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  1. The show was excellent, its a shame certain jathebandia are now protesting the show and threatening to cancel their direct debits, everyone email the channel in support of the show.
  2. absolutely brilliant show, excellent panel that counteracted alot of the b.u.l.l that goes around, hit the nail on the head. In the future they should get bhai charan singh, bhai balwinder singh chaheru and bhai daljit singh nirmala to be involved in more shows. EXCELLENT - P.S - its a shame you could also hear the channel management shouting down the earpiece of the poor presenter, obviously they were not tooo happy that positive parchaar was happening, however the presenter spoke well and was good.
  3. Giani Thakur Singh Refers to Sant Ajit Singh Jee Hansali Valeh - are these the same mahapurkh or different ones? i have had darshan of Baba Ajit Singh Jee Hansali Valeh
  4. No offense was intended, all i said was its different to what i was tought, whats the big issue here, to tell you the truth i went on the site, read the paat and didnt even check who did it, only to later find out it was kulbir singh jee. Sorry if a simple comment was so offensive veer jee. may satguru jee do kirpa that we all have cold isnaans and do chaupai sahib jaap for the panth. thanks did anyone as your >opinion< on that? NO Was it necessary? NO
  5. Hopefully all the videos will be up on www.saintsoldiersounds.com or www.damdamitaksaal.org . . . the sikhchannel videos are on youtube, the audio is up as shown above
  6. The ucharan and paat isnt shudh as per what i have been tought.
  7. bump, not long left, if you ant to help with seva at the event plz contact bhai daljit singh nirmalah or pm me
  8. I appologise for offending, and take back the commments. lets all unite and make the program a success
  9. Yeh, bhai sahib knows his stuff and has alot of knowledge on 1984, hopefully the channel will use them again in the future, but instead of taking 100 calls, maaybe they can actually give him time to speak, because when he did speak, it made sense and he had accounts, book etc to back everything up.... the channel said they will be doing the real sikh story, lets hope it isnt made last min.com like todays show was, and they contact the right people like bhai sahib to help out and point in the correct direction.
  10. Most of the barsi pics are now up on www.damdamitaksaal.org and also on g5sikhmedia, soon alot of new material will be available on www.saintsoldiersounds.com sorry for the lack of updates, hopefuly alot of the sakhis will be made available in book pdf format on one site and new sakhis shall be added also
  11. If anyone wants to stay over or help with rauls etc please contact bhai daljit singh nirmala or bhai bhuvinder singh, both of there numbers can be found on the official poster. The event is being organised by a joint effort of a few sampardas and jathebandia, some may wish to claim it to one specific jatha, however that is not the case.. Jaap Sahib Roles Chaur Sahib Degh Seva toofia Pehardaar Langar Seva edited**** - lets forget the differences and concentrate on the goods.
  12. Please watch the sikh channel tonight to listen to a discussion on the new and old nanakshahi calender... should be an interesting show.
  13. The Taksal Singhs dont do anything at all, the dals, nirmalas and all other sampardas do everything, i hope they will continue to counteract all the backwaas on the internet and not sit back and be by standers. Hope the program goes well. Singh Sahib Iqbal Singh Jee's Veechar should be good.
  14. Attending will be Singh Sahib Iqbal Singh - Sri Patna Sahib Singh Sahib Ram Singh - Sri Hazoor Sahib Bhai Hardeep Singh - Sri Hazoor Sahib Akali Baba Tirlok Singh Bhai Ranjeet Singh - Damdami Taksal If anyone wants to help please contact the gurdvara sahib or the sevadaars for jaap sahib roles.
  15. I was with the organisor last night and went through the press release, he said kirtan of arti and arta will be done on stage. If you want to cause issues and have issues, then please carry on and we wont attend the program, do as you please.
  16. Its not organised by the Dal Panth and nor will arti arta be done as per dal panth maryada
  17. There wasnt a need for the calender in the first place, when introduced all puratan sampardas dissagreed, anti panthic and nowadays modern jathebandia agreed with it, now when its being taken back puratan sampardas agree and the new aged jathe dissagree.
  18. Yes it will be a youth program aswell, with reps from all panthic jathebandia, damdami taksal, nihang singh dals, nanaksar, nirmalas etc. Should be in this weeks edition of des pardes and the poster should be up shortly
  19. LOL, fateh, i was searching the net and found them, even i was amased its only been 30 mins or so, lol. Baee Jee didnt come, had issues with visa, maharaj jee kirpa karan and hopefully they may be coming soon, trying to arrange something for the near future. Thanks for the seva of the videos, benti to sangat to watch videos but at same time also those of the other mahapurkhs on kams account h
  20. Fateh, its best to email them, check the site www.boss-uk.org or sikhicamp.com
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