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  1. gurfateh. . . actually a wikeed video, alot of effort put into and worth watching and showing others. . . VERY GOOD INDEED . . .
  2. gurfateh, any information about the dvds from baba jees barsi . . .anyone. is the barsi going to be shown on tv?????
  3. gurfateh, heeheheheeh, singhs not gupt anymore. . . . safe mairy. . . long time no SEE simran i take it lol . safe anywway bro
  4. gurfateh wer is taksali101 never c him anymore?????????????????????????????????? singhs gone gupt high spiritual levels it seems
  5. gurfateh, words cannot describe baba jee, totally amazing . . . Sant Jarnail Singh ji Loved baba jee.so do many other gursikhs, excellent post ak 47, sums it all up thanks
  6. gurfateh, thanks paaj, i wanted to keep it gupt but nevermind, thanks. you know it was a laugh, baba jee was there everyday you could just feel it. amazing
  7. gurfateh, unfortunately giani thakur singh ji did not attend due to delays, however he is in england at the momemnt and will be doing katha on wednesday at walsall and be going hong kong on thursaday (as far as i know).
  8. gurfateh the whole programme was wiked even stayin over at night had baare laughs lol. whoever stayed knows wat me mean
  9. gurfateh totalllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy amazing best program of the year by faaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. where can you get the dvds and videos made at the programe. anyone??????????. totallly amazing.
  10. gurfateh, akhand paat sahib arambh is today at 5.30 plz attend
  11. some singhs wer sayin that there are going to be 25 singhs involved with the akhand paat sahib aka as per maryada jus curious if anyone got more info on this going to be amazing
  12. gurfateh, international akali come dwn to the barsi and find out or ring the numbers provided. thanks only 1 day left to arambh of sri akhand paath sahib,
  13. gurfateh, only 2 more days left untill the arambh of the akhand paat sahib, cant wait
  14. singhs from west brom had problems at primary school, dnt know full details
  15. gurfateh, thats the same day as brahm giani baba thakur singh jees barsi at walsall pleck, typical
  16. gurfateh, jus wanted to know is anyone planning on staying over at the gurdvara sahib at night to do seva jus wondering
  17. gurfateh, great stuff me defo gna try and stay at the gurdvara sahib on thursday night and maybe friday, gonna be amazing dhan dhan baba thakur singh ji
  18. gurfateh, great stuff,wiked, hopefully change views of some membbers
  19. gurfateh it is giani thakur singh ji, they will be attending, more details to follow shortly, on how long etc
  20. gurfateh, the barsi is coming closer and i just ant wait its going to be amaszing. bhai naranjan singh is doing kirtan on 22 till 24, all the singhs gonna be amazing. cant wait. baba jee will most likely be there too in the spiritual frm
  21. gurfateh, jus quick ? , is the story line in accordance to how taksal say baba jee obtained shaheedi
  22. gurfateh, i some times read that paper, and they do chat a lot of crap e.g. the issue about bibia being in the panj pyare they made a bigggg fuss bout that saying that sikh maryada bla bla bla ses that its right bla bla bla, and wen the r4g campain was happening every week they wud right lies and false info bout the singhs, wen thekedar got sht they started chatting crap that it was the singhs 4rm the campaign. the write alot of anti gurmat things in it. however it is ''apparently'' representing the 'sikh community'
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