upinder Randhawa has made the following claims with regards to Sikhi. 1) you don't need to keep kesh or wear a dastaar 2) Detrimental comments made against Sant Jarnail Singh Ji and other Shaheed Singhs 3) claiming Singhs ra
  5. Please follow and update on Twitter: #southall #sikhs #vigilantes use the following link to update on the happenings and remember to #tag your messages as above admin, please make this a sticky at least for tonight
  6. Sunday 26th June 12pm VOTE NO!! The new Gurdwara Committee wants to maintain and refurbish the Old Gurdwara Sahib dilapidated buildings (Hall 1). Realistically this will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to refurbish, for what will always be a temporary short term inadequate solution. We urge you to ask? • Do we have a planning & building regulations consent for the proposed work? • What are the costs involved in bringing Hall 1 into temporary use? • Why are details of cost and revenues being deliberately hidden? • What additional incremental income if any will this generate for t
  7. On Sunday 26th June the General Ajlaas is taking place at Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara which will decide the fate of the old Gurdwara building and whether or not it should be converted to become all purpose party hall. In a recent article to Man Jitt Weekly, the people pushing for the old Gurdwara to become a party hall are open and honest about their views on meat, sharaab and community centre's made through Gurdwara. Please come along at 12pm to register and become a member so that you can vote in the General Ajlaas. Anyone from anywhere can become a member as long as they full the cri
  8. Here is a compiled timeline from sikh lionz http://www.sikhlionz.com/eventstimelineob.htm OPERATION BLUESTAR EVENTS TIMELINE June 1, 1984 - Pieceing together the evidence of various eye-witness and also second-hand socurces, such as Kirpal Singh, President of the Khalsa Dewan, Amritsar and S.S. Bhagowalia, advocate at Gurdaspur and Vice-president for the Association for Protection of Democratic Rights (Punjab), the following picture emerges as to what happened at Golden Temple from June 1, 1984. It is really amazing how, except for some minor details, the accounts of different persons inte
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-13660218
  10. ITV London Camera crew are confirmed to be there at Hyde Park
  11. Yes, I would prefer to have the gurdwara shut for good if the committee and sangat find it so difficult to adhere to basic gurmat principles. Ways to bring income would be organising events that involve the whole community and if you base these events purely on gurmat, you will start seeing yourself how much kirpa will be bestowed on the Gurdwara Sahib. Guru Sahib will do so much kirpa that you won't even need to worry about money, that's a promise. Gurdwara Sahibs can organise, punjabi classes, kirtan classes, learning tabla or vajaa, have kids camps, santhiya classes etc you'll be amazed
  12. Dudleysingh, I would rather the gurdwara close than to have one that does maha beadbi of our king of kings, Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Wherever there is true Satkaar of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, GuruSahib does kirpa. Wherever there is beadbi, then the people responsible will face hardships, in one form of another, be it opposing sangat, or even to the extent of ones own health suffering. At the end of the day, one is answerable to Dharam Raj. So please stop the cleverness in the negative posts about the Satkaar campaign. It's getting boring now. You've made your point.
  13. A penji's perspective on what happened Please read http://imandeepkaur.wordpress.com/2011/05/29/national-anti-–-beadbi-rally-at-guru-nanak-singh-sabha-gurdwara-dudley-on-saturday-28th-may-2011/
  14. Dudleysingh, stop exagerrating hope all those that could, watched the youth programme on the Sikh Channel as it clarified a lot of points about the happenings of yesterday.
  15. What a FANTASTIC discussion! It was really inspiring! The presenter VeerJee did a wonderful job and the panel were brilliant! Well done Sikh Channel and please please allow more youth programme like this as we were totally hooked throughout the whole programme Thank you once again Sikh Channel! Please allow more inspiring, top quality youth programmes like this regularly Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj!
  16. "Discovery"... a new show in English coming on Sangat TV, aimed at the youth. Every Tuesday, 8pm on Sangat TV, Sky channel 847. (Starting Tuesday 9th November). Please watch and let others know.
  17. wjkk wjkf I have just come across this thread. My neice went to the camp and she told me that it was a " Punjabi Camp " rather than a " Gurmat Camp ". The majority of group leaders were non-Amritdharis who didn't seem to inspire any of the campers to take Amrit and follow Guru Ji's Rahit. My neice told me that there is one Gursikh young bibi )which I assume is the same Gursikh Bibi mentioned in the initial post who was refused to make food in the kitchen and was also refused to have anyone bring her food from outside of the camp) The Bibi went to sleep hungry for the first day and the rest
  18. GuruFateh I was wondering if the sangat ji can help me. I am looking for the audio that is currently being broadcasted/played on Sikhnet Channel number 5 (http://www.sikhnet.com/radio) from the Akhand Path Station. This is really beautiful and have been searching everywhere on the net but I cant find it :'( please please please if anyone knows where I can get this/download this from then this sewa would be greatly appreciated. I really really need it ... Thank you in advance Guru Rakha
  19. You really are immature Shastr! I hope you don't find any links EVER waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru!
  20. I think there's always going to be a difference in opinion with regards to colours etc...IMHO whatever the panj pyarai tell you is what you should be going with.... I believe that a true gursikh is one that is simple in everyway....we have so many examples of past chardhi kalaa gursikhs....Baba Harnam Singh Ji, Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwalai, Bhai Randhir Singh Ji, Giani Thakur Singh Ji, Bhai Rama Singh Ji etc etc....and so many today, such as Baba Seva Singh Ji, Sant Ranjit Singh Ji, Bhai Jeevan Singh Ji etc etc.... If i'm correct you haven't seen any of the mentioned wear any colours othe
  21. actually, FYI, I have given them funding and i do think they are doing an excellent job. We have the channel on 24/7 and things such as distorting the image of the khalsa IS diluting sikhi...this is a discussion board is it not???...maybe we can all learn a little from each other...right? I am having non-sikh people come up to me and say 'that girl on TV wears make-up so why don't you?' even though I have explained to them that when we become gursikh, we try to keep things as simple and as natural as we can as thats just the way God made us...Gurikhs bibian wearing make-up is just as bad a
  22. Amrique Kaur (the presenter in question) really shouldn't wear make up with a dastar. The original poster had a valid point : 'We want to be "Amritdhari" and wear Dastars but more importantly, want to dress like manmukhs and disrespect the image of the Khalsa with painting our faces to make ourselves feel pretty.' Sikhchannel.tv forum don't want to know because they don't reply to things that they don't agree with.
  23. wjkk wjkf jio! Sikh Channel is doing a fab job so far!! in my house it's practically on 24/7 so well done to all that are involved ji... Anyways, i've tried to write on your forum, but for some kind of reason, an error keeps occuring :umm: so I hope you don't mind me writing here... I've seen a couple of times that when some kirtani's are reciting shabads from printouts, they put the printout on their lap... like the other day i saw a tablachee having a printout on his lap which is very disrespectful in my opinion.....Gurbani Satkaar is extremely important at all times...weather you're t
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