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  1. Bhai Sahib Jee, the video does not work anymore, could you re post it. Thanks
  2. What did i say wrong. I said Sant Jees Sons Name - Isher Singh I said Sant Jees Singhnee Whats wrong with that? When Sant Jees Singhnee (Mata Pritam Kaur) passed away we organised an akhand paat sahib in her honour When Sant Jees Son came to england, the singhs organised a program in which he attended and was given a siropoa.
  3. Yes hopefully that is the case. We really need Sant Ji back right now. But I heard that his son denies the fact that his father is alive? Infact doesnt he say that his father was captured alive and tortured by Punjab Police? Benti - twice you have tried to cause debate on the sant jee issue, please refrain from it. If you want to really know what sangat think, do a search over 50 pages or topics will come up. Regarding Isher Singh - Not really bothered. Baba Thakur Singh who is a brahm giani stated it, other brahm gianis agree and also state sant jee is alive. Isher Singh isnt a Brahm Giani. Sant Jees singhnee later came and asked for maafi from baba jee regarding this.
  4. When people came out with sticks and weapons to attack the singhs and singhs were attacked, then maybe a few tried to throw stones back at them at that time. A stone may have hit the window. Remeber this is the side langar window, - no where near darbar sahib. On a side note, why were there bricks under guru jees tabhiya in darbaar sahib and why were there sticks in the gurdwara sahib and rods - was that to attack the singhs aswell. The bricks in darbaar sahib - so when darshan ragi entered and if anything happened in form of protest inside, the commitee and thugs had bricks to throw at the sangat. Southall Youth - you have stated you were present, then if thats the case then you should know when and why they were thrown, stop using dubvious tactics. Its quite pathetic really. Panjab Radio - who cares what they say - lost the plot.com Regarding Niddar Singh - I doubt and hope none of the singhs keep links with him, nor his chelas. If they do then thats there issue to resolve internally. Everyone was together protesting against ragi darshan, thats the topic at hand.
  5. I think its being done - I know they have some of the Dasam Pothia that sant jee wrote arths in. I think at the moment they are trying to write Guru Granth Sahib Jee katha into pothia form. Maybe after that is complete they will look into it. Guru Granth Sahib Jee katha was released a few years ago, how many have listened to it? its difficult to understand and digest the gyaan in the katha. Dasam Katha would be amasing but i think would be very hard to understand.
  6. Bhagat Jaswant Singh (Charan Singh Bhagat Jee) got blessed by Guru Sahib to record katha of Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Jee, Bhai Gurdaas Jee Vaaran and Kabit and Sooraj Parkash by Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh Jee over a time period of 7 years. After the recordings were complete, as per the wish of Baba Gurbachan Singh Jee, the cassettes were all given to Sant Kartar Singh Jee Khalsa. www.gursevak.com The recordings have been done, i think bhai harnam singh dhumma may have some or some other gursikhs, but it was definately done, aswell as santhiya of sri dasam granth sahib jee. yea, i know taksaal has done katha of sir dasam granth sahib, but i was saying that its not online. ofcourse there is puraatan katha tapes made in the past, but i was talking about our current time. during times of dharam yudh, baba jarnail singh ji did katha of entire sri dasam granth sahib. but only few parts are available online. and speaking of gursevak.com, do u think they will put those dasam katha tapes of baba gurbachan singh ji online? As per the website i think bhagat jee gave all the tapes to sant kartar singh jee, not sure who has them now. I dont think we have such high gyanis currently to be able to do in depth katha... sant gurbachan singh jee was a ocean of knowledge and today katha vaachicks just listen to their katha and do katha from it.
  7. Bhagat Jaswant Singh (Charan Singh Bhagat Jee) got blessed by Guru Sahib to record katha of Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Jee, Bhai Gurdaas Jee Vaaran and Kabit and Sooraj Parkash by Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh Jee over a time period of 7 years. After the recordings were complete, as per the wish of Baba Gurbachan Singh Jee, the cassettes were all given to Sant Kartar Singh Jee Khalsa. www.gursevak.com The recordings have been done, i think bhai harnam singh dhumma may have some or some other gursikhs, but it was definately done, aswell as santhiya of sri dasam granth sahib jee.
  8. Photos from inside have already been uploaded a few pages back.
  9. Look through the post and pictures and start recognising people that were present. Thanks - check the previous page for all the pictures.
  10. Who's the guy with the striped jumper in the first photo on page 1 of this thread? He (or someone who looks similar) was there trying to stop Singhs from going inside the Gurudwara door, but they got in anyway. It was mentioned that he was part of the ak-47 lot, so that's where the confusion comes from. Well done for joining the protest though. he wasnt there.
  11. Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh. From speaking to singhs who were present at the protest yesterday it is evident that there are only a few supporters of Prof Darshan Singh as the Gurdwara Sahib was not even a quarter full. The singhs from all panthic jathedbandia including damdami taksal, nihang singh dals, sikh federation, all combined as one roop and protested against prof darshan lal at Miri Piri Gurdwara 253-255 the Broadway Southall, Middlesex UB1 1NF 020 8571 3926 Overall approximately 200 - 300 sangat was present in the protest which lasted a few hours... His supporters included Jaswant Singh Tekhedar - a known government tout, Patits from Tiger group uk and various other individuals. Unfortunately his fellow gurnindaks from the coventry meeting in which they were trying to be heroes did not attend to support him Some singhs had managed to get inside the gurdwara sahib and were partaking in guru sahib jees seva. At one point Jaswant Singh Tekhedar came inside ranting and raving and tried to push a singh to leave, the singh remained calm and just said stop raising your voice, tekhedar replied 'if your not going to get out i will get you beaten up in darbar sahib' a few members of sangat and fellow singhs came aswell then. He shouted at them whilst kirtan was happening to get out aswell and tried to push and shove the singhs which didnt really work. The singhs after a few minutes left to see what was happening outside to realise the extent of the sangat. 10 minutes later the singh started to take pictures and jaswant singh started to swear at him whilst in the gurdwara sahib, abusive language to his family - just because he was taking pictures. It shows how low level these people are. Some members of this 'tiger group uk' tried to attack some other singhs with knifes and rods, the singhs threw some stones back but were attacked by these mobs. Overall it was a success. Below are some of the individuals who supported prof darshan singhs mentality and tekhedar The person on the left in this picture in the blue dastaar was present and fighting against the singhs, the person on the far right was also present in white dastaar The person in the white top eating and putting food in his mouth was present, the person next to him in the black top and black dastar - clean shaven was one of the main persons from tiger group uk against the singhs and one of the main people in the anti dasam granth propaganda on the internet Tiger group uk youtube videos - Please look through these the person on most videos talking is the one who was against the singhs http://www.youtube.com/user/MrPSingh81 Jaswant Tekhedar
  12. Prof is being supported by a group called ''tiger group uk'' they post on anti sikh websites - one of their vids are below He will be going germany, belgium and switzerland after. check his pupets site http://.org/newspics/2010/03Mar2010/18%20Mar%2010/18%20Mar%2010%20PDS%20in%20UK2.JPG
  13. oh well, one <banned word filter activated> quoting another <banned word filter activated>, both out to confuse the sangat. Excellent, it shows in his old age he has learnt how to use the internet. brilliant
  14. Check it out, pro darshan lal is on punjab radio. http://www.panjabradio.co.uk/sp_pbmain.aspx?id=1
  15. He was a tout, everyone excepts it apart from bssf - is this another publicity stunt? if so its not going as well as the gold medal support of babbu mann. Wasnt it agreed by sarbat khalsa and 5 member panthic commitee that he was a tout to do not have any affiliations with him? There was problems between him and general labh singh - one of the older singhs confirmed it.
  16. Excellent. Would the dal agree to these points? i dont think so.
  17. Good stuff - Baba Sukhdev Singh Jee is Baba Tarlokh Singh Jees son and is a vidiarthee of Damdami Taksal, he stayed for about 3 years and then came back and forth to the jatha, they were quite close to baba thakur singh jee and always tells us many sakhis of the early 90s. We had a video of the akaal takht sahib jee seva being done and also of Mehta Chowk Gurdwara sahib in the early 90's... We were watching the video and bhai sukhdev singh jee says ''looks theres me'' in punjabi obviously... we all started to look at who? . . . then he pointed out again, he was a small child of about 9/10 wearing a light brown chola and while goal dastaar and standing behind baba thakur singh jee in the video, it was good to see all the older gursikhs and bhagats of that time and bhai sukhdev singh was mentioning there names.
  18. Akaal Thakt Sahib Jee officially declared Sri Maan Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindranvale the greatest sikh of the 20th century a few years ago
  20. I said it so more ppl would watch it and wake up to the threat, look all around now. In the current UNI situations, they have wicked resources international speakers, soo much funding etc, they are smashing it, whereas we can just about get one event and have to beg up and down uk for a speaker to come. Your correct in every point, its happening. The documentary is quite good and puts the political agenda across really well. Muslims joining Labour party, MP galloway, then trying to take over that town. Also the way the london mosque has soo much funding and are supporting supposed terrorists. Our Pardaans of Gurdwara Sahibs thinking is limited to how to get there relative on the commitee or how to keep the youth away... whereas these lot just want to control and take over.. . . Again, i urge everyone to take time out and watch it - a must watch
  21. Its a MUST WATCH - Totally shocked.... watch it asap
  22. So is baba balbir singh the new jathedar then or still baba surjeet singh jee
  23. There were several groups that were made, SP was one of them. A very close relative of mine was one of the leaders of Holey Smokes, if your from london you would have heard of them. The group broke, some joined SP others with other groups. There is a film being released on DVD about the HOLEY SMOKES called triads yardies and onion bhajees - once upon a time in southall. (I watched the film in my non amritdhari days - it was quite good, its now being released on april 10 2010 . . . Its not in accordance to Gurmat, so dont do my head in after. http://www.onionbhajees.tv/ This ain't 'Bend it Like Beckham'... this ain't 'East is East'... this is Southall. WHO RULES LONDON TOWN? BLACK, WHITE OR BROWN? Welcome to London, home of many creeds and cultures. The modern criminal underworld reflects the diverse races that call London home. West London is ruled by the 'Holy Smokes' crime syndicate. At their head is the ruthless Chacha (Jas Bassi). His mob includes various psychopathic killers, pimps, and drug dealers. North London is the territory of the Triads. These ruthless Chinese gangsters will do anything to protect their honour. Leading them is the young Billy Chan. South London is governed by the Yardies, the Jamaican mafia. At the head of this notorious crew is Lloyd. This gang lives purely for the day and their motto is "Live Fast and Die Young!" East London is home to The Firm. The last stronghold of the original Anglo-Saxon cockney gangsters, The Firm is ruled by Mad Dave (Dave Courtney). They cannot understand how London has come to be ruled by the ethnic mobsters. Someone is muscling on the Holy Smokes cocaine deals and they are not amused. Added to this deadly event is the theft of six million dollars from Heathrow Airport making an explosive cocktail! Hot on the trail of the missing money is the Metropolitan Police's most corrupt officer Detective Inspector Greaves (Jonathan Reason) and Singh (Manish Patel), London's most ruthless feared hitman. It's a roller-coaster ride as the Holy Smokes wage war against the Triads, the Yardies and The Firm ruled by Mad Dave (Dave Courtney
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