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  1. There is a video going around of a nihang Singh at the farmers protest in Delhi talking about how at some nihang Dal Amrit sanchars there are two baate of Amrit - from reading around apparently 'mazbhi Sikh" have to have a separate bata of Amrit from everyone else and also there are separate pangats in langar. Does anyone know what this is about?
  2. Must watch this video- how the government plans to make it look like farmers are firing guns so the army and police can shoot at them
  3. Does anyone know if Bhai dharam Singh nihang of sach Khoj academy has gone to akal takht for pesh as I know they declare him tankhaiya a few years back. Just wondering is he still considered tankhaiya? Has he been excommunicated or considered part of panth? I quite like his veechars Nihang Singhs don't seem to have an issue as he was at a nihang event in 2018 https://youtu.be/fw_zLnhlQ0s
  4. I used to have this issue before and even posted about it in here, but have now realised. When you read rehat maryada really carefully you see that the actual BAJJAR kurehit is to use tobacco. That doesn't mean we can drink sharaab though. The rehat maryada says not to have any NASHA including sharaab. However alcohol outright not being included as a bajjar kurehit is a very sensical thing and shows Maharaj's perfection. The reason for this is that if alcohol was placed as 'bajjar' kurehit life would be pretty much unliveable. Why? Because chemical alcohol i.e. ethanol is prese
  5. Who is the jathedar of Tarna Dal? What are the different branches of Tarna Dal? Which section of to Tarna Dal is associated with Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Jee, I have heard it is hariavela but then I have also heard it is Baba Bakala?
  6. I don't mean the ring mala. I mean like in this picture.
  7. I have noticed quite a few nihang Singhs seem to wear a ring on the finger. Mostly seems to be sarbloh. What is the significance of wearing this?
  8. Wear your kachera over the club shorts. Why can't you wear a kirpan? If you really can't. You can always wear a Dori wali kirpan if you are really stuck Kangha even if you couldn't put in your head, could easily go in a pocket?
  9. You say you think you are lying by keeping hair. Who do you think you should be if you have hair? And why do you think this? Would you really ever be satisfied with you who you are to be worthy of being called a gursikh? The fact is we are all supposed to consider ourselves unworthy. So if you are thinking you don't match up to being a gursikh with the appearance, you are actually being a perfect Sikh because guru sahib wants us to be humble. That person who thinks they are not a gursikh is the most worthy to have the appearance of a Sikh because they are focusing on their deme
  10. Does anyone have any sources on the history of taking a hukamnama from guru Granth Sahib jee, any writers that have written on this or any bachans by sants?
  11. I would suggest becoming a nihang, this way *DELETED* Also nihang Singh often just wear the *DELETED* Nihang Singhs often don't mind their *DELETED*- but encourage them to keep head hair uncut. I would strongly recommend finding some local nihang Singhs and I am almost sure they will convince you to stay in Sikhi and show you a more liveable and workable Sikhi. It's fine to listen to nitnem if you don't do it yourself. Sikhi is not meant to be stressful, don't hold yourselves to the standards of the amritdharis you initially saw. In the West, you have basically g
  12. I'm not trying to be rude but most of you guys on here talking about "women these days" sound like incels. I don't know why some people are so obsessed with what women are doing, go out there be the alpha male and any girl will like you. It's very simple Singhs need to man up. Most Singhs want a pretty and feminine girl so similarly girls like confident manly men, alot of Singhs are not up to scratch its simple as that. There is alot of incel like <banned word filter activated> shaming going on - you can not hope to know what someone is like from a Facebook post
  13. Can sangat please suggest hotels or nivas asthans near sri darbar sahib. They have to be a decent standard and no more than half an hour walk. I have heard about nishkam jatha niwas but when i phoned nobody picked up. Failing nivas, even hotels which are not too far would be great. I have stayed in hyatt before but as it is on gt road you always need to travel by car to reach darbar sahib. Id prefer a hotel i can get a motor rickshaw from or walk from. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  14. When bhatras say rajput this really confuses me, arent bhatras who say they are of rajput backgrounds actually KASHYAP Rajputs which is different from Rajputs who are not related to bhatra community at all? There are Rajput Sikhs and they are not bhatray, more similar to Khatri so I really don't get it when bhatray say they are rajput.
  15. It is not YOUR hair, it is not YOUR head, it belongs to Guroo! Do you not think that mothers of children butchered by meer mannu loved them? Those children that were cut apart piece by piece and made into necklaces for the mothers to wear. Do you not think their mothers loved gazing at them, adorning them and loving them? Yes they did, but they realised that they belonged to Guroo and they were not theirs to keep. Even Guru Gobind Singh Ji sacrificed his chaar sahibzade for the sake of this panth and rehat. If you turn your back on Guru by doing this ku-karam (horrible, corrupt action), ever
  16. This must not be allowed to go ahead. This is a direct contradiction to akal takht rules. See attached invitation that someone messaged me. Friday 1st may at 9:30 am
  17. Caution: Some inappropriate scenes. They were talking about this movie on bbc breakfast and I saw a turban wearing man on the poster so I decided to google it. I found this trailer. It seems to be presenting the very bottom end of our community. At work he is shown to be rather slimy. The most shocking thing is that the 'sikh' character in this film (who trims his dhari) is sometimes shown with a dastar, then a hat and finally completely bald! Lots of scenes showing 'sikhs' doing silly things like drinking. Like I said, it shows the very bottom end of our community. What a shame that possi
  18. http://destroyed.wakavision.com/cheating-girlfriends-room-destroyed-by-her-boyfriend-as-she-begs-for-forgiveness- Caution- video has some strong language and unpleasant scenes. The information given for this video is that a boyfriend takes revenge on his girlfriend for cheating on him. You can distinctly see a picture of darbar sahib (golden temple) on the girl's wall. The boy however seems to look like a muslim (facial appearance) though it did look like at one point he may have been wearing a kara (the scene where he is pouring the bottle), though even if he is wearing a kara he still may
  19. This rumalla sahib which has ik oankar and mool mantar on it is being sold as a table cloth! This is really disrespectful I'm not sure if the seller realises what this means. They are probably not meaning to offend but I'm not very familiar with ebay so how can we stop the beadbi? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SIKH-EASTERN-WALL-HANGING-TABLECLOTH-GOLD-TONE-SQUARE-/131384727451?pt=UK_Home_HomeDecor_WallHangings&hash=item1e9723d79b
  20. Please contact United Sikhs who successfully deal with these kinds of issues all the time http://www.unitedsikhs.org Address: JAF, POB 7203, New York, NY 10116, USA Tel: 1-646-688-3525 (Toll-free: 1-888-243-1690 (US Only)) Fax: 1-810-885-4264 Email: unitedsikhs-usa@unitedsikhs.org
  21. What is the purpose of doing it? Are there different types of Sikhs? who decides who is a sant and not? Chaur Sahib is done over Guru Granth Sahib Jee to show that he is the true king, by doing a chaur it really gives the impresion that sant mahapurakhs" have the same status as Guru Sahib. what next? chandoa? takht? Personally I am very offended at seeing a chaur done anywhere but over Guru Sahib. Also, there wpuld be uproar if this was done over a living person, yet somehow because its a body its now ok? even this makes no sense as Gurbani tells us a body might as well be eaten by dogs af
  22. I just had a few questions about, 'Akal Bunga' which I was hoping that the sangat could help me with. Firstly, I saw a video of the funeral of Baba Mani Singh, and I didn't really understand a few things i saw. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2IGhLZ_WYQ 1. In the above video, the body of Baba Mani Singh has a chaur sahib being waved above it, and members of the Akal Bunga sangat seem to be covering the body in almonds and mishri. This includes the current head of the organisation Baba Surinder Singh also did the same so this act of placing food items onto the dead body seems to be sanctione
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