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  1. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Upcoming Amrit Sanchaar's

    Sri Guru Singh Sabha Park Avenue this Saturday - 13th at 1pm - Hall No2
  2. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Real Translation of Mool Mantar - just for you

    Is Mahandulai paid to post on here ? We have a number of posts where people are asking for genuine help or guidance yet no one will reply to them yet here we are again with another Mahandulai post and everyone is on it lol...
  3. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Greatest Sikh warriors/Figures?

    Bhai Sukha Singh Ji / Mehtab Singh Ji - Who killed Massa Rangar for the descreation of the Harimandir Sahib. Bhai Subeg Singh / Shabaz Singh - Attained Shaheedi on the Chakri Bhai Jai Singh Khalkhat - Who was tied upside down and skinned alive after refusing to carry the Hookah of a Muslim Governor. Bhai Taru Singh Ji - Who's scalp was removed for refusing to convert to Islam. Bhai Haquiquat Singh - Who refused to recongnise his mother after she tried to save him from Shaheedi claiming he was not a Singh. Baba Moti Ram Mehra & Family - Who were made Shaheed for serving milk to the Chotte Sahibzaade at Sirhind in the Thanda Burj. Diwan Todar Mal - Who bought the most expensive piece of land by stacking coins on their sides to carry out the Antim Sanskar of the Chotte Sahibzaade and Mata Gujri Ji. Bhai Mansha Singh Ji - Who was made shaheed within the Sarovar of Harimandir Sahib whilst trying to light Jot at Sri Darbar Sahib Bibi Rajni Ji - Who was married to a man suffering from Leprosy, and left him by the now Amrit Sarovar at Ramdaspur to find food, he saw black sparrows coming out of the sarovar as white doves. Dipped himself in with full sharda and left one finger out so that his wife Bibi Rajni would recognise him. Jathedar Akali Baba Hanuman Singh ji - Attained shaheedi whilst fighting against the british at a time when there were orders to shoot Nihangs on site. Baba Atal Rai Ji - Son of Sri Guru HarGobind Sahib Ji Just the few Gurmukhs from the top of my head
  4. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Travelling to Warsaw

    Thank you! Do you know whether he has to remove his dastar during security?
  5. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Travelling to Warsaw

    Waheguru Ji i am having to travel to Warsaw Poland next week due to work, and have been reading up on their security guidelines. Has anyone that wears a Dastar here been recently? I have read up on the case from 2011 but can’t find anything recent?
  6. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Kacchera & Bathroom (Help!)

    Thank you phenji, I kind of gathered that might be the case, but you don't know if you don't ask!
  7. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Kacchera & Bathroom (Help!)

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh, Before I write this benti to all Sangat - this is a post for advice, if you are going to come with a holier than thou attitude or ridicule then please do not bother replying! So I have just started wearing the Panj Kakkar, as practice before I take Amrit, and I have a question about the Kacchera. I work in in a professional role in central London, and today went to the bathroom to 'pee', I wiped my parts before re-tying my naala, when I looked down I noticed some residue on the kachera. Now I have been told before by family members that if this happens you need to do Ardaas and change your Kacchera immediately? Is this the case? I only ask because my family are kind of against me taking Amrit so not sure whether this is just hearsay or another way to deter me from taking Pahaul. I don't see anyway round this as there probably will always bee some kind of residue? Any Singhs that can provide any advice on this, will be much appreciated. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  8. PranaamShaheedaNu

    About taking Amrit

    True - but if you are married and ready to take Amrit, and your partner is not - are yo useriously telling me you will nor try to procreate ? Sikhi is a logical Dharam - if we started thinking like that our Kaum wouldn't go anywhere!
  9. PranaamShaheedaNu

    SikhSangat.com not fit for purpose?

    No need for me to respond, I will be a even bigger fool than you to continue to feed your stupidity.
  10. PranaamShaheedaNu

    SikhSangat.com not fit for purpose?

    LOL ok then - because you have full Gian of everything going on. Go troll on another site. Sorry but I don't need evidential proof of what my Guru said - if you don't believe it then fine - move on mate - you are actually getting boring now.
  11. PranaamShaheedaNu

    What in Sikhi do we know for sure?

    Then take a hike - you don't believe it that's fine - stop belittling those that do. You are seriously one hell of a joke as an individual.
  12. PranaamShaheedaNu

    SikhSangat.com not fit for purpose?

    I agreement that you posts are absurd. I have reviewed some of your yourtube content also - if you do not agree with the way in which the faith is and the way in which the faithful practice the faith do not comment on them. I am at a disbelief that someone who has Kesh and ties a Dastar is questioning the very purpose of the identity that he is keeping - its Ludacris. We have enough people trying to tarnish our community as it is without requiring for members of the community themselves try and tarnish us! You don't have faith - that's fine You need evidential proof - that's fine. Tell me this - can you prove that your mother is your mother and your father is your father? Have you ever questioned your father if he is your father? No you wouldn't because you have faith in his word - it is akin to questioning the purpose of the Kakkar - and the purpose of Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji - my Guru gave us a hukam - there is no need to question. Aap Guru Kartar - The Guru himself is the All Prevading Being. You need a tight slap - someone born of the Sikh faith is referring to the Guru as just poetry - the Gian that Guru sahib gives us is immeasurable. Its time for indioviduals like you / and others to stop trating Maharaj as an idol, if you pick the Rumalla up just once and take a glimpse of the Guru and Read and Vichaar on its word maybe just maybe your eyes will open!
  13. PranaamShaheedaNu

    We as Sikhs are meant to stand out from the crowd.

    @Mods seriously are you going to let this imbicle to continue to write his rubbish in this forum?
  14. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Should Sikhs be proud?

    Guru also taught us to have faith in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 10 Human Gurus, and Gurbani in general. However you seem hell bent not to follow that but question everything else. What is your actual issue? I have not seen you post anything positive on this site. You seem you need evidential proof of everything that makes us as Sikhs Unique and that enables us to stand out as a Nirmal / Anokha Panth. Be Proud Be Proud of our Gurus that stood up to the tyrannical rule of the time. Be Proud of the Shaheeds that didn't waiver from their faith even when faced with death. Be Proud of the Chaar Shaibzaade who attained Shaheedi at such a young age but again did not waiver. Be Proud of Our Sadhu Sant Mahatma's that have shown us the way to reach Waheguru through Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Simran. Be Proud of our Jarnail's like Sant Jarnail Singh Ji who took on the whole Indian Establishment. Ego / Pride in ones self is completely different to pride in the way out ancestors stood for justice, faith and honour. I would seriously suggest that you read Gurbani, do Vichaar on the word of the Guru: Bhul Chuk Maaf A Proud Learning and Mistake Making Sikh of the Guru Gur Fateh
  15. PranaamShaheedaNu

    Do Sikhs have blind faith?

    Yet again @mahandulai do you have nothing better to do than point fingers at either our doctrine, our way of life or the Kakkars. If you do not have the faith that's fair enough but do not bring your negativity to a site which : a) Is high spirited and proud of our History and achievements. b) Is here to support and Guide. I can understand if you has posed your question in a way in which others could maybve help you understand, however you submit point blank opinions with no evidence and expect a discussion! Pick up a history book - It'll do you wonders! Gur Fateh

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