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  1. FATEH! WEll all these deaths afta 153...is not a coincidence u no. Maybe theres a significance behind this nmber. But anyway, maybe its a random number the AKAL PURAKH chose 4 the attacvkers to live <_< lol ...OR maybe im just imagining it all Anyways, it dusnt relly matter if 153 is significant or not. The main point is.. no1 can attack darbar sahib n get away wid it. It's beyond a "holy place" in my views...its sumhow more powerful. wot u fink? FATEH!
  2. FATEH!! trust me this is wikid stuff <_< .. It may seem long 2 read, but u DO get into it the author is TOO funny! Just chek it out FATEH!!
  3. FATEH yehh i fink i herd of him.. thought he got killed? gosh well maybe it's his turn to reach his "par bhram khand" huna? WAHEGURU JI plz save us from such people. nowadays people wonder "khalsa dont haf 2 fight nomore, there r no more mughals" but they r rong. Khalsa has 2 remain fighting, and stay TIAR BAR TIAR for an attack. Khalsa Ji, there is always a war going on, either mentally or physical. Here, as u can c, the war is between Khalsa and people who try 2 alter our beliefs. NISCHAI KAR APNE JEET KARO! bhul chuk maaf ji, 51NGH FATEH!!!
  4. FATEH! Sorry t get into detail but what made u fink sikhs were intolerable <_< just wondering ji FATEH!!
  5. <_< :wub: beats jay sean... (no offence )
  6. FATEH!! if we tell u dat, then willl u promise not ask "what are the SEVEN main teachings then".. plzz lol FATEH!
  7. WHAT THE..... ?! <_< @ fink sum1 is taing the piss now.
  8. FATEH!! OMG how bad its all becum <_< Khalsa Ji The youth r doign a wikid job they should keep it up. Maybe boycotting will solve this prob. who knows. THESE PEOPLE THO... these MORONS who jacked this system up, gosh all i can say is Guru Ji will punish em. WAHEGURU DE LATHI VICH AVAAZ NAHI HUNDI. This is not a threat to them. Its a fact. FATEH
  9. FATEH!! man they did NUTTING at the time of mughals. It was the KHalsa who did most of the work in Punjab. The hindus? they trsuted bhramins to "chant magic words". its a fact that this is the way Babur took over, coz hindu priests sed "dont fight back people, we'll make a mantar wich will break their legs. well it was true in the sense that THEIR legs got broken <_< Soz abt offence just had 2 let it out bhul chuk maaf FATEH!
  10. FATEH!! wow dats wikid! yeh it gave me the hosla i need 2 recite more gurbani <_< FATEH!
  11. FATEH Samosa Singh Sorry to correct u on this stereotypical thought, but u are rong. U are basically generalising every son of a giani. Usually, the sons of gianis r thought of hig as the giani himself, and r expected 2 be good.. Yes i no sum who r corrupt, they only "sikhs" by name. But woteva thechildren becum, its usually based on how the parents brought them up. I mean, if the giani stays at gurdwra all day, n hardly sees the kid, how can he be sure that he is on a sikh forum or doing keertan rather than going out 2 clubs n pubs n drinking n wot not. u get wot i min So, i no some who r
  12. FATEH! LLOOOOLLL dat just made me smile well this muslim stranger in college came up 2 me n goes SAT SRI AKAAL SARDAR JI! i was lyk fanx :wub: so i replyed "malek um salaam" <_< Yeh we, as SIkhs, usually get racist remarks wherever we go, but we get respect as well. THe racist remarks are usually signs of ignorance n not knowing.bechare they dont no huna? HOpe Guru Ji blesses them wid budhi (not elderly hood LOL i min knowledge) FATEH!
  13. FATEH!! o teri! big mistake. thanx 4 pointing out, ill edit the post now. dats a paap damn. Hum KHIN KHIN BHULANHAAR (hope i got DAT right lol). bhul chuk maaf ji FATEH!
  14. FATEH!! actually, there r sum decent points raised here. we should shed light on these topics n let every1 else know too. These Nangs use Sikh-rehat in the rong way 2 break it <_< Y?!?! If u want to eat meat so muich then convert to a diff religion huna? Hope guru ji helps these people, WAHEGURU. bhul chuk maaf ji FATEH!
  15. K Singh Ji, the comments you speak of reffer to Nihang Gajjan Singh rather than Bhai Sukhpreet Singh as far as I can tell. Perhaps there has been some misunderstanding in that you missed his quite ridiculous post. Please do scroll up and read it, but only when you have 30-45 minutes free to laugh out loud afterwards. 91888[/snapback] FATEH!! haha fanx 4 pointing that out khalsa ji.. im such a moorakh! ur right veer ji, I misred it. I thought shaheed veerji was talkign abt SUkhporeet SINgh. Yeh i did read the other post but got confused becoz its on the next page <_< sorry l
  16. FATEH!!this is kind of awkward situation. BUt, in Sukhmani sahib, Guru Arjun Dev Ji says "where ur mum, dad, nor bro nor mate will accompany u, only naam will be ur companion" (start of 2nd astpadi) SO family is not relly important compareed 2 naam huna? Wel, if u haf 2 do nething agenst sikhi, n if u decide 2 break it. memba that sahibzaade who gave their heads but not thier sikhi. >>SIR JAAVE TA JAAVE, MERI SIKHI SIDAK NA JAAVE<< If poss, try 2 save the family, but dont risk ur sikhi. and if summing DUS happen 2 them.. memba Guru Arjun Dev Ji's vaak wen he sat on hot tavvi.
  17. FATEH!! this is a kind of vid wich makes u fink afta watching it... n starts 2 get addictive afta a while Well there r many dirty music videos n only a few decent ones lyk dis 1. Just lyk one gem is found afta 1000's of rocks, if u get wot i min. Keep it up Rabbi <_< Yeh the song has sum spiritual meaning to it, as in u r nutting to this world.. (the lyrics go lyk: i am neither this nor dat...etc etc) FATEH!
  18. FAteh JI y batter HIM?! he not backing em up. Plz lisun properly. if u did, u would've realised hes doign the opposite. Shaheed veer i advise u to chek the video out agen. Sorry if i offended any1. bhul chuk maaf FATEH!
  19. FATEH! HOpe I helped FATEH! PS: isit me or are the siharis the rong place...agen?!<_< (just lyk dasamgranth.org one..hm is dat summing 2 do wid unicode?)
  20. FATEH!! veerji dats a point spot on! not only on vaisakhi this is happining in normal day life. Lyk sundays = not 4 learning from the katha/hukamnama, but more lyk "wow dat fit gyal who just walked past..i want her number!" kinda thing. Shame on these kinda peepz. But its quite nice 2 see that there r sum lit lamps of sikh youth alive 2day in western countries. Its Guru Ji's Kirpa this light is still lit. Bhul chuk maaf, sorry if i offended ne1 FATEh!
  21. o yeh btw Sukhpreet Singh Udhoke veer ji is a gangsta 4 the lecture. gosh it was long dint he get tired?? koina. Hes doing a wikid job! haha GURSIKH stands 4 Global United Research and Service Institute of Knowledge for Humanity. I no all of u musta noticed alredy well i just got happy seeing that part..thought YEH dats wot a gursikh is afta all (ie: seva 4 humanity) bhul chuk maaf
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