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  1. This saint was no ordinary saint, they chose to remain gupt. This saint was one that all the saints looked upto. Sant Naranjan Singh Tappe Valeh - Mony Jee - Met Baba Jee the day they passed away. Baba Jee went to meet Sant Kartar Singh Jee the day they passed away. Baba Jee went to meet Bhai Jasvir Singh Khanne Valeh the day they passed away. The last time Baba Thakur Singh Jee went to meet Baba Jee, Baba Jee went into Bairaag and kept touching Baba Thakur Singh Jees face and was in bairaag, then they told all the sangat of the dera to come out and said 'do darshan now, we dont know if we will ever get darshan of such a high mahapurkh again' Baba Jee would say 'it takes centurys for a mahapurkh like baba thakur singh jee to come on this planet' Baba Thakur Singh would say to the singhs ' you will never meet a mahapurkh like baba santokh singh jee in the world' There were very few mahapurkhs that Sant kartaar singh jee, Sant Jarnail Singh Jee, Baba Thakur Singh Jee would let the singhs go and stay with. Baba Santokh Singh Jee was one of these few gems. Baba Jee would wear a chola - normally dirty with sabjea and sangats dhoor etc from seva done, they would sit on the bare floor, and do everyones seva, i mean literally everyones seva. After 1984 alot of the karkoo singhs would go and stay with baba santokh singh jee - the police wouldnt go near them as they were that scared of them. Sant Jarnail Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindranvale Once Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindranvale went to Dera Joti Saroop with the jatha, the singhs ate langar and set off for Fatehgarh Sahib to do katha, in the early days the roads were not fully developed and Sant Jee and the jatha had to go through the fields. One of the singhs stole two muleah from the field. Some of the singhs saw this and told Sant Jarnail Singh Jee, Sant jee got upset on realising that the muleah were from Baba Santokh Singh Jees field. Sant jee told five singhs to take the chaur and do benti to baba jee that we have found your chaur, please give him sakht sajah. The 6 singhs went to Baba Santokh Singh Jee and did the benti as per sant jarnail singh jees wishes. Baba Jee with utmost nimrata and respect gave them langar, after langar baba jee gave 50 rupees each to the 5 singh and 100 rupees to the singhs who stole. Then the singhs asked what is the sajah, Baba Jee replied ‘ the sajah is that only the singh that stole can eat the muleah’. The singhs left astonished and went back to Sant Jarnail Singh Jee, when sant jee asked, the singhs said what baba jee said. Sant Jee returned with the jatha to Joti Saroop Gurdwara Sahib and asked baba jee ‘what sajah is this?’ Baba Jee in their mauj replied ‘ maharaj/sant jee – you in your katha state ‘every food/dana has someones name on – everything is in hukam – so these muleah had this singhs name on, if he did not take them, then how would i have found him after to give them to him?’. That was the nimrata that baba jee stayed in at all times. Sakhi told by Giani Attar Singh urf Daler Singh to dass A Sakhi from Jagwant Singh on facebook There's one that I heard in india.during kharku lehar a singh was being harassed by police.the family went to baba santokh jee and asked for help as they knew the police planned to kill him. Baba jee done bachan that even bullets won't touch this singh. Afterwards the police turned up at the singhs house. The singh got away from the house but they saw him and started firing directly at him.but with maharaajs bakshish baba jees bachan came true and none of the bullets hit the singh
  2. Baba Santokh Singh Jee was a Pooran Brahm Giani Mahapurkh who had utmost nimrata and served the sangat with soo much pyaar and satkaar that everyone who had their darshan was amased at the nimrata and kirpa. Baba Jee would always speak about doing naam abhiyaas and seva. They were a real reare gem of the panth. It is a very very very great loss to the panth that they have left, its very interesting how gupt they kept themselves. The taksal singhs would refer them to be the same as baba thakur singh jee. All the sampardas and other relegions respected baba jee. I have never seen a mahapurkh with soo much nimrata. Satguru Sahib Jee kirpa Karan, the singhs will try to post some sakhis on baba jee
  3. Wohooooo Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Jees Katha at Rampur Khera will be shown on this sunday. Please advertise as much as possible. Fateh Sampardiac parchar will be shown on sundays. If you have any kathas of any sampardaic gursikh, mahapurkhs then please send them in to sangat tv can everyone put on there facebooks and support sangat tv as much as possible.
  4. Are we doing that much shanka that all of us havent taken amrit? Taksal - larevaar Saroop, Nihang Dals - Larevaar Saroop What about - Mool Mantar Gurmantar Kakkars Correct Gurbani We tend to forget all these thing aswell, and all the other maryadas that are passed down but are not advertised. This topic is going way off topic and it seemed its confusing the sangat and also possibly making some insecure to wether they have taken amrit or not. Wherever you do decide to take amrit, please do some research and please please do not after question the amrit. But make sure before hand everything is correct, to prevent these shankas and everything highlighted in this thread coming up.
  5. I have remained quiet on this issue - but here goes The truth behind BSSF Founder gagan singh ... formed group to counter boss, then also made sikh tv to counter sikh channel.... Organised shaheed bhai talwinder singh babbar barsi by bssf - to stir controversy in smethwick - from advise from politicians in america harvinder singh sandhu barsi by bssf - again to stir controversy they do sant jee shaheedi smagam to stir controversy camps that happened by bssf at woolwich were not by bssf - they ust asked sangat to put logo on and then didnt do anything. They dont have part in the camps anymore.... as sangat want to stay clear of them BSSF/dal khalsa make sant jee shaheedi smagam and then at london provoke singhs into an argument. . Its sad, main sevadaar has lots of maya - can do anything, but comes into sikhi and goes straight into policits. making organisations, trying to do events etc etc. As a person there is no gurmat there. Its just about point scoring and acting on peoples emotions. The above is fact based. Support dal khalsa, panch pardani etc. Dont take offence, the above is fact based. Admin please keep this up
  6. Khalistan Zindabaad SGPC was dissasembled Panthic Commitee chosen Independence of Khalistan Jathedars of Thakht Sahib Chosen Sarkarreee Thakht made by Government and touts was not accepted Akaal Takht Sahib Seva was redone as kar seva by the taksal.
  7. I did ask singhs to do a tv discussion show on sikh channel etc but i dont know what happened with it. It is a very important day for our history.
  8. After the 1980's Sant Baba Thakur Singh Jee Served the khalsa panth and the khalistan movement in various ways, uner the guidance of Damdami Taksaal and Baba Jee the Panth Observed the Sarbat Khalsa in 1986. Baba Jee helped the familys of the shaheeds and inspired many thousands of youth into the khalsa fold. Declaration of Khalistan & Constitution of the Panthic Committee On the 26th of January 1986 the Damdami Taksal organized a Sarbat Khalsa (Sikh national gathering) at the Akal Takht in Amritsar, Punjab where a resolution for Khalistan was passed. Later that same year on April 29 a second Sarbat Khalsa was held, also at the Akal Takht in Amritsar, where a declaration of the independence of Khalistan was made and a 5 member Panthic Committee was constituted in order to carry out the objective of overseeing the independence of Khalistan. In 1986 Baba Jee's advice was sought of how the movement should be taken forward and Baba Jee said 5 Singhs should be appointed to lead the Panth (nation). Subsequently on 26th January 1986 a Sarbat Khalsa (gathering of the Sikh Nation) was called and a Panthic Committee was formed (committee comprising 5 Singhs, Bhai Aroor Singh, Bhai Gurdev Singh Usman Vala, Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal, Bhai Vassan Singh Zafferwal & Bhai Dhanna Singh). After Operation Blue Star the government was in a hurry to bring normality to Punjab or diffuse the situation and in their haste they sponsored Baba Santa Singh of Buddha Dal to rebuild the desecrated and damaged Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib. The Sikh nation was outraged, that, first the government destroys Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib, and then quickly re-builds it, by sponsoring Baba Santa Singh with a lucrative budget. This added fuel to the fire of the attack on the dignity of the Sikhs, and as a result, the Sikhs decided to tear down the government built Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib. Initially after the demolition of the government sponsored Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib, different Sants were given the seva of re-building it, but none of them were up to the humongous task ahead of them. The re-building had a stop and start fashion to it and in the end Baba Jee took on the leadership of the re-construction project, after which, the re-construction made steady progress. (The Game of Love) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCZUEHBNCnA
  9. It was a real nice smagam and the sevadaars and sangat were really friendly, polite and helpfull. Maharaj Sahib Jee kirpa karan to bless more smagams of a similar kind of family pyaar sharda atmosphere. Fateh
  10. No one is saying taksal is the purest form of sikhi. The purest is those brahm gianis that become one with akaal purkh, no matter which jathebandi they belong to. Taksal have tried to keep as much as possible the full rehat maryada of guru sahib, arths, santhia, shudhta, saud and throughout the times placed there heads at the charan of sri guru ram das jee and given many many shaheedia for the kaum and done immense parchar, amrit sanchaars and helped sangat on their journey towards our satguru sahib jee Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj. The amount of parchar done by the jathedars of the taksal is amasing. Fateh
  11. Fateh, The jathebandia did not agree with the maryada in the 1930s and left the meetings.
  12. bhai sahib jeo/penji. Amrit is of guru sahib and not of a specific jatha or organisation. If you have issues, please visit somewhere where you know the rehat will be strong and strict and then follow it, with satguru granth sahib jees kirpa Penji the singhs do seva on a few occasions throughout the year, mainly at the barsi but hopefully soon with guru jees kirpa there will be more smagams like this. If anyone wants to book an international one in europe then please pm me.
  13. Bump - limited spaces - miss it - miss out. good to see singhs/singhnia doing seva of this sort.
  14. If you want Sant Jarnail Singh Jees Katha or speeches pm me. I would like more parchar from sampardiac gianis instead of the missionarys at delhi.
  15. "Kala Afghan- Raped a woman Darshan- backstabbed Sikh freedom movement Dilgeer- Flirts with young girls in social networks(but i think FB permits him to do it) Ghagga- Says Guru Nanak ate Halaal meat and Guru Arjan dev ji fainted on Tatti Tavi Jeonwala- Non Amritdhari, meat eater and Liquor drinker truck driver http://profdarshansinghkhalsa-exposed.blogspot.com/ It has fact based information and gives the evidence
  16. Sri Guru Dasam Granth Sehaj Paat bhog, kirtan and katha tommorrow at willenhall gurdwara sahib. Try to attend if possible and speak to the parcharaks there.
  17. We will find out on the day bhai sahib jeo - hope to see you all there. Regarding transport - watch this space.
  18. It seems the commitee or members of the gurdwara sahib community are trying every trick they have to move the attention of the sangat away from the current issue, wether they say about jathka, wether about caste or other issues. If we forget the meat issue just for a second - just for the sake of controversy, then the bigger issue is alcohol - that isnt a controversy that the panth has not decided over - its a clear no. So wether you serve meat or not, alcohol is a definate NO, likewise meat, bangra, dirty songs, half dressed women/men etc all that happens at the premises is all against gurmat. Please lets not debate over this - its clear and simple - its WRONG - we dont need to debate. If your not cussing mental singh, then its the validity of satkaar campaign, if its not that then you bring caste into it, if that gets resolved then its akaal takht havnt decided on meat, etc etc the tactics are good - but im afraid are pathetic. Sorry if i have offended anyone, just raising some concerns over the length and indepth arguments which have no validity.
  19. Fateh, I will look at the videos etc and try to get them edited slightly so when shown on tv again the lights will be better hopefully. It was the first time i think that they have done a live broadcast - hopefully in the future it will be a lot better. The team are very profesional in there approach and the way they do things - im sure the quality will go better and better. Yeh - it was a brilliant smagam - was a shame due to weather and other reasons that some of the other parcharaks could not attend. But wth satguru granth sahib jees kirpa it went well. The singhs in the katha said some gupt bachans that the singhs internally know but for the last 25 years have kept gupt as per the wishes of singhs involved.
  20. Giani Jee is most welcome to come and stay for the three days at the barsi like all the other vidiarthees do, if possible he will get time, we have a camp happening throughout and q and a for elders - so im sure there will be many occasions for him to help with the parchaar and discuss his time at mehta and the relationship between Baba Thakur Singh Jee and Baba Kirtan Singh jee and all the other nihang singh jathedars of that era
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