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  1. I cant find the kabith bhai Gurdaas jee phun amrit nam vishesh etee jin ek baar shri waheguru keho can someone tell me a number/online link to this please
  2. ive taken a train to hazoor sahib. i would honestly say if you can afford it then go for flight.. if not pack your food with you as you will get langar at gwalior, manmaad but not really before.
  3. <blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="luckysingh99" data-cid="563888" data-time="1356309858"><p> <br />I never said it doesn't teach anything or if it is meaningless.<br /> It is the final seal and I said that is is gurbani.(didn't I say that??)<br />But it doesn't teach or give messages like the rest of the 1429 pages. If you can tell me the message it gives rather than conlusion, then I will happily admit I'm wrong and misinformed.</p></blockquote><br />http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audios/Katha/01_Puratan_Katha/Sant_Gurbachan_Singh_%28Bhindran_wale%29/Guru_Granth_Sahib_Larivaar_Katha/Volume_15_Ang_1352-1430/092--Sant.Gurbachan.Singh.%28Bhindran.wale%29--Raagmaala--Ang-1429.mp3
  4. i said that too in my previous post: also lucky'singh'99 why didnt your fingers break off before saying ang 1430 dont teach anything. enough said. jaadheh siyaane ho gai ajj kal de sikh. not our fault or maharaj sache pathsah that you cant be bothered to learn the arth of raag maala gurbani. not teach anything da bacha its been a while since ive posted here and hopefully wont be posting again soon
  5. my two pence on this okay as a child we did have christmas tree in our house, and yeah we did give presents, cards etc.. wen i went to school i saw muslims who would say that they did not celebrate christmas and i would see them as hypocritical extremists. i knew of the shaheedi of the sahibzadey but truth be told i did not know it was around this time. when i grew up my grandmother died on christmas eve but to an extent even in the years following that we and all our relatives celebrated christmas as per usual. shows that we didnt really have much attachment or memory and got over it pretty quickly because christmas seemed to great to get rid of. last year i had the opportunity to spend this time at fatehgarh sahib and i can tell you my life during this period of time will not be the same. children im sure carry no importance to the historical reasoning behind christmas but due to the celebrations of this time i am sure that their curious minds will ask questions like how did christmas start etc? and we will have to tell them the honest truth that either it is a pagan festival or more generally it represents the birth of jesus. this is all aided with the nativity plays, jesus films etc on tv. in a way without knowing the parchar of christianity is going on. actually however it doesnt matter all that much. instead of focusing on what christmas means and whether we should have a tree or not? we should focus on what we should be doing in this period of time. because if we simply cancel our christmas children WILL feel left out. im making my point around children because adults in their right mind shouldnt give more importance to it then a day off work. no excuses our religion, our culture, our everything is sikhi.. we dont have time to celebrate other stuff when we dont even celebrate our own gurpurbs properly. about 60 years ago every bibi would come to fatehgarh sahib with a white chunni. all the sangat would SIT on the streets between fatehgarh sahib shaheedi asthaan and jothi saroop sahib and read banhee, and listen to alanheeyaan daa paath and ramkalee sadh on the final day before going home. such was the bairaag in the hearts of the panth. sadh sangat jee we need to make our children aware and so proud of their virsa and the martyrdom of the shaheeds that they themselves can tell their peers why they are not celebrating it. i know the argument will be that kids dont understand, they only have matlab with presents. firstly sangat jeee kids are not stupid they learn things very quickly. the only child that will not is a toddler and a toddler wont be complaining about christmas. also DONT be KANJOOS presents are what children want we also have times of khushee aswell i.e. you can give them presents, make the same big deal out of the parkash divas of sri guru nanak dev jee.. guru gobind singh sahib jees purab is coming give them presents then aswell. so kids can say we dont have ONE christmas we have so many gurpurabs. but in this time when in a matter of weeks the whole biological family of my guru was martyred how can we celebrate? we cant expect children to come educated we must educate them.. working in a family business that only closes for two days a year i wil admit that we will proabbly have a 'meal' together that day simply because we're at home and we have a chance to eat in peace. also just to add muslims are so serious about their religion they even ask if pure veg mithai is halal before buying it off apne, shud put our lot to shame that we dont care about anything. khalsa jee this is the 'saddest' time of the year for us (i know sikhi manns bhaana but we have prem and appreciation towards sarbansdaanee guru jee at least) goreh dont care about nothing and thats why no one goes to church. they turned the 'shahadat' of jesus into easter chocolate egg eating days. they lost the plot. lets not do the same, we try to copy them in everything else lets atleast have some respect in these days. also lucky'singh'99 why didnt your fingers break off before saying ang 1430 dont teach anything. enough said. jaadheh siyaane ho gai ajj kal de sikh. not our fault or maharaj sache pathsah that you cant be bothered to learn the arth of raag maala gurbani. not teach anything da bacha
  6. Benti is to take out 20mins and watch all of it. Don't watch 5 mins. Watch all the video and understand what the fuss is about. He is a nastik
  7. beginning of november, at guru har rai gurdwara sahib domeli west brom
  8. correct me if your saying that..kabeer sahib is stuck in karam khand? even after achieving the avastha of? jo bolath hai mrig meen pa(n)khaeroo s bin har jaapath hai nehee hor ||3|| Whatever the deer, the fish and the birds sing, they chant to the Lord, and no other. ||3|| when the sidhs asked sri guru nanak dev jee maharaj wat their shakti was, their path was.. they didnt say sarbloh bhandeh, they said: hau japiyaa parmesaro bhau bhagath sang tharhee layee lost the plot ,too many people going on a hype questioning EVERYONE, not worrying about themselves. big difference between jeevan of guru ke sikhs and osho. the highest sikhi -the sikhi of guru nanak is practised by a brahmgiani. they only become brahmgiani through kirpa of guru nanak dev jee.. all our attempts are just to get the kirpa of guru nanak dev jee maharaj. ideally we shud all do everything maharaj has said, realistically who can? Maharaj themselves. Mahapurkhs that are guru ke sikh have spent countless janams 'impressing' maharaj to get this stage..and yu think guru nanak wouldnt let them into sachkhand? to say that everyones stuck in karamkhand and theres some secret people who followed every bachan of guru sahib is ridiculous. look up karam siddhant, once a person reaches brahmgian karams cease to affect them. mahapurkh pursue rehat for their prem of gursikhi, of the bachan of guru sahib and to teach us...however even if they dont it doesnt matter because they've reached the destination, the passport/criminal record haha doesnt matter anymore. at that stage: eaekaa bakhas fir bahur n bulaavai ||3|| He forgives, once and for all, and never asks for one's account again. ||3|| once maharaj forgives yu, gives their bakshish.. yur notsubejct to lekha jokha.. to get that bakshish how ever much ability maharaj gives us, we all try to impress them by listening and adhering to as much of rehat maryada, gursikhi de sidhant as we can. no one but satguru sahib jee is perfect..but once their bakshish happens then all else ceases and nothing really matters.
  9. i dont understand this. baba hari singh makes it clear that Baba Sri Chand jee took the udaasee, viraktha from sri guru nanak dev jee? doesnt really say that they accepted the way of baba sri chand jee? with nirmale hes just making a point not to sideline these institutions. tbh i thought he was cussing udaasis saying theyve changed their baanaa.
  10. it can and should happpen, with todays circumstances..naasticvaaadh.. less 'real' katha wale singhs it would be VERY PROBLEMATIC..almost every day would be filled with complaints
  11. 1. bhagat bani is the bani of the bhagats that guru sahiban accepted as one with god and thus used their work which was actually akal purkh vaheguru's voice through these enlightened beings. 2. bhatt bani, the bhatts were a group who came and joined sikh of guru sahib and thus their work was included in bani. 3. read above 4. not sure 5. : Bhagat Jaidev, Bhagat Namdev, Bhagat Trilochan,Bhagat Parmanand, Bhagat Sadhana, Bhagat Beni, Bhagat Ramanand, Bhagat Dhanna, Bhagat Pipa, Bhagat Sain, Bhagat Kabir,Bhagat Ravidas, Baba Sheikh Farid, Bhagat Bhikhan and Bhagat Surdas Ji 6. not sure wat yur question is
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