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  1. I will address all points in detail later on , after work, but very quickly, bearing in mind the fact that tensions were extremely high between India and Pakistan in 1951, just 4 years after partition, and the fact that Muslim pakistani politicians are among the most corrupt in the world, I QUITE FRANKLY DONT BELEIVE THEIR CENSUS figures of 1951. Think about it, and bearing in mind what my bhuas who migrated from West Pakistan have told me about that time, HOW many Hindus and SIkhs left in Pakistan, DO U THINK would have risked ther lives to come out and stated in the Census that they were Hi
  2. Its time to take action and confront this on a national level, than just talk!
  3. Mandirs and gurdwaras NEVER discuss this issue in a positive practical way, i mean look atda issue of 2 to 3 hindu sikh girls abducted a week?
  4. Ur wrong genie ji, its a caste thing, not a relogious one. The guy is a churah, marrying a jatt, that is what they are claiming. Plenty of hindu sikh marriages happem every week and its never a problem. Problem only arises when its involving low castes with high castes. Sad but true
  5. Truly sad, maybe hindus and sikhs shud do something productive and humanitarian by helping these poor girls and families out?
  6. Lets try discussing this and exchanging information on this topic, as I want to garner as much insight as possible. From my understanding, AFTER partition, and I emphasise the word AFTER, NOT before or DURING, just AFTER partition of India and Pakistan, their was a sizeable population of SikhS and Hindus who stayed behind in what is modern day Pakistan. When I say 40 % , I am talking 10's of millions of people, what happend to them, where are they now? I ask this because at the last Pakistani censues which I believe was in 2002, ( I could be wrong as it may have been 2001), 97% of Pakistan
  7. Btw, calofornia , no the practice of mixed punjabi and sikh families is not dead in india or uk. We have very large hindu sikh rajput presence in uk and india, and are linked by blood ties and pyar. I also know of many sunyar, brahmin, jat mixed hindu sikh families. Now meeting a brahmin sikh, surname or ghotra CHIBBAR, was a shocker, lol as i didnt know they existed, but why not hey, ? Bhai mati das and sati das were brahmin caste, right?
  8. California sardar ji, good discussion and its nice we agree on a lot of things. I enjoyed ur post. Thanks only five ji, for pointing out kds, and altho i got very good answers to the rubbish he talks, with proof, I wont bother now, as I dont want to discuss with a troublemaker. Sat sri akal to u kds.
  9. Gurmukh ji, your english is fine dont worry. I also agree with soem of yoru points but disagree with others, I will explain: 1. Due to the empire of Asokha ( who was a Buddist), Much of modern day Afghanistan and Pakistan was Buddist when India was first attacked, and it was many them that were covnerted to Islam during and after the first tiem India was attacked in the year 652ad. It was only the Hindus, mainly rajputs adn jatt tribes that put up a resistance. 2. Dara Sikoh was power hungry adn hsi aim was to conquer and rule, however due to his lack of resources, terrain, and strong res
  10. California sardar, how ya doin? I will try to answer yoru question as follows : 1. Hindu punajbis formed the Khalsa army under Guru Govind Singh adn became part of hsi army / panth to fight the mughals, there families at the time, ie sisters, brothers, parents would most likely have remained Hindu, AGAIN THERE WASNT at the time such a clear distinction between who is hindu and who is sikh. You see it wasnt a case of Hindus being butchered by muslism and the sikhs arrivign form the moon to save them!!! lol 2. Now lets say you are a Hindu punjabi and your ELDER brother joined the khalsa pan
  11. Very sad, what tragic end of a life, that dirt bag Farrell should be hanged by law, he has not only taken one life he has ruined the life of the mans son, and wife, and other family members.
  12. Tytler is a disgrace to the word SIKH, he is not a true sikh or Indian. I personally believe he is guilty too, and should be punished, problem is he is politically very powerful in India, BUT then again so are the likes of BADAL ,Sidhu etc, why dont they DO ANYTHING?
  13. Completely agreed with Dogra when he says : Disgraceful excuse. Those politicians that came up with that, need to think other groups have their marriage acts, so therefore Sikhs, ,Jains and Bhuddists rightly should have theirs as well. Considering the delay to Anna Hazares anti corruption bill, just gives an indication to the corrupt individuals present in the govenment at current time. Either have one secular marriage act, or many religious marriage acts for all faiths including Sikh, Jain and Bhuddist faiths! -------------------------------------------------- Either have ONE secualr
  14. That clocks actually insulting to hindus, its not as if the Hindus were getting killed by muslims and sikhs landed from the moon? lol It was the Hindu punjabis themselves that made up the Khalsa army under Guru Gobind Singh. after the fighting, many of them remained as Sikh whilst others went back to their Hindu religiuos ways, There wasnt such a strict dividing line, religious wise in those days. AS FOR HINDUS DEFENDING THEMSELVES AND THEIR DHARMA, dont forget at patiton 84 per cent of India was still Hindu, ( if Hindus were that weak, and bearing in mind that siksh were in only in punjab
  15. I comment on this whole thing as follows: 1. My sympathies go out to the 3 young men who died and their families 2. Tariq Jahan and the elder brother of the two boys who died, BOTH spoke well and seemed genuine 3. However, Upinder from Sangat TV, seemed far too FILMI, especially the way he was hugging the bold muslim chap, a bit toooo long that was uncomfortable viewing. Upinder seemed to be doing it more for his OWN image etc. I MEAN, HE WAS TRYING SO HARD TO CRY! LOL, BUT THE FAKE TEARS WOULDNT COME OUT, THEN WHILE HE WAS HUGGIN THE CHAP, HE SIGNALLED SOMEONE AWAY WITH HIS RIGHT HAND,
  16. Santa Banta are old PUNJABi names used by US punjabis as rhyming slang, they are not used to make fun of sikhs, Rinku and Tinku, or Monni and Sonni its just the punjabi way to have nick names for characters to have a bit of banter, check out the old mehar mittal films
  17. musicman said: Media persons need to stop generalising asians and painting asians with the same brush, they should be specific in their news reports and mention pakistani's instead of terming them simply asian and in turn dragging all of us in. 100 per cent agree Inqlabi said : Any idea where was that warrior name Anjeem Chowdhary and his fudu gang called Islam for UK? They were probably hiding in the local kebab shop!
  18. I agree with Hammertime when he says : I can understand why some Sikhs are wary of them, however allot of this is due propaganda from the so called Unite against Fascism, who are made up of Muslims Radicals, and extreme Communists. There are some people in the EDL who may think all the brown people are the same, and they should be educated on the subject. The major players in the EDL know the score. Gurdssinghji made good points too, however the issue of religion in the case if extremist Islam needs to be addresed as it is the CAUSE of the problem. Im glad the english often say Pakistani
  19. One day the goreh are gonna get so <Edited> off wiv pakistanis and extremist Islam, they r gonna get militant, i just hope they dont take it out on da rest of us
  20. I support edl in their fight against extremist ISLAM, and the pakisyani grooming gangs
  21. Inqalabi ji, these muslims are NOT stronger than us INDIANS, its just that our people are prpfessionals and business people with families amd fear god. We got no time for crime amd gangs Like these bangladeshis pakis who are on benefits etc
  22. Singh559 ji, fair enuf my friend. I support real sikhs like u, inqualabi and many here for ur fight for justice, u will get it one day. Jai mata di inqualabi ji , i agree wiv u
  23. Bhai Gurdasji's explanation of VAHEGURU Vaar 1 Pauri 49 vaheguru mantar sathijug sathigur vaasadhaev vaavaa vishanaa naam japaavai In Satyug, Visnu in the form of Vasudev is said to have incarnated and ‘V’ Of Vahiguru reminds of Visnu. Line 1 dhuaapar sathigur hareekrishan haahaa har har naam dhhiaavai The true Guru of dvapar is said to be Harikrsna and ‘H’ of Vahiguru reminds of Hari. Line 2 thraethae sathigur raam jee raaraa raam japae sukh paavai In the the treta was Ram and ‘R’ of Vahiguru tells that rembering Ram will produce joy and happiness. Line 3 kalijug naanak
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