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  1. Vaheguru - the jeevans of gursikhs and the ideologies that they follow is what makes them. Dhan han those who had great jeevans and followed the truth.
  2. The names that have been mentioned seem good enough. Kuljeet Singh last time spoke about the kirpan debate, he is a good speaker and also a chardi kalaa gursikh, which is more important. Id like to see either the below Kuljeet Singh Sukhraj Singh Bhai Mohinder Singh (gnnsj) Harjinder Singh - the game of love Manvir Singh Tarsem Singh or if its to do with gyaan then the best person that dsnt do talks would be kamalpreet singh pardeshi
  3. It maybe good if satkaar puts up a advert on TV highliting uk beadbis and telling uk commitees to refrain from booking meet sharaab partys to prevent protests and also highlighting the sandesh and above that the clear message by guru sahib. In this way we may prevent protests and there is no way that anyone can say they didnt know. Also send out in papers
  4. Thats quite low as i remember sohi attendding the barsi and even saying to the singhs well done, its a wonderful event and thanks for holdinig it. weirdo.
  5. Who is darren peters? was he also a ex friend of gagans? or some random person who knew the other two?
  6. We will spill our last drop of blood and to the last man we will fight for Khalistan.' The immortal words of Shaheed Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal Jathadar Sri Akal Takhat Sahib General of Bhindranwala Tiger Force of Khalistan (B.T.F.K) Baba ji’s Shaheedi anniversary falling on February 28 The history of the Sikh nation is filled with sacrifices and whenever the rulers of India or any invader has tried to finish the Sikhs by oppression the Khalsa Panth has retaliated by bringing the oppressor to justice . In recent times the Indian authorities have been trying to eliminate not only the Sikh people but also those belonging to other minorities in India by persecution and genocide. Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale awakened a sleeping nation and invited the Sikhs to raise their voices against the tyrant rulers. In this struggle to defend the Sikh nation thousands of brave Sikhs have received martyrdom and one of these is Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal who was one of the greatest leaders of the present struggle. In the district of Amritsar, Tehsil Taran Taran there is a village known as Manochahal. In this village Mata Gurmej Kaur the wife of Atma Singh gave birth to Gurbachan Singh Manochahal in 1954. After having passed his metric exams his father wanted him to work on the family land but Baba Manochahal had no interest in this. So he joined the army as a surveyor. While in the army he felt an awakening for Sikhi and his consciousness led him towards the essence of Guru Ji's teachings. After four years service in the army he decided to leave and went to live at his maternal grandfather's house to look after their land because they were in a foreign country. It was here that Baba Manochahal became a Granthi (priest) at Baba Dhanna Gurudwara. Whilst he was staying here Sant Kartar Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale 13th Jathadar Damdami Taksaal came to give Amrit Sanchar and to do parchar. Baba Manochahal was so influenced by Sant Ji's he utterances that he became a firm believer in Sant's message. After this initial meeting Baba Manochahal stayed at the headquarters of Damdami Taksal at Mehta on many occasions. In 1978 a group calling themselves Sant Nirankaris organised a convention in Amritsar on April l3th, the Birthday of the Khalsa. The so-called Nirankaris backed by the Congress Party were under the leadership of one Gurbachan `Singh' who had claimed himself to be a prophet and incarnation of Guru Nanak Dev ji. At the gathering the Nirankaris mocked the Sikh faith and insulted the Sri Guru- Granth Sahib Ji. On hearing this Sant Bhindranwale sent a group of devote sikhs under the leadership,of Bhai Fauja Singh to hold a peaceful protest march to the place where the socalled Nirankaris were gathering. However the Nirankaris and the police fired upon the Sikhs resulting in the martyrdom of 13 Sikhs and 80 were further injured including Baba Manochahal who was shot in the arm. In 1982 The Sikh Freedom Fighters shot Lala Jagat Narain the editor of the Hind Samachar newspaper which was writing derogatory; remarks directed against the Sikh religion. In connection with this case a warrant was issued for Sant Bhindranwale and in order to arrest him raids were made in Chando Kalan (Haryana) and Bombay. Baba Manochahal was with Sant Bhindranwale during this time and they managed to reach Mehta Chowk. At Mehta Chowk Sant Bhindranwala peacefully courted arrest. After the arrest the police without any reason shot 22 Sikhs dead and wounded many more. Unable to falsely find Sant Bhindranwale guilty the Brahmin Government was forced to release him. On being released Sant Bhindranwale went straight to the Darbar Sahib and started the `Dharam Yudh' morcha. .. In June 1984 the Indian rulers attacked the Darbar Sahib resulting in thousands of innocent men, women and children being butchered. After this incident and the atrocities generally being committed against the Sikhs Baba Manochahal decided to fight in the armed struggle. His first action was in his own village where he shot and killed a soldier after which he absconded . The police in order to force Baba Manochahal to give himself up took from his maternal grandparents home their jeep, motorcycle, tractor and then burnt their crops. They also started to harass his family, which included violence . At Manochahal village the Punjab police and the CRP surrounded Baba Manochahal and an encounter ensued in which Inspector Bhupinder Singh and many other police officers were killed. Baba Manochahal broke through the police cordon and escaped. By 1986 Baba Ji had 9 encounters with the army and police and always broke through their cordons and escaped. On the 26 July 1986 a Sarbat Khalsa was called at the Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib which the Punjab police tried to prevent by blocking and barricading all the roads leading to Darbar Sahib. A five member Panthic Committee was established to over look the affairs of the Sikh Nation and Baba Manochahal was chosen as one of the five. On the 29th April 1986 the Panthic Committee declared that the Sikhs would struggle for the establishment of an independent Sikh state `Khalistan' . The Akali Government led by Barnala sent the army into Sri Harmandir Sahib resulting in hundreds of arrests including that of the acting Jathadar of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib Bhai Gurdev Singh Kaonke. The Panthic Committee elected Baba Manochahal to replace Bhai Koanke as Jathadar. As Jathadar Baba Manochahal stood firm on the demand for Khalistan and kept the high traditions and morals of Akali Phula Singh Ji. In order to quicken the struggle for Khalistan Baba Manochahal founded the Bhindranwala Tiger force of Khalistan (BTFK) which in a very short time spread its operations throughout Punjab, Delhi and other surrounding states. Baba Manochahal had many encounters with the Indian police and after causing havoc he managed to escape. For instance in village Vrana he along with his companions Dr Resham Singh and Bhai Buta Singh had an encounter with the police in which they inflicted terror and death. The police commander in charge was Mohammad Izhar Alam and he had his men surround the area. The encounter lasted for 7 hours and Bhai Buta Singh received martyrdom but Baba Manochahal along with Dr Resham Singh managed to escape. The Indian Government once again attacked the Darbar Sahib in operation Black Thunder in which many of Baba Manochahal's companions received martyrdom including Lt General Bhai Surjit Singh Penta and Lt General Bhai Karj Singh Thanda . Baba Manochahal's greatest encounter with the police was in village Rotal which lasted 56 hours. In this encounter the police, CRP and the army were involved and in the battle there was a heavy loss on the enemy. The BTF lost Lieutenant General Lakhwinder Singh and four other freedom fighters who became Shaheeds fighting for the Sikh Nation. Once again Baba Manochahal escaped from the clutches of the police. Being unsuccessful in capturing Baba Manochahal the police turned their attention to his family. His father Atma Singh and his brother Tarlochan Singh who had deserted the army after operation Blue Star were arrested. After spending six years in jail they were released. Baba Manochahal's wife and son along with his other brothers Nirvair Singh who was working as a farmer and Ninder Singh who was working for the electricity board were arrested. The police later killed Baba Manochahal's father Atma Singh and brother Nirvair Singh in a fake encounter. The rest of the family if they have not been killed by the police are still being harassed and tortured today. Due to Baba Manochahal's military training and his own intelligence he survived in the thick of the battle against the brahmin regime for 15 years. He stayed true to the Khalsa spirit and showed what can be achieved in a short space of time by following the teachings of the Gurus. At the beginning of 1993 a near companion of Baba Manochahal by the name of Sukhwant Singh Warchiree was arrested by the police. Unable to bear the heavy police torture he told the police the whereabouts of Baba Manochahal's hideouts. But Baba Manochahal was able to change his hideouts before he could be found. In the village of Bagria the police raided the house of Piara Singh. When the police were about to arrest his son Resham Singh, his mother asked the police why are you taking my son? Baba Manochahal is sitting down in the bunker. Before the police could take any action Baba Manochahal exploded a bomb and rained a spray of bullets on the police. This caused a stampede amongst the police and Baba Manochahal managed to escape. When the police broke the bunker and went inside they found a feast of ' arms and' a small wireless set which Baba Manochahal had been using to track the movement of the police. The police surrounded all the villages nearby and carried out house to house searches. On the 28 February 1993 outside Rotal village the police raided the farmhouse of Ajit Singh where Baba Manochahal was staying. This was Baba Manochahal's final encounter and he knew the time had come for him to become one with the Almighty. He came out fighting like a lion and was shot by police entrenched behind a tubewell. Baba Manochahal's martyrdom was a great loss to the Sikh Nation and his martyrdom was revenged by the freedom fighters who killed five police officers near Barnala. Baba Manochahal's involvement in the Khalistan Movement inspires many a Sikh today to fight against oppression and injustice and will continue to do so. He has joined the endless list of Shaheeds, martyred in a righteous war in defence of his faith. We are born from the edge of the sword. grown and swelled with the sword. If we live, we live with self respect, if we die, we die with dignity. Khalistan Zindabad. From the Khalistan Deeyan Goonzan April-May 1998
  7. Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh Sri Sehaj Paat Sahib Jee Bhog in rememberence of Sant Baba Thakur Singh Jee 5/3/2011 5pm - 8pm Followed by Katha, kirtan Giani Satnam Singh Jee Damdami Taksal Giani Sukhdev Singh Jee Dal Baba Bidhi Chand Jee Bhai Gurmej Singh Jee Jatha Damdami Taksaal Barsi Smagam of Shaheed General Baba Gurbachan Singh Jee Manochahal BTF Arambh Sri Akhand Paat Sahib 4/3/2011 -10am Bhog Sri Akhand Paat Sahib 6/3/2011 - 10am followed by mahaan smagam Both events taking place at Gurdwara Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Jee Tividale West Midlands By Smuuh Saadh Sangat Tividale
  8. The above statement is halarious - why??? Because you obviously didnt attend the program, thats why ... or you dont know who gurmeet singh is. Gurmeet Singh didnt do katha yesterday and nor was he at the program.... As stated below Bhai sahib nachattar singh ji and gyani satnaam singh ji the kirtanees were: bhai sukhjinder singh ji and jatha and also bhai Gurmej singh ji and jatha So in future, please do some research and stop trying to mess this thread up. If you have issues then resolved them with the person and not on a public forum.
  9. Towards the end of the above video you can hear baba jee slightly doing some bachans
  10. I dont think one will ever be made. Baba Jee kept themselves very hidden, you would have to ask the sangat first where baba jees dera was as there is no signs outside stating their name. Once inside you would walk around wondering who they were, once you ask someone you would realise, either they were the singh who served you langar, or the one who washed ur dishes or the one who was cutting the sabjea... and if they were not any of them, then possibly once you have wondered around and been to the back of the dera they were probably the singh who was picking up the cows excrement or sitting on there own at the back. At times baba jee would sit in the langar and sangat would be around them, but most the time it was hard to find them. Once i asked baba jee - can i take a picture? they replied 'take one of those who are rehat from janam and maran' me being a fool replied maharaj aap jee ho - maharaj you are.... they replied make me.... i stayed quiet, they then said take pictures of the sahibzade. You would be lucky to take pictures of them, its only after they passed away that over 100 pictures that were accumulated throughout the years were put online on http://www.flickr.com/photos/59471516@N05/ I will do a benti to the singhs at the dera. Baba Jees history is full of seva and simran. They were dhann. The amount of mahapurkhs they did seva with is unbelievable. They were one of the last ones left from that generation
  11. khalsa jeevan - Sant Kartaar Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindranvale
  12. Please watch all the below videos, regarding Rehat Maryada of Sri Akaal Takht Sahib and its formation, and then the correct maryada
  13. Sant Jarnail Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindranvale Once Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindranvale went to Dera Joti Saroop with the jatha, the singhs ate langar and set off for Fatehgarh Sahib to do katha, in the early days the roads were not fully developed and Sant Jee and the jatha had to go through the fields. One of the singhs stole two mooliya from the field. Some of the singhs saw this and told Sant Jarnail Singh Jee, Sant Jee asked ‘from whose field did you steal?’ and got upset on realising that the mooliya were from Baba Santokh Singh Jees field. Sant jee told five singhs to take the chaur and do benti to baba jee that we have found your chaur, please give him sakht sajah. The 6 singhs went to Baba Santokh Singh Jee and did the benti as per sant jarnail singh jees wishes. Baba Jee with utmost nimrata and respect gave them langar, after langar baba jee gave 50 rupees each to the 5 singh and 100 rupees to the singhs who stole. Then the singhs asked what is the sajah, Baba Jee replied ‘ the sajah is that only the singh that stole can eat the mooliya’. The singhs left astonished and went back to Sant Jarnail Singh Jee, when sant jee asked, the singhs said what baba jee said. Sant Jee returned with the jatha to Joti Saroop Gurdwara Sahib and asked baba jee ‘what sajah is this?’ Baba Jee in their mauj replied ‘ maharaj/sant jee – you in your katha state ‘every food/dana has someones name on – everything is in hukam – so these muleah had this singhs name on, if he did not take them, then how would i have found him after to give them to him?’. That was the nimrata that baba jee stayed in at all times.
  14. There are not many Mahapurkhs like Baba Santokh Singh Jee Maharaj. Baba Jee about 3/4 weeks before passing away said fateh to the sangat and told them they are leaving. Sangat did bentia and all the Mahapurkhs came to do bentia to not leave. Mahapurkhs would say we need you yet, please dont go. Baba jee stayed for another 3/4 weeks due to all the ardaas and jaaps at Gurdvara Sahibs and Takht Sahibs. Infront of daas Baba Jee said to the Singhs 'Let me go' - jaa lendo menu - They told all the sangat to stop the Ardas and Jaaps, but other Mahapurkhs kept doing bentia to sangat to do jaap and ardaas for baba jee to stay. Baba Ajit Singh Jee Hansali Vale gave Jaaps to do for sangat and Baba Harbans Singh Jee Delhi Vale also gave Jaaps for everyone to do. Its very hard to find such a pure soul again, im just amased how much nimrata baba jee had an how gupt they kept themselves. Dhan Han Sant Baba Thakur Singh Jee and Sant Baba Santokh Singh Jee
  15. Forget debating on here, i think it may be wise for satkaar to release a statement and one from sikhsangat into whats actually happening and if they are actually trying to take legal proceedings. At the same time, pressurise sikh channel, if they dont listen then move onto sangat tv or sikh tv and hold an open debate regarding whats happening, and highlight all the issues without being afraid. Take this further on a media platform, im sure everyone would want to know whats actually happening. Where is the newly formed sikh national body on this, dont they represent over 100 or summit gurdwara sahibs and organisations. If you want pm me the full details and i will try to get the issue faxed to akaal takht sahib
  16. Sant Baba Santokh Singh Ji Joti Saroop Valeh 1928 - 2011 Dusehra Smagam Bhog Sri Sehaj Paat Sahib Wednesday 23/02/2011 @ 5pm Followed by Mahaan Smagam, attended by International Katha Vaachicks, Keertanis, kaveeshari jathas Gurdvara Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Jee, Dudley Road West Tividale B69 2PJ By UK Saadh Sangat For more information please contact 0121 522 4828
  17. In the first video, isnt that one of the 3ho sikh parcharaks delivering a talk at the wedding?
  18. If anything the singhs who do not claim to be a mukhi and do seva are doing more parchaar then both the so called jathedars. Listen below to bhai amrik singh - jathedar panj pyareh
  19. Southall youth, may i remind you that singh sahib giani raam singh also follows the taksal maryada and sampardiac views. Something that you mock above. Slander Baba Jee, it wont affect them, but will certainly effect you in many ways, the truth of southall youth and co has been coming out for a while now, its nothing new. Moorakh. Regarding Baba Harnam singh Jee - He is the mukhi as per the akaal takht sahib jathedar, but not as per the taksal tradition where one mukhi gives seva to the next. Neither Him, Ram singh or anyone else is the mukhi. Baba Jee kept saying sant jarnail singh jee is the jathedar. It dsnt really matter what half of these jathebandia say or do anyway. Akaal Takht Sahib/SGPC declared Giani Mohan Singh Jee Bhindranvale the jathedar of taksal, so technically for them he is the jathedar, then they later declared ram singh etc the jathedar. It dsnt really matter what half of these lot do as it changes like the seasons. Just like the views of people who are unstable and have no faith - southall youth Believe what you please, its not a debate here or shaheedi, but your constant nindya and hatred towards taksal and the sampardas will get you into trouble someday. Fateh
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