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  1. All these sevas not being doing by women is a direct result of a lack of resources for them to gain the right skills from. Apart from countries like Canada and the UK where still only few gursikhs have the opportunity to do santhiya and even fewer have the chance to learn to do katha, have a look in India how many deray or taksaals do you know of that teach women or encourage women to learn? The problem is that no singhni in India (also to some extent the West) is expected to or even encouraged to do santhiya, learn to read lareevaar, learn to do katha, do maharaj's seva... The shortfall is
  2. It also states that in this link: http://indiatoday.in...n/1/172707.html The all-rounder also defended his guru, Baba Ajit Singh Hansali Wale, and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). "I see few people trying to blame my guruji for delay and bcci! Again wrong it was my decision!" he wrote.
  3. It's a fact, it's well known that Yuvraj Singh goes to see Baba ji alongside Harbhajan Singh
  4. Sant Baba Ajit Singh ji from Hansali are mahapurakh with an extremely high avastha in fact I've heard from some mahapurakh that they are the most "paunche hoe" mahapurakh still around. This stupid man on the video has no clue, and it's maharaj who has kept him in ignorance. Baba Ajit Singh ji is nothing less than God, maharaj says "Har harjan due ek hai, bib bichaar kasch naahi" this truely applies to baba jee. In reply to ur post Simran345, if baba ji were to give bachan in regards to disease they would be the same as Guru sahib's. I know that I would, maharaj di kirpa naal, follow their bach
  5. I believe it was Bhai Gurdas ji who said this that if a sikh requires something or is in some sort of a problem then they should do 5 japji sahibs at amritvela.
  6. If you wish to retain any sort of sucham lol then air
  7. Yes its is possible to astral project to both Sachkhand and Harimandir Sahib. God however is different as that is your natural form, i.e. the realisation of the lack of your own existence and understanding that the sole entity that exists is maharaj will lead you to see/expereience maharaj everywhere.
  8. lol surely paji you would need to be at that avastha of Sant Baba Jagjit Singh ji to know if they were a sant or not or if Baba Bishan Singh ji was, I think you should go have their sangat just once.. if you're in the UK PM me :biggrin2:
  9. Penji that is a really stupid thing to say as baba ji comes from nirmalay samparda just like Sant baba Bishan Singh ji of Taksaal.
  10. If mahapurakh give you bachan, see those bachan as lifelong you should kamaa those bachan with the intention to read them forever.
  11. Wjkk wjkfateh Its sad but the lack of response says it all. :unsure2:
  12. Sikh_Soldier


    Wjkk wjkfateh Although I'm not averse to the above suggestions, I would say that sometimes it's good to recognise that these reactions stem from ego. If you believed yourself to be truly nothing then you wouldn't be offended by such remarks. When you see maharaj in everyone if he says something impolite to you then it makes no difference, it's essentially him talking to himself. It's weird but its true, I'm not saying you have to be like this right now, but one day aim towards being like that. Like when Bhagat Kabeer ji sat on a horse with what looked like a prostitiute and alcohol in his han
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