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  1. Thorpe Park asked a group of singh's to leave after another vistor complained about a visible kirpan, singh's have been escorted out of costco and tescos for wearing visible kirpans. Often it's due to complaints from othern shoppers rather than establishment themselves.
  2. Disgusting behaviour from these heretics. The day Dudley has it's first party in the gurdwara's hall, they need to understand a good few thousand protestors will probably turn up! This ones going to be massive... I'm just glad i'm not related to anyone from dudley committee, how shameful to those poor souls who have to do the sangat of these people. Sorry to the decent people who come from dudley, but dudley just become a dirty word in my dictionery.
  3. watch sikh channel and sangat tv. They've given good coverage of the lobby. A real eye opener for people like me who didn't attend.
  4. Clarity. Very valid comments. But now get off ur backside and do something about the situation. We r all in it together, so stop making out theres some ulterior motive and do ur bit to cleaning up the mess we r in. Any other concerns then ring up satkaar urself..the numbers on their blogspot.
  5. Ironically, when these committees were asked to call in on the show to comment live on air they lost their voices. But as soon as the show's off air, the get their list of complaints out. The complaining committees should have been soormay enough to mitigate comments against them on the show there and then. Sikh channel are sell outs when it comes to these committees and I can guarantee we can guess who complained. At least sikh channel didnt show repeat that RST birmingham shambles of a panth time show!
  6. Rana's ok but he suits the over censored approach of sangat tv anyway. Let's see if the competition of these 2 channels produce better quality presenters. Sikh tv on the other hand need to buck up, they're cashing in on gagandip singh's death, but once that's over they've nothing much to offer. I think we'll be just left with Sikh Channel and Sangat Tv and the competitive streak should help produce better quality of programmes.
  7. What a shambles! See the old scaremongering tactics at the end of the show to brand youth as 'exremists'.
  8. The propagation of the sikh dharm starts from the homes. Couples who commit to the anand karaj around Guru ji make a commitment to Guru ji that sikh principles will be the centre if their lives. They commit that their children will be brought up as sikhs. The core of the couples life is Guru ji/Sikhi. Not demonising people who have married out of faith, but your life as Sikhs can only move forward if you both follow sikhi. One spouse following another faith only causes suppresion in the other's jeevan.
  9. Great show that you guys present. The Satkaar Campaign and Out of Faith marriage show was really good. Pls can u do a show on the "generation gap", Do elders see youth as a threat? why the elders do not allow youth in the gurdwara committees and why so few youth get involved in gurdwara committees. Why are no youth mentored into being leaders and why do the same people hold onto kursiya for years and years. This is a major problem for the progression of our community.
  10. sad, but this does reflect our community's lame reaction. Sikhs today just look out for themsleves, not for the kaum.
  11. When I rung the Gurdwara number I got to someone who said he was on the committee who said he agreed that it is wrong to allow meat and booze in the hall but said they need to make sure they cater for the sehajdharis as no one will come to the gurdwara otherwise. What a sellout! I'm calling again tomorrow to hear the pardaan's story. I was told to call between 9am and 4pm as the committee members will be in.
  12. Where's it gone? Did admin get pressure to remove? Chal, truth will come out anyway. With Guruji's kirpa, the sangat will find other ways to highlight what the committee are doing in GNSS Gurdwara complex. May waheguru one day bless these committees with gursikhi jeevan so that they realise the errors of their current ways.
  13. Yep. 100% with you. The focus of the gurdwara are the core activities around Guru Granh Sahib Ji Maharaj. No gursikh should even promote the consumption of meat, alcohol and parties even by helping someone book a hall. There were good points raised and overall a good show. Sikh Channel deserve a pat on the back for this one. Bring on more youth discussion show with kam singh, a good panel and vocal audience. There should be a follow up show which focuses on the actual issues and the actual problems with the masand, sorry i mean committees who do the beadbi of sikhi by pushing their sangat t
  14. Am i reading this right, 2 newbie individuals from the town of dudley think they have the right to judge a young member of the committee for resigning from this shambles of a manmat committee who have the audasity to openly abuse our gurmaryda. And these jokers think that they can deflect attention of beadbi by creating a scapegoat. How very sianna indeed.
  15. Again with all due respect to the sangat, pls dont get offended by my words. The provoking attitude of sikhpaji (who is clearly a committee member of rst) shows that any meeting would be a waste of time with apostates who have renounced gurmat. I think sangat have escalated this enough and the only option is a peaceful demo outside rst party hall. May maharaj bless these patits in rst with sikh jeevans. Pls maharaj, help them understand how evil sharab is.
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