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  1. excellent seva, bhai sahib jee did you sort out the video issues of downloading?
  2. Singh dont take it personal, i agree with the article. I dont need to contact anyone, it is evident from other articles where the alliance is. Anyway, it was a good read, sant kartar singh jee khalsa also mentions this in the artee katha aswell.
  3. Panthic ekta at its best written. . . Article written by akj to indirectly cuss nihang singhs by using taksal literature. Even though i agree with the views, next time change the picture used, and also dont act panthic etc as the other articles are all biased towards jatha mentality.
  4. so why make such statements initially. ? A sikh of the guru does not need scientific research, they just follow what the guru states.
  5. Fateh, You guys make me laugh, do some research on who the singhs are first before claiming that they only beat small timers. Bhai Amrik Singh Jee was the jathedar of panj pyareh at mehta chowk in the times of Baba Thakur Singh Jee. He has been jailed several times, and was also jailed in the Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara case as these singhs 'apparently' had links with him and were also 'apparently' involved in his amrit sanchar and wedding. It was these singhs that reached darbar sahib initially when the beadbi happened on satguru sahib jees manji sahib at amrit velah, they beat the crap out of the person and were taking it further untill makkar and body guards etc came, they had a issue and bhai amrik singh ended up slapping makkar in the face. Same singhs involved in chattar singh jeevan singh case etc When people state on 'panthic conferences' that babas are only building deras and dont do anything, next time ask them what is your jathebandi doing, at least the singhs of guru sahib are active
  6. Next it will be sitting on the floor in guru sahib jees darbaar is bad for your back also and now that gurdwara commmitees have totally lost the plot they have also starting installing chairs in darbaar sahib - maybe you should take that option also. Gillingham Gurdwara Sahib has church like benches at the back, the have ramayan paat by the hindu community in the langar hall on wednesday, yoga classes by goras and hindus on thursday. And for the rest of the week, approx 10 ppl attend the gurdwara each day. Langar is on sunday and saturday morning and wednesday as youth have sikhi classes now. You say anything and you get branded a millitant or terrorist. You know what - i dont care what i get branded now.
  7. No veer jee, The katha is shown on sangat tv everyday at approx 6.30pm and approx 9.30pm - the times are currently under revision and will be confirmed soon. Hopefully the videos will also be put on youtube and sikhsangat, however we should appreciate that it takes alot of time and effort for the sevadaar to do this. Without saying too much, its not simply make video and send, it takes over 5 hours in process each day. - thats what the sevadaar told me when i asked. Hopefully soon the singhs will be given a definite time on Sangat TV so everyone can watch at home or online. If anyone has any suggestions then please feel free to put them on here or pm the sevadaar that puts up the videos.
  8. GPS calm down, the camp did occur at slough ramgharia gurdwara sahib. There are pictures and videos to it
  9. Everyone should help giani jangbir singh as much as possible - he used to be jathedar of panj payareh at mehta back in the days
  10. Here is a selection of a few pics - you can all add the dots together to figure out the bigger picture - panthic.org did have more pctures of ragi darshan and all these guys. Well you just have to do youtube search on tiger jatha to put the dots together Also at the camp was AK47 Jatha representative - gully Possibly Punjab Radio rep Rana - Sikh Heritage trail Lots of prof supporters
  11. They are bogus organisations Supported by Tiger Jatha, Guru Gobind Sngh Jee College and Singh Sabha Canada or international. Dont worry, more info will be out in a few weeks time. Sikh Council were told Sikh Fed were told Sangat Tv were told Sikh Channel were told Boss were told No one wanted to help initially, Whats the point now.
  12. Everyone be ready tommorrow, the protest is against the organisors - tiger jatha uk - they do not do gurmat parchar and shouldnt do camps - For more info on these check Title – Views about simran from minutes 4 minutes 25 seconds till 4 minutes 50 seconds http://www.youtube.com/user/MrPSingh81 Videos against Sri Dasam Granth Videos against Simran Videos against Bhog, Sri Nishan Sahib Seva Videos interviewing Prof Darshan Sio Harjinder Dilgeer Gurcharan Jeonwala Sarbjit Dhoonda Gurbachan sio thailand - atheist Prof Gurtej Look at the videos from the bottom up to see how these idiots have changed Then you will understand why a protest is needed
  13. The Camp is still happening tommorow at Guru Gobind Singh Jee College chigwell. They are lying to everyone. Mr arvinder Singh was at the camp site yday preparing for the camp, he said that the camp was happening, but prof is not attending. Mr Toor - Headmaster lied to the singhs and said camp wasnt happening as they double booked a wedding? Then there is a new press release on ###### - aka darshan ragi site, that is saying those that protest are: RSS agents We are terrorists We will be given anti social behaviour orders They will be filming us with there cameras and also 2ndly with security cameras apparently we are giving them death threats The above is from a press release on khalsa news, see the wording of the article, its interesting. Even if prof does or dsnt come, thats not the issue. The issue is the organisors - they openly are against gurmat sidhant, Sri Dasam Bani, Simran, Khalsa Maryada, Bandi Chor etc you just have to look at there videos to understand what these people are about. ** The camp poster has now changed with corrected gurbani apart from shabad, AND NOW THE CAMP IS APPARENTLY DEDICATED TO GAGANDEEP - the amount of lies and propaganda being done is clever, its ways to split the sangat. The theme seems to be akaal takht sahib rehit maryada - its all a lie and ways to malign us when we protest, that we are against akal takht maryada etc, very clever indiciduals, Be aware of these kanjars,
  14. Apart from the isues below, it was good. Guru Gobind Singh Jee came out the tent with his sword APPARENTLY dripping in blood? - Tent - everyone has differences in opinion wether tent was used or wether the event occured in public - not a big issue tho. Steel bowel - incorrect - in future the term sarbloh - pure iron is better why is the photographer in here??? just to put a downer on it, guru gobind singh meant well but it didnt work? Bibi Guru Kaur spoke well - apart from oum mantar chanting Why could they speak of abhiyaas simran, rehat,even what the daily routine of gursikhs is etc Why does the lady speaking say - sikh holy book?
  15. Dhan han guru sahib jee, Hopefully the sikh media will use this seva and show it every day on tv.
  16. Thanks, Your seva in dhan, if only our so called sikh media could utilise some of the videos off gurmatveechar, have contacted the meida several times, no reply half the time.
  17. Here yey - thats true bout panthic weekly, its more certain group based,its a fact and they like to twist things slightly to favour certain groups, but i suppose its better than not having it, i have helped them a few times with some info.
  18. What do you expect to happen? . . . nothing will. - or lets get ready for jang - simple thing
  19. Why do they have these randoms on the channel. pointless, they keep asking the same thing over again, what shall we do?? Its simple, the times going for negotiation, and an armed struggle to protect our rights. Simple things
  20. It would be great if Gurbanianywhere or Sikhitothemax also had this option - i.e. katha uploaded by Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindranvale for each sabad in Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj. Singhs did do bentia a few years ago when the katha was initially released, but no one chased it up. Its great to see gursikhs taking up the seva of finding the katha to the daily hukamnama sahib and then putting it in video format, maybe sangat tv, sikh channel, sikh tv or other organisations could do the same. Hopefully the video quality will improve with time, but it is definately something that should be on TV, and there is no greater vidvaan in 20th century than vidya maartand sri maan sant giani gurbachan singh jee khalsa - its a fact - 27 katha of sri guru granth sahib jee. Dhan han the sevadaars and dhan is our satguru sahib jee who blessed the singhs with the seva.
  21. and yet sangat tv said they were not going to get politicians involved anyway. Sikh Channel approached sangat tv not long ago wanting to join forces, sangat tv in brief said they will think about it and let sikh channel know - sikh channel releases a statement saying they have joined and sangat tv will close down in december. Sangat TV got upset and said NO waayyyy - as sikh channel was lying and just doing a publicity stunt. Thats all sikh channel is good at, publicity stunts. Why dont all three channels cover sonia gandhis visit and host dialogue with her and make a show on the attrocities commited by her mother not only on sikhs but everyone else. Election fraud, Served imprisonment, Who was she married to? what waas he?
  22. Sonia Gandhi to give Commonwealth Lecture in London on Mar 17 New Delhi | Saturday, Mar 12 2011 IST Chairperson Sonia Gandhi will deliver the Commonwealth Foundations 14th Commonwealth Lecture in London on March 17, officials said here today. She will speak on the role of women in society that can have a positive impact on social, economic and political progress within Commonwealth countries. "On Thursday, March 17, Ms Sonia Gandhi will deliver the Commonwealth Foundations 14th Commonwealth Lecture. Ms Gandhi will consider how the role of women in society can have a positive impact on social, economic and political progress within Commonwealth countries," an official said. Schools, youth groups, governments and civil society organisations from around the world will commemorate Commonwealth Day on March 14 under the banner Women as Agents of Change. The 2011 theme celebrates women whose work has made a positive difference to the lives of others, and emphasises the Commonwealth message that by investing in women and girls, social, economic and political progress could be accelerated in member States. Events are being planned across the 54-nation Commonwealth in Africa, Asia, Canada and the Caribbean, Europe and the Pacific. The annual Commonwealth Day Observance ceremony on March 14 will take place at Westminster Abbey in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II. She will be joined by around 1,000 people, heads of government and global faith leaders. The Commonwealth Lecture is organised by the Commonwealth Foundation in association with the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the Royal Commonwealth Society. http://news.webindia123.com/news/articles/India/20110312/1707522.html 14th Commonwealth Lecture Mrs Sonia Gandhi 'Women as Agents of Change' Thursday 17 March 2011, 7pm 8 Northumberland 8 Northumberland Avenue London WC2N 5BY The Commonwealth Foundation is honoured to announce the 14th Commonwealth Lecture will be delivered by Mrs Sonia Gandhi, President, Indian National Congress and Chairperson, United Progressive Alliance. Celebrating this year's Commonwealth Day theme, Mrs Gandhi will be speaking on 'Women as Agents of Change' and considering how the role of women in society can have a positive impact on social, economic and political progress with Commonwealth countries. The Commonwealth Lecture is organised by the Commonwealth Foundation in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association , the Royal Commonwealth Society and the Royal Over-Seas League. The Lecture will take place in the historic surroundings of the magnificent, newly restored ballroom at 8 Northumberland, just off Trafalgar Square. http://www.commonwealthfoundation.com/Howwedeliver/Events/CommonwealthLecture/MrsSoniaGandhi
  23. They didnt show anything, they been showing the same katha for past few weeks now and the timings are not correct.
  24. just spoke to singh from moga---- he said Granthi got beaten up gurdwara windows smashed, granthi house smashed up yesterday - smashed up shops, buses, beat up a singh called ragi joga singh.... Had acid, bricks and lathis, all the vidiarthees of taksal went and the choota sauda lot were trying to swear at them etc and had people on the roofs with acid, waiting for the singhs to react.
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