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  1. why have you got a bunch of friends on here that havent posted once?

  2. Only truth can eradicate the darkness of ignorance(black magic/ Kal) White magic can work slightly but is not lasting, Truth is the highest power ever known- it rises above all siddhis/ white magic. Naam is Truth- it is the frequency of Truth which is a balanced gyan(God) that applies across a niversal spectrum. When in Truth nothing can harm a person. Living in this frequency allows one to live in(while accepting) gods hukam while remaining detached from the nashas of the highs and lows(good times and bad)- Which is why the brahmgyanis live in Chardi Kala, knowing all is perfect all the time (even while being martyred and tortured) becuase they live in recognition of this state(this state allows one to live like the lotus flower floating above the water hence nothing can harm anyone.) Black magic, living in kalyug is all our karma, in this age, <banned word filter activated> is everywhere and only naam can ferry one across. Every single thing that happens to us is our karma, the result of our past deeds, good and bad. If your family is suffering from the effcets of black magic, ghosts or anything else, they deserve it- all is His hukam. God's telling you to start living and applying gurbani properly- Dukh is the remedy and sukh is the poison. Dukh and sukh are fed in equal amounts- it is the law of the universe. Only when one truly lives in in naam/ Truth (True bhagti) does one become exempt from this cycle as living in the balance can only mean there are no highs and lows to be balanced anymore. In this state one begins to discover gyan from within and are able to write such passages as the bhagats in Guru Granth Sahib did- as the discoveries in guru granth sahib Ji become their own, experienced physically, not just read. Being blessed or healed will not save a person as Maya/Kal will keep attacking one until one embarks on the bhagti path and lives in Truth- The entire world is being plundered as gurbani says and most of us dont even know it.
  3. lol good post. Sikhi is Sat/ is gurbani and Gurbani has been around since Satyug. The gurus knew this, the bhagats knew this, Truth cannot be confined to a religion- 'No Hindu no Muslim. The gyan of Truth pervades throughout the universe and is All that Is becuase Truth/gurbani is God himself. A 'Sikh' is a 'student', this term shouldn't be taken out of context, once the person claiming to be a student stops learning and/or applying the truth principles to their lives, the student status is no longer applicable (like a school dropout or one taking a gap year etc), it is not simply a false label one may use freely, Hence many of us are actually not born into sikh families as members of a so called sikh family must actually be constantly practicing sikhs(learning and applying Truth principles) for this to occur. We are a universal brother/sisterhood here to discover truth and become free and teach others out of the maya khel aswell. We cannot even claim to be khalsa until we are totally pure and totally immersed 24/7 in naam/truth. In fact, to succeed on this path we must be the lowest of the low, a worthless nothing, hence all worldy thought of and claim to 'religion' and family go out the window and only truth principles remain.
  4. I would google you if I knew what word to google so I can google you :confused:
  5. I'm sorry, what should I google? Give me a keyword :smile2:
  6. He's running a place responsible for adding to the darkness of kalyug, the pub could be likened to a brothel and the owner to a pimp- it (and he)promotes vice and accomodates those who love vice.
  7. ^Could you kindly change your avatar picture. Calling Lucifer a sant is pretty disrespectful as in this khel, he has not yet achieved that sainthood as described by gurbani. I understand that even the devil is god(as we all are) but you putting a picture of a demon up on here is promoting Kal, avatars should really have pictures that will generate a feeling of truth in image so as to help balance out the weight of Kalyug. At the moment the scale of ignorance(darkness and everything our friend lucifer represents) far outweighs that of truth in the conciousnesses of the people, hence the reason we are stuck in this dark age and not the age of Sat and the reason we need more of the light of truth. That the moderators have allowed this picture on here is quite unusual as satan and demons are influences gurbani asks us to stay well away from.
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