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  1. http://panthic.org/articles/2938 http://panthic.org/articles/2262 Above are two articles about him.
  2. What I wrote is fact based, nobody is forcing you to accept the truth. He does write good literature, I agree. However everything else should be looked at aswell. He is against dasam chritropakhian. Anyway, ask takht sahib for more info
  3. Partially anti dasam, very close to Harjinder dilgeer and had a case on him whilst was in america and had to go to akaal takht for maafi. Ask his uk supporters and abroad, they all know this but still bring ppl like him to mess with the sangata head. His video tabeh Rose jageo was very good however and that was a good achievement, but I think there were more people behind the video.
  4. There is a new gurdwara sahib being built, the care park is very very big, guru hargobind sahib ji gurdwara Tividale. There is currently a gurdwara there, this one is being made to replace the old building and will be alot bigger
  5. The barsi this year will be at the new gurdwara sahib being currently made in Tividale birmingham. Then there will be the Paris smagam and then back in uk guru gobind singh sahib jis avtar purbh smagam. Watch this space for more updates. The barsi thread of jeevani of gursikhs will start soon also
  6. We havnt has this issue for the last 300 odd years, why is it creeping up now. Lower the floor for those who cannot sit on floor, but in no way should chairs be permanently installed, soho road should know better. It's quite sad really that we are debating over this issue.
  7. Leave it till a few weeks. Mid sept or early october any suggestions for the barsi?
  8. Leave it till a few weeks. Mid sept or early october any suggestions for the barsi?
  9. Like I said before sevadaars have not decided, anywhere in uk is currently an option
  10. Baba Hari singh Randavevale for the YouTube. Baba mani singh ji wrote a book on their experience with guru Granth sahib ji, I'm not sure when the sevadaars want to release it, but it would be nice to read.
  11. There will also be a smagam in France, shaheedi of sahibzadeh, gurpurbh of Sri guru gobind singh ji and in remembrance of baba ji
  12. There will also be a smagam in France, shaheedi of sahibzadeh, gurpurbh of Sri guru gobind singh ji and in remembrance of baba ji
  13. Most likely in Birmingham, there are a few options however the sevadaars have not decided on a astaan yet. Vjkk vjkf
  14. Should have also had panths mahaan vidvaan Sant Hari Singh Randhave Vale aswell, has more gian then all in the poster.
  15. Taksal Sato Ki Gali Bhindar Kala Murale Mehta Chowk Ajnala Sangrava Jogevaal Ludhike Tudike Lamme Jattpura Madokhe Raqba Randhave Vale Sangroor Jatha Bhai Thakur Singh, Bhai Anokh Singh Jatha The above are the ones i can remember, there are many many many more astaans Vidiyarthees were sent by sant sundar singh to sant attar singh mustane vale so there paat is similar if they carried on the sampardaic paat - baru sahib.
  16. I wrote seva singh lallie is supporting the granthis, proof is - ask anyone in gravesend. Avtar Singh Sanghera of AKJ even phoned laallie and told him to stop supporting the granthis and stick with the singhs. Too many issues there. I didnt write the comment without proof. s50 i didnt say akj are supporting, i mentioned a singhs name, akj are against this and have phoned the singh to stop supporting the granthis
  17. Evidence of Gravesend Gurdwara Sahib Granthi eating meat, drinkining alcohol and swearing, and also discussing corrupt officials in the committee Recently singhs beat this granthi up due to him drinking and sitting on tabia and doing a raul, later the commitee supported the granthi and went against the singhs and have threatened to take the singhs to court. Currently <edited> has openly supported the granthi knowing of his misdeeds, and is standing against the singhs. Even though members of panthic jathedbandi including akj have phoned him to change his stance, but he still is going against the singhs of the panth and supporting this person. Please watch the videos. Part 1 - discussing the corrupt commitee - admitting to drinking black label, etc Part 2 - Eating meat, alcohol Part 3 - Eating meat, alcohol
  18. It didnt come on last weekend, maybe the other channels can help the youth more than sikh channel - sikh tv and sangat tv are alot better anyway. Mr Bal seems to think he 'owns the panth' as per a comment he made to a well known parcharak recently - who then stopped going to sikh channel all together
  19. I will give an example of something i seen myself and was inivolved in, a few months a go one of the singh sahibs from darbar sahib came to england, they did katha at gravesend, after the katha they wanted to see sachkand sahib - they went to see it, the chandoa sahib was on the bed and not a seperate one on the ceiling, singh sahib jee was not impressed and commented that you spent soo much on gurdwara but cudnt even make the satkar of guru jee good. 2) We went to the langar hall, now gravesend has a few table and chairs in langar - a few. Singh Sahib Ji on seeing these commented to the committee that why do you have them, some said we need, some said we disagree with them so didnt comment, then one said - we disagree but cant do anything or it will break the committee - meaning we will use our positions. Singh Sahib jee replied then what the point of everything else. Untill we dont follow maryada, there is no point.
  20. No offence but alot more will happen, sorry to say - but your gurdwara has missionary thinking, too much, its run by so called khalistanis - but none or very few seem to have dharam, its all about money for them. Sampardaic parcharaks are banned from the gurdwara sahib - in the sense they never book them and if someone does book and state they from a taksal, nihang dal or anything sampardaic they tend to say - all our weeks are full. The last parcharak i think was giani thakur singh who went there, or very few go in comparison to all the missionarys - like e.g. gulshan,etc - what do you expect to learn. Alot of the people in the area are anti dasam, the last amrit sanchar was done by so called akaal takht maryada - not even the full one, the singhs doing seva shouldnt be doing - stating 3 bania, ok to eat meat, no need to do simran, - i spoke to them they clearly said fish and egg is ok, cussed gatka, and all sampardas and dasam granth bani. What do you expect to happen - the singhs even said - that people - sants scare sangat and tell them to wake up at amrit velah - arvinder singh marway said all this to me.
  21. Sorry but i have to disagree, sikh channel were given a list of names of uk and abroad personalities that have views that are contrary to gurmat, the list was given over a year ago now, since then alot of people who were on that list have been invited by the channel on there shows etc. The channels been up for a while now, it was the first channel and its had enough time to sort it self out. Even with the 84 parchar, everyone is aware how reluctant the channel is, BUT it has to do it to get public favour over the other two channels.
  22. Bhai Sahib Jee Giani Harnam Singh is not worthy to be called a mukhi of taksal, and he is NOT the mukhi of taksal, Baba Thakur Singh Jee wouldnt even sit in the same room as badal or even go anywhere where he would be. Dhumma isnt even worthy of being a vidiarthee of taksal, let alone mukhi.
  23. There have only been a handfull of jathedars in the last 50 odd years that one could say were jathedars that kept upto the padvee given, the rest unfortunately were used and abused by various political parties and individuals. Untill we are not free, we cannot blame the jathedars either, as if they sspeak, they will get taken off and slowly slowly the vidiarthees are drying up, and soon you will start getting missionary minded jathedars and then its game over.
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