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  1. And what is next after the Saroop Sahib has been restored? I take it that Maharaj will be parkash or sukhasan in an appropriate sachkhand? Also why as a community accepting that our GURU is being treated like a book in so many museums? We should not rest until all saroops are with the panth.
  2. I've been following this debate very carefully, alot of it is much too much for my limited understanding so I can't really say what I think is right or wrong. However, 'Consciousness', I think that was bang out of order to say Kaal was being angry, over reacting, or even saying hes showing his true colours. I don't think Kaal has been any of these things and these been some interesting stuff in his posts, and yours too. Please lets not make assumptions about people.
  3. http://www.sikhanswe...-view-on-aarti/ Sanaatan (Hindu) practices infiltrating Sikhi In the mid-18th century when the Khalsa had to live in the jungles because they had a price on their head, Nirmala and Udaasi Mahants (caretakers) took care of the Gurdwaras. During this period the Nirmala and Udaasis came under the influence of Hinduism and introduced Hindu practices to Sikh institutions. Over time the Mahants became more powerful and although the Sikh Gurdwaras were freed from the clutches of the corrupt Mahands in the turn of the 20th century through the Singh Sabha and Gurdwara Reform Movements. Although the Gurdwaras were freed and Sikh Maryada (Code of Conduct) was re-introduced to Sikh institutions, some Sikh institutions in India that were outside of the Panjab or in the hands of certain Nihangs or Sants continued practising some Hindu rituals. One of the rituals is “performing” Aarti. Singing the Keertan of Aarti is a Sikh practise, however performing Aarti by waving a platter with oil lamps and flowers whilst ringing bells is a Hindu practise. Aarti and Sikh Maryada The Panthic Sikh Rehit Maryada, the official Sikh Code of Conduct, states: ਸ) ਉਪਰ ਦੱਸੇ ਸਾਮਾਨ ਤੋਂ ਇਲਾਵਾ ਧੂਪ ਜਾਂ ਦੀਵੇ ਮਚਾ ਕੇ ਆਰਤੀ ਕਰਨੀ, ਭੋਗ ਲਾਉਣਾ, ਜੋਤਾਂ ਜਗਾਉਣੀਆਂ, ਟੱਲ ਖੜਕਾਉਣੇ ਆਦਿ ਕਰਮ ਗੁਰਮਤਿ ਅਨੁਸਾਰ ਨਹੀਂ[ ਹਾਂ, ਸਥਾਨ ਨੂੰ ਸੁਗੰਧਿਤ ਕਰਨ ਲਈ ਫੁੱਲ, ਧੂਪ ਆਦਿ ਸੁਗੰਧੀਆਂ ਵਰਤਣੀਆਂ ਵਿਵਰਜਿਤ ਨਹੀਂ[ ਕਮਰੇ ਅੰਦਰ ਰੌਸ਼ਨੀ ਲਈ ਤੇਲ,ਘੀ ਜਾਂ ਮੋਮਬੱਤੀ, ਬਿਜਲੀ, ਲੈਂਪ ਆਦਿ ਜਗਾ ਲੈਣੇ ਚਾਹੀਦੇ ਹਨ[ d. Anything except the afore-mentioned reverential ceremonies, for instance, such practices as the Aarti (waving of a platter with burning lamps and incense set in it in vertical circular motion) with burning incense and lamps, offerings of eatables to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, burning of lights, beating of gongs, etc., is contrary to Gurmat (the Guru’s way). However, for the perfuming of the place, the use of flowers, incense and scent is not barred. For light inside the room, oil or butter-oil lamps, candles, electric lamps, kerosene oil lamps, etc., may he lighted. In the same spirit, Sant Gurbachan Singh Bhindranwale, a Gurbani scholar and saint, clearly explains what Aarti means in the Sikh religion in ‘Gurbaani Paath Darpan’. In chapter of Akhand Paath maryada, page 168, Sant Ji writes: ਆਰਤੀ ੳਚਾਰਨੀ, ਦੀਵੇ ਨਹੀਂ ਬਾਲਣੇ,ਕੇਵਲ ਸ਼ਬਦ ਪੜਨੇ ਅਤੇ ਕੀਰਤਨ ਕਰਨਾ, ਫਿਰ ਕੜਾਹ ਪ੍ਰਸ਼ਾਦ ਵੰਡਣਾ ਅਤੇ ਖੁੱਲਾ ਲੰਗਰ ਕਰਨਾ। “Do Aarti, don’t light lamps, only read Shabads of Aarti and Do Kirtan, then distribute Karah Parshad and have open Langar.” On page 135, Sant Ji writes: ਹਰ ਪਾਠ ਦੇ ਭੋਗ ਪੈਣ ਤੇ ਕੀਰਤਨ ਤੇ ਆਰਤੀ ੳਚਾਰੇ( ਬਿਨਾਂ ਮ੍ਰਿਤਕ ਪਹਿਲੀ ਵਾਰ ਦਾ) (ਨੋਟ- ਆਰਤੀ ਦੇ ਸ਼ਬਦ ਹੀ ੳਚਾਰਨੇ, ਦੀਵੇ ਨਹੀਂ ਬਾਲਣੇ) “At bhog of every Paath, do Kirtan and sing Aarti (except first path of an individual’s death” (Note- Only Sing Shabads of Aarti, don’t light lamps) Under title of Aarti, Santji wrote complete Maryada of Aarti and in the end he writes- ਆਰਤੀ ਦੇ ਸ਼ਬਦ ਬੈਠ ਕੇ ਪੜਨੇ ਕੀਰਤਨ ਕਰਨਾ ਹੀ ਯੋਗ ਹੈ।ਥਾਲ ਵਿਚ ਦੀਵੇ ਬਾਲ ਕੇ ਆਰਤੀ ਦਾ ਖੰਡਨ ਸਤਿਗੁਰਾਂ ਨੇ ਕੀਤਾ ਹੈ। “It is best to sit and sing Shabads of Aarti. Doing Aarti with lighted lamps in plates has been rejected by Satguru Ji.” So going by Gurmat and Gurbani, only the sitting and singing of Aarti in Keertan form without lighting lamps is permissible, as lighting of lamps like the Hindus did at Mandir in Jagannath is contrary to teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
  4. I think the best solution to this is for akal takht to summon them.
  5. i would say this applies to other social media as well http://www.lockergno...aking-us-crazy/ Social Media & Technology Is Facebook Making Us Crazy? Posted by Kelly Clay on Apr 12, 2011 | 2 Comments It has been almost exactly nine years since I graduated high school. A few months ago, I curled up on the couch and watched Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, a little bit for the laugh, and a little bit so I could have a good cry about what was then and what is now. Romy and Michele’s anticipation of their reunion is a little foreign, though, as I have spent the last ten or so years connected – at the last, from a far distance – to my high school classmates. Whether my peers remained friends or “frenemies” there remains a constant attention to what we are doing, who we are seeing (and now, marrying) and what success we have each (or have not) achieved. At the least, Facebook has now allowed each and every one of us – and our new friends, too – to keep up with the pace of each other’s lives. And to compare accordingly. In an article published this past weekend in the New York Times, Jenna Wortham says that the overwhelming use of social media has created a fear amongst this generation of missing out. This “FOMO” ultimately creates a constant “fear we’ve made the wrong decision about how to spend our time,” according to Dan Ariely, a author of “Predictably Irrational” and a professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University. The use of social media both as consumers and users allows for this generation to constantly share every detail of their lives – and compete with their peers accordingly. The use of things like Instagram and FourSquare provide intrinsic rewards to our peers for doing even more cool, fun things, which further drives not only this competitive spirit, but might trigger that FOMO if you are not out and about at any given time. Technology has made these differences in lifestyle – whether by choice or otherwise – particularly harder to swallow for this generation. Being “always on” means we’re constantly bombarded with stories, pictures and videos on Facebook with titles like “Addicted to FUN!” – and no matter how much fun your own life is, it is still hard to wonder what else you are missing out on. And it’s not just a fleeting moment of jealousy on a Surday night – Wortham points the FOMO does not just apply to envy of friends with a fun nightlife but also to entirely different lifestyles. Which makes me wonder – if I am normally happy and secure with my successful life, how is a simple photo on a Friday night on Facebook the cause of such stress? Is Facebook really making us crazy? http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/10/business/10ping.html?_r=2 Feel Like a Wallflower? Maybe It’s Your Facebook Wall ONE recent rainy night, I curled up on my couch with popcorn and Netflix Instant, ready to spend a quiet night at home. The peace was sweet — while it lasted. Soon, my iPhone began flashing with notifications from a handful of social networking sites, each a beacon of information about what my friends were doing. As the alerts came in, my mind began to race. Three friends, I learned, had arrived at a music venue near my apartment. But why? What was happening there? Then I saw pictures of other friends enjoying fancy milkshakes at a trendy restaurant. Suddenly, my simple domestic pleasures paled in comparison with the things I could be doing. The flurry of possibilities set off a rush of restlessness and indecision. I was torn between nesting in my cozy roost or rallying for an impromptu rendezvous, and I just didn’t know what to do. My problem is emblematic of the digital era. It’s known as FOMO, or “fear of missing out,” and refers to the blend of anxiety, inadequacy and irritation that can flare up while skimming social media like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram. Billions of Twitter messages, status updates and photographs provide thrilling glimpses of the daily lives and activities of friends, “frenemies,” co-workers and peers. The upside is immeasurable. Viewing postings from my friends scattered around the country often makes me feel more connected to them, not less. News and photographs of the bike rides, concerts, dinner parties and nights on the town enjoyed by people in my New York social circle are invaluable as an informal to-do list of local recommendation. But, occasionally, there is a darker side. When we scroll through pictures and status updates, the worry that tugs at the corners of our minds is set off by the fear of regret, according to Dan Ariely, author of “Predictably Irrational” and a professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University. He says we become afraid that we’ve made the wrong decision about how to spend our time. Streaming social media have an immediacy that is very different from, say, a conversation over lunch recounting the events of the previous weekend. When you see that your friends are sharing a bottle of wine without you — and at that very moment — “you can imagine how things could be different,” Professor Ariely said. It’s like a near miss in real life. “When would you be more upset?” he asked. “After missing your flight by two minutes or two hours? “Two minutes, of course,” he said. “You can imagine how things could have been different, and that really motivates us to behave in strange ways.” Fear of missing out does not apply only to those with a hyperactive nightlife. A friend who works in advertising told me that she felt fine about her life — until she opened Facebook. “Then I’m thinking, ‘I am 28, with three roommates, and oh, it looks like you have a precious baby and a mortgage,’ ” she said. “And then I wanna die.” On those occasions, she said, her knee-<banned word filter activated> reaction is often to post an account of a cool thing she has done, or to upload a particularly fun picture from her weekend. This may make her feel better — but it can generate FOMO in another unsuspecting person. Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr, the photo-sharing service, and of Hunch, a recommendation engine, said, “Social software is both the creator and the cure of FOMO,” adding, “It’s cyclical.” Some creators of social apps say they have constructed their services to make people keep coming back for more, but not for any insidious purpose. “No one likes to perform in a vacuum,” said Kevin Systrom, the chief executive of Instagram, a mobile photo-sharing application, which allows users to make comments about pictures. The more creative or striking a photograph, the more likely it is to attract favorable attention. The feedback, Mr. Systrom said, can be slightly addictive. People using Instagram “are rewarded when someone likes it and you keep coming back,” he said. Whatever angst people may feel when they see someone else having a good time, he said, is probably exaggerated by the overall effect of so many new social data streams pouring into browsers and mobile phones at once. “We aren’t used to seeing the world as it happens,” he said. “We as humans can only process so much data.” Of course, fear of missing out is hardly new. It has been induced throughout history by such triggers as newspaper society pages, party pictures and annual holiday letters — and e-mail — depicting people at their festive best. But now, Ms. Fake said, instead of receiving occasional polite updates, we get reminders around the clock, mainlined via the device of our choosing.   SHERRY TURKLE, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author of “Alone Together,” says that as technology becomes ever more pervasive, our relationship to it becomes more intimate, granting it the power to influence decisions, moods and emotions. “In a way, there’s an immaturity to our relationship with technology,” she said. “It’s still evolving.” We are struggling with the always-on feeling of connection that the Internet can provide, she said, and we still need to figure out how to limit its influence on our lives. I asked Professor Turkle what people could do to deal with this stress-inducing quandary. She said she would tell herself to “get a grip and separate myself from my iPhone.” Easier said than done. I’ve tried, but turning off my phone is nearly impossible — I’m not yet ready for that step. That evening, though, I flipped the phone over to hide its screen. That helped me ignore what my friends were doing. I settled back to enjoy the evening, deciding not to venture out into the cold and misty night.   A version of this article appeared in print on April 10, 2011, on page BU3 of the New York edition.
  6. Seeing this made me want to cry, the roop of Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj is being used for such paakhand. ਛੋਡੀਲੇ ਪਾਖੰਡਾ ॥ ਨਾਮਿ ਲਇਐ ਜਾਹਿ ਤਰੰਦਾ ॥੧॥ Shhoddeelae Paakhanddaa || ਨਾਮਿ ਲਇਐ ਜਾਹਿ ਤਰੰਦਾ ॥੧॥ Naam Laeiai Jaahi Tharandhaa ||1||
  7. Just a thought, if leaders like akal takht jathedar, other jathedars etc.were physically at the forefront of the protests, would the police really start beating and shooting?
  8. Here is another thought, IPL will definetly start trending on twitter, so we should use the SAME IPL tag as everyone else but write all about whats happening with Bhai Rajoana and Sikhs. This way someone searching for normal cricket tweets will start seeing our tweets about bhai rajoana etc. We've seen that is very hard to make our own tweets take off so it would defiently work if we used a tweet that is going to be trending anyway as it will used by the rest of the world. eg. Free Balwant Singh Rajoana, Stop Human rights abuses against Sikhs by India! #IPL we could also post links to youtube videos about bhai rajoana next to the #IPL hashtag.
  9. The Indian Premier League (cricket) starts on the 4th april, I was just thinking that maybe Sikhs could sit in the audience with posters, banners and pictures of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana to raise awareness as the matches are screened all over the world. What do you guys think?
  10. Recognised and respected Sikh charities, Khalsa Aid and Sikh Organisation for Prisoner Welfare (SOPW) have set up donation pages for the families of the singhs killed by the police during the Gurdaspur protests. Please donate generously: http://www.justgiving.com/BSR and http://www.justgivin...gurdspur-singhs Interview with family of 18 Year old shaheed Bhai Jaspal Singh Ji, the only son of the family: http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=3UVMSCcVHf8
  11. I dont think you HAVE to do either but its great for the impact if we all have orange head coverings (be it dastar, rumaal or chunni) is in us all having orange on our head... but regardless most important thing is to be there. anything else orange is also good, eg. tshirt. if you can get a strip of orange material or orange rumaal you could always tie that around your dastar or arm or something. if you wear a triangle dastar and don't have enough material you could always have an orange keski or fiftee underneath showing
  12. Please click attending, invite friends, post on your wall, spread in any way and most importantly attend! http://www.facebook....69193923165897/ Thursday 29/03/2012 18:00 until 20:00 Old Palace yard - opposite Parliment Khalsa Aid and Sikh Sisters for Human Rights invite you to attend a candle lit vigil on the 29th March 2012 to be held at the Old Palace yard opposite Parliament. This event is to highlight India's consistent use of the death penalty for Sikhs. All speeches will be in English and will highlight previous cases where the death penalty has been issued for Sikhs. The event will raise awareness of the ongoing loss of life and the political struggle Sikhs face. The event will be held in honour of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana who is currently facing death by hanging on the 31st March 2012 at 9.00 am.
  13. http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1957591 check it out, contribute etc.
  14. Read the description. The man is a muslim. They first had a muslim ceremony and then this mock up anand karaj. The video itself is not the issue its the fact that these so called gyanis agreed to conduct this ceremony, even taking maharaj there.
  15. Absolute disgrace, the so called gianis sing ham ghar sajan ayae at his arrival, what a joke. Such an ardas or ceremony will NEVER be parvaan. I am posting this not for a slagging match, but to put this to the attention of our Californian veers to get these 'Gyanis' and whatever Gurdwara they come from to answer why it carried out such a ceremony. *So called Sikh marrying a Muslim in so called Anand Karaj*
  16. I came across this event on facebook which is going to be taking place tonight at Central Gurdwara Khalsa Jatha, London (Shepherd's Bush), organised by the 'Guru Ram Das Keertan Project'. http://www.facebook....231119736943134 This it the timetable given for the night, it is highly commendable to stay awake all night for bhagti, but I am unsure about some of the things that are listed as happening on the night, eg. 'gong meditation' and 'aquarian march meditation'. Whatever people do in their personal lives is of no business to anyone, but I do believe that there are certain things that the Gurdwara is the right place for, and there are other things which should not take place there Below is the text as on facebook, please share your thoughts. Also, please note this is in no way an attack or critcism of any individual or organisation, I am only concerned/confused.
  17. Currently a speaker called Harinder Singh from the USA, who I believe is head of the organisation SikhRI, is very active in the UK, giving talks to the general sangat and now it seems he is getting into student circles as well. I have read many different concerns across different forums regarding SikhRI and Harinder Singh, I will post my findings shortly. In the meantime I would request the USA sangat who have had interactions with this group to share their experiences and thoughts. Should the UK Sangat be wary of SikhRI and its speakers?
  18. Please 'like' this page and spread to friends- https://www.facebook.com/BoycottSpeedySinghs Lines from the song 'shera di kaum punjabi' featured in the movie: drink for the nerves smoke for the stress but death to the haters and to hell with the rest And Singhaan di shaan banaiye- in the official music video for this song, this line is sung by akshay kumar while in a nightclub full of half naked women, while holding a glassy in his hand.
  19. Benti to sadhsangat update your twitter accounts all this week (Especially on the 6th June) with a message regarding justice for Sikhs/operation bluestar/delhi massacres and written next to it: #neverforget84 (including the hash), if enough of us tweet this #neverforget84 will become a trending topic which means it will appear on the homepage of all twitter users who will then be able to read these Sikhi 1984 tweets. It would really help to create awareness among the wider public. If you don't have an account then please make one just for this! example tweet: Justice for Sikhs! #neverforget84 facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=206030322761524
  20. Someone sent me this (Can admin please make this a sticky, thanks). RSVP on facebook: https://www.facebook...149587588444996 Please invite all those you know Bhai Pal Singh PRESS RELEASE 14 May 2011 World Ardas Day for Bhai Pal Singh - 19.6.2011 Sikh organisations around the world are calling for all Sikh Gurdwara's to observe a special Ardas (Prayers) for Bhai Pal Singh on Sunday 19th June 2011. ... It has become an increasing concern that Punjab is full of drugs and Sikhi is on the wane. Bhai Pal Singh, a well-known social humanitarian, saw these things too, and decided to leave the comforts of family and life in the West to try to make a difference there. He spoke at schools, organised keertans in villages, and put on educational dramas to raise awareness about social ills, especially the disease of drug addiction, and the powerful people who benefit from it. In true Sikh spirit, he served the youth and disadvantaged of all religions. He travelled throughout Punjab, speaking about peace and understanding between faiths and across society. He inspired people with his simple, honest words, and through his positive activism, provided hope in communities lacking hope. He spoke up against age-old injustices like casteism, the low status of women, and vested interest groups that prevented common people from living with dignity. Clearly, his work offended important people: in July 2010, Pal Singh was arrested on false terrorism charges – a common silencing tactic in Punjab. Today he remains in prison, denied medical treatment, with little hope of a fair trial, and his life at risk. During his detention for almost 275 days, Pal Singh has been severely tortured. He has lost sight in one eye, and now has significant health problems from the brutal torture. Due to Bhai Pal Singh being a French national, French officials have requested medical attention for him. This has been denied on numerous occasions by Punjab Police. Bhai Pal Singh could easily prove his innocence from the framed charges, if given the opportunity. However the Punjab Police has ensured that he has missed seven consecutive court dates, hence denying him any chance of freedom, and making a further mockery of the Indian Justice system. According to independent sources, on one occasion the Punjab Police ensured that he missed the time slot by leaving the jail so late, that when they arrived at Court, the Judge had already left the building. Bhai Rajinder Singh Purewal, General Secretary of Akhand Kirtani Jatha UK said "We have requested the Jathedars of all 5 Takhts to lead the World Ardaas at the Takhts. Bhai Pal Singh is an innocent man, who has been severely tortured, by a regime that is targetting NRIs who wish to create a Punjab without drugs. We request all Sikhs around the world to join us in Ardaas for Bhai Sahib's chardi kala and release." Simranjit Singh Mann, a former Punjab MP stated, "these charges are fabricated and politically motivated". Voices for Freedom stated "It is a well-known reality now that just to satisfy its masters, Punjab Police every now and then captures innocent Sikhs. This illegal detention of a peace loving, Indian born French national Pal Singh, is another episode of ongoing injustice against Sikhs". We condemn the use of torture on Pal Singh. The Punjab Police are in breach of the High Court's orders by denying him access to the medical attention he desperately needs, and have repeatedly failed to bring him to his Court dates to cause unnecessary delay. And finally, let us not forget that Pal Singh is one of hundreds of innocent Sikh prisoners languishing in Indian jails, some for over 20 years. Many of these have been mistreated and denied due judicial process. Meanwhile outside, their families suffer in silence and poverty. We ask you all to join us on World Ardas Day to pray for Bhai Pal Singh, the other Sikh prisoners, and in the spirit of 'Sarbat Da Bhalla', all innocent prisoners world-wide. Further reading, 'Bhai Pal Singh- A personal reflection': http://gurmatbibek.c...14451#msg-14451 RSVP on Facebook https://www.facebook...149587588444996 Please invite all those you know.
  21. Message from Bhai Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on why Bhai Sahib has not gone to the police: Now many ask why Bhai sahib ji is not going to police. He can, but many members of present committee there are against Bhai sahib. So when the lett...ers were kept on gurudwara golak, cctv captured who did it. But when bhai sahib demanded cctv footage, committee wale said ' it got deleted due to some singh's fault'. So we see they all are hand in glove. Very soon we'll ready Bhai Saib ji's statement and it will be published in all North American newspapers, and Police has been contacted. But investigations will take time. If bhai sahib's case is pursued by police, the paapi committee members are going to remove giani ji from his post. In that case, sangat will have to come forward to support Giani ji. So first we need sangat to come ahead, stand with bhai sahib and then we plan the things to move. Fateh ji. Akaaal
  22. I came across the following message: Giani Jangbir Singh ji Damdami Taksal wale, who is presently doing sewa at Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Port Reading, New Jersey, Near Carteret ( USA) is being threatened by Anti-Dasam goons of area who are followers of Darshan Laal and His Pakhandis. Letters were sent to Bhai Sahib in Gurudwara threatening him, then a Singh close to Bhai Sahib was called by Nindaks and they asked him to tell Bhai Sahib to stop '' PARCHAR OF DASAM BAANI AND PURATAN TAKSALI MARYADA'' otherwise '' He will be framed in Terrorism related cases, his and his family's life will be ruined, and such allegations would be leveled against him that He would not be able to show his face to anyone ever again''. Ex-President of Gurudwara Committee, Bhai Kewal Singh is also being targetted by Nindaks as He also believes in Dasam Baani and Taksal. Bhai Sahib challenged Nindaks to come to his face and then strike, instead of sending letters against SANT JARNAIL SINGH JI, Taksal, Bhai Sahib and Other Singhs. Surprisngly, CCTV recording of Gurudwara sahib of last few days was deleted and when inquired, Committee people said 'It happened by mistake'. Name of one Samittar Singh and other Panth-Dokhis has been revealed in investigation until now. Bhai Sahib ji has offered to leave the Gurudwara ( not without a direct debate or Mukabla ). Now it is upto USA Sangat and Singhs to come forward and support Bhai Jangbir Singh ji in this battle against Panth Dokhis. We Need to support and stand by our Singhs who are doing Parchar of Puratan Maryada and Dasam Baani, despite all odds.
  23. ***BREAKING NEWS* Reports are circulating that the camp is going to be attended by the notorious, excommunicated 'Professor' Darshan Singh. This camp should be cancelled. Everyone should phone Khalsa College and urge them not to host the camp.
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