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  3. Only God knows the future. <edited> Guru Raam Das Ji, Raag Gauree 171: I know nothing, and I do not know the future; as the Lord keeps me, so do I stand. Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Raag Saarang 1238: No account can be made of the future or the past; who knows what shall be, or what was?
  4. I think we need to identify what God is. I don't think He is some guy up there looking down on us and weighing our actions on a scale to see if we get liberated or not. Liberation happens during life, according to our own efforts. That is what it means to be jivan mukht. It is to merge your essence with Akal Purakh while in this life. This is done by attaining good Karma via living in accordance with His Hukam. To live with His Hukam is to be one with the universe (sorry for the cliche) because Waheguru created all and is within all of creation. From our cells, to the stars and galaxies. It is all Him. We are free to choose our own actions, but it cannot be differentiated from Him because He is within us and we are a part of Him. Then why choose to do good over bad, If it is all His doing? Society decides what is good or bad. His actions are above our judgement, laws and code of conduct. Our Gurus have given us a Dharam (Dharma), which is our path of righteousness. We are free to accept it or reject it. If we accept it, then we can call ourselves Sikhs.
  5. Then why do we punish thieves, killers and rapists, if it Waheguru's command that made them do these things? Aren't we instructed to accept Akal Purakh's Hukam?
  6. I think Kalsingh is asking about Karma. If we don't have free will, then how does one attain good and bad karma. Has Waheguru already decided who will be jivan mukht and who will not?
  7. Brother, just because one bachan is true, doesn't mean all bachans you hear about are true as well. Some of these are made up or exaggerated. Especially the ones involving Guru ji performing some kind of miracle. If you say you saw the arch sway back and forth, then I believe you. However in my experience, buildings only move during an earthquake. Say that I claim Guru ji blessed a lake, and I build a gurdwara next to it. Then I state that anyone who takes blessings from this Gurdwara and bathes in that lake will be cured of all illnesses. Do you know how many innocent/foolish/ignorant people I could get to come to that gurdwara? Do you know how much money I could make from the golak? If I opened a lot of these types of gurdwaras, then I could arrange a gurdwara tour service and build hotels to lodge all of these people. I would be rich. That is exactly what is going on. SGPC makes loads of cash off of yatrees who come from far and wide to do matha tekh at the site where Guru Ji Maharaj once told a story, or made water come out of thin air, etc...
  8. Provide the bachan, so the sangat can see. Why would Guru ji pick such arbitrary numbers and endorse these superstitious beliefs? If you want to talk about history, then look up the Singh Sabha Movement. Then you will know what I'm all about.
  9. Hello Veer/Bhen, Why 84 japujis? Why not 83 or 85? How did you arrive at this number? Why go to gurdwara 3 times? Again same question. Is 84 lakh junis referring to yonis or jugnis (spiritual essence, past lives)? How do you know how many past lives you have had and why does it matter? If writing in gurmukhi at damdama sahib makes a child intelligent, then how much gurmukhi would one need to write in order to become a genius? Gurmukho, I don't think Guru Sahib told us to do any of these things.
  10. Vaisakhi is our major holiday. Bandi chod divas is up there too, but Vaisakhi is the birth of the Khalsa. That's big. In the meantime, I agree that we should form a league of JatheBandi to sit around a table and decide what is the right day to distribute sweets to our family and friends. We can only pick one day, because more than that would be silly. We should also decide on what sweets will be distributed. Ladoos? Jalebees? Burfi??? Such pressing matters should be attended to immediately!
  11. We are not able to deal with miscreants because our hands are tied by laws of other nations. They are free to dance and shout to their merriment and our only recourse is to shout back or seek justice through the judicial system. Problem is that it is not against the law to do anti-gurmat activities. It is against rehat, but Akal Takht cannot do anything because it has become infested with rats, in part due to our neglect. Akal Takht was never meant to be superseded by any other governing body, yet it is firmly in the grasp of India's politicians. Our protests fall on deaf ears, and then when we finally riot, they say "Look at the intolerant extremists! Why don't they go back to their country and leave those of us who are 'civilized' alone?" Why can't they see we are fighting to save what we love?
  12. From now on, the word "rompoo" means someone who licks dirt off the floor. Anyone who utters this word from now on is a manmukh.
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